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Created on : Friday, October 26, 2007, 03:02:37 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/02/07) Dr. Phil continues his look at a teacher sex scandal that has a school and families divided in a small town in Texas. High school teacher Joelle Ogletree faces accusations of sexual misconduct with some of her male students. Joelle claims she's completely innocent but reluctantly agrees to face Matt, one of her accusers, in person. When Dr. Phil drills down into the details of the case, it's her word against his. Matt maintains that when Joelle was his high school French teacher, she came on to him. He says that as a student he received sexually explicit notes from her, but that the notes were written in code. See the encrypted messages and judge for yourself: Are they provocative or harmless? Then hear how Joelle and Matt interpret them. Plus, Matt agreed to take a polygraph test and have the results reviewed by an independent examiner. Find out what the test reveals and how Matt reacts when he hears them read aloud, as he sits face to face with Joelle. Hear both sides of this gripping sex scandal from the accuser and the accused, and judge for yourself if justice has been served. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 2, 2007, 7:50 am CDT

my thotz


1.  quit doing polygraphs on your show dr. phil.  they're not admissable in any court in our country and so why on earth would you do them on your show for hundreds of thousands of us americans to be tainted by? 

2.  i just completed a jury duty assignment as juror number one in a first degree murder case.  i was shocked that one of the witnesses (defendants only witness, a forensic anthropologist) in this case who has credentials that would take me 5 years to read, would totally trash his reputation to help the defense.  without going into all the details you have to trust me that he totally lost his reputation on that day from the jury as well as all the people present in the courtroom.  anyway i have the same feeling about this guy that you have doing those polygraphs.  i knew from the moment that the show began that those results were going to be, that this young man was lying.  very predictable this guy is.  whatever someone else's results are.....his are the opposite.

3.  i certainly do not know if she is guilty of sexual misconduct based on what i saw on your show.  however, i do feel very confident that she is guilty of having very poor judgement as a teacher and i really don't think that teaching is her calling in life.  she should maybe consider stopping her fight for her job back, and pick up another career.

4.  i'm trying to think about what this young man had to gain by doing such a thing.  what's his motive?  i can't imagine any of my students (i work with at-risk teens), doing something like this.  they do some pretty dumb things, but it's always to their advantage (or so they think).


that's all i wanted to say.  thank you for letting me share my thotz and i welcome any other's thotz on the questions that i struggle with.


November 2, 2007, 7:55 am CDT

11/02 Teacher Sex Scandal, Pt. 2

Quote From: upptown

Some points for you to ponder if you are able:


1.  The teacher in this particular situation refused a plea bargin.  Then after the prosecution requested and was granted a mistrial, all charges were dropped.  Prosecuters don't request mistrials and then drop all charges unless they feel the case is unwinable, indicating that the teacher probably had a strong likelyhood of being aquitted (i.e found not guilty).


2.  One "victim" recanted after being caught in a lie and the other two were found to be deceptive via a polygraph test performed by professionals not linked to either side of the story and if Dr. Phil picked the polygraphers then I do not doubt their skill or experience.


3.  In case you all didn't catch this fact:  Her husband was her highschool teacher.  This would indicate that her preference for age leans toward older not younger.  This could also be seen as a preference for men with authority & maturity, traits not often seen in  a 16 yo boy.


4.  This is one teacher who DID NOT abuse her students!!! I find it amazing that the very traits that make an excellent and effective teacher (compassion, empathy, the ability to engage and connect to students) can be twisted by hindsight to appear sinister, predatory, and sexual.


So, why are you ranting about all those "evil" teachers out there instead of praising the dedicated, underpaid and disrespected professionals who make up the overwhelming majority of our nation's teachers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, yeah...A teacher has already earned your respect by virtue of their education, their dedication, and their continued willingness to believe that the children they teach are worth the effort involved.


