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Created on : Friday, October 26, 2007, 02:52:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 10/30/07) When most women gaze in the mirror, they may bemoan a blemish here or a wrinkle there. Imagine staring at your reflection for over two hours and hating your face so much that you never leave the house. Dr. Phil’s guests say they are prisoners to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a preoccupation with a real or imagined physical defect. Diana, 28, has been suffering with BDD for over 13 years. She’s undergone over 50 permanent make-up procedures –- eye liner, lips and eyebrows –- and didn’t leave her home for two years because she thinks she looks like a monster. Her mother, Guadalupe, and her sister, Liz, say it’s painful to watch Diana deteriorate before their eyes. Find out the shocking event Diana believes caused her condition. Then, 17 year-old Cheyenne used to win beauty pageants, but now believes that she’s an ugly, overweight girl with thunder thighs. She takes several hours to get ready for school in the morning, and constantly picks at her arm hair and lips. Her mom, Bobette, wonders if she’s the cause of her daughter’s bad feelings. Does Cheyenne really have BDD, or is something else affecting her? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 30, 2007, 1:44 pm CDT

I agree!

Quote From: longwalker

I was sympathetic to the plight of Diana and others with this problem, but now after hearing Cheyenne; I am more toward mad. Someone needs to take her to a burn unit and let her see people her age  who have been badly burned and let her see somebody who has a real reason to feel badly about themselves. She needs to get over herself. She needs to go volunteer at a soup kitchen and see how people with real problems have to exist. Her problem is being too wrapped up in herself.
Diana definately seems to genuinely have this disorder and I do feel bad for her and others suffering from this! Though Diana is not unattractive!! I believe SHE feels she is. I know this is a real disorder and I pray for the people who really suffer through it! Cheyanne on the other hand,  in my opinion full of it. She is insulting to people who really suffer from this. She probably wants to be on Dr. Phil with this Bullcrap sob story in hopes some modeling or other agency will discover her. She is a fake and I agree she is way to wrapped up in herself.
October 30, 2007, 1:44 pm CDT

The mind is a powerful thing.

It's hard to believe that the women on the show the they don't believe that they are beautiful. As for me, I know how I look, and judging by the fact that I'm single and 8 years have passed. Its obvious that I'm not "up to scratch" by the reaction of local business' clerks, mostly female. They don't say thank, hello, or I get the feeling that I'm not welcomed. I hope the woman on the show check out what being said on these message boards. I wish they can walk a mile in my shoes. I think after the experience, they would feel a whole lot better about themselves.
October 30, 2007, 1:49 pm CDT

10/30 Body Dysmorphia

Quote From: anntwerp2

I made it a point  to watch this show, as Dr. Phil had a similar show on a couple years (?) ago, and I ended up being just as furious about it as I am about this one!  It doesnt surprise me that once again, he has stunningly beautiful women who are simply VAIN about their looks.  I was planning to tape it, but why bother?


The first guest  looks at herself 2 hours at a time in the mirror.  How VAIN is that?


I dare Dr. Phil to have people on the show who are actually I am!  I'm 60 years old, and I am still affected by the teasing and bullying from my first day of school.  It was constantly driven home to me that I was ugly and I will tell you, they werent wrong!  Even my own mother agreed. I CAN'T BEAR to look at myself in the mirror, other than a quick glance to check my hair, or whatever.  When I brush my teeth, which ARE crooked.....I look at anything other than my mouth, or my face. I absolutely hate mirrors, and hate when I accidently catch an image of myself in a store or someones home.  Now, with aging, it is getting even worse.  My hair dresser has told me I have big ears, and I've had people laugh at my large pointy nose (so I inherited it from my what?)! 


No one notices my good points,.... my high ethical standards, my sense of humour , and my kindness to others, no matter who they are or what they look like.  I make sure I have a smile on my face whenever I  meet people, but when I'm alone....there is no JOY!  That is why my dogs and cats are so important to me.....they are non-judgemental and their love is unconditional!


How about if Dr. Phil.......your books have helped me with depression and self-image.  How about having a show for people who are honestly less than perfect in the looks department?  Todays show is like having a show on weight-loss issues, and having only svelte guests on complaining about their weight!

I guess that is what I was thinking too.  Maybe I just don't understand it.  But it seems like these beautiful little princesses are just vain.  I think the first girl may have some additional issues....bless her heart.....but I guess I just don't understand when you look like a beauty queen how you can complain.


Ms. Ann you personally....sounds like you are  a wonderful person.  You need to look in those mirrors you hate so much for 60 years and learn to love the way you look just as you are.  Ears....nose.....all of yourself.  Don't be depressed because of others impressions.  Get a haircut/color that compliments your face/ears. Wear some makeup to downplay your nose.  But dang it do this for YOU. 


