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Created on : Friday, October 12, 2007, 02:54:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/18/07) What if you feared your own child? Dr. Phil's guests say they worry that one day they may die at the hands of their offspring. Steven and Tori say Steven's 9-year-old son, Donovan, poisoned his siblings and then laced Tori's drink with aquarium cleaner. They say he laughed after his family members went to the hospital and has not shown remorse for his sinister acts. He's now in a treatment facility, but should Tori and Steven allow him back into their home once he's released? Then, Susie narrowly escaped death after her stepson tried to brutally kill her with a gun and then a knife. He's now behind bars, so why does she fear he will try to finish the job? And, Carrie and Lance fear their son, Michael, will be the next shocking murder headline. They say he threatened to cut his teacher's eyes out with a knife and kill his younger sister. When Michael becomes enraged, Carrie locks herself in the bedroom for fear of what he might do. Find out what Dr. Phil cameras caught on tape while at Carrie and Lance's house. And, why do the parents feel their son's behavior is influencing their daughter? What does Dr. Phil think is at the root of Michael's rage? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 10, 2008, 3:26 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: ccjones1

I am so turned off by the parents who treat their son like the plaque.  All they are doing is creating a monster and he's playing off of it.  If they would spend less in the kitchen they could help their child.  I don't understand why two big people such as themselves would be in fear of a little boy.  It's a sad, sad world and being the father is a brother, he should be doing more.  He knows what's it like to be a young black and male and he's sitting back preparing his son to fail.

Jeezzz! Did you watch the same show as everyone else??


They didn't "create" a monster.....this child has some severe emotional and mental problems that will take some very serious psychological intervention.....and it wasn't "created" by the parents!!

June 10, 2008, 3:27 pm CDT

I have been there

 Dr. Phil,

I have written to you lots of times, but today as I was watching your show It really hit me.  I know that sometimes things happen that you really can't understand.  I was brutally raped and molested when I was 9 years old.  By my uncle while I was attending Vacation Bible School in another state.  After this happened I became very mean to everyone.  I was so traumtized by the incodent that I blocked the whole thing out of my fragil mind.  However I still acted out in the family.  If my parents would do something to dicipline me, then I would say to myself see they really do hate me. If they would o something nice to me then I would sa to myself see they feel guilty so maybe his can give you some insight into what goes through a childs mind.

June 10, 2008, 3:29 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: zoespil

 cndrilla, I totally agree with you, no man or woman is worth these kinds of problems.  The husband sits there like a poor mope that has not clue why this has happened.  I must have missed the first part of the show, where is the biological mother?  If you have a kid like this you spend 24/7 and all your resources on the child, not on dating and another womans children.  This woman should hit the road with her children.  Dr. Phil is very patient with these people. 
I don't know where the bio mother is...I'm not sure they said.  Did anyone on this board hear anything about that?
June 10, 2008, 3:30 pm CDT


for airing this. I have had many difficulties trying to understand the kids of today and the lack of dicipline from the parents. I am no longer with a man I cared for very much - because his 20 yr old son lived with us and made it his business to make my life a living hell.
June 10, 2008, 4:30 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: cndrlla

I don't know where the bio mother is...I'm not sure they said.  Did anyone on this board hear anything about that?
She didn't want to be on the show
June 10, 2008, 4:42 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: hatchetface

I wish Dr. Phil would have done more reseacrh on this couple with their child.  While there is no doubt that Michael is very disturbed, Dr. Phil should have inquired about the parents mental health history (i.e drugs consumed during pregnancy, maternal mental health history...etc).  If the parents would be straight forward regarding their own issues, it would benefit Michael more........ I only wish I would have seen the show on the original air date........I hope for Michael's sake, everything comes out. 

You must have missed the end of the show where Dr. Phil put these kids into the hands of Dr. Lawless who is seeing to it that they get all kinds of tests for heavy metals in their systems and other physical and psychological tests.


Hopefully, they have been able to discover something that will give these parents some direction and a course of action. 

June 10, 2008, 4:43 pm CDT

anger child/rage to kill

Quote From: elcorpe

I was wondering what effect his behavior and your reactions, attention to, and constant thought about this child has had on your other child. And also, could he be allergic to any of the psych meds?
We must look at the behavior and the cause of inappropriate behavior that turns into rage to kill others or themselves.First of all, I don't agree with the term "Blended family in all cases iin a divorced setting.Kids are commiting murders under the age of 15 because of their father and mother informed them of marital affairs,reasons for divorce,fighting over visitation rights,new schools,moving out of their comfort place(home),lose grandparents and vacations/allowances.When a family is disrupted by either spouse because of an affair ,the parent that leaves the home and remarries immediately causes a child to take side and play dangerous mind games.If a child place other family members in danger or commit a threatening act should be removed from the home.The first obligation is the family not to live in FEAR and get counseling for the child.On a personal note,my ex pumped our child with negative thoughts toward me(mother) and now the child is in his 30's and the game is still going on and my ex has a new wife but the child he thought was his he found out it wasn't his or the other man eithers and the child he praise so much is now on drugs and the grandchildren are in foster care and now they are pumping my son's child with gifts and trying to compete with birthday and holiday gifts.I have stuck a fork in it and done with the game.I am happy and content single and their is no need to deal with craziness and proving who I am.Get Help mothers for your kid and women when you get involved with married men, its a recipe for disaster.
June 10, 2008, 4:45 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: courtneyb26

In the case regarding Donovan, the parents are responsible for ensuring the safety of the other children first and foremost, this child is clearly very disturbed and should not be around them.  You wouldn't let anyone around your kids you knew was dangerous and that should apply to other your other children too.

