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Created on : Friday, October 26, 2007, 03:01:39 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/01/07) Dr. Phil explores a disturbing trend: Female teachers engaging in sex acts with their underage male students. The number of accusations has doubled in the past five years. You've probably heard of famous cases like Mary Kay Letourneau, and Debra LaFave and the recent case of a teacher in Southern California, Meredith Johnson Vincent, who was arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. Dr. Phil meets one teacher who has chosen to fight back. Joelle Ogletree was a respected high school French teacher until she was accused of sexual misconduct by three of her students. Find out what goes through a mother's head as she faces 160 years in prison. Plus, the Dr. Phil show speaks with one of the boys who says the sexual improprieties absolutely did happen and claims he passed a polygraph examination. When he agrees to take another test for Dr. Phil, what do his answers reveal? Joelle has been banned from even volunteering at her daughter's school because of the accusations. Should she be allowed back in the classroom? Watch and decide: Do you believe her ... or her students? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 12, 2008, 2:09 pm CDT

Admin Law Judge found her innocent

This happened a long time ago.  If you google her name you'll find numerous pages but the end result is that the boys testimony was found to be lies and her teaching certificate was not affected.  I think it is offensive for DRPHIL to rerun this show because I remember it from last year and he leaves you with the impression that it is difficult to determine guilt or innocence.  If you read some of the excerpts from the TEA transcript linked below, you'll see that the ALJ had no problems finding her innocent of the horrid accusations.  All three of these boys have interesting family backgrounds that tend to imply they were spoiled little rich brats.

June 12, 2008, 2:16 pm CDT

I agree with you!

Quote From: asdf4321

As I watched this episode I was extremely heart-broken because it really it close to home. I know that there are those sick-o's out there who do take advantage of children and use their occupation as a position of power and it is these people who have created a black mark on the teaching profession and for that they should be banished from the teaching profession and thrown into prison all the while hearing the cell door click behind them. Although, it is those teachers who are becoming vicitims and are being accused of crimes that they have not commited  that my heart really goes out to. People are losing their careers (which many have paid thousands of dollars to obtain), their character is being attacked and they are being treated as outsiders. It is sick, that those teachers who live to teach and educate our youth are being treated as criminals. I have had the experience of knowing an educator that was falsely accused and aquited of all charges, yet she still cannot find a job,her reputation has been shattered and she cannot even find work in neighboring cities.Newpapers attacked her,  and it seems no matter what she does she cannot get out of this rut she's been thrown into and the sick thing about all this is nobody cares that she was falsely accused.  My heart aches for this teacher, I have spent countless nights on the phone with her and she is so destroyed about what has happened to her that she can't even fight back against those who have ruined her and her familys' life.  What should she do?  

There are in fact a lot of teachers who are falsely accused and have had their lives ruined. It is unfair and just because some seedy and sick teachers have in fact done this it should not be assumed that every teacher accused is guilty. Once it is discovered that the teacher is in fact innocent the teacher should be given just as much publicity as to their innocence as was given to their accusations against them. And the children who have made the false accusations should be tried in a court of law for filing false police reports. This costs the courts a lot of money to pursue and the accusers who are guilty never seem to have to pay the price for their own actions. It's unfair and something needs to change. At the same time I strongly feel that the teachers who are indeed guilty should be locked away forever for abusing their position and hurting our most valuable resource, our children.  
June 12, 2008, 2:19 pm CDT

Teacher sex scandal

Quote From: ramair

I don't agree with you about Bush, but the rest of your post? Heck, yes!
I remember the McMartin case. And, the ruinous nature of those allegations. Season One or Two, Dr Phil did a show on people falsely accused of various things. And, the effect these allegations had on them. Don't remember if the McMartins were included, though.
I agree that the allegations against Joelle were mis-handled by school district personnel. Then. And, now. She was tried. And, acquitted. So, shouldn't her teaching credentials be reinstated?
One boy has already recanted.
And, the other two didn't show me any credibility.
The first boy's "profession" to be a "Christian" doesn't cut any ice with me, either. According to Joelle, the story this boy told Dr Phil, wasn't the one he told earlier.
And, the second boy failed his polygraph test.
It bothered me too. that Dr Phil questioned Joelle's demeanor. What was his problem? That she wasn't a histrionic, squalling drama queen? A drama queenish demeanor would've compromised her credibilty.
Another boy "comes forward" tomorrow. Wonder what he'll have to say.
Legally, the fact that she was acquitted in the criminal trial (and yes, the dismissal, which I think was with prejudice, meaning she can never be tried again is identical to an acquittal) doesn't affect the administrative allegations, because they are different standards of proof. The administrative hearing, on her license, however, does have a legally preclusive effect. In other words, having been cleared administratively, the school officials claims cannot be legally recognized. The school board should not only reinstate her, they are going to be liable in a big way monetarily. There has to be standardized training and people specifically delegated to deal with such allegations in an appropriate manner by the schools whenever allegations of this sort arise.
June 12, 2008, 2:24 pm CDT

She was 18...............

