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Created on : Friday, October 26, 2007, 03:01:39 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/01/07) Dr. Phil explores a disturbing trend: Female teachers engaging in sex acts with their underage male students. The number of accusations has doubled in the past five years. You've probably heard of famous cases like Mary Kay Letourneau, and Debra LaFave and the recent case of a teacher in Southern California, Meredith Johnson Vincent, who was arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. Dr. Phil meets one teacher who has chosen to fight back. Joelle Ogletree was a respected high school French teacher until she was accused of sexual misconduct by three of her students. Find out what goes through a mother's head as she faces 160 years in prison. Plus, the Dr. Phil show speaks with one of the boys who says the sexual improprieties absolutely did happen and claims he passed a polygraph examination. When he agrees to take another test for Dr. Phil, what do his answers reveal? Joelle has been banned from even volunteering at her daughter's school because of the accusations. Should she be allowed back in the classroom? Watch and decide: Do you believe her ... or her students? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 13, 2008, 12:37 pm CDT

06/12 Teacher Sex Scandal, Part 1

Quote From: jokr8790

Legally, the fact that she was acquitted in the criminal trial (and yes, the dismissal, which I think was with prejudice, meaning she can never be tried again is identical to an acquittal) doesn't affect the administrative allegations, because they are different standards of proof. The administrative hearing, on her license, however, does have a legally preclusive effect. In other words, having been cleared administratively, the school officials claims cannot be legally recognized. The school board should not only reinstate her, they are going to be liable in a big way monetarily. There has to be standardized training and people specifically delegated to deal with such allegations in an appropriate manner by the schools whenever allegations of this sort arise.
now that I've watched the fourth boy, who also failed the polygraph examination Dr Phil arranged for him, I'm strongly convinced of Joelle's innocence. Having thus been cleared, I can't understand why she hasn't been reinstated. What's keeping the school district from reinstating her? "Carry-it-with-them-to-the-grave" pride? Fear of "eating crow" and admitting they acted too hastily? I consider their refusal to reinstate Joelle a "face saving" gesture that just makes them look stupid. Yes, if Joelle's credentials are reinstated, returning to the classroom might feel awkward. But, she seems like a classy, confident woman who can handle it. It should be her decision.
June 13, 2008, 12:43 pm CDT

06/12 Teacher Sex Scandal, Part 1

Quote From: athensblonde

Im not surprised at all abut her situation. It's trully not her fault. I use to be a teacher in a small town in Texas. I was never accused of a sex scandal. My kids were second graders. But the other teachers on my team called my kids stupid, can't learn, and that they arent smart enough to pass. One teacher even physically harrassed one of my parents. She yelled at her as well. I was a victum of everday verbal harrasment by my coworkers for two years!  My class heard the other teachers demoralize me as well. When my class out shined theres on a benchmark test they told the principal that I must have given them the test answers cause theres no way my kids could pass a test. The principal wanted to retest my class but didnt tell me nor the parents. When the parents found out the parents got upset. They contacted the school system concerning everythiign that had happened. I went to the assistant superintendent for help. But instead of the teachers being investigated I was placed under investigation. I had all the evidence on my side and even Tony Conners was my attorney. I was told by the school to resign or my contract would be pulled. I opted to resign. Mr. Conners and I decided to fight the decision. When we went to the assistant superintendent for the meeting. He verbally attacked Mr. Conners then through us out of the building. The assistant Superintendent called the cops. The cops told us they were afriad the assistant superintendent was going to hit us with his fist. Mr. Conners was going to go to TEA (Texas Education Agency) concerning the assistant superintendents behavior but come that Monday the assistant superintendent left to school district all of a sudden and moved to Las Vegas. I decided to settle with the district instead of pursuing this any higher. I didnt do it out of guilt. I did it cause I was too burned out and frustrated.

My hubby had a promising job and he left it. We decided to move out of state. We moved to Kentucky where he has a better job. I'm not teachign anymore. I decided to run our buisness instead.

Many people don't undertstand why teachers in small towns dont stay around. Well for Texas its because of instnaces like hers and mine. If your an outsider and you try to trully give the kids hope and a future then you will be accused of something thats not true. I was fortunate I could get out. But this lady had to go all the way.

