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Created on : Wednesday, November 07, 2007, 01:51:45 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
From a celebrity’s controversial meltdown caught on tape to nooses cropping up around the country, Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes tackle tough racial issues. First up, Dog the Bounty Hunter spewed slurs in a phone conversation with his son, Tucker, and used the N-word repeatedly when referring to Tucker’s black girlfriend, Monique. Monique’s mother, Linda Shinnery, joins the Dr. Phil show via satellite and says she was appalled by Dog’s tirade. Should the reality TV star lose his job over a private conversation? Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, rapper Master P, and BET correspondent Jeff Johnson weigh in. Then, nooses, a symbol of hatred for African-Americans, are cropping up more and more across the country – from Jena, Louisiana to Columbia University in New York. Najee Ali, founder and co-director of Project Islamic Hope, shares his views on empowering the black community and combating stereotypes. Don’t miss this intense debate about racism and sensitivity in America, and find out how you can educate your children. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 7, 2007, 7:54 pm CST

about dog getting is showback

I think that  Dog should get his show back b/c he his a hero to many people and he is one of my heros and he always will be. He made a mistake and we all make misakes its part of who we are. And i as do many people think that he should get his show back. He has one of the best tv shows around.
November 7, 2007, 8:08 pm CST

I have been keeping such close watch on all of this*

My two grandson's are both racially mixed.

fathers both black and my daughter Caucasian.

The Blacks I know of prefer not to be called African Americans as they find comfort in Black American.

I know many people from Africa and they find it hard to accept  "African Americans" but readily accept the term Black America.

With-in the last two years we have seen an out-burst of  "mouth" vocal issues of rude behaviors. ON all behaviors from everyone. Including Al Sharpton to Reverend Jackson.

1. Imus, he decided to make a joke out of the ladies on the basket ball team. He has been off the radio air waves for almost one year. He is now coming back to the air waves in another month to a different station.  Supposedly he has learned to be more sensitive.

2. "Kramer.. lol.. he had an outburst at a  heckler while performing on stage doing his routine as a comedian less than a year ago and went wild on the guy [ ballistic ] He is sorry and NO one has heard from him since. In the meanwhile everyone makes fun of Jews on and off the airwaves and Italians and Mexicans and Indians /Muslims and anyone else they can.

3. Jena 6 is the BIGGEST embarrassment in American history this side of the 2000 decade so far. Note: I said SO FAR*

4. A NOOSE?  and that town has /had no clue as to what a noose is or what that meant during the slave days and when they went looking for a slave that ran away? THEY HUNG THE SLAVE!

5. What lawyers were given to those kids and  what governor runs that town who could not educate that town in the right or wrong in that NOOSE hanging from a frig-gen tree?

6. Does not one person study history anymore?


7. Katrina is highly suspect in the abuse of the poor as well. Did color play a part or simply because people were poor and they did not matter as much as the rich?


Back to Mr. Chapman...he was so honest in a private conversation to his own son  who received 15,000.00 to  TELL on DADDY. Wrong or right? Too late now and the lips are loose and Mrs.. Chapman is devastated and the Chapman family are sorry and now the repent part is happening and everyone and their brother are here to JUDGE.


8. Cracker,, word for white person, cannot be used and not in a comedy anymore and cheap Jew and any mention about a Jew being tight with money cannot be mentioned in any comments on television anymore.

Jesse Jackson has made many fopahs regarding the Jewish people and so has Sharpton and many regarding the white folk.

9. There are other ways and better ways to handle things than the way those two handle the situations most of the time.And the 3rd associate of their ilk is the most ferocious of them all and the biggest bigot  Louis Farrakhan, that is a dangerous man.


10. My grandson was in a fight at school recently regarding his color. He defended himself. he was suspended for fighting. The kid who called him the racial slur is being taken out of the school district . The word  "Nig--r " is a hate crime word in our district here in Washington state.

11.  what is black? Look in a crayon box and not one color is pure white or black.. find the colors of what your tone is and I bet you, that we are that crayon box and basically this whole sad mess is just that .. A MESS!


12. This takes all of us to look at each other and be neighbors and friends and take good care of our children and not allow this to happen at all.


Should Mr. Chapman have a second chance ?

I believe he really did not know any better was raised that way. I know Denver, it is a place of  "hard" and now he is getting the education of his life. Do not use your mouth like that EVER ABOUT ANYONE*

None of us should and he should not have to ask Sharpton or Jackson for forgiveness, but instead the common Black people of America and the woman his son dates for forgiveness.


How do we keep this from happening at all? Start at home and never use that language at home , children really need to play with all sorts of children from all backgrounds and cultures and religions. Balnce is absolutely healthy for kids and parents need to get out and greet people and get out of their rut's too. Volunteer at school and get on school boards and know the people in your community and make sure that the kids get to play with all cultures .

No name calling, no bullying, no comparing of clothes and it would be nice if no one noticed the bald kid too.

Point, you begin at home and take one tongue at a time.

Patience is a good start.


The epidemic of bad language and hate has got to stop!  NOW that is BAD FORM*

November 7, 2007, 8:53 pm CST

Dog and christianity

When I first watched the Bounty hunter, I  thought who are these men with long hair and tatoos

chasing criminals.I too was passing judgement and God does not look on the outside but on the inside.

Lets face it, what they do is a dirty job which not to many volunteer for.Dog needs some fine tuning in

his christianity by practising humility.God has a plan for his son's girlfriend  too.With all this technology

big brother is watching but live your life that God is watching.I dont think the show should be cancelled

because we are really passing judgement and he should make an appoligy to the girl.

