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Created on : Wednesday, November 07, 2007, 01:51:45 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
From a celebrity’s controversial meltdown caught on tape to nooses cropping up around the country, Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes tackle tough racial issues. First up, Dog the Bounty Hunter spewed slurs in a phone conversation with his son, Tucker, and used the N-word repeatedly when referring to Tucker’s black girlfriend, Monique. Monique’s mother, Linda Shinnery, joins the Dr. Phil show via satellite and says she was appalled by Dog’s tirade. Should the reality TV star lose his job over a private conversation? Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, rapper Master P, and BET correspondent Jeff Johnson weigh in. Then, nooses, a symbol of hatred for African-Americans, are cropping up more and more across the country – from Jena, Louisiana to Columbia University in New York. Najee Ali, founder and co-director of Project Islamic Hope, shares his views on empowering the black community and combating stereotypes. Don’t miss this intense debate about racism and sensitivity in America, and find out how you can educate your children. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 8, 2007, 4:25 am CST


The fact of the matter is, is that Dog like everyone else is human.  The only thing that this shows me is that (and I have been saying this for years), is that white people whether they are rich or poor are racist!  And they just do a better job of covering it up.   Until they get caught lol lol.  Paris Hilton, Kramer...etc...all these people think it and thought it...just covered it up until they got caught.   Dog helps people?  Someone wrote that on this message board somewhere.  Well how the hell did he help this time around?  Well the answer for that for me is that he has proven what I have been always saying.  What I don't understand is why people are so surprised!  I used to watch his show (not knowing that he was referring to black people as N*****s), but that's over!  Even if they bring his show back I won't be watching it!  I stopped watching all reruns of  Seinfeld because of his comments! So THE DOG is no different as far as I am concerned.  I show my children these things when they happen time and time again so that they too can see racisim is very much alive and it isn't going anywhere...people just do a better job of hiding it...that is until they get caught...well oh then it's I'm sorry, I didn't mean it the way it sounded...bullshit...u said it, own it!  It's so funny to me that he's prays to the high heavens all the time on his show....he needs to be asking Jesus to take the hate and ugliness out of his heart....and more importantly, 'What does he think that God is sleeping when he is calling us this.  People don't realize that when anyone calls N***** that they are talking about all black people, because all black people have history related to this name.  I say to  DOG get over yourself and your show...and how would he react if people said where calling him a greasy head hippie? and his wife well looks like a straight up whore?   Bet he wouldn't like that too much...but hey everyone has an opinion and mine is the hell with Dog and ever other racist out there...but don't be so surprised to know that a lot of black people think and know that most if not all white people are racist....even these people that date outside of their race!  I
November 8, 2007, 4:26 am CST


Quote From: pclark1

I hope everyone takes a few minutes to read this. I am sick of what I am hear when it comes to all the opinions on the subject of race.


When my daughter was approximately 12 years old, we were watching a program called, Little House on the Prairie.  It was a story about a black man that lived down by the creek; and when the white people found out, they started to blame all the trouble on the black man.  The first part of the program started with only the small kids of the town knowing about the black man.  When the story reached the part, where the white adults speak to each other about the black man down at the creek; my daughter turned to me. Looking perplexed, she asks, "Was that man black?" This is when I realized that my daughter only saw a man, not a man of color.  To me, this was beautiful. This is how we should all see each other.  Hum...maybe someday...?

I agree with your opening sentence.

I strongly dislike the fact that there is a difference of colors among OUR human race.

We are All living humans who get up everyday and think about the next moment of the day. We ALL have to think about how We humans beings are going to feed Our children, keeping a roof over their heads, etc etc. We should be very thankful that WE are able to feel, think and express our opinons in Our World and in this day in time. We the People have come a LONG way. Lets put  the fact that WE the People are of DIFFERENT COLORS and DIFFERENT LANGUAGES and use this fact for the GOOD of OUR CHILDREN. When I bleed my is red and so is the next man. Let go of the DIFFERENCES and talk and do something about how costly it is to put healthy food on the table to feed OUR CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE, lets talk about things of importance and put away racsim and move on to what is really going on in our society every day, every moment and second----its called living.

November 8, 2007, 4:28 am CST

Life vs Work

I think in these days and times, so "many" years after slavery, etc., which most of us weren't even alive to experience, we all need to get on with our lives and learn to live together.  However, we still have a right to make our own choices, and like and dislike whomever we choose.  I don't believe that what one does or says in their personal life should effect their work, unless of course, they have been convicted of something like child abuse, neglect, or molestation - and have a job working with or around children.   So, he doesn't like the idea of his son being with a black girl.   A lot of people don't believe in mixed race relationships, and that is their choice.  I think he should, at the same time, let his son make HIS choice as to how he chooses to live his life - but that's a whole different topic.
November 8, 2007, 4:30 am CST


Quote From: sahalu

I agree. We should encourage and actively promote interracial marriages.