The attitude of the boy didnt surprise me either. In my case when the teachers were presented withthe truth they still calimed they were right. They even made up more allegations that were false just to prove them right. Mr. Conners proved our case was true but because my proof showed the truth they got angrier and continued to say "well Mrs. Espinosa is wrong. We are right she just makes things up." Thats just the way they are in small towns in Texas. You cant show them the truth cause they just dont want to see it.

Let me tell you. I faced even more harrasment after the settlement. In order to keep my sanity I had to be cool and collected just like this teacher on the show. In the end I was glad to say goodbye to that town. It hurt to be there.


Sounds like your teaching career was ended by a group of jealous b-words. I wonder if there's some element of that in Joelle's situation. Other teachers jealous of her popularity. Girls jealous of her looks. And, boys seeking revenge for having their sexual advances turned down.
June 13, 2008, 1:03 pm CDT

06/12 Teacher Sex Scandal, Part 1

Quote From: jewelsf

I was watching the news yesterday and they had a report on about a student who sent an email to some of his teachers. A couple of them decided to take it up with the police because they were very frightened. The email stated that if a teacher gives any student in the class a failing grade at the end of the semester the teacher who did it would have their "Spine severed"! After investigating this the police found out which student this was. I don't know what is going to happen to this case yet but it shows how some of the student body thinks nowadays. When I was in school we would have never imagined something such as this. I find it appalling!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I think it's not a far leap for a male student to fantasize about an attractive, young teacher and to want revenge if she has embarrassed him in some way or just simply rebuffed his advances. Or for even no reason at all except to look good to his friends. I certainly cannot deny that this has happened before, we've all seen it on the news, but I don't believe EVERY accusation that comes along. I have one more point that I want to make about the female teachers who do in fact have sex with young male students. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know how any grown woman can find a teenage boy attractive and desirable. Call me odd but I prefer for my men to actually have hair on their chests first. I don't want to run my hands down a teen boys body and feel baby soft skin, I prefer my men to already have gone through puberty and I especially don't want to hear a guys voice change right in the middle of passion! Maybe I'm just one of those weird women who prefer a real man, one who is already all grown up. Even when I was a teenager I wasn't attracted to boys my own age, I'm in my early 40's and my husband is 59. Yes, I prefer it that way!!!!!!!!!!
Joelle is a very attractive young woman. Fit body, albeit dressed modestly, attractive face, and flattering hairstyle. Did she start dressing "like" her students? Nothing wrong with it if she did. School dress codes don't allow students to wear anything their teachers shouldn't. And, who's going to continue wearing maternity clothes after she's had her baby? Not once did I see Joelle wearing anything revealing or provocative. And, sexual fantasizing is common and natural in teen-aged boys. Even about an attractive female teacher. Some might even be brazen enough to make a pass at her. I suspect these four boys, the one who recanted, the professing "Christian" who can't keep his stories straight, and the two who failed the polygraphs arranged by Dr Phil, probably made passes at Joelle. Were turned down. And, took revenge by making those false allegations.
June 13, 2008, 2:33 pm CDT

Teacher Joelle's sex scandal, so-called

I'm fed up to the teeth with Matt's allegations.  Her husband Doug, himself, said he was present at their home when Matt was Joelle, to help move a piano.  I don't care what Matt says happened or whether he remembers or doesn't, I simply don't believe she is quilty of what she's been accused of by....Matt, Chayce, Sam and maybe Ryan, a friend of one of these over-sexed teenagers.  Matt was among those, at the time, who thought French class was a joke and all three of these friends were out to make trouble for Mrs. Ogletree.

I'm not a teacher, I've never been abused by one, although I did have a crush on a Grade 10 (Canada) on my English teacher.

Why?? were these students so hell bent on destroying Mrs. Ogletree's reputation and career??