I think you make excellent points!  I too feel these boys are lying.  Also, if they were to recant at this juncture, charges would be filed for lying under oath and civil suits could also be filed by the teacher for slander, pain and sufferring, etc.  These boys are from prominent families who will not be disgraced.  I think it was extremely telling that the polygraph showed deception and that the accuser and his mother would not appear on camera.  If this had happened to one of my children, you better believe I would have been in her face on that show with Dr. Phil.  Also, as to her demeanor, several have pointed out that she was very direct and not as emotional.  I'm sure from the time this first started that she has gone through the emotional turmoil, and with the help of her attorneys and family has become resolved to face it head on, listen and respond in a professional manner, while not allowing lies and manipulations to further tear her apart.  I truly, as the mother of 3 and a military wife, do not believe that she is guilty.  I grew up with 2 brothers and no sisters and have heard how boys talk and boast.  I think this started off as a pride and ego issue with those boys and turned into more than they bargained for.  If they ever hope to restore themselves in any way or to be free of the guilt of lying and destroying someone's life, they need to tell the truth.  If they don't, they will live with this forever and it eventually will cause problems that are unrecoverable. 
November 2, 2007, 8:01 am CDT


I have watched both shows regarding the teacher sex scandal. Although I do realize that this sort of thing does happen, I am very concerned that things are getting out of hand. I am especially concerned about the great harm and damage that such an accusation will have on an innocent teacher and their family. If this teacher is innocent, as I believe she is, how can she ever get back what she has lost, particularly her good name and career? Even if she wins monetary compensation, it can never fully make up for all that has happened to her and her family, and her ability to get back into the teaching profession. If she is innocent, I would like to see her be able to not only go after the school system, but also have civil suits against the families of the boys, if they are lying.


We have a serious lack of teachers in this country, and particularly good ones. Not that we don't have the teachers out there, but we as a society don't seem to put the proper value on our educational system. It's a shame we have unlimited money and resourses for war, but little for education and improving the conditions in our own country. I agree with Dr. Phil that "our teachers are paid too little, and asked to do too much."


Another concern I have is with the reliability of polygraph results. I read online about the reliability and unreliability of polygraphs. Some sites talk about how the test can be beaten. What is the problem here? Why do some pass on one test, but not on another?  I sure wish we could find a system that could be 100% accurate so that we could really find out who is lying, and who is telling the truth. I would love to see such an accurate system in place so that we could put it to use, not only in reaching a proper outcome in this sex scandal problem, but also to use it on those in public office, including the congress and the president, to finally determine who is lying, and who is telling the truth.

November 2, 2007, 8:01 am CDT

11/02 Teacher Sex Scandal, Pt. 2

Quote From: justamerican

There have been many times I have screamed at the TV because something that seems so obvious to me never gets discussed.  Those BOYS - 14/15 year old boys are lying! 


While not 'proud' to say that I willingly began engaging in sex at 14 (I'm female) - I did so with 5 boys over a period of 3 years. The youngest was 14, the oldest 18.  And guess what? EVERY ONE OF THEM "lost their load" so to speak after just a few strokes of my hand on their penis during the beginning of a relationship.  I finally discovered that I needed to have them masturbate before we 'engaged' in sexual activity.  Otherwise 'nada' for me. 


And it's not just 14 year olds either.  I can still tease an eager 25 year old guy to the point that a little 'dry humping' will get the desired results within minutes. 


The boy on the telephone today (Thursday 11/1/07) described his encounters with the teacher without ever saying he ejaculated.  I'm sorry, but if she was so 'very sexy and flirtatious" and that boy didn't get his rocks off within seconds of her hand rubbing his penis???  And on three separate occassions no less? Unbelivable.  The mother's of these boys and others like them need to check under their mattresses for the PENTHOUSE FORUM magazines. And tell the boys to notice that 95% of the 'tales' submited are done so by men. 


Signed:  Legally Blond - "a straight man would not know that I was wearing last years PRADA shoes"

FUNNY!  And, I suspect you are correct!
November 2, 2007, 8:02 am CDT


November 2, 2007, 8:04 am CDT

Teacher Sex Scandal, Pt 2

My heart goes out to the teacher and her family in this story.


