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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:25:23 am
Author : dataimport
Bullying is not just a schoolyard pastime anymore, it has spread to the workplace as well. Share your stories, support and advice with others dealing with a bully at work.

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December 2, 2008, 2:32 pm CST

Workplace Bullies

I worked at Anagram (the balloon manufacturing company), in Eden Prarie, MN, under three bullies. At first, it seemed like it was an ok place to work...


But then, I started noticing strange things. I requested to use a day of vacation, which was granted by the supervisor. When I returned the next day, the team lead told me, referring to the day I had taken off, "don't let it happen again". Wow, now that was the first time I had ever heard anything like that! Bizzarre, considering I was rarely gone and everyone else skipped work an average of one or two days per week! Then, I noticed they began changing rules to affect me. They expected a different standard of my work, than everyone else's work. They began withholding information vital to me doing my job.


The team lead began trashing me behind my back and making up things that were not true about me. My supervisor regularly gave me the worst jobs, making it impossible for me to accomplish much.


I was expected to do my job, with insufficient training and no help whatsoever. The team lead even said to me one of the first weeks I had been working there, "sorry we haven't been training you". Whatever, loser!


That was one of the nastiest places I had ever worked and I totally want to forget that experience! Don't buy balloons from them! They are a company full of bad apples!

December 30, 2008, 11:36 am CST

Health Care Workplace Bullies

Quote From: kwindshawn

I think if people really knew what kind of crap goes on in healthcare, the system would be overhauled in a snap.  I really see how these greedy doctors only care for their money.  Greed is the reason our system is so expensive.  It makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must agree with you that working in healthcare can be a lot more stressful on you than any other place there seems to be a different type of people that they bring there to work I always found a problem with the Finance area of Healthcare I don't know if that type of job makes people mean but I have not met a nice person in that area. 


I've been working in Health Care, admin area for over 10 years now and have never had any problems with anyone from any other department other than Finance; my experience has been that they are dishonest, unprofessional and generally just not nice people but they have always been found out and are no longer with the organization but the one I’m dealing with now is so sneaky and dishonest she just might outlast me.  She has made up so many lies that I think she actually believes what she is saying is true.  But her most recent comment to me has me seeking legal advice, we had a police officer come in to visit with our Finance Manager for some reason and she made a comment to me implying that they might be there for me which put me over the edge so I confronted her about this remark telling her that it was inappropriate and she just looked up in the air and pretended that she didn’t hear me and tell me that she can’t say why he was there. I didn’t ask why he was there I simply said that her comment was not appropriate but she’s so disturbed that she just doesn’t get what she said is wrong.  Since she has access to cash I think they put her in a position to set anyone up so I have contacted a lawyer for legal advice so that I can document what was said.


I have done a lot research on workplace bullies and what I have found out is that you need to document everything and if it’s serious such as the comment made to me than seek legal advice you need to protect yourself.  “Bullies poison their working environment with low morale, fear, anger, and depression. The employer pays for this in lost efficiency, absenteeism, high staff turnover, severance packages and law suits. In extreme cases, a violent incident may be the tragic outcome”  Here’s the thing you need to know bullies are “insecure people with poor or non-existent social skills and little empathy. They turn this insecurity outwards, finding satisfaction in their ability to attack and diminish the capable people around them.” I’m quoting these from what I have read.  The problem isn’t yours its there they are dishonest and sneaky and have no problem lying they are spending their day, getting paid to harass and make up stories on other employees. 


There was even incident where she was seen me sorting mail and pull open the file cabinet where I was staying without warning me and ram my leg/knees to the point I was black and blue and when I would say something to her like could you please let me know when your going to do that so I don’t get hurt she just ignored me I really do she she’s disturbed.  Here’s the thing she has made friends with the new HR manager who stands in the busy hall and talks about staff confidential issues so that everyone can hear, my supervisor wants nothing to do with it he just keeps telling me to let it do so I got no one to go to. 


WOW this felt good to let this out I hope it all makes sense and isn’t too much to post.  Thanks




March 15, 2009, 6:08 am CDT

PhD Bullies

Hi, I sooooooooooo need some good advice on this one everybody!!! Ok here is my problem. I started a PhD program in a semi-major city 1 year ago. I commute from a major city to attend two weekends out of the month. So, I am commuting 6 hours roundtrip. I am not the only person commuting to attend this program. The problem is I am having problems with a lot of the other cohort members. For example, on the first day of class in August of 2008, I talked more than anyone else during the class discussion and a bunch of sh*t was started about me "trying to control the group". I was in a group with this other girl and a bunch of sh*t was started about me, once again, simply because I emailed her more than once in one day and I "supposedly" knew she was out-of-town that day. I have had several verbal confrontations with two of the cohort members because they keep saying stuff like "I think I am better than everybody else". The reality of it is, is that I am making better grades than any other cohort in the group. I personally feel like they are jealous of me, but they are most definitley mean to me. This one cohort member is a cop and she hates my guts and tries to intimidate me in class. She acts like she is going to just jump up and arrest me or something. She even posted an album on myspace of the cohort group and I was literally the only person not posted in the group cohort album. She had pictures of everybody else. I definitely feel like they are trying to push me out--even though this is not going to work. I literally hate these people, and can barely even be around them. I have been made fun of in class, talked about side-bar and to my face, and they are just plain mean to me.


How to I handle all of this negativity from my cohort members? I am not quiting the program, but I can't stand these people because they are so mean to me. Oh, and they don't try to hide it either. What should I do the next time someone is openly mean to me? I have already expressed my feelings to the professor, so he knows the situation. I would just love a way to get them back for treating me so mean. I'm not a vengeful person either, but I am soooooooo mad at how I am getting treated. Thanks for your advice!!!!!! I really need it!!! It is going to be another 3 years before I graduate, so I have to put up with them for 3 more years!!! Ugh!!!!!

May 10, 2009, 7:43 am CDT

Psychological Bullying

I am working in a cult-like work environment disguised as personal development.  I was forced to participate in the program as a requirement to grow within the organization.  The consultant coaches employees and coerces them to reveal personal and priviledged information.   If an employee is not willing to coach on their personal life, they are required to meet with coaches, the hr director and, in some cases, the president of the company until they comply or their job security is threatened.  I participated at a required intense level as a manager of the company, being forced to reveal personal information, being required to have emotional breakdowns because they are seen as "breakthroughs" only to be evaluated as "too emotional" and refused a promotion or raise.  When I dared to question the coach about her evaluation of me I was told that I was not permitted to question her, rather I should trust my coaches and not trust my family or friends because my coaches were helping me through transformation.  My family and friends made me powerless.  I was told that if I did not think their way that I would not succeed in life.  This is a mini-version of 6 years of being mentally manipulated.


This program is mandatory for most employees but not all.  There is a group of us that are afraid to speak our minds because if it is found out it is seen as "negativity" withing the workplace and anyone who is seen like this will inevitably lose their jobs.  Employee morale is at an all time low . 


I have legal counsel and many other employees are filing as well.  Because PA is an "at-will" state, our options are limited.


The coach is not licensed in any way but has managed to mesmerize the owners of the company to buy in to her program.  This consultant has no other clients.

May 15, 2009, 3:34 pm CDT

Workplace Bully

I am witness to a co-worker being bullied and very active in the fight to pass a bill here in NJ.  As Dr. Namie states in his site, fight they bullying, not the bully.  It's still legal and it cannot be left to individual companies to create a policy that they may or may not enforce.  It cannot even be enforced in our state government, which is where I am.  Our own Union's book only states that "verbal inappropriate" instead of not tolerated. 
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