And yes....aren't our pets wonderful?  Where would we be without there love  :)

October 30, 2007, 1:53 pm CDT

10/30 Body Dysmorphia

Quote From: mybabyjames

my point of bringing up people in other countries is that there are problems far worse then our western cultures expectations on how we should look. If a women is somewhere where there is suffering and constant turmoil,  she doesn't have time to stop watching out for her kids and or her job to sit in front of the mirror and whine!!  If a women going through something like that came to America and saw those women whining about how the look, she'd would have to laugh. I personally don't feel bad for the women that are "normal looking" & not in touch with the priorities in life and the have been stuck in the cycle of vanity. I do feel terribly for the ones that actually have problems on their faces and bodies and have a reason to be a little weary of the world. I understand whats happened in their pasts can affect them, but we need to not give it labels which then allows them to wollow in it.

WAKE UP and try reading the facts about BDD. It is sad that you seem to think this is vanity. How can you say that a person in turmoil has no time to sit and whine in front of the mirror? It has nothing to do with being in touch with priorities or being 'stuck in the vanity cycle', rather, it has everything to do with a brain disorder. 


You are making it seem as though these girls are seeking attention, when I will bet anything they don't want attention, and would be glad to live their last day. Some cases are self esteem issues, but some are severe disorders, as Diana's, and all the others that have the guts to come forward and show their face, only to be bombarded with such ignorance.



October 30, 2007, 1:53 pm CDT

10/30 Body Dysmorphia

     Even being in the medical profession I have a difficult time with the concept of Body Dismorphia.  We all change how we look as we get older, we never look the same as even a year ago.  These families are enabling this behaviour.  One, if they are forced to get out of the house and work instead of laying around all day or spending the entire day in front of the mirror, they may just be too busy to be constantly concerned about how they look.  Even the most beautiful person in the world will look ugly if they continue to show such a passive attitude, whine, and in general look pitiful.  Yes, I wish that I had more of a chin, had tighter skin, was toned and taut, had no skin imperfections but I am in my 50's and am realistic.  I do take care of myself and keep busy.  I can't be too concerned if my eyeliner is on a little uneven while concerned with the health and safety of approx. 1100 children under the age of 8.  My advice is for them to volunteer their services assisting those who are truly disfigured and get a grip.  Somehow we have become a society of victims and if you aren't diagnosed with some "disease process" you just aren't part of society at large.   As far as the suicide attempts, she made a conscious choice to attempt to take her life and having been an ER nurse for many years I have seen numerous attempts but only 2 who succeeded.  Those 2 wanted to die for whatever reason, the others are enjoying the status of vicitm.  The more we accept these numerous "diseases" the more "victims" will come out of the woodwork and have an excuse for not being a productive member of society.
October 30, 2007, 1:54 pm CDT

Is this show for real?

Seriously? Is this acutally a 'disease' or just a mental problem for people with too much time on their hands, extremely low self-esteem, an insanely superficial and extorted view on physical looks... Seriously here? People who think they are ugly, and fat, etc when they are not. I mean no one on todays show is like a super model or something carved out of stone, they are just average normal people but sheesh..


I think anyone of the guests on todays show, should go to the CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENT CENTRE at any major hospital, like I did with my father and then their 'pity' attitude would drop instantly and they would come back down to earth in a heart beat! Im noy kidding either. If they think they are ugly, or grumpy, or depressed, etc. Once then walk into a room with 100 chairs, lined up side by side by side. All these people men, woman, old, young, KIDS too with no hair!, skinny, FIGHTING FOR THEIR DAMN LIFES and they are still smiling! and are happy! just to be alive! even though they will be sick, vomiting, hair falling out, etc. I will GUARNTEE any of them that life will seem pretty damn good.


Also for people like Cheyanne, no offence, but any guy, man, male, etc who people would say are 'attractive', 'in shape', 'take care of themselves', etc would never go out with someone like you. Dont take it the wrong way, but Ive gone out with alot of woman, some have won fitness contests, one was even in the Playboy College/Fitness magazine and she was normal. But Im sure I speak for most men who workout, train, take care of themselves, etc we would not find someone like you attractive, mostly because of your attitude, personality, and what to you appears the only important thing in life, to the point wheres its not eating you up inside, owning your day, runing you life and it appears now to be ruining your life.


Not sure why anyone would ever think like that, there' soooooooo much more to life and in life then simply physical looks. Looks are only skin deep and everyone gets old, no one can stop that. No amount of makeup, surgery, money, etc stops that process.


Then again, maybe its simply an issue of all these people are just depressed? But like I said, take them all to a Cancer Centre at a hospital and let them help serve the patients coffee and cookies to the kids, woman and men getting chemotherapy treatments and see what they think is important to them.