June 13, 2008, 4:46 pm CDT

I've made up my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not feeling well so I'll keep this short. I do NOT believe this teacher has done anything wrong except for making a few stupid decisions. It wasn't very mature of her to write those notes and it wasn't very mature to play the game. I can understand her taking the boy to get his medication, why not? He supposedly has a migraine and she helped him to retrieve his medication. I would do that for someone, even a teenage boy. What a way to be paid back for her kindness though, to be accused of molestation! I can tell you from experience, if you are having a migraine, a real one, when you take your medication it takes awhile for the medication to take effect if it does at all. It doesn't work in 20 minutes. Also, when you have a migraine, it wouldn't matter who was trying to have sex with you at the time, you wouldn't care and you wouldn't want ANYBODY to touch you. They hurt that bad!!!!!!! This is the first time in which I have been disappointed with Dr. Phil, he continues to ask about her demeanor. He says, you now have the chance to say that what he is accusing you of is not true. I can only imagine how many times she has had to say this. Give her a break! Rather than boo hoo-ing about "I'm innocent and you're a liar" she is pointing out the discrepancies in his story, I think that shows him to be liar and that she is telling the truth. OK, enough for, going back to sleep.

June 13, 2008, 6:06 pm CDT


Quote From: ramair

Sounds like your teaching career was ended by a group of jealous b-words. I wonder if there's some element of that in Joelle's situation. Other teachers jealous of her popularity. Girls jealous of her looks. And, boys seeking revenge for having their sexual advances turned down.

 F[rest time on the message board for me, boy am I glad the majority that I've read can see through the arrogance of him today. He just sat there so smug . He must have thought he could Buffalo the rest of us too. like what was said they put out the advance and she stooped them in their tracks. I just loved to hear her hubby speak and stand buy her like he is doing.

   I think I would remember if I moved a PIANO or not. Not like someone does this every day, even if it was 3years ago. maybe not the time or even the right day   Buy sure as hell I'd know if I 'd ever  MOVED A PIANO.    Cat

June 13, 2008, 8:56 pm CDT

Sex Scandal

From the way the kid sounded on the air. It is very  self exclaimatory about his reaction to everything. But he doesn't want to look like a fool, that is why he is keeping to his stories. But, he keeps changing certain things about it and claims its been awhile so that is his excuse for changing his stories.
June 13, 2008, 9:05 pm CDT


 There is a reason polygraph evidence is inadmissabile in a court of law. They have been deemed too unreliable without any evidence to support their scientific validity.  More importantly, the courts, absolutely correctly, in my opinion did not want a trier of fact substituting the results of a polygraph for their own  view of the evidence, i.e.  essentially letting the machine decide the credibility of a witness. Having said that, did you observe the young man when he was telling his version of what occurred. He was unable to look at her directly, his eyes kept blinking rapidly and most importantly, she exposed him in major contradictions of what he had said earlier. The fact is though, I think Dr. Phil should have reviewed the transcripts andthe evidence for himself so he could confront the young man with these issues. Again, her demeanor during the show did not bother me. She has been living with these allegations for years and by now must be pretty weary of them. If she was hearing about them for the first time and showed no emotion, then I would be suspicious. I think she was extraordinarily foolish in her interactions with these boys, but innocent people do foolish things without thinking about them which only later become suspicious.  What worries me here is the tendency of a number of people on this post to presume guilt by nature of the accusations, instead of presuming innocence which is the hallmark and shining light of American justice. I believe except for England and Canada, and unfortunately England I believe has abolished the right to silence, America is unique in its unwavering historical adherence to that principle with some notable exceptions. Sooner or later though we always return to that bedrock principle to prevent miscarriages of justice and thank God we do.
June 13, 2008, 9:07 pm CDT

teacher ruined

I feel sorry for the teacher...I NEVER go out on a limb and say "i'm sure"  but this time I just feel it. After watching both shows...i feel the kids not totally truthful. one is less than honest/and the one that was on the show..i think a very small part of what he said was true....maybe  im wrong...but thats the way i see it.
June 13, 2008, 10:10 pm CDT

i would too!!

being realistic.....if it did happen and i were 15 or 16...i mean..look at her,she is sooooo be happy and never say anything.and would pray it happened again...they just told a lie, and couldnt save face and had to lie about it...but back to reality..IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!
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