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Created on : Friday, October 19, 2007, 01:45:04 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, could you say you lived your life to the absolute fullest, or would you have regrets? This year marks the 10th anniversary of the best-selling memoir of all time, Tuesdays with Morrie, and the author, Mitch Albom, remembers his former teacher and mentor’s simple but important messages that have touched so many. Joined by Morrie Schwartz’s loved ones, Mitch shares his friend’s wisdom and life lessons as they pertain to Dr. Phil’s guests. When Bobby and Kelly appeared on the show previously, they were on the verge of divorce because she was tired of being the primary breadwinner and had lost confidence in her husband. Now, is it possible for Kelly to find forgiveness? Then, Tarah wants her husband to reprioritize his life and start putting his family first. She says he chooses dirt biking, hanging with his pals and lounging on the couch over important family events. Josh admits he can be selfish, but says if Tarah had a job, she’d know how he felt when he got home. Plus, guests reflect on the meaning of Morrie’s life lessons and share how they were inspired to change their lives.  Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 23, 2007, 10:23 pm CDT


Quote From: canadianfan77

I would really hate to be in the USA for that reason alone.  You guys have to pay your own medical bills.  Way up here(we're not really that far away) in Canada when we are sick we just go to the doctor's.  No difference if you are dirt poor or filthy rich.  Everyone is entitled to the same care. I can't imagine what life would be like having to worry about paying if someone in your family got sick. It's funny how we can live so close to each other and yet be so different. Just much does it cost for medical care? Let's say to go to an emergency room or for something like having a baby?
As if it is not hard enough not to have insurance there is an added complication. The hospitals and doctors cut a deal with the insurance companies.  The doctors might bill $95 for an office visit.  The insurance company tells the doctor that they will pay $40.  After a small deductible is paid by the patient the rest is written off.  Without insurance there is no negotiator.  The patient without the insurance pays the full shot.  I recently had a procedure where they monitored my oxygen with a O2 saturation machine.  This is a clip that fits on your finger and gives a number.  They charged $110 to monitor my oxygen alone.  The insurance company paid $12- the rest was written off.  The patients without insurance therefore actually pay more for their medical care than the insurance companies pay.  Having a healthy baby can cost $4000-$8000.  An emergency room visit can be $100-$200 with tests a HUGE additional charge.  An MRI for example is $1000. We do- of course- have Medicaid which kicks in after you lose everything you own.  Something needs to change.  I am not sure that I want the government in charge of my healthcare though. 
October 23, 2007, 10:46 pm CDT


My grandpa passed on September 15, 2007. He was only 63 years old. He was diagnosed with ALS in April 2007. I had a little boy in March... He was Grandpa's first Great-Grand-baby. His illness took him really fast. One day my son and I were over at his house and it was supper time. At this time Grandpa could still sit up and move alittle. However he had a hard time swallowing so he could only eat the same things my boy could. Grandma feed Grandpa while I feed my baby. That was the happiest I have ever seen him, he kept saying how much alike they were. My son and his Great-Grandpa had one of the strongest connections I have ever seen.

Grandpa stayed home throwout all of his battle up until the very end. Hospice wanted my mom and grandma to get a break and put him in the local nursing home for five days. The morning after we admitted him he left us....

I took my six month old son to the room in which Grandpa was "resting" to say our good-bye's. He kept trying to get Grandpa to wake up and play with him.

This show really helped me. I had been in denial since the funeral. I watched the movie in high-school and completely forgot about it until this. This really helped me, because Grandpa did try to teach us about life in those last couple of months... it's just a matter of taking it all in or sulking...

October 23, 2007, 11:11 pm CDT

Tuesdays with Morry

When my beloved husband was dying--his biggest concern was "will you be OK?"  I assured him I would be because I knew his spirit would always be with me--he looked at me and said "You really do love me, don't you"  "yes-I always have" was the reply.  It is so hard to lose someone you love--but I do believe "the spirit" is always there.
October 24, 2007, 3:35 am CDT

the movie was a made for tv movie back in 1998 or 99

Quote From: psystudent1966

I am in the middle of reading Tuesday's With Morrie, and it is such an inspirational book, I cry and also feel so many other emotions at the same time reading this book, I hear there is a movie, I will be looking for it,

I am also reading the book for a class I am taking.  I am a psychology major and we are required to read the book for our Adult Development class and I am truly glad that the instructor chose this for us to read.





October 24, 2007, 5:11 am CDT

Tarah run as fast as you can.

This message is for Tarah.....I saw the show yesterday and all I could see was myself in Tarah. I have been married for 31 years and my heart goes out to you. I have lived that way for 31 years. If he doesn't get it after this show he never will. I have three grown children and I spent at least 90 percent of my life upset. You deserve someone who loves you and puts you first.  The longer you stay and the more children you have the harder it is to go. I am just about to leave my husband because he still doesn't get it. Good Luck to you.
October 24, 2007, 5:19 am CDT

10/23 Tuesdays with Morrie

Quote From: framboise

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son.  I think of situations like yours and am so confused about situations like mine.  Almost 11 months ago, my husband and I tried to give some guidance to my daughter about her wanting to buy a new home. She had given us the impression for many years now that she was not in a good financial situation, so it came to us as a suprise that suddenly after we had sold her a home that we owned at half of it's worth, (because of her financial situation) that she was quickly ready to sell it and was looking for very expensive to purchase. She took our guidance as harassement, caused a small arguement, moved out without telling us where. She has blocked our emails, we are not permitted to send emails to her business site. We found her new address through her business in the Yellow Pages. We have not seen our 3 grandchildren for almost a year. We have sent emails to her business asking to see them repeatedly but she does not answer us. In a way I have lost my child and grandchilden as well. I am so confused and hurt I cry everyday. I just don't understand. 