Her girls are not learning what it is to be a mother, to love them so, that you protect them over all others.


Instead they are learning that love for their mother new man come before them,  sad......

another women that puts her man before her children....shame shame

June 10, 2008, 4:53 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: corley07

My stepson is 4 almost 5. His real mother did all kinds of drugs when she was pregnant with him, then after he was born, kept him drugged to keep him alseep. When he got old enough to walk she would lock him in a dark room all day, or tie him to a tree with a rope. Yes his dad tried MANY times to get custody of him but the courts wouldnt give him to his dad. Untill she tied him to a dock (the people next door saw all this) and he fll him and drowned. They had to revive him. They have no idea how long he as out. They took him to the hospital. They did NO testing because he was up running around.   This is just some of my stepson's history.  We've had custody of him for almost 3 yrs. Let me tell you unless you live with this child, you have no idea. You can't make this child happy, no matter what you do. He throws fits 99% of the day. He wont play with anything any longer than 30 secounds, then he breaks it. My husband and I had a baby together, and we caught him with a pillow over the babys face. We asked why he did this he said "Because you have to feed him". Talking about punishment, there is NO form that works with this child. We have tried everything. Getting back to the never happy. You can give him 24 hr attention and yet he is still screaming, crying, throwing things, breaking things. You name it he does it. He cant sit still for more than a min. We never have a normal day in our house. If you tell him, to stop, its like his brain doesnt process it. Because in 20 sec he is right back doing what you got on to him for.  We dont let him play with may kids, because they are scared of him. He will bite them, pick up anything and throw it or wack them with a stick. Beats animals. We can not leave him alone with his brother who is 11 months old now. We took him to get some help, and they act like I am making all this up. They put him on Risperdal .25 mg,  twice a day, and Clonidine .1 mg  at bed time. The Risperdal helped a little. The Clondine helps to get him to settle down enough where what use to take us 4 hrs to get him to go to sleep to a hr. The Risperdal here lately seemed to be doing nothing. Because he was like I never gave it to him. So I told the doctor and she told me it was the best out there and other than waiting to he is 5 theres nothing else to do. She said he has RAD and ADHD. I love this child, and my husband, but I have had about all I can handle. My nerves are shot. Like i said there is no normal day in our home, unless he is not here.
Lady please,if this child has suffered 5 years of mental and physical abuse ,why would you and the father bring that child in the home until the court place him in deep counseling and psychological testing? Sometimes women and men are guilty from making a mistake leaving the spouse or live--in for a better place and the child ends up the victim.What you should do is get a social worker to evaluate the child and have him removed from the home and have visitation.Safety is first and without the proper guidance and mending the broken bond of the father and son this will be a slow death for all.All of you need to ask for family counseling and this child is disconnected from bonding with his father and you should have waited before having a child.This child needs a lot of attention and you can not fulfill it with another child in the home.When you give the baby and father the loving attention when does the 5 year old gets special attention.Please get help now!!!!!
June 10, 2008, 4:59 pm CDT

06/10 Deadly Kids

Quote From: meissner_mr

I can give you a thumbs up for at least keeping the child with you. There are so many people who take for granted the fact that their child(ren) are "normal" that they tend to look at troubled kids as a mutant. It really is sad, some people think that you can just throw this chiold into a "home" and forget about him. But under all the mental anguish the child is going through I am sure that he is capable of facial recognition. He knows who is brother, mother, father, family is. What would it do to the child if all of a sudden he were dropped off with some strangers and couldn't find mommy anymore! That would only leave a bigger scar and even more confusion. Probably more rage and violence.

I commend you on your love. It takes a true love of your child to maintain and care for him even though he is troubled. You have not given up on him or deserted him. God Bless You for just being exactly what God expects you to be...PARENTS. 

I know you mean well, and it's obvious that you are a compassionate person.....but, it's not always in the best interest of the child to keep him at home.


It's not "throwing a child away" if you put them in an in-house treatment facility. How many lay parents do you know who are qualified or even able to provide this kind of child with the proper care and treatment...physical, psychological, and emotional?


Sometimes the best hope for this type of child is to be where they can get intense professional help from people who know what they are doing....and isn't that  the goal?


The 8 year old child of the poster to whom  you responded is a severe threat to the rest of the family and all who come into contact with you think it would be better to risk the very real threat of him killing his family, as he has already tried to do.....and then end up in a nasty state mental hospital or prison?  Or, would it be better to put him in a good  treatment center now, when he's still young and there MAY be a chance for him?


You have to think these things through rationally.

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