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Created on : Friday, October 26, 2007, 02:52:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 10/30/07) When most women gaze in the mirror, they may bemoan a blemish here or a wrinkle there. Imagine staring at your reflection for over two hours and hating your face so much that you never leave the house. Dr. Phil’s guests say they are prisoners to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a preoccupation with a real or imagined physical defect. Diana, 28, has been suffering with BDD for over 13 years. She’s undergone over 50 permanent make-up procedures –- eye liner, lips and eyebrows –- and didn’t leave her home for two years because she thinks she looks like a monster. Her mother, Guadalupe, and her sister, Liz, say it’s painful to watch Diana deteriorate before their eyes. Find out the shocking event Diana believes caused her condition. Then, 17 year-old Cheyenne used to win beauty pageants, but now believes that she’s an ugly, overweight girl with thunder thighs. She takes several hours to get ready for school in the morning, and constantly picks at her arm hair and lips. Her mom, Bobette, wonders if she’s the cause of her daughter’s bad feelings. Does Cheyenne really have BDD, or is something else affecting her? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 30, 2007, 1:17 pm CDT

What a ridiculous show......again!

I made it a point  to watch this show, as Dr. Phil had a similar show on a couple years (?) ago, and I ended up being just as furious about it as I am about this one!  It doesnt surprise me that once again, he has stunningly beautiful women who are simply VAIN about their looks.  I was planning to tape it, but why bother?


The first guest  looks at herself 2 hours at a time in the mirror.  How VAIN is that?


I dare Dr. Phil to have people on the show who are actually I am!  I'm 60 years old, and I am still affected by the teasing and bullying from my first day of school.  It was constantly driven home to me that I was ugly and I will tell you, they werent wrong!  Even my own mother agreed. I CAN'T BEAR to look at myself in the mirror, other than a quick glance to check my hair, or whatever.  When I brush my teeth, which ARE crooked.....I look at anything other than my mouth, or my face. I absolutely hate mirrors, and hate when I accidently catch an image of myself in a store or someones home.  Now, with aging, it is getting even worse.  My hair dresser has told me I have big ears, and I've had people laugh at my large pointy nose (so I inherited it from my what?)! 


No one notices my good points,.... my high ethical standards, my sense of humour , and my kindness to others, no matter who they are or what they look like.  I make sure I have a smile on my face whenever I  meet people, but when I'm alone....there is no JOY!  That is why my dogs and cats are so important to me.....they are non-judgemental and their love is unconditional!


How about if Dr. Phil.......your books have helped me with depression and self-image.  How about having a show for people who are honestly less than perfect in the looks department?  Todays show is like having a show on weight-loss issues, and having only svelte guests on complaining about their weight!

October 30, 2007, 1:24 pm CDT

Absolutely True!!!!

Quote From: cj70090

I completely agree with you! Kudos for you to point that out!
I agree with you 100%, alot of the problem with the children and young adults in society today is that the parents don't have the guts to tell them "No" !!! When you hear that PARENTS are actually paying for surgical procedures for their HIGH SCHOOL AGED daughters (buying their BOOBS) because the "POOR GIRL" lacks confidence (God forbid she's NOT a D-CUP), it sickens me. The parents are alot of the problems with these kids, YES, I said that, the PARENTS are enablers. I guess we know the fruit really doesn't fall far from the tree after all.
October 30, 2007, 1:26 pm CDT

10/30 Body Dysmorphia

Quote From: cj70090


I was very amazed at today's guests, thinking that they are the ugly ones, walking around depressed mostly about their facial features. Well, if they are calling themselves ugly, then I must be the most beautiful woman on the earth.


Here is what I "truly" look like and what my body looks like : I recently had a double mastectomy about a year ago, now I walk around with breast that was augmented from borrowed fat from my belly. And, I do not have any nipples, YES that is corredct, NO NIPPLES. I also have a scar on my belly that extends from one hip to the other - sort of like a big closed-lipped smile. As far as my face, I have deep black spots that even make-up can't conceal. One day, while in the mall a small child asked me if bees has stung my face and asked if it hurt! Of course, her mom was red in the face, but I said it was ok, she's just a child. You want to feel hurt, just let a child voice their opinion; in public loud and clear, about someone who has visable flaws.