October 30, 2007, 1:55 pm CDT

10/30 Body Dysmorphia

Quote From: longwalker

There are plenty of beautiful women in other countries. The reason you won't see them claiming they have BDD is because women in other countries are not consumed with this quest for body perfection like women in the US. The celebrities in Hollywierd keep the plastic surgeons there in mansions and jaguars.They are never satisfied. Look better and younger is their mantra. So women like the two on the show and plenty of others feel like they will never reach the level of perfection that is set by these shallow women.

Instead of being satisfied with the way God made them, non-celeb women want noses and lips and butts and boobs that look like the celebs'. Getting these look-a-like parts will not make them satisfied. They will still stand in front of the mirror and find something lacking. Once upon a time this was called "being stuck on yourself". In this day and time there has to be a name for everything.

Anybody who has looked at a National Geographic can attest to the beautiful women in other countries; developed or third world. Most of them do not have time to stand for hours and pick out faults in their bodies. They accept what they have and go on.

And many a good mother has told her child "eat. children are starving in other countries." Nothing wrong with it. It is the truth. Children in this country need to know that not everybody can just drive up to a building and talk to a machine and then pull up to the first window and get their food. Spoiled children are just as good an example of the "all about me" way of thinking that these two women on the show exhibited.

I'm sorry but I think your answer if first wrong in your assesment of women in America being more consumed with their looks than other countries.  I seem to recall a few years ago someone did a show on cosmestic surgery in Brazil and apparently *EVERYONE* there has surgery of 1 kind or another.  Here is a little article for you  here is a piece from this article.


"Every fifth consumer in the world admits that he will apply for plastic surgeon some day, according to researchers. 22 780 Internet users from 41 countries took part in their research. 

According to this research, teenagers and people before 30 years treat a thought of applying for plastic surgery easier, than aged people.   British women are champions as for quantity of changes or corrections they made to their appearance in Europe. According to BBC, British women take the first place among European countries and third – in the world. Only Brazil and USA left UK behind.   Most often British people resort to such procedure as botox injection to smooth out wrinkles. Collagen injections takes second place: it makes lips plumper, and face - roundish. Face resurfacing is on the third place, with its help doctors remove old and dead areas of skin. This procedure improves patients’ complexion and appearance.  "   I think this makes others of the world pretty much the same as here in the USA and as far as National Geographic yes people of other countries are certainly beautiful but they're also not without their problems.  As you'd said there are children in other countries that are starving but you seem tomiss the fact there there are plenty of children starving here in the US too!  You're painting a broad picture with a narrow brush IMO  Mom's have been telling their children to "eat, children are starving in other countries." and my late FIL would tell you you are WRONG because his mother insisting that he finish his plate is the reason he never learned to stop eating when he was full & the reason he was over weight all of his life!    As for the women on the show & their "all about me" way of thinking is this what you would say to someone that is suffering from anorexia?  "stop thinking about yourself & eat something"?!   I think you're being extremely cold and critical of people when you've no clue as to what they're dealing with.  Remember untill we've walked a mile in someone else's shoes............

October 30, 2007, 1:59 pm CDT

Bullying? How does that come into play?

I worry about how much emotional bullying in elementary, jr and high school come into play.  I know there are programs in public schools about drugs and violence and that does wonders, but we need more bullying programs and teachers should be more aware.  I was teased for a few years about my nose and I know if I didnt have a firm foundation to stand on in my life that I might go get plastic surgery even up to this day.  Yet, what good would that really do?  I am still me and I have found that I am wonderful no matter what others might see.  My nose has been a blessing, it weeded out all the jerks not worth dating, when it came time to date. 
October 30, 2007, 1:59 pm CDT

don't quite buy it

May be a nice way for a few teenagers to get exposure on national television, I hope they get some help either way, in either case, tragic.


October 30, 2007, 2:02 pm CDT

Yes - the mind is a powerful thing.

See how much the mind controls people? The people on this show, are CONSUMED 24 hours/day by just their looks and appearance. To most of us on the outside looking in we would think these people need something to do with their time, which probably is true. But maybe its a mental thing? or are they just weak minded? or is it something else? depression? self-esteem?


Personally I think its sad for a persons only concern is their appearance. Seems so shallow and hollow and weak?


They just look normal like anyone else? But their attitude and personality is what is gonna make those woman be alone for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time, which as a result might make their weak minds even more fragile.....


Stop buying Maxim maga and Cosmo! Ever heard of a program called Photoshop :) You can do amazing things with pictures.


Just be yourself, come on..... No offence but on TV everyone of those guests look soo shallow, weak, sad and pathetic....I feel sorry for them.

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