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Created on : Friday, October 12, 2007, 02:54:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/18/07) What if you feared your own child? Dr. Phil's guests say they worry that one day they may die at the hands of their offspring. Steven and Tori say Steven's 9-year-old son, Donovan, poisoned his siblings and then laced Tori's drink with aquarium cleaner. They say he laughed after his family members went to the hospital and has not shown remorse for his sinister acts. He's now in a treatment facility, but should Tori and Steven allow him back into their home once he's released? Then, Susie narrowly escaped death after her stepson tried to brutally kill her with a gun and then a knife. He's now behind bars, so why does she fear he will try to finish the job? And, Carrie and Lance fear their son, Michael, will be the next shocking murder headline. They say he threatened to cut his teacher's eyes out with a knife and kill his younger sister. When Michael becomes enraged, Carrie locks herself in the bedroom for fear of what he might do. Find out what Dr. Phil cameras caught on tape while at Carrie and Lance's house. And, why do the parents feel their son's behavior is influencing their daughter? What does Dr. Phil think is at the root of Michael's rage? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 10, 2008, 5:01 pm CDT

RunTori Run!!!!!

Tori, the safety of your daughters is above all the most important. Your daughters can't do anything about this situation so it's up to you to protect them at all costs. The devil child is not your problem, either send him to live with his mother, or take your daughters and move to greener pastures.


June 10, 2008, 5:08 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: cndrlla

I have to agree with you!


I do believe that some children are simply born bad....and I believe these kids shown today are some of them. Look in their eyes and it's like looking into a black hole. I seriously doubt if any intervention will do any good.....but, I truly hope that I'm wrong and that there somehow is hope for these kids.


I'll tell you one thing, though:  I would NEVER lock myself in my room out of fear of my own child....or stepchild...or any child, for that matter. My house, MY rules!! What the hell does that kid do when his mother is locked in her room? Whoopee...he has the place all to himself to wreak havoc...which, I'm sure, is his goal.


I'm really tired of parents letting kids rule. The goal of these parents HAS to be to get them out of the house and into an in-house treatment facility where they cannot harm anyone. Permanently, if necessary!

June 10, 2008, 5:11 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: seeyah

OK, IF blending families causes such a horrible life for children, why are not ALL the millions of children living in them poisoning their stepmother/father/siblings?


Why isn't this little fellow living with his mother? Do you know?


What happens if mother is mentally ill and she is the one who is a danger to her kids? We've all heard of  mothers that kill their kids.


What happens if the mother of small children dies? If a female nanny moves into the house to help father raise his children while he works to support the family is she taking the place of mother in the child's eyes?


Some blended families work with children because the parents respect the spouses and love and respect the children and good role models where the children are not caught in the conflict or visitations etc.Now ,there are blended families that the top priority is total disrespect for the biological mother or father and they might not have rage to kill but they are bitter,paranoia,bipolar,low sel esteem,anti social,always looking for employment and always negative.Parents hould really communicate and always think of their kids when they decide they will have an affair or divorce and never put down the other  for the breakup of the relationship.
June 10, 2008, 5:30 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: cndrlla

You must have missed the end of the show where Dr. Phil put these kids into the hands of Dr. Lawless who is seeing to it that they get all kinds of tests for heavy metals in their systems and other physical and psychological tests.


Hopefully, they have been able to discover something that will give these parents some direction and a course of action. 

No I didn't miss that part.  What I'm saying is that there is more to the story as I know first hand.  I wish that would have been discussed.  It would have given greater insight into this boy's issues.   
June 10, 2008, 6:11 pm CDT


   Well if the tests and the doctor's help doesn't work, I think those children need to be removed. Not just for the parent's and family's safety, but they need to be placed in a place where their rage can be burned down.

    Worse case, they'll be in and out of prison from age 10/13 until the end of the world for them.

June 10, 2008, 7:21 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: hatchetface

No I didn't miss that part.  What I'm saying is that there is more to the story as I know first hand.  I wish that would have been discussed.  It would have given greater insight into this boy's issues.   
Again: Dr. Lawless is going to do all of the testing that you mentioned in your first post.
June 11, 2008, 5:20 am CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: granny56

Lady please,if this child has suffered 5 years of mental and physical abuse ,why would you and the father bring that child in the home until the court place him in deep counseling and psychological testing? Sometimes women and men are guilty from making a mistake leaving the spouse or live--in for a better place and the child ends up the victim.What you should do is get a social worker to evaluate the child and have him removed from the home and have visitation.Safety is first and without the proper guidance and mending the broken bond of the father and son this will be a slow death for all.All of you need to ask for family counseling and this child is disconnected from bonding with his father and you should have waited before having a child.This child needs a lot of attention and you can not fulfill it with another child in the home.When you give the baby and father the loving attention when does the 5 year old gets special attention.Please get help now!!!!!

