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Created on : Friday, October 12, 2007, 02:57:45 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date 12/14/07) Dr. Phil’s guests call their loved ones on the carpet about their unusual behavior. Linda says her dog, Sasha, is more human than canine. She loves to dress Sasha in pearls when company comes and feed the pampered pooch off her fork. Linda’s future daughter-in-law, Jill, says Linda is going overboard with her doggie doting -- especially since Linda wants Sasha to host Jill’s bridal shower! Then, Mary says it’s time for her husband, Eric, to let go of his dream of being a rock star. He’s 50 years old, and she says it’s time for him to get a real job. Eric says she supported his passion for 27 years -- so why is it suddenly abnormal? Next, Amber says she’s concerned about her fiancé, Colin’s, unpredictable mood swings, because one minute he’s the nicest guy in the world, but the next minute he’s flying off the handle. Should she call off the wedding until he gets his temper under control? Plus, a picky eater says she wants to stop being a “food weirdo” and start enjoying meals like a normal person. And, a woman at odds with her husband over the dangerous hobby that left her with a fractured back. Should she pursue her passion even though it terrifies her spouse? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 13, 2007, 7:11 pm CST

50 yr Rock Star

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December 14, 2007, 6:39 am CST

is this normal

hi Dr. phil

I believe That your first guest on the show thinks that her dog is normal and that she thinks it 's humane

well I have news for you I also think that my dogs are humane   because my dogs are my kids and my dogs let me know things that normal  I mean I won't dress them up but  my dog jake that is a german shepard lets me know when he wants his breakfast in the morning and I have 2 other dogs as well 


I can't wait to hear what you have to say on todays show

see you at 4:00 pm

Dec. 14

H wilson

December 14, 2007, 6:57 am CST

Dog-Gone Nuts

Quote From: derevna33

  Sammie is a lucky dog.  He has more unconditional love than most people. 

   Do you think Jill should allow her future mother-in-laws dog to host her bridal shower?  No.  That's going waaaaaaaaay out on that limb.

Linda need counseling and to get a life. She may be lacking human purpose, relationships or would have liked another child. I know plenty of people, even sans children who ADORE and PAMPER their pets and even treat them like family memebers, but "do" have boundaries. Not one of them would insist that the dog is a human in do clothes, allow the pet to eat off their fork, deny that it licks it butt, and want it to host a shower, though many people do include all sorts of pets in wedding celebrations, etc.


This woman scares me, a she seems one step sort of developing an intimate relationship with this pooch, if she hasn't already. If I were the future daughter-in-law, I would run, RUN FAR AND FAST for the hills. The person you are in love with does not come from a rartional family. This woman should never have had kids or pets and her son, is likely to be in some way scarred and damaged by her inapporpriate thinking and behaviour and it may come back to haunt you.

December 14, 2007, 7:50 am CST


The lady with the dog is a nut job.
December 14, 2007, 7:57 am CST

Dogs are not accessories

The whole dog issue has me crazy. I love our dog like it was our child. We dont dress it up and it doesnt go around with us where we go in my purse. All this dressing up dogs makes me crazy. All the celebrities have this "Pocket Dogs" in purses , taking them to nightclubs etc. like they were a designer handbag accessory. What happens when these dogs go out of fashion. Will they dump them at the pound or have them put to sleep because they are no longer the fashionable thing to do. People are now breeding these poor tiny creatures like never before and most come from deplorable puppy mills to fill the demand. The pounds are full of unwanted animals bought on a whim. Dogs dont want to be dressed up . Why do you think they try to rip the clothes off . I put a bow on our Pekingese for Christmas day and it lasted 5 seconds. They should be loved and cared for not made into some joke. They want to be warm and dry and feel secure. They want food , water and a walk. They dont care what Paris Hilton's dog is wearing this year.
December 14, 2007, 8:14 am CST

please read and see if you agree

Quote From: zuzuspetals

I rescue dogs in and around the Dallas area, sometimes from death's door in shelters. The abuse and neglect can be unspeakable!! If only every dog could be treated like Sasha shelters would be out of business and M. Vick would not be in prison. Think about the alternative before you judge this person. IF you have never been to a shelter I highly urge you to walk through & one look into the eyes of deserving animals that will not get a chance to live out their lives in a home like Sasha.
I posted a message on this subject and then read what you had to say. I agree totally but I dont think that dressing them up helps. It promotes them as fashion accessories and thus accessories are disposable. We got our 10 year old Pekingese from a rescue group on Petfinder. We got a glowing review before we were approved. I am glad the woman loves her dog so much in a time when animals are being put down at a furious rate because of peoples stupidity. I just think she is promoting more negative than good. Some nut is gonna see that and think ,,, oh how cute .. I will get a tiny puppy and haul it around with me in my purse and I can dress it up. When this is no longer amusing... then what ... I bet its wondering across a highway , lost and cold and hungry and hopefully someone like yourself or me ,, stops and takes it to safety. The whole issue burns me up. If I am honest ,, I must admit that if i have to choose between treating your dog like a child or treating a dog poorly ,, then let it be the child. Just dont dress them up .
December 14, 2007, 8:48 am CST

Picky Eater/Anorexic Son

Quote From: jaklyn1055

 I'm interested in the girl who is a picky eater and wants to eat normal. Dr Phil has had anorexic females on but never an anorexic male. My son is anorexic, not because of negative body image, but because he just can't eat and doesn't know why. He's been this way since he was about 5 and is now 17. He desparately wants to eat like a normal male. He has a very very limited list of foods that he will eat and is very skinny and hates it. I worked with my Dr when he was young and it seemed like none of the usual behavior techniques would work. My Dr finally told me to stop worrying about it because he ate cheese, cottage cheese, apples, brocolli and bread and he said that was a healthy diet and thought he would grow out of it. He hasn't. I took him to a therapist for a few months when he was 10 and the therapist said he had severe anxiety and stress that manifested in an eating disorder. He has been through a lot of trauma in his life. My husband was a farmer and because of the drought we lost our farm and home. Before that he farmed with his brother who was a rageaholic and my son witnessed some very ugly treatment to his dad from his uncle and other family members. The family disowned us. His dad was a suicide threat for two years, and as much as I tried to protect him, I know he picked up on my fear and anxiety. We've been fairly poor since then and have had trouble putting our lives back together after the loss, so it makes sense that his eating disorder is stress-related.