I wish Dr. Phil would add a way to send private messages from his boards. My situation is so much like yours and it's heartbreaking. I got email from my son almost a year ago telling me that I wasn't fit to see my grandchildren. Last week I got a call from him and he wanted 25,000.00 to save his house from foreclosure. Then 2 days later a call asking me to buy his house and let him rent it from me. Then 2 days later asking me to pay his bankruptcy attorney. Then I saw this show. I am in such turmoil because rather than bail him out financially, I want to send him this book. Young people who are acting like my son and your daughter seriously need to see that someday we will be gone and what heartbreak they are going to go through. I chose to say "no, with love" as opposed to "yes out of fear" to all his requests this past week. Money won't solve his problem. He has a wife who  has steadfastly refused to work, yet never fixes a meal or cleans up the house. When the kids were babies they were in day care. She might have been a stay at home mom but she didn't have stay at home kids, so what was the point? And frankly, she's more of a stay at Target mom than she ever spent at home.


I am bracing myself for the after math of this mess but am trying very hard to keep Tuesdays With Morrie at the forefront of my brain. The house goes to foreclosure today and I'm quite sure my daughter in law will bail from the marriage. They will have to vacate the house by December 1st and at that point my son becomes homeless. I'm hoping I can muster the strength to help my son through this emotionally and when all the smoke clears, that he will see that his wife hadn't been with him for years and that any financial responsibility was not his alone. My son is my only child and I love him dearly. To watch him go through this is harder than anything I've ever done.

October 24, 2007, 5:55 am CDT

not just about the story learn about the disease also

    At Easter time of this year our father, Danny Hollie, was diagnosed with ALS or commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. For those of you whom have never heard of this disease here is a short synopsis. This is neuromuscular disease that attacks the motor neurons(brain signals) your brain sends out to your arms, legs, lungs, etc telling them to work. When they attack, it destroys your ability to use your muscles therefore you lose motor function and become paralyzed over time. Our dad has already lost the use of one hand and arm and is now experiencing weakness in his other limbs. It is very difficult to watch our father struggle to clothe himself or pour himself coffee. He is adjusting and so are we.


He is very brave and courageous to our face but we know that the perils of this disease are difficult for him to accept and adapt to. Daily activities that we take for granted are battles for him and our dear mother, who has become his constant caregiver.


Although we pray everyday for a glimmer of hope, we know that we will not see a cure in his lifetime. We know that he will eventually succumb to this disease but we want to help raise awareness and funding dollars to help with research.


The annual Walk to D’feet ALS will be held November 10, 2007, in Lafayette Louisiana. We will walk a total of three miles with the hope of raising much needed funds for patient services, research and public awareness. Families like ours will benefit.


You can’t believe the costs of equipment. Motorized chairs cost from $15,000 to over $20,000; computers that help a patient communicate cost from $1,500 upward to over $15,000. Medicines are from $680 to $800 monthly. Quite often hiring help for bathing or caregiving relief are out-of-pocket. The ALS Association helps by paying toward some of these expenses and buying equipment for our lending closet.


We are asking you to help in one of two ways. Sponsor us with any amount, large or small, by writing a check and making it payable to The ALS Association- Louisiana Chapter. Mark it “Big D‘s Happy Feet” and mail it to me in an envelope. Or, walk with us and get your own sponsors. If you prefer, you may register/donate online. Log onto and click on the walk logo. Should you choose to donate online, I will be notified by The ALS Association that you have made a contribution.Here is the direct link to our page


Help make a difference to another afflicted family.


Thanks in advance.

Yours truly,

Jeff Hollie and family

Danny Hollie and family

Melissa Buxton and family

Carey Hollie and family

Amy Guidry and family

October 24, 2007, 6:39 am CDT


 I watched the program, and I understand the messages. Unfortunatly for some people in this world, living your life to the fullest, and going to places you only dream about is only a dream. Many people do not have the financial backing to do anything, except work, just to pay  the bills, and I am one of them. Even if I had a terminal disease, I still would not be able to live life, nothing would change, except dying before I thought I would. I do agree that anyone who has the capabilities to live their dreams, should not wait to do it.
October 24, 2007, 7:09 am CDT

Dearest Denise

Your wish is my command.... I vow to enjoy and appreciate every day that I am offered.  I am currently in excellent health and do not require a diagnosis to make me choose to appreciate all that I have.  Each day is a gift, that's why they call it the present.  You are an amazing woman who has inspired at least one family of six to make the most of each and every day.  Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful adventure.



October 24, 2007, 8:22 am CDT

Thank You Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this show together.  I cried because I was inspired by the strength and courage by those afflicted with ALS.  Recently, I have become closer to God because for a long time, I held onto feelings of anger and resentment.  Life is too short to live that way.  I feel that we are all put on this earth for a purpose.  Every day, I thank God for everything he has given me and I embrace life so much more. 

I know that I am far from perfect, but I pray that I become a better person.  I have made progress and know that I will continue to do so.  There was a quote by an anonymous person that summed it up beautifully, and that is, "I can complain that my rosebush has thorns, or marvel at the thorn bush with its beautiful flowers.  It's all up to me."  Instead of Morrie feeling sorry for himself, he appreciated each day he had and was upbeat.  I definitely learned a lot from seeing this show and instead of seeing my cup as being half full, I now look for ways to enthusiastically fill it up completely.

Thank you for the eye opener.  God bless.
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