These women are being self-centered and have not really taken a look at the "other" world, the world where people are maimed and scarred to save their lives, but not for cosmetic reasons. What is so surprising to me, is that people who have plastic surgery on their faces looks worst than before they had the surgery. Keep what God has given you and stop trying to change yourselves to please the world, you have to please yourself first.


Lastly, I've never heard of this disorder, but I guess this is just another one to add to the books! What will be next??  

I think you're being kind of rough on these people.  There are all kinds of illnesses in the world and just because there is one we haven't heard of yet doesn't mean it isn't real.  There was a time that people didn't understand that anorexia was an illness and being bulimic was even less understood than being anorexic.  I am sorry that you've had to suffer from cancer and I understand you have physical scars and clearly you've emotional scars as well, but that doesn't mean just because we cannot see their pain or their illness that we or even you shouldn't have any compassion for these young ladies. 
October 30, 2007, 1:28 pm CDT

I SO agree with you

Quote From: bernwink

Give me a break. Symptomatic of the self-absorbed superficial culture we live in. A product of too much time on your hands and trying to live like the articificial movie star and music idols. Want a sure cure? Go work as a volunteer in a rest home, VA hospital, or facility for severely disabled. See how sorry you feel for yourself then.

I just posted my opinion of this show....and have now just read your letter!  Well put!


When I am feeling really down, all I have to do is THINK of those who are so much worse off than me.....those who dont even have a roof over their heads, or enough food to survive on, or have an addiction problem, or who have lost loved ones! Like you said, go visit at a nursing home or hospital and come away realizing just how good the rest of us have it!  Each time I meet a person in a wheelchair, I thank God that I can go for a walk whenever I want to....that I can move around and do my housework and go outside......etc. etc.  What a whiny society we have become! 


Thanks, bernwink!

October 30, 2007, 1:28 pm CDT

Sorry about your dad...& BDD is real, actually

Quote From: avery10102002

Are you kidding me???  What a waste of air time Dr. Phil.  This young lady doesn't know what problems are!!!  She thinks that she's ugly, big cheeks, uneven lips, pleassssssse!  Boy, if she's ugly I must be hideous, I better stay home today, I might scare everyone that comes in contact with me.  Get a life!!!! I'll tell you what worrying is, my father has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and has 9 months to live, that's worrying you spoiled brat.  Go to St. Jude hospital and take a look at those little kids without any hair that won't live for very long, that's something to worry about.  Dr. Phil, don't waste your time with these spoiled brats that have nothing else better to do than feel pity on themselves.  How about a show, like Oprah recently did, when you're faced with eminent death, how do you look at life?


Appalled in NY State


I'm truly sorry about your dad. Your family will be in my prayers. But I think it's sad that you're being so judgmental. My dad had BDD before it even had a name! You really have no idea how tormenting this mental illness is. Our family lived with it for years. My dad LITERALLY couldn't HELP IT! Get a life? My dad would've LOVED to not have mental illnesses (which he had from age 19 until his death at 61 in 1990). He couldn't get treatment for BDD since no one knew what it was in the 1940s through 1980s. He went to a psychiatrist; he was clinically depressed, but she couldn't figure the rest of it out.

UNTIL you walk in someone else's shoes who either has this VERY REAL illness or live with someone who does, PLEASE don't judge. You come across as extremely judgmental & that's no way for ANY of us to be. I have chronic physical illnesses; I'll have to live with moderate to extreme pain every day of my life until I die, as well as daily profound fatigue (feeling wiped out---I'm in the process of trying to get disability; it's a LONG process!). It's like having the flu ALL the time, except my fevers aren't as high, but I have low-grade fevers every day, PLUS having so much pain throughout my body every day!

Still, I know there are others much worse off than I am. Again, I'm SO sorry to know that your dad has cancer. I hope you don't mind if I pray for him & your whole family. I sincerely hope & pray that there is a way somehow that the doctors can find a way to help him--if possible, that he might have a longer life & as good a quality of life as possible. I wish somehow he could be healed...that it would just go away. That must be SO tough!

