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Created on : Wednesday, November 07, 2007, 01:51:45 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
From a celebrity’s controversial meltdown caught on tape to nooses cropping up around the country, Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes tackle tough racial issues. First up, Dog the Bounty Hunter spewed slurs in a phone conversation with his son, Tucker, and used the N-word repeatedly when referring to Tucker’s black girlfriend, Monique. Monique’s mother, Linda Shinnery, joins the Dr. Phil show via satellite and says she was appalled by Dog’s tirade. Should the reality TV star lose his job over a private conversation? Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, rapper Master P, and BET correspondent Jeff Johnson weigh in. Then, nooses, a symbol of hatred for African-Americans, are cropping up more and more across the country – from Jena, Louisiana to Columbia University in New York. Najee Ali, founder and co-director of Project Islamic Hope, shares his views on empowering the black community and combating stereotypes. Don’t miss this intense debate about racism and sensitivity in America, and find out how you can educate your children. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 17, 2008, 1:13 pm CST

11/09 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop

Quote From: will6012

You claim that you were not talking about all Muslims, but you posted the comments.

Then above you say How are we to tell the difference" .Red people who are white supremest will probably say how are we supposed to know the difference between, Muslims and Mexicans an Puerto Ricans they all look the same, so lets kill them all. They will say, that killing a moody one and her family, was just a necessary casualty of war. They will proclaim that you should understand that it is kill or be killed and how else can we get these Muslim extremist and steal their OIL.


Just so you know, it was so-called Christians killing Jews during the Catholic Inquisition and Hitler was a so-called Christian. If you are going to quot Hitlerian philosophy, at least read his book, "Mein Kampf".


It is up to you to check this message board. Reserve your email for all of the Klan people who agree with you, but will expel you from this country in a heart beat.

Muslims can be any color. Do you only see color and race? Who is the real racist here? I am against a religion that wants to kill all who are not like them. I am not talking about all Muslims here because the people I am talking about wants to kill off the peaceful Muslims as well as everyone else. They do plan for world domination they have tried before they will try again. They kill people and take away people's rights.

History and what is happening today proves this. Go look it up.

March 3, 2008, 1:35 pm CST

Dr. Phil on Teen Sex - Off the Mark as Usual!

 Another Dr. Phil show on teen sex and as usual he's way off the mark.  I usually respect Dr. Phil, the topics he covers and the advice he offers to his guests; however, when he covers the issue of teen sexuality he is consistently off base!

I'll make my comment short, and try to go light on the vitriol, but watching the show today became truly surreal when I realized there were three men giving their advice on teen sex to a panel teenage girls.  Of course, not a teenage boy in sight - I guess they are not a significant part of this conversation.  The relief (and hope, perhaps?) was palpable in the young women's faces when the female gynecologist started to speak some sense (finally!).

It was so disheartening to watch these young women paraded on the Dr. Phil stage to defend their choice to have sex or, alternatively, receive a pat on the back for remaining pure (for now).  I was so proud of the young woman who called out the abstinence only guy on the hypocrisy behind his defense of girls' feelings when the only value he ascribes to girls is their intact hymen!

Again, I have to ask, where were the teenage boys?  Why weren't they held accountable for their dirty deeds?  I suppose boys will be boys and girls who give it up will always be sluts - on the Dr. Phil show, at least.

I would love to come on the show and discuss my experience as a young woman growing up in the world and coming to terms (and continuing to come to terms) with my sexuality.  Oh, how I wish I could have been a guest on the show today! 
March 21, 2008, 12:23 am CDT

About time!

Quote From: fattie

Personally I am sick to death of the constant complaints of racism and then of course the Christians have to throw the Bible into the whole thing. Let's face it, most people on this earth are miserable. There are just as many arrogant, hateful black people as there are whites, Asians, and all the rest. It will never change because there will always be those groups of people who can't see the forest for the trees. I always get the biggest kick out of the idea that the blacks can use the N word against their own people but whites aren't allowed to say anything. Nobody should be saying it. It is just common courtesy. But this isn't a world of courteous people. It's just like when they let O.J. Simpson go free simply because he was black and he killed a white woman. Had it been a black woman he would have been on death row. And they knew what they were doing. Everyone knows he is guilty. It seems like everyone has a chip on their shoulder about something. We ought to be worrying more about whatis happening to this country because of this horrible Administration instead of constantly griping about racism. We all share the earth for God's sake. Wake up people.


That is so true. I grew up in an all white neighborhood and never heard the word. When I went to work in Compton, California I was the only white person, the rest black. They taught me the word n***** (oops). Mabe the word would go away if they stopped using it! Go picket the record companies who employ these rappers using that word, plus calling their women bitches and ho's! I could'nt tell you a deragatory word for any other race since they don't promote them. Blacks are teaching the youth of

america that word, not us whites!!

April 9, 2008, 5:07 am CDT

11/09 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop

The Dog is getting out of the cage, A&E is bring him back,
May 22, 2008, 6:51 pm CDT

Dog the Bounty Hunter

I think that it is sooo unjust that people are now unable to have conversations with family members (whether angry or happy or whatever) without it being splashed across the news and headlines. Do I think that racism is ok, NO. However I do find it very interesting that on the Dr Phil show, a hip hop artist was sitting on stage trying to act all saint like, saying how Dogs behaviour has set them back 10 years when he had used the same 'N' word in a far worse way in the lyrics of his songs. I think that it is awful that Dog's show was taken off air as his show demonstrated just how his family was truely helping society by bringing in criminals, sometimes giving them advice etc. What has this world come to when someone who does so much for society is taken down so harshly for a PRIVATE conversation (Which he apologised for). I wonder how many people have ever said anything which they regretted in a private conversation, I wonder how they would like it if not only did they get turned on by a member of their own family but by half a nation. America claims to be a country of free speech, YEAH RIGHT!! More like the land of "Free speech if you don't get caught!!" 
September 6, 2008, 8:21 am CDT

Why would I ask you?