His biggest problem is eating meat. He's such a good kid and never complains but he's so embarassed by his "problem"  that he fears things like our church potlucks because someone always says something about how little he eats. Occasionally he does get very hungry like a normal 17-year -old and will eat a whole pizza (he does love pizza) but that's not very often. Over the years we've been able to add chicken (certain kinds) bacon and eggs but it's very rare that he's hungry enough to eat it. He's so embarassed to be like this and hates it. One time at a youth camp his girlfriend was able to get him to eat a hamburger (she's very understanding)  and that was a huge thing for him and he called me so excited. He hasn't been able to since and doesn't know why.

I really hope I get some answers from Dr Phil on this because no doctor has been able to help him. Uh oh he just came in and saw this message and says that he is very embarassed but gave me his okay to send this

because he just can't eat and doesn't know why.


  Has your son been checked for Celiac Disease?  My son is the same way.  Very picky, dissecting food, and often just not hungry.  We found out last year that he has Celiac disease and has been on a Gluten free diet since.  He is doing better and has gained weight.  But, I am also concerned with him because he still seems to be averse to many foods even though they are safe for him to eat. 

December 14, 2007, 8:52 am CST

50 Year old Rock Star

  There is nothing wrong with being 50 and enjoying playing the drums and rock music.   However, he needs to realize that this is a HOBBY!  He should pursue it as a HOBBY.  Play for fun.  Play in rock bands on the weekends.  Play at local events, etc.   He gave it a go and it has not panned out in monetary terms.  So, accept it and embrace it as a hobby and continue to enjoy it.

  But, he needs to wake up to his complete SELFISHNESS of having his wife support him all these years while he did nothing but play and do exactly what he wanted to do.  Now, it is time to be a grown up and get a job, any job, to help support the household.     

December 14, 2007, 10:49 am CST

12/14 Is This Normal?

Quote From: fietkau2


I am also a dog lover, I have three dogs  ones (jake a german shepard) ones a westhighland terrier name Whiskey and the other one is a terrier x named piggly .  I do love my dogs and my dogs are my kid they are like little children I mean I don't dress them up in silly clothes,  but my dogs let me know what they want  and I don't consider them just a pet they are a part of my family .  I mean my dog jake will actually go to his food dish and hit his paw on the dish telling me that they want their food and my little dog whiskey will scratch at the door if he wants out and my othe dog piggly goes to bed the same time as my husband.

I do agree that they are smart, but they are alot smarter than us .


can't wait to see the show on Friday Dec 14

H wilson

 I have two dogs, five cats, and they are part of the family, HOWEVER having a husband and kids, I have to keep it in perspective (I assume you don't have children), my sister treats her cats like her kids, her and her husband are childless.
My dogs will drag their dishes around when they want food, they bark to be let out and bark to be let in, they follow us to bed, and I SWEAR the younger dog knows EXACTLY when the school bus is due to get here.  My cats will also drag their dishes around, my siamese will let me KNOW when the kitty litter needs changing, two have figured out which cupboard and HOW to get into the cupboard to get at their treats.
There are stories about animals rescuing their families from fires or other dangers, but put into perspective, their hearing and sense of smell are much more acute than ours, and not being "Reasonable " (not a good argument I know too many humans for whome "Reason" is a foreign concept") , they work mostly on instinct, and conditioning, meaning they've learned that if I drag my dish, bark (or meow) , I hear the school bus (amazingly dogs CAN differentiate between even the sound of YUOR car's motor and anyone else's even though many time we can't ), they can smell a fire while its still smoldering, where we can't.
A dog is on about the same level as a three year old child, they are an amazing, intelligent creature, and for many of them the "cutness" factor has gone a long way in endearing them to us.  But they need to be dogs, they NEED an Alpha to feel secure and happy (My younger dog didn't get that MEMO ).  We have had people SCREAMING about the so-called "Bully Breeds" being banned because of one or two attacks, now I agree the dog HAS to be under CONTROL at all times, I don't care if its a Rottie or Pomeranian (I'm not a fan of small dogs ), many of these cases though have been attributed to Human Error (a Mother ALOWING her child to go behind a blind older dog, a child being left with an uneutered Male with females in heat around, kids teasing a dog) rarely have they been known to just randomly attack, if they feel threatened they will ANY DOG from a five pound Yorkie to a 200 Newfoundlander (again the same with cats, my vet would rather deal with my ninety pound husky collie getting her nails clipped, not pretty, than just ONE of my Toms in a foul mood), its INSTINCTIVE behavior, they feel threatened, think about how we react to a threat.
Smarter than us, I think in some cases they are, they give the UNCONDITIONAL love and acceptance to us, and are some of the most FORGIVING creatures I've know, how does a creature that has been abused and neglected learn to LOVE again the same creatures that caused them so much pain in the past ? Dogs can and do.
December 14, 2007, 12:00 pm CST

Dog lady

I love my two dogs.  You have to keep things in perspective though.  Looking at your dog as if she were human is just creepy.
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