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Created on : Friday, October 12, 2007, 02:54:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/18/07) What if you feared your own child? Dr. Phil's guests say they worry that one day they may die at the hands of their offspring. Steven and Tori say Steven's 9-year-old son, Donovan, poisoned his siblings and then laced Tori's drink with aquarium cleaner. They say he laughed after his family members went to the hospital and has not shown remorse for his sinister acts. He's now in a treatment facility, but should Tori and Steven allow him back into their home once he's released? Then, Susie narrowly escaped death after her stepson tried to brutally kill her with a gun and then a knife. He's now behind bars, so why does she fear he will try to finish the job? And, Carrie and Lance fear their son, Michael, will be the next shocking murder headline. They say he threatened to cut his teacher's eyes out with a knife and kill his younger sister. When Michael becomes enraged, Carrie locks herself in the bedroom for fear of what he might do. Find out what Dr. Phil cameras caught on tape while at Carrie and Lance's house. And, why do the parents feel their son's behavior is influencing their daughter? What does Dr. Phil think is at the root of Michael's rage? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 15, 2007, 6:41 pm CDT

Been there and done that

My brother is the same way as many of the guest on the show. He was violent unruley and out of controll. His problem seemed to come from his enviorment, the way he was raised, and genetics. Once we got my brother help he is much better but not perfect. At my brothers worse he actualy shot my sister with a bebe gun, and chased us around the house with a butcher nice ( on several occasions he tried to stabb us). The worse thing we did was to hide these actions from other people. Instead of teling the truth when he shot my sister we lied tot he doctors because my parents believed that it was only a family matter. The truth was the family couldnt handel it and it was making the situation worse. When they finaly got my brother help he was dignosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder and witht he help of drugs, a better diet, and a slightly better living situation he got better. He still has many problems but you have to love them snyway you cant lable the helpless other wise they will be helpless.
October 16, 2007, 7:47 am CDT

10/17 Deadly Kids

It amazes me the things that people say when they have not walked in your shoes and I know everyone has opinions but some of them are, well, sad.  I along with my children appears on Montel last month for the same subject.  I went there cause honestly Montel is I think more laid back and Dr. Phil in more in your face and I personally didn't think they could handle that.  I have twins and I am a single parent and I truly are afraid of them, that eventually they will kill me.  They are in counseling now (cause I pursued it) with a counselor who is appropriate for them and we are in family counseling also, which we weren't before.  I walk on egg shells each and every day watching what I say to them for fear of a meltdown that could cause harm to one or more of us. 


There are alot of families out there that deal with the each and every day and there are plently of children who are strugging with many issues.  They are not bad kids and we certianly are not bad parents as most people say, blaming us for not doing something correct or giving them too much.  No one has the right to call me a bad parent cause I am not and the parents who write to Dr. Phil or others are at their wits end and have no where else to turn.  I can't speak for them, but I want a nice calm life and I will do whatever it takes to have my children grow up to be responsible, caring, loving adults.


Oh and lastly, don't be so judgemental.  People always think they will know how they would handle a situation but sometimes it isn't that simple.



October 16, 2007, 7:46 pm CDT

why is it the parens fault

Quote From: icarmi06

When a child acts up, that child is calling out. There is normally a reason for the child to act the way he or she is. Parents who allow there kids to take control are the ones that deals with being scared of there children. It starts from when the childred are very young, and they start touching things like on a table, and a parent says no, and they child looks at us and does it again. Right there consistency is needed. And No should always be no.

I have raised 6 children all by myself...and i tried hard to make sure they would not become a statistic. If i was having this many kids then i was going to be sure they did the right things. Morals and values all the way.



i have 2 wonderful boys age 8 and 10 and my 8 year old has been diagnosed with bipolar this past year after 1 year of intense therapy i have done all of the taking away the privliges and at one point my son picked up a pool stick and threw it at me because i would not budge when he wanted his video games back i put him in time out and he still continued to call me very ugly hateful names and kept thrwing things at me and told me he hated me so much he wished i was dead i dont feel that it is always the parents fault but one thing i do not want is to ever have to put my son in a strange place with no family to let him know how much he is loved i tell both my boys everyday about 20 times a day i love them. i just dont want to see my childs face on americas most wanted.
October 17, 2007, 1:45 pm CDT

Dangerous kids

ok if these kinds of kids are in the home first they need a psychiactric exam to make sure they are not mental. If they are then they need to be placed some where for a long period of time until they are better. If the child is acting up due to lack of parential actions then they and the parents need to be examined. Some of these kids lack disapline.
October 17, 2007, 11:04 pm CDT

schizophrenia is managed not cured

Quote From: marianparoo

Not necessarily.


Not all people with schizophrenia are violent.