But you know who is against it? Religious people. Some of the most racist people are also very religious. So that is another can of warms. They would preach about God, salvation, Jesus and the whole works, but inside they are haters of anyone that does not belong to their religion and denomination. Look at Pat Roberts and all them fundamentalists - they hate black people. So it is about race and about religious nuts.

That is one of the problems. They are religious and not spiritual. I heard Joyce Meyer say that a person was asked if she was a Christian. She replied that she went to church. Joyce stated you could sit in a garage all day, but that wont make you a car. So so true. 
November 8, 2007, 4:32 am CST

Dog the Bounty Hunter

As in everything that goes on in our world today we all have our opinons. Here's mine! No, someone in the public eye and looked up to, such as "Dog", should not have used the "N" word. But as it has been said it was in his "PRIVATE" conversation with his son. Private being the opt. word here. Why are we condeming a man for his "PRIVATE" conversation with his son. What if everyone or someone was listening to you and someone your talking to in a  "PRIVATE" conversation. Are we so perfect? Who are we to cast the first stone? If Jesus said " Those without SIN cast the first stone!!! Let him say he is sorry and move on....................We as a people need to learn "SOME" things need to not be stirred and stirred. Somethings.......yes! But when it comes to the race issue we seem to be a bit touchy!! In somecases we need to take a stand and say enough is enough. But in "Dogs" case let it go. Unless he continues to this kind of atitiude. See God made us equal........without color, size, etc in mind. We are all made in his image. Do we not have different issue with race that are more severe to tackle? Like the nooses. That is wrong..........wrong. People need to live by the Golden Rule.......Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. I am sure that someone somewhere as made some sort of remark about "Dog" and what he does, looks, says or has but yet thats okay. WHY? Because said in a "PRIVATE" conversation we never heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick your battles and make sure they are ones we want and can win! The issue of Racial slurr has been around for many generations. When are we going to learn to stop being ugly to others because they are different and when are we going to stop being so touchy!! Like Dr. Phil has said many times................................SOMEONE NEEDS TO STEP UP AND BE THE HERO!! My Granny use to say before she died of cancer.............."I JUST LOVE EVERYBODY"!!! LET'S JUST LOVE EVERYONE. We may not like what they do........or things said or done, but Love can heal a mulititude of sin! He did thousands of years ago. So to "Dog" speak of Jesus Christ our Savior on your show and even stop and pray................HE is your creator and HE is all of our Creator!!!!!!!!!! You are no better than Monique and she no better than you. God created you both in His image. God wants you to show love for  all HIS people. Not slander and hate!  He died on a cross for you and "ALL" of us!!!!!!!!!!!!  So that we could have life, everlasting life! We are here for HIM not ourself. JESUS is our ulitimate example...............HEAVEN is our ulitimate goal!!!!!!!! Love to "ALL"!!!!


So yes.........Give Dog his show back. We watch Dog all the time. One thing............I would like to see though kids are getting older and my little boy likes your show. But how do I explain to him that one minute you and your staff are praying to our Heavenly Father and the next cussing a blue streak? You have to remember your an example of a bad life turn around for good........GOD did that for you!

November 8, 2007, 4:34 am CST

Elimination is not acceptance

Quote From: sahalu

I agree. We should encourage and actively promote interracial marriages.


But you know who is against it? Religious people. Some of the most racist people are also very religious. So that is another can of warms. They would preach about God, salvation, Jesus and the whole works, but inside they are haters of anyone that does not belong to their religion and denomination. Look at Pat Roberts and all them fundamentalists - they hate black people. So it is about race and about religious nuts.

I think the 'forcing' of interracial marriage is wrong on more levels than we have time to discuss here.


Breeding people out of existence is not accepting them, it is getting rid of them.  Getting 'rid' of all of us is to make the human race uniform when my preference would be for us to celebrate and enjoy our differences.


I also think religion is a separate issue.  People who marry within their religious group, regardless of their racial background, may well do so because there is a basic knowledge and acceptance of fundamental issues in both family groups.  I am an Irish (fairweather) Catholic so marriage outside of my religious belief would not be much of an issue to me.  All my brothers married protestants and that has never caused any problems for any of us.  Their respective families or ours.


I must point out, though, that we all live in England, not Ireland.  That makes a significant difference.


If I were a strict Catholic, however, it would be important for  me to marry someone who would share my faith and if we raise a family there would be no debate over which religion they should be baptised into. 


The significance of that point is that there are so many Catholics in the world, throughout Africa, America, Asia and Europe.  Marriage to any one of those Catholics would be based on a shared religious belief, not a racial situation.


I am not saying that there aren't racists within the Catholic faith, there are probably just as many there as anywhere else, but I am saying that making a sweeping statement that marries (forgive the pun) racism and religion is not  helping to solve the problem of racism in our world today.

November 8, 2007, 4:38 am CST

11/09 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop

Quote From: sahalu

I agree. We should encourage and actively promote interracial marriages.


But you know who is against it? Religious people. Some of the most racist people are also very religious. So that is another can of warms. They would preach about God, salvation, Jesus and the whole works, but inside they are haters of anyone that does not belong to their religion and denomination. Look at Pat Roberts and all them fundamentalists - they hate black people. So it is about race and about religious nuts.