Obviously, there are a wide range of medical problems---mentally & physically---that people experience. BDD IS real. And it doesn't just affect young women, not at all. I can see why you might think, due to your dad's cancer, that Dr. Phil might've been wasting air time. (Personally,  I thought the show about Britany Spears was a waste of time---what does her problems have to do with any of the audience?? I don't understand why people are so obsessed with celebrities.)

Hang in there the best you can...& I hope you & your family get to spend as much time as possible with your dad. As another person who posted a reply to yours said, it sounds like "Tuesdays with Morrie" (about a man dying from Lou Gehrig's disease) might be a helpful book for you & your family at some point. Sending you & your family lots of prayers! Joy

October 30, 2007, 1:29 pm CDT

BDD has changed my life, forst for the worse, now for the better

I am really having a hard time reading some of these posts. As someone with any other mental OR physical illness knows, ie. diabetes, cancer, rhematoid arthritis, bipolar....BDD is a disorder that needs to be treated. It is NOT vanity, self-centered-ness, selfishness...It is a brain disorder that yes, may be hard for one to understand that an average, or even very attractive person can say they are ugly, and look like a monster. Believe it. IT'S REAL. I personally want to thank Dr. Arie Winograd, Katherine Phillips, CNN, Opera, Dr. Phil, to recognize BDD and get the word out there.


My personal journey began 6 years ago. Thank God, the past year I began to feel better (zoloft at high dose) and therrapy, BUT I do not regret feeling this pain for one second. Yes, I was suicidal, and begged for answers, and for God to take my life, but it has made me do something with my life. I can now understand that the purpose of this life is to make a difference, and to make sense of it all. We only get one shot to do whatever it is we want to do. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but now that I have 'tamed' my BDD (like any other addiction, it will always be there) I am going to go for my PhD and kick some serious BDD ass. It's a severe, crippling disorder that must be dealt with accordingly.


My advice to any of you out there that think they may have BDD...SPEAK UP. I went to SEVERAL different doctors, all being diagnosed as other disorders because I was too scared to tell them I was obsessed with my appearnace, fearing they will think I am superfiecial and vain. Don't be shy, because BDD gets worse every day, month, and eventually you will find yourself much worse years later. It will only get better with direct intervention, be it medication,behavioural therapy, and facing this demon HEAD ON....Feel free to contact me anytime. If there is anything I can do, drop me a line...(email


If you do not know what BDD is, whether you don't have it, or you have not done factual research, keep your 'superficial' comments to yourself, because ignorance is just embarrassing.

October 30, 2007, 1:30 pm CDT

I am very angry at the sister

 for her superior nasty attitude. She REALLY needs to walk in the shoes of someone who is going through this. I never had body dysmorphia but I know what it's like to have the self-loathing and hatred. This is a carbon copy of my life and I never got over the anger and resentment I felt for members of my extended family. There is no possible way that the surgeries are going to 'fix' something that is so deep -seated. It manifests itself in many ways but this is just the symptoms of how it surfaces. There is NO WAY no matter how she mouths the words that she even begins to understand her sister. If she did, she wouldn't be on her extremely high horse. There but for the grace of God, sister!!!!!!
October 30, 2007, 1:34 pm CDT

Body Dysmorphia cure

The cure? Man says there isn't one. The reason my mood is frustrated is because we are in a "here's some drugs for your problem" world. As I Minister I can say Body Dysmorphia, bi-polar, Achoholism, and depression, are NOT diseases they are demon spirits. You get rid of the spirit and the problem goes away. End of story and PERIOD!!!
October 30, 2007, 1:37 pm CDT

10/30 Body Dysmorphia

She just wants attention, she needs to get a job, if shes tried to kill herself 4 times and hasnt suceeded yet then she's not going to.

October 30, 2007, 1:39 pm CDT

Random Wonderings

That these girls that have this disease are soooo pretty?  Is that ironic or somehow related?  I would rather be average than have to deal with that. And why do people group "fat and ugly" together?  If you are fat you are automatically ugly?  And who decided what was pretty and ugly anyway???
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