November 7, 2007, 9:17 pm CST

Racial Fix for the World

When I was a teen back in the 60's and the racial riots were going on, I couldn't understand why there was so much hate in the world.  Many of my friends were black and they were great people, inside and out.  My innocent solution then I feel still holds water today.  I think we as a world should all marry a different race.  Within 2-3 generations, we will have one race of tan people, almond eyes that slant slightly upward, great muscle tone, smart, and most of all beautiful.  What in the world would we have to hate and discriminate against then if we are all the same?  I think it really doesn't matter.  Because man is man and he will find something to hate.  Like "I don't like your dress" or "Your car is not up to snuff".  It's sad, but I can't help feeling that we will never get it as human beings.  There will always be some hypocrital, elitist nut-job that just can't seem to keep his or her mouth shut!  Can't we all just get along?  I am sooooooo sick of it all.  I can't leave it at this without saying that the Jena situation is disgusting.  I feel like it is the 50's again with the nooses.  History repeating itself again....and again, I am soooooo sick of it all!
November 7, 2007, 9:49 pm CST

Dog the Bounty Hunter

I have watched Dog's show for some time now---he is a ruff and tuff guy on the outside but on the inside he is a softy.  I think he has issues he has not dealt with from his childhood and as a young man but if anyone has watched his show--he is ruff prior to getting his bond skipper but when he has them, he tries to guide them  down the right road and shows nothing but respect to them. 


Many of us in this world have two sides to us---those of you that say you do not , have not loocked in the mirror lately and been truthful.  Was Dog right in talking like he did?   This is his way--was he saying that directly at this girl ?  NO, for pete sake read and listen to the conversation.  He was trying to guide his son in a proper direction---I think this young gal is a "colorful" person and has caused some problems in that family and Dog, being Dog, was talking to his son in a private conversation that only those two were to hear--as I am sure millions of us have done in our lives, and what this son did to his father is totally unexcuseable to say the least.  Should he use that terrible word?  No, no one should .  I do not care what color your skin is, no one has the right to call you terrible names to your face.  In a private conversation, that is no ones business.

This son is still furious at his father for not bailing him out of jail and that is all it is--a brat on the loose.!!! And this gal latched onto Tucker not because she likes him but likes the ego trip of being affiliated with the Chapman's.


I find it ironic, all the so called "do-gooders" at times like this come crawling out of the woodwork and get on the "Holy" ban wagon, if the truth were really known, they are no doubt bigger offenders than any Dog the Bounty Hunter or Imus .


But, I also find it hard to understand why rappers and such can use this language and its fine but let others use it and its wrong.  Sure would like that one explained to me.  I do not like that foul language used at any time, but if you are going to sensor this then maybe you should start with cleaning everything from old movies, tv programs, rappers and the list is enless.


As far as what happened to the Jenna 6, that is the worst miscarriage of justice I have ever seen.  Looks to me like an over zealous and curiupt judge and prosecutor to say the least.  I sure hope proper justice is finally served for those young men.



November 7, 2007, 9:50 pm CST

Dog Chapman

Come on.......I am 53 years old...I was born and raised in Auburn, AL and blacks call each other the "N" word ALL THE they want everybody else to stop....WHY DON'T THEY??????????????????????????????????? HE ISN'T THE FIRST AND WON'T BE THE LAST...LET IT GO...the man says he's sorry and he's does more good than bad.
November 7, 2007, 10:26 pm CST


November 7, 2007, 10:42 pm CST


    Whatever the backstory on Dog Chapman's abusive language about Tucker's girlfriend---Dog was wrong and Tucker was wrong. Both were trying to hurt the other person!!

    As for name-calling being a hate crime, does that go for ALL name calling or just racial and sexual orientation terms? What if someone called me OLD? Is that hate also?

    Listen to what your mom told you and mellow out, "Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you." ALSO, my mom told me to ignore the bullies and they'll lose interest in tormenting you.

   Let's all turn the other cheek. Peace and love, y'all!!

November 7, 2007, 10:44 pm CST

The difference is It can get you killed

Quote From: emerydean

Come on.......I am 53 years old...I was born and raised in Auburn, AL and blacks call each other the "N" word ALL THE they want everybody else to stop....WHY DON'T THEY??????????????????????????????????? HE ISN'T THE FIRST AND WON'T BE THE LAST...LET IT GO...the man says he's sorry and he's does more good than bad.

Dog, when blacks use the name, it has a totally different meaning. When other people use it, it is meant to degrade you as a human being and to say, there's something less than human about you. My ex girl friend, who was black would once in a while call me the "N" name, but the meaning she has in mind is not what the bounty hunter had. The "N" word dehumanizes and makes it alright to view the person as some kind of animal.

November 7, 2007, 10:44 pm CST

11/09 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop

In this day and age you must be precise in how we lable each other.  So he made a slur.  So are we politicly correct or not.  We are all brought up in different eras and each slang is a product of the times.  I am so tired of being corrected on my language as it be right or wrong according to political correct.  We have done all of society some wrong by labeling but like the old saying goes we can not please all of the people all of the time but we can please some of the people part of the time,  I think as individuals we all need to grow up and realize that if someone makes a comment that is not to our liking realize that it was not directed at you personnaly.  We are suppose to be teaching our children to be tolerent of others differences.  How can we teach that when every time we utter a word it is analyised and picked apart.

You may be any nationality but we are all AMERICANS. 


                                             Thank God for our freedoms

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