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Created on : Wednesday, November 07, 2007, 01:51:45 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
From a celebrity’s controversial meltdown caught on tape to nooses cropping up around the country, Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes tackle tough racial issues. First up, Dog the Bounty Hunter spewed slurs in a phone conversation with his son, Tucker, and used the N-word repeatedly when referring to Tucker’s black girlfriend, Monique. Monique’s mother, Linda Shinnery, joins the Dr. Phil show via satellite and says she was appalled by Dog’s tirade. Should the reality TV star lose his job over a private conversation? Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, rapper Master P, and BET correspondent Jeff Johnson weigh in. Then, nooses, a symbol of hatred for African-Americans, are cropping up more and more across the country – from Jena, Louisiana to Columbia University in New York. Najee Ali, founder and co-director of Project Islamic Hope, shares his views on empowering the black community and combating stereotypes. Don’t miss this intense debate about racism and sensitivity in America, and find out how you can educate your children. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 7, 2007, 10:49 pm CST

Unconditional Acceptance

I hope everyone takes a few minutes to read this. I am sick of what I am hear when it comes to all the opinions on the subject of race.


When my daughter was approximately 12 years old, we were watching a program called, Little House on the Prairie.  It was a story about a black man that lived down by the creek; and when the white people found out, they started to blame all the trouble on the black man.  The first part of the program started with only the small kids of the town knowing about the black man.  When the story reached the part, where the white adults speak to each other about the black man down at the creek; my daughter turned to me. Looking perplexed, she asks, "Was that man black?" This is when I realized that my daughter only saw a man, not a man of color.  To me, this was beautiful. This is how we should all see each other.  Hum...maybe someday...?

November 7, 2007, 10:53 pm CST

11/09 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop

Quote From: diannevre

When I was a teen back in the 60's and the racial riots were going on, I couldn't understand why there was so much hate in the world.  Many of my friends were black and they were great people, inside and out.  My innocent solution then I feel still holds water today.  I think we as a world should all marry a different race.  Within 2-3 generations, we will have one race of tan people, almond eyes that slant slightly upward, great muscle tone, smart, and most of all beautiful.  What in the world would we have to hate and discriminate against then if we are all the same?  I think it really doesn't matter.  Because man is man and he will find something to hate.  Like "I don't like your dress" or "Your car is not up to snuff".  It's sad, but I can't help feeling that we will never get it as human beings.  There will always be some hypocrital, elitist nut-job that just can't seem to keep his or her mouth shut!  Can't we all just get along?  I am sooooooo sick of it all.  I can't leave it at this without saying that the Jena situation is disgusting.  I feel like it is the 50's again with the nooses.  History repeating itself again....and again, I am soooooo sick of it all!

I agree. We should encourage and actively promote interracial marriages.


But you know who is against it? Religious people. Some of the most racist people are also very religious. So that is another can of warms. They would preach about God, salvation, Jesus and the whole works, but inside they are haters of anyone that does not belong to their religion and denomination. Look at Pat Roberts and all them fundamentalists - they hate black people. So it is about race and about religious nuts.

November 7, 2007, 11:17 pm CST

Freedom of Speech has a BIG Downside

While Dog's comments were not fit for publication, what gave the commentator the right to spread the venom? 
November 7, 2007, 11:48 pm CST


we love you for waht you do we all make mistakes .

they need to get over it and move on

but herer will be those that will want to make a big thing out of  it .

November 8, 2007, 12:38 am CST

This is just amazing to me

Many people have different beliefs and prejudices whether they go around shouting them out to the world or not, just about everyone does deep down whether they're willing to admit it or not.  The problem lies in how and when they show them.  I have a real problem with the n word even though being raised by a purely southern family it was definitely thrown around a lot, but I can't stand it.  But I was also brought up to know that it can stand for white, black or what ever color.  It wasn't meant for a certain color of people, just a type.  I happen to really admire Beth and The Dog Chapman and the things that he has been able to accomplish with his life and the people that he has been able to help.  I don't believe that he has left prejudision affect his job or his ability to perform his job or to help others in any way.  So why would a PRIVATE conversation that he deemed to be private and not public, affect his professional life?  I just don't feel that is right.  What if you said something in the privacy of your home to your spouse and someone was taping it without your knowledge and it got you fired, would that be right?  It leads to the same thing and to the same constitutional rights.  He had an expectation of privacy while he was talking and I have to admit some of my own likes and dislikes come out when I'm talking about my neighbors come out when I'm in my home, my safe zone too.  They're comparing him to the idiot Don what ever his name is that's on the radio and was fired, which by the way got back his job, that said all of that crap on the radio purposely.  He said it on purpose, he meant for everyone to hear it and had no expectation of privacy.  There's a big difference and there's no way you can compare the two.  So every one should leave the Chapman's alone, acknowledge them for the good that they do in cleaning up the state of Hawaii and Colorado from drug trafficing, and have been publicly acknowledged and awarded and let them go on with their life.  Hopefully they'll go on without their son Tucker, who should be strung up and left out in the desert somewhere for doing something that horrible to his own father for money.  That's the one everyone should be talking about.  Go analyze him!
November 8, 2007, 12:45 am CST

11/09 Dr Phil and bishop debate

What do you expect when from birth onwards you are expected to put what race you are on documents. ie on your birth certificates you are instantly classified as one race or another, and you wonder why it is still an issue? I thought a person was a person regardless of race, creed or color, but it just goes to show that a person who claims not to be racist as he has a g/f who is of a different race does have some sort of racial issues
November 8, 2007, 1:16 am CST

This age of...


              Political correctness... well then, o k, let's get it right, then. THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE---THE HUMAN RACE. Where the human race differs... male  female; skin color origin(birth place) etc. GUYS; we are all human beings, first and foremost. This "interracial stuff" is one big pile of crap.

November 8, 2007, 2:02 am CST

Private conversation

Though I don't agree that what he did was right - bigotry is not acceptable - he surely has the right to say what he's thinking in a private conversation with his son.
November 8, 2007, 3:09 am CST


I was raised in the deep south during the early fifties. The words 'Colored People' and 'Negro's' were used frequently. Along came the politically correct folks and those references were considered insulting.  Yet, the NAACP has not taken the Colored People out of their name.  I can only imagine what the Black leaders would say if a telethon was started and it was called The United Caucasian College Fund.


I do not support racism.  I also do not support the whining I hear from many of the vocal black leaders.  I was taught that 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."  The Black community needs to whine a bit more about their behaviors and attitudes. 


Dr. Phil  teaches that we need to own it before we can change it.  I mostly see the Black leaders finger pointing and teaching their youth the same.  To the Black to the hand. 

November 8, 2007, 3:32 am CST

about the N word people use

The N word people use to call black people i dont understand why it makes the black people mad because look at all the names they call us and they seem to think thats alright like i dont believe in racial marriage because its always the kids  they have always have to pay when they go to school being called half and half and other names and dont say people dont do it today because they do and iv heard them talk.Most black men are abuse to women and they know all black women wont take any **** from them so they go for white women because they arent scared of white women turning on them and an lot of white women are stupid and take to much crap from men where the black women get mad quicker and want to knock them out or kill them thats why most black men go for white which is not right.And if they have kids like i said why should the kids pay.i have black friends and i talk to black people and you are supposed to love everybody like your brother or sister but you dont sleep with them.
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