Four years ago my neice accused my husband of having taken indecent liberties with her.  My husband was 61 at the time, an employee with our county school system, and his record was as clean as they come.


My husband's attorney ( court appointed ) encouraged him to accept the plea deal offered stating that, it would be my husband's word against my neice's and a jury will almost always err on the side of the minor.


It has been a nightmare!  We have a little boy (just turned 8), and we have, literally, jumped through hoops to keep his life as normal as possible, he has absolutely no idea that his life is any different that his friends and classmates. My husband was allowed to continue living in the home for two years until the General Assembly in our state(North Carolina), revised the laws and the presiding judged ruled that he would no longer be allowed to stay.  Again, we have arranged it so that our little boy has no idea his dad is not sleeping in the home.  My husband is always here when our son wakes up and leaves to go to his "place of residence" after our son has gone to bed.  We have many times regretted taking that plea bargain.  My husband is convinced it would have been better to have served the time in prison for a crime he didn't least it would have been over by now!  My husband was given five years probation ( 6 months intensive ), community service, court cost, attorney's fees, and placed on the sexual offender's list for 10 years.


My husband has been staying with a member of my family but because of the actions of the head probation officer Halloween night she has told him she thinks it would be best for him to find another place to stay.  We can't afford to maintain two households so my son and I may have to move into a low-income apartment so my husband can move back into our home.  If this turns out to be the case, we are going to have to explain to an eight year old little boy what has taken place...he's too young to have this garbage dumped in his lap and I fear how he would adjust to such new surroundings.  At the present time our son is an honors student, performing above grade level.  He is happy, healthy, and well adjusted, I fear all that will change if he has to endure drastic changes in his young life.


My niece told  one small lie that got this whole thing started, she was encouraged by law enforcement and our local D.A to embellish her story. The lies grew and grew and grew.  She was only thirteen at the time and had no idea the seriousness of the allegations she was making.  She has repeatedly refused to discuss the matter and saw no need for therapy to deal with her 'trauma'.  Our families have been torn is sad what destruction lies can cause

November 2, 2007, 8:04 am CDT


                   J J W K W I L

November 2, 2007, 8:05 am CDT

Bad Teachers!!

 I have watched this show and here is what I think....I think  everyone is feeling sorry for this teacher, I believe this guy or student, is telling the truth. There are alot of teachers out there sleeping with their students and nothing is said...I for one a victim of this. I chose not to say anything, and I will never say anything....but teachers like this should not be in this feild...the students, no matter how many polygraphs you take, the student are always the lier, who is looking out for kids these days? The teachers, yes..if you do what they won't get into any trouble, if you don't do what they say, they can get you in some serious trouble, and if you tell someone, you get called a lier, because their respected teacher wouldn't do a thing like that...WAKE UP WORLD!!!! Teachers are like anyone else and they can do things like that!!!
November 2, 2007, 8:08 am CDT

Any high schooler would know

This is my first time to the message boards in all of the seasons that I have watched Dr.Phil. And I think I have been watching since the first season. But I felt like my voice had to be heard on the issue of the notes that were written by the teacher to the student, Matt. She said she admitted writing them to him but that these letters took on alernate meaning. When the screen flashed the IWTGYH - along those lines, I knew immeadiately, before Matt had even said anything, what those letters mean. Almost ANY high schooler or person who has been in high school the past 5 or so years would know what that means! I was shocked to hear that she said it meant something about having brains. PLEASE - there is something going on between these two - I do not know if she did anything sexual with him, but those notes are conclusive for me.

November 2, 2007, 8:10 am CDT

teacher sex scandal

I feel just like you - I am confused after these 2 shows, but I must say that if Matt is lying, he deserves an oscar.  I am also confused about the teacher's lack of anger and indignation towards this kid.  I tend to think that there is something more to this story, plus the fact that the teacher and her husband do not really seem to "fit".  Thanks, Marie
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