I disgree with this reply. I am a Christian. I love my JESUS with all my heart. I too tell people about GOD and salvation. SOME are going to pretty shock with they wake up one day and they didnt make it to Heaven but to see they are in hell! I love all!!!!!!!! I have some very good "Best" Friends that are black. GOD made us in HIS image!!! All of us. Hate comes from the devil not JESUS! SO no not all "Religious people" are as you say!!! Which I dont call myself "Religious".  I am a Born again CHRISTIAN!! I love JESUS. SO therefore I have to love all. Maybe not what they do or say but I have to love that person........or persons! Not their sin. Just PRAY!!!!!!!!
November 8, 2007, 4:38 am CST

Degrading remarks.

A private telephone conversation, should have been just that "private"! What a father says to a child in private, even if it's to emphasize a specific situtation using words that will get through to that child, even if they are grown THEIR business. Yes! The words that were used were degrading and they were a poor choice of words at that, but add frustration, anger etc. to the formula and you have slurs against a race/creed/ or life style.

I see more and more the "fear" of people who are not like us;every where. Growing up, I lived in an all white community but there was still predjudice. Often I heard slurs made about Italians, Irish and German people and it was confusing to say the least because I just saw people as PEOPLE! I decided at a young age to continue accepting people for whom they are, as long as they were good, kind people.

By the time I was in High School, only then did I get to meet and befriend teenagers , who's parents came from another country. Only then did I meet black American's, even then not knowing anything about gay's, met them also.Did I call them names or was I afraid of them NO, they were my friends.

Knowing nationalities was a gourmet feast! I learned that real Italian food was better than what my mother  made, that there was something called Kilbasi and Perigois etc.This international feasting changed the way I ate for the rest of my life.It was also a learning experience and in my travels, breaking bread with a new culture was my way of learning about the people.


My father grew up in Panama as a child, when the USA was building the Panama Canal, his father was an engineer. He talked about his time there with love and reverance for the natives, he reffered to them as colored, as many of the natives were mixed white and black.So, I never heard the N word used in our household.

Fast forward, one day I asked my father how to get to a place in Brooklyn by train. In turn he remarked..why do you want to go there? Well, I was invited for lunch by my friend. He said..that's an all colored neighborhood! Yes, dad, my friend is colored, so what difference does that make? It's NOT safe and I don't want you to go. Needless to say I went and had a great time and was unscathed.What made me preplexed about my fathers concern was how loveingly he talked about his growing up with colored and now he didn't want me to have a black friend?

It seems that Americans have forgotten how this country was settled by the Dutch. English etc. The English gentry were sent to America to start plantations, suppling cotton to Europe. At first prisoners and indentured servants were sent but the plantations grew and need more people to work. Slavery was know since Biblical times and natives of Africa were easy prey. They were captured like animals and brought to the South, sold as slaves to the palantation owners. Over two hundred years more than 20 million black slaves were killed one way or the other! More died than the Holocaust of WW 2.


Then what about the American Native......they were also slaughterd by the thousands and they were here FIRST! Out of FEAR, they were killed off and the US Goverment contained them under deplorable conditions, instead of learning about WHO and WHAT they were as a people.

Yes, we call our selves Americans from the Greatest Country in the WORLD, BUT if another human is different from us we , out of FEAR call them names. Sounds childish doesn't it?


Insead of using expleatives when talking about something we fear, this country should STOP SHOPPING and start TALKING to each other, to find out HOW the other person thinks, feels about the human condition in America.After all we are ALL in this together !




November 8, 2007, 4:44 am CST


listening to dog on larry king, it seems he's more concerned about his show than anything, trying to get votes to keep him on tv. to find out he had never seen his son's girlfriend or even met her and was acting like that in the telephone call, i find it hard to believe he's not prejudice. i feel the words don't come out of your mouth unless you're used to using them. everytime i start to like someone on tv, i find out they're all fake and i believe dog is, too. his livlihood is not in jeopardy, he can still hunt the criminals, we just don't have to watch him and his fake praying.
November 8, 2007, 4:44 am CST

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog has said he his sorry, why can't these people forgive and forget as we have to do and we are white.

How come it is only when the white people say something they get in trouble.

I'm sorry they can't be right when they call us names.  All people are created EQUAL, but

as a member of the white race, all you ever hear about is if someone white says a name about

some other color.

Let them talk about us and no one does anything to them.  They keep their job & maybe even get a promotion. 

Most white women hate to be around black and Hispanic men as they gawk at you & make you feel like you are unsafe when they are around. If we say something we are quickly accused of provoking it. Men from other countries make most of sick to our stomach the way they treat women.

Our government is more worried about other countries than us. It is OK if they SCREW us all over, but bow down and kiss the other countries peoples feet.

Dr. Phil,  All of this is out of control.  NAACP is for one group only.  We have NO ONE to stand up for us.

Put Dog back on his program and move on.  STOP BEING SO STUPID and WANTING to be in the lime light. All these NAACP need to get a real job and life.

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