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Topic : 10/17 Sexual Predators?

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Created on : Tuesday, October 16, 2007, 03:42:12 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You've read the headlines, now watch the story about a crime so heinous some would rather see the suspect dead than in jail. The manhunt for the nation's most wanted alleged pedophile ended last night as fugitive Chester Stiles, accused in the videotaped molestation of a three-year-old girl, was arrested outside Las Vegas. Stiles had been wanted since October 5 on warrants issued for 21 felony charges in connection with acts seen on the videotape. Could you spot a child predator? Is your family at risk? Be there when Dr. Phil tells you the warning signs to watch for -- you'll be shocked! Plus, the reported victim's mother breaks her silence in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. Then, hear what Stiles' ex-girlfriend's son has to say, and what the victim remembers about the attack. If it's happening now, Dr. Phil is going to deal with it now! Don't miss this breaking news Dr. Phil Now. Join the discussion.

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Find out what happened on the show.

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October 16, 2007, 9:06 pm CDT


How do people become so degraded? Why do men prey on children? How to weed this out of our society?
October 16, 2007, 9:27 pm CDT

sexual predators

This person is less than a beast.  when are they lawyers and judges and law makers ever going to hang these people high?  I can not think of a worse offense perpatrated on any human being, no matter how old they are.  These kinds can not and never have been rehabilated and let loose in our world ever!!!!!


I personally feel we should buy an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, put all these types there and give them 30 days of food, no boats, no nothing and tell them good luck.  At lease we would never have to worry about who they would hurt next.  Cruel and inhumane--not on your life compared to what they have done to innocent people.

October 16, 2007, 11:33 pm CDT

Deceptive image

Whilst Chester Stiles has probably been all over the US press, it is not so in Oz, and so today is the first time I can recall seeing his image  ... the first thing that struck me was that he appeared relatively youthful whilst in my own mind the notion of a pedophile conjures up the image of a "dirty old man".  How easy it would be for someone with an image that doesn't align with perception to entrap his victims, and so gullability on all our parts has probably played right into his hand.   It certainly doesn't make his activities any less abhorent, though does mean I and others need to re-evaluate our perceptions of those we bring / allow into our lives and those of our loved ones.  I am sure that Dr Phil's "Now" topic will assist us all in transitioning our thinking.

October 17, 2007, 12:06 am CDT

10/17 Sexual Predators?

I'm not sure a sane person will ever understand what drives an adult to take sexual pleasure with a child--to be sexually attracted to babies.  It's not something we can comprehend.  Whether it's a sickness/mental illness or just a disgusting perversion, these people must be held accountable.  Speaking as an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I can say with the utmost confidence, that this poor child will be haunted by this her entire life.  I was assaulted at the same age, but it continued for 8 years.  I am now 53 and still battling the demons.  I pray that baby gets the help she needs.
October 17, 2007, 12:57 am CDT

10/17 Sexual Predators?

Quote From: vgerheim

How do people become so degraded? Why do men prey on children? How to weed this out of our society?

Without wanting to make light of what happened..

why do you discriminate and claim that women never do this?


Recently, in Belgium, a woman tennis teacher was arrested for seducing a 13 year old in a lesbian relationship. And, i`m thinking that this is a tip of the proverbial iceberg.


So, please, don`t insinuate that women never do this.

Idiots, criminals and evil people are not limited to one race, gender, religion or ideology - sadly.

October 17, 2007, 12:58 am CDT

sexual predators

I hope that this person gets the death sentence for what he did to all the girls.


I have 2 girls in the age of 6 and 12 and I cant immagine if something terrible

 as that happens to one of them i think i'd became a criminal myself  and went after this monster. i think that much more parents think like me, and i it's just a metafore i know but i hope that justice gets his wright and give him a live sentence or even the death sentence.


And my hart and mind go out to all the parents and above all to all the children, I wish them all the love in the world and hope they can get this with the best counceling behind them.

October 17, 2007, 2:35 am CDT

Legacy...What I think is very important to remember here is the damage that was inflicted on the perpetrator to create this kind of evil ... predator...

October 17, 2007, 2:57 am CDT

10/17 Sexual Predators?

Personally I think all  pedophiles/rapists should be castrated.
October 17, 2007, 3:17 am CDT

Some just do not listen

  Sadly for some children, the family never listens to them, as no one wants to believe that it would happen, or that it is very real. If the child tells, then they get punished, but not the one that did it. No matter what they say or do, they are the ones considered no good, and what the other person did is covered up. The subject is closed as far as the family is concerned, but not the child, and years later, that child within the now adult does feel for those that go through this. Sexual Predators are very sick people, and children need the protection adults can give, if they are willing. You would be surprised how many adults will turn a blind eye. I know it is not an easy path for a child if the family is not there for them, but it is a big help for those that have family that stand by them. Some predators are not caught, no matter how much you may try to get others to listen. Some stand by the predator. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would stand by the predator and the victim is no longer family to them. Everyone is different, and we all choose our own path in the end. I hope more children that go through this are capable of becoming adults that do have a good healthy relationship, and not go the path many choose of drugs, alcohol etc. A child is vunerable and needs the family more than ever at these times. They need to know they are still loved and not an outcast in their own family.

  I feel more predators are being caught today and that is something long over due.

  I have been there and really feel for those children that go through anything similar or worse. It is a difficult thing to live with, and yet you do. I moved forward in my life, but have met many that did not. This is a show I plan to watch!

October 17, 2007, 3:22 am CDT

Be sure before you accuse

The things we hear on the news sicken me. How can anyone do such terrible things to an innocent child? But on the other hand we need to make sure that these things are true about this person. These accusations can ruin a person's life forever . I know of men that had their ex wives tell their children to lie and say that they were molested by their fathers so they can keep them from seeing the child and right now my grandson is going though the same thing with a stepchild.  I love my grandchildren so much i would probably be in jail right now if someone violated them but i would want to be sure before i would see someone go though all that and be innocent.
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