Quote From: loriintexas

Thats whats wrong with our adults!   The teacher should be ashamed.  HE WAS MARRIED.  He took the vows and broke them.  This student didnt break any vows.  Neither the teacher (adult) nor the student (child, no matter how much she claims not to be) have morals in this situation.   How can we expect our youth to have morals, when, too often, the parents and teachers have none?   Lead by example, people!    I cant even believe you would post that B.S. response to this girls post.  Unbelievable.
She was 18 and the affair went on for 3 years. I was an adult at 18 and engaged by 21. I had my morals intact by then, I had them even at a much younger age. The point here should be that both of these people should be ashamed. She was certainly old enough to know what she was doing and that it was wrong. He also was a married man and a teacher. You say the student didn't break any vows? True, but she knew full well that he was a married man and she was old enough to know better. They are both guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 12, 2008, 2:34 pm CDT


Quote From: thatstrue

 Why didn't she ever take a lie detector test?
First, she did already take one and was found to be telling the truth. Second, she has to go by the advice of council, aka Attorney. If she doesn't do as her attorney says then why is she paying him in the first place?  If your attorney tells you to do or not do something then you are supposed to follow his/her lead. If I felt strongly about something I certainly would voice my opinion with my attorney but in the end, if my attorney felt that what he was doing was right then I would do as they advise. Like I said, it's what you're paying them for.
June 12, 2008, 2:39 pm CDT

06/12 Teacher Sex Scandal, Part 1

Quote From: right_is_right

She is the 2nd teacher with in 3 years that has been fired from the Glen Rose district for having inappropriate relations with a student.  That teacher went on his way and she should too.


Just because she spent a bunch of money on a high priced lawyer to get her acquited does not mean she's innocent.  For example, we all know OJ is guilty for a double murder, but he was found not guilty in a court of law due to her expensive defense team.  Money can and will get you out of most any jam.

EXCUSE ME!!! She was ACQUITTED.  That means by LAW that she is INNOCENT!


Perhaps you didn't watch the entire show.  They had to mortgage their home in order to FUND her DEFENSE.


Alot of people would never have done that.  Alot of people would have taken the plea bargain, inspite of the fact that they were innocent.


Instead she FOUGHT in order to prove her innocence, and you're whining about how MONEY TALKS?


While YOU continue to whine about how money talks, I'll continue to admire that woman for being willing to FIGHT and prove that she didn't do what she was accused of!

June 12, 2008, 2:41 pm CDT

06/12 Teacher Sex Scandal, Part 1

Quote From: littlemissyjen

The kid failed the lie detector test.  He's a liar , flat out.  Maybe she had the hots for him, maybe she flirted and  possilby kissed him.  I don't believe it went further than that.  He was a proven liar.  Period!

I soooooooooooooooooooooo Agree! 

 I hope she sues her 'accusers' and the school district, and brings them to their knees!

June 12, 2008, 2:46 pm CDT


June 12, 2008, 3:13 pm CDT

show 6-12-08

Quote From: alexgma

 if anyone thinks its ok for a teacher to have sex with a child in school




whats the difference here they both or teachers of our children


when a teacher over steps any lines in a child life you can bet later on in there lifes it will show up


either in distrust,learning to hide,cover up parts of there lifes


isnt this what they do when this is going on


lieing,covering up,oh mom cant know right,so his family values all gone here also


its ok for a women teacher,shes learing the boy how to be man


but  a man teacher                      its called  rape


double standards





i dont know who to blive who tell the truth if she did do what the boys are saying she needs to face it ok and if the boys are lieing they need to meetit
June 12, 2008, 3:52 pm CDT

06/12 Teacher Sex Scandal, Part 1

Quote From: noname45

i dont know who to blive who tell the truth if she did do what the boys are saying she needs to face it ok and if the boys are lieing they need to meetit


If you want to know who to believe then read the 80 page transcript of the Administrative hearing.  The boys lied.   I wish the Dr Phil show would not re run segments like this unless they add a period at the end that provides viewers with the complete end of the story.  


Here is the link to the transcript.

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