My uncle has schizophrenia, he has been dealing with it for the past 20 years.  It is not something that can be controlled but it is something that can be managed with medication, for some people.  My uncle does ok as long as he takes his medication.  Most schizophrenias are non violent.  If fact it is rare for a schizophrenia to be as violent as these children are being protrayed.  It could be possible that these children have other things going on but the violence is not a characteristic of schizophrenia. 
October 18, 2007, 6:06 am CDT




I want to respond to this becasue , my son also gets in to rages and has been a threat to family members, however all attempts to have him admitted to an inpatient program fails, i am outraged at the care he has recv'd and the lack of compassion for the situation. Local enforcement officers have not helped the situatin either. The safety plan that is supposed to be followed is to call the police and then they will take him to the ER for an evaluation, that is not what happens , he gets arrested and thrown around in jail then bailed out and released, causing even more anger.... even after demanding a crisis intervention...after all the attempts he has made and I have made to correct the situation It will be blood on their hands . My family has also commented that we are going to be the next headline news story , which is sad, because I beleive the mental Health services have failed my son and my family

October 18, 2007, 6:17 am CDT

You have to be kidding me!

There has to be more then meets the eye here.Something deeper that no one has been able to get at.Or are these children just born evil?So is the solution to drug these kids up?Doctors do not know how most medicines work,they go on case scenario.Maybe the meds are not all they are hyped up to be.Lock them up?What purpose does that serve,other then protection for the family.I do not know the answers and apparently the doctors have no clue.Could it be the answers can only come from a higher power?Children learn from their environment.Maybe some truths are not being told.
October 18, 2007, 6:50 am CDT

One more thought

In our society today, you have in most households a situation were both parents have to work outside the house.And I see more and more parents expecting the school system to deal with their children.I am not saying that this has anything to do with the kids here.But with some kids it might.Think about it,most schools even serve breakfast,and I am sure that a time will come when they serve all 3 meals.It is hard to blame the parents,they have to make a living for the family.How about we look at society as a whole,to much greed.Over worked,under paid, no time for home.It isn't even ,for most people about"keeping up with the Jones",it's about trying to survive in a world where you are rich or poor,no in-between any more.And the majority of us fall in the "poor" category.This does not pertain to all children,nor all families.Some times things just go wrong,or are wrong to start with.The human mind is a wonderful,yet at the same time complex thing.My heart and prayers go out to these families,I could not even imagine what you go through.
October 18, 2007, 7:28 am CDT

Michael needs love

I watched Michaels behavior as well as the other children in the show.  I believe Michael did not know how he was feeling when his one sibling died and he became confused.  It seems to me over time the mother has not respond to the needs of Michael from the very beginning and it has completely escalated.  I bet he feels his sister is more important then him, and why does his mom always love on her but is mad at him all the time.  Well of course he shows disturbing behavior, but it's almost like it has gotten to the point where he believes that's what is expected of him and that is how he gets attention.


  I am sure he is not mentally stable at this point, but where is the love. I want to just hold him and tell him everything will be alright.  He has a lot of hurt inside I believe. I am crying right now just thinking of his pain.


  I felt like the mother was just putting him off until he turns ten so that the police can come and take him away.  She probably doesn't know how to handle the situation I am sure, but why turn your back on him.  He is still a little boy who needs help.  I don't believe his situation is as disturbing as the other little boy who was poisoning the family.  That is scary.


By the way, Michael walking in on his family in the middle of the night, think of what he is seeing?  Do the mom and dad even sleep in the same room?  So here is the mother sleeping with his sister holding her, cuddling and comforting her from him?  What kind of message is that sending him?  Maybe it should be the other way around and she should be in his room.  Where was the Father's involvement in all this. Does he not lay down the law or what? 



October 18, 2007, 7:30 am CDT

Dr. Phil -- Heavy Metal Toxicity -- from what?

Quote From: shawnylou

Rena, R you a psychiatrist?

Attachment disorder, thyroid, allergies medications being skewed  , abuse and abandonment issues can also be apart of this. Paint in the house that is NOT setting well with the child, bedroom sheets have amatterial that is all wrong, sensitivity to light and strutures. aspargers autism and there is regular autism to consider too. Frontal lobe seizures and personality disoders. the list goes on and medical help is totally necessary for these sweet children who are totally violent. I know I have one .

He might have early on-set schitzophrenia, but his DX also has attachment disorder , aspargers autism and frontal lode seizures too... AND may I add , I am relieved I had a real doctor and a team of excellent care for this child to diagnose him. because the regular public does just what you did.. presume and ASSSSsume.

Just what we do not need from the public is that.. but understanding and help. respite care would be nice too.

Dear Dr. Phil,


You keep mentioning HEAVY METAL TOXICITY... how are today's children getting all these heavy metals in their blood???  Where are they coming from???  You refer families to Dr. Lawless so they can be evaluated... where does DR. LAWLESS say all these metals are coming from???


I am sure evaluations at the Lawless Center would help a lot of families, but that's got to cost thousands of dollars, right?  Most families can't afford to seek that kind of treatment.


Is there something ordinary, working parents can do to help their children avoid this metal toxicity, before autism or ODD or any number of violent diseases destroys their and their children's lives?


If there's something parents can do to PREVENT this, shouldn't you TELL THEM???

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