Quote From: shawnylou

1. I have been fed religion of all kinds.

2. were u born into it or just made to believe that crap?

3. U know not one thing in your studies honey...

4. my mother her mother and the great great grandmother the all LDS plus... I know polygamy the causes the facts and my relatives.

5. I have dealt with it.

6. Sour grapes or are you just out there to dispute something you have to cause trouble on.

7. I have so many friends who are, are not and we all have BBQ's together and some smoke and some do not and the Mormon side is a-ok with that too...

8. Idaho is a bit tight in the panties ... some in Utah are  the Fundies... on which highway did you get your research and which ex-Mormon did you get by?


I have a VERY colorful background... I am Indian Italian Jew ... on my moms side is Brigham Young and  no one has practiced polygamy since 1890 as far as marrying  of the women in my family.  Stayed cleared and moved away from the fundamentalists.


The Church of Latter Day saints does not teach that at all.

You are confusing us with the FLDS....

AND My granny was the 8th wife....


so please before you speak ask first.. I know the religion like first sight.

You say you have first hand experience. So do I. i guess my question to you is why did my 3 friends in high school became Christians. They were all Mormons and said that when they researched it on their own they realized it was all made up and fabricated. Like Dr Phil says if you have nothing to hide, hide nothing. If you are such an expert go back and look how many times the book of Mormon has changed over the years. Look at the history of any of the LDS or FLDS churches.

All I am saying is go and read (even online) about people who were better educated on the subject. You act like you know the subject but it sounds like it is from a bias point of view. If you study the greek of the bible and compare it to the Book of Mormon you will notice a huge difference in beliefs. If you have not done that yet then just as you say, "ask". We can always learn more. Don't tell me that the LDS did not teach what I pointed out. That shows me you have not studied it.

I am not trying to make you mad. I am pointing out that getting better educated on the subject will probably teach you what really went on. Not on first sight but history and docmuentation. Cannot ignore that.

Again, if you need to ask about the facts of this, please let me know.

Take care,
November 10, 2008, 9:23 pm CST

Racism is alive worldwide, we've just PC'd it a little

I think America has a better grip on racism than we do in Australia: you seem better able to discuss it openly and note the issues.

I grew up in the country where you had CB's not telephones and it took half an hour to walk to the end of the drive to wait for the school bus and, where I came from on the York Peninsula, I had never seen an Australian aboriginal, didn't know that Italians, Greeks or other existed in a real context let alone asians.  No racial differences were ever discussed and therefore I never heard any negative comments outside of 'freckle face', for which I am eternally grateful.

On holiday visiting my grandfather when I was 7 years old we were told to wait outside while my mother spoke with my grandfather.  She came out about an hour later where she told us that Pop had a new girlfriend and she was aboriginal.  My brother and I didn't see the point of telling us she was aboriginal as it didn't mean anything to us.  We were introduced to a wonderful lady who had gone out of her way for our coming, we met her grandchildren (there were many) and although we believed a couple to be very spoiled it didn't occur to us that 'we' were different.

A few days later we travelled out to the aboriginal mission and for the first time in our lives 'felt' different.  My brother and I were both 'white-blonde' with big blue eyes in a territory where no admittance to 'whites' was allowed without direct consent.  After that initial blow we again forgot we had different skin until one of the elders wanted to rub me in goanna oil to get rid of my cold.

A few years later we moved to the city and I started to hear all the negative comments about aboriginals: 'they're all alcoholics'; 'drug addicts'; 'thieves'; and so on and I found myself having to defend some of the most beautiful and likeable people I'd ever met. 

White kids at my school thought it was okay to refer to people with a different skin colour as 'coons' (which didn't make sense to me, as Coon was a brand of cheese to me, which is most definitely yellow).  I started to ask questions and generally the hatred came from urban myths 'my friend's cousin was...', 'the Australian government allow Aboriginals...' and in this country if anyone has a real agenda against aborigiinals it can only be our government as they don't want to lose land to aboriginal activists.

In this country the man that started the apartheid in South Africa tried his policies first in Alice Springs.  In this country Aboriginals didn't get the vote until 1972, they had to have passports to enter townships.  The last Tasmanian aboriginal died just over a year ago because white people swept the island from one end to the other killing aboriginals out of fear.

On the other side, I have been casually walking to the video shop and been stopped by a group of young aboriginal girls who were abusive, only backed by the fact that they were in a group and felt they held the power.  I also know they were and are reactiing to their own experiences and what they've been told by their parents about white people.  They felt empowered to tell the epitome of what they considered a white person what they thought with attitude.  I know that many find this sort of behaviour intimidating, but I'd rather be faced by that group of girls than two brown snakes anyday. 

I am pregnant with my first child and I want her to see Australia outside of its prejudices.  In Australia we don't really get what white Amercians have against black Americans or what certain Indian 'Castes' have against the others or what some of the English have against people from Pakistan etc.  I believe hatred is irrational and bred in fear.  Take people as they come and protect yourselves against what would be a threatening situation no matter the colour or race of the people around you.

In Australia you see a drunk Aboriginal on a train and people will say 'bloody aboriginals', they see a drunk white man on that same train and they generally question what could have happened to him for him to get to that state.  We've seen what Hitler's regime did to the jews and we've seen what terrorism is doing to our way of life, when are we going to take off the blinders and realise that 'our situation' is not different, it's just personal.

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