Hmm, where I begin to reply. My husband wanted custody of his son from the moment, the childs mother desided to kick him out. This is my husbands son, yes he could bring him into our home. When we got this child, he was 2. Everyone doctor told us he was going threw terrible twos. As he gets older he gets worse. I'm sure my husband doesnt think his son is a mistake. The son and father arent broken. Before we got custody the father had him 2 weeks everymonth just like the mother. e have family couseling, and group meetings. And  for my other child, my ONLY child i can ever have. He was a surpise. I was told all my life I couldnt have children or get pregnant. Well I did, then when I was 4 months pregnant they told me he would die when I was 8 months pregnant or right after birth. SO let me say I glad he is here and heathly, and alive and 11 months old. God sent me that baby for a reason, and for someone to say I shouldnt have had him, makes me very angry. I manage my family the best way I know how. I bet if you were where I am, youd give up within 2 weeks. As for my 4 yr old step son, This all isnt his fault, and he shouldnt be placed somewhere, just because he had a problem he cant help. We cant help it either. But were arent going to throw him away like a dog someone doesnt want anymore because he has mental problems. Thats whats wrong with him now. his real mother treatd him worse then an old dog. and we refuse to do the same. If we can give this child somewhat of a normal home we will. Welove this child. And where was the state or social workers when she had NUMBERS of calls about her and when we tried to get this child when it all started.  You really need to walk a mile in someone shoes before you say they should just give the child away.

June 11, 2008, 7:37 am CDT


I do not think that therapy and medications help most of these types of children, because I myself have almost the same kind of grandson living with me, He was abuse das an infant by his dad and I took custody of him. He is very violent and aggressive to others. the only person he has not been violent or agressive to is me. he has been on just about every medication possible and nothing works he has been in therapy for 5 years and he iis only 10 ears old ,,,, the past 5 years have been strong medications and several different facilities for inpatient care. He has been diagnosed as ADHD, BI-Polar type2, ADD, and RAD, and if diagnosing and medication along with therapy helps then he should be a perfect child, however the facilities for behavioral problems for children are full, These types of children have problems and are very dangerous.
June 11, 2008, 9:23 am CDT

Deadly Kids

I think Donovan should stay locked up in a mental place away from the rest of us.  I don't think he can be rehabilitated and if they let him come home, he'll probably finish the job he started.  Those biological parents would also be exposing him to the rest of society and we certainly don't deserve him.  I think part of his problem is in his gene material and the rest is coming from his biological Mom and what she is saying to him.  I think her words are triggering his behaviour.  So if he gets out, he should live with her and make her life a living Hell.  We'll see how long it takes before he decides to poison her and ends up in prison for life.  To the stepmom in this picture, if your husband lets him come back into your family, protect yourself and your children.  Get a divorce!  I know we accept marriage for better or worse, but I don't think worse should include your death or your children's death.  You didn't sign up for that when you married him.  Neither did your children.  It may be hard for him to choose his wife over his son, but his son's behaviour is violent and shows no signs of stopping.  Therefore, Dad, keep your son away from your current family before you lose them too.
June 11, 2008, 12:46 pm CDT

Deadly Kids

I haven't seen it discussed here on the message board, and it wasn NOT discussed on the show: these children affect everyone in school.  As a Nationally Board Certified primary teacher (first grade) with over a decade of experience I can tell you the effect on other children in the classroom is devastating.  Education comes to a halt when an explosive or violent child's outburst has to be dealt with.  My students have had to watch violence, hear threats, cursing, suicide threats and out of control behavior.  The school district moves slowly, hesitant to 'label' a child, they move even slower when the child's parents are apathetic or adversarial.  It is distressing that 20-40 percent of classroom time is taken up with one child vs. teaching all of them.  It is even more distressing that teachers are often blamed for not being able to 'control' their students.  I'm a classic example of how much abuse a teacher must take while being blamed for lack of control.

I have two scars (stitches) from a sweet boy who had violent outbursts who was in my first grade class 8 years ago... both scars are from bite marks that were so deep and long (he tore the skin by shaking my arm like a dog does a toy) that I had to have stitches.  The parents said, 'he's not a problem at home, why can't you do something?'  He had no rules at home, no siblings, punched walls, broke windows out, choked the dog so often they gave it away, shattered 4 tv screens with a bat... sure he was no problem at home.

These were the two events that scared me, I hesitate to type out the other 115 instances of threats and violence directed at me or the other students (and documented) over the 162 days he was in my classroom with 25 other students.  It still took 162 days to move him into a special program for violent children.  HIS rights were mentioned the other students's rights except me.  No one mentioned my rights. 

I have an unhealed wound right now from an apathetic child with violent outbursts.  I was stabbed by his pencil; the doctor had to cut out the pencil tip it was buried so deep.  I just had the  stiches removed, the scar will be terrific; the other children are still suffering... he uses up to 40 percent of the teaching day being disruptive to a degree that halts learning and teaching.  They are afraid of him, and now of school. 
I've tried over 23 different methods of behavior modification this school year (we are on day 178 out of 180) and none have worked.  Administrative support consists of removing the child for a maximum of 20 minutes per outburst... it often takes 20 minutes to get an administrator to respond to an outburst.

Who's going to stop this?  Who's going to stand up and say, "Get him the hell out of the regular classroom!"  Why should 25 other students suffer because he is violent and his parents blame me?
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