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Created on : Friday, October 12, 2007, 02:54:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/18/07) What if you feared your own child? Dr. Phil's guests say they worry that one day they may die at the hands of their offspring. Steven and Tori say Steven's 9-year-old son, Donovan, poisoned his siblings and then laced Tori's drink with aquarium cleaner. They say he laughed after his family members went to the hospital and has not shown remorse for his sinister acts. He's now in a treatment facility, but should Tori and Steven allow him back into their home once he's released? Then, Susie narrowly escaped death after her stepson tried to brutally kill her with a gun and then a knife. He's now behind bars, so why does she fear he will try to finish the job? And, Carrie and Lance fear their son, Michael, will be the next shocking murder headline. They say he threatened to cut his teacher's eyes out with a knife and kill his younger sister. When Michael becomes enraged, Carrie locks herself in the bedroom for fear of what he might do. Find out what Dr. Phil cameras caught on tape while at Carrie and Lance's house. And, why do the parents feel their son's behavior is influencing their daughter? What does Dr. Phil think is at the root of Michael's rage? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 13, 2007, 2:47 pm CDT

10/17 Deadly Kids

Parents should be encouraged to not allow their kids to do things where it would get to the point of not having control..or having fear. We are the ones that guide and teach out children from the time of birth, and it is very important  to always have communication with your children. What i did with mine, was have family meetings where i discussed certain things, and allowed each to voice any opinion . It is very important for us to maintain good communication with our children and always reflect love in our hearts. I am big on these topics as i feel that children are the future and if we want to have a brighter future then we need to look out for our children from now. I always worked form 15 yrs in a public school where as a Liason of the Parent Academy, i recruited parents to get involved in there childrens education. This alone builds a positive communication with parent and child.

I will write more later..i am typing between calls as i work from home and it is somewhat hard to stay focused.


October 13, 2007, 2:55 pm CDT

go back to own values....

Stop having parents threatened by how they correct there children. The children today right away will tell the parents that they will call Dept of Children...that is absurd.

This puts limitations on parents and allows the children to have more avenues..

NOT MINE...i always did for mine..what needed to be done..and again ..consistency.

Ask Dr Phil..i am sure he will agree that consistency is needed.


October 13, 2007, 5:56 pm CDT

Deadly kids

I don't care if he is a kid something is wrong therapy can only do so much number one where did he

learn these things there is no excuse oh he's just a kid does  not help he does not need to be babied

things can work out for him if he is properly disciplined such as constant proper supervision from someone that will love him and show no fear of him lock up all dangerous chemicals etc. He probably

is looking for attention in all the worse ways or it just might be safe for his parents not to take him back

until he is fully treated it can take awhile.

October 13, 2007, 8:00 pm CDT

Killer Child

Quote From: icarmi06

When a child acts up, that child is calling out. There is normally a reason for the child to act the way he or she is. Parents who allow there kids to take control are the ones that deals with being scared of there children. It starts from when the childred are very young, and they start touching things like on a table, and a parent says no, and they child looks at us and does it again. Right there consistency is needed. And No should always be no.

I have raised 6 children all by myself...and i tried hard to make sure they would not become a statistic. If i was having this many kids then i was going to be sure they did the right things. Morals and values all the way.



I am afraid I know all to well what this person is talking about.  Thank God I did not go through it but I do know some one that did.  Since he was a small child he did terrible things.   Like throwing kittens off a balcony  and then going down and using the poor thing for football.  He chased a little 2 year old boy in my yard that he had poured gas on and was trying to light matches.  He was chasing the same little boy in my yard with an ax. When I took the ax away from him he turned on me and said "I will tell my dad and he will kill you if you do not give me that Ax back"  I told him to please go and get his dad and then I will give you the ax back.  I still have the ax and that has been 16 years ago.  When I would talk to his mother she would  act like he was just playing, he would not hurt anyone.  But she kept black eyes where he attacked her all of the time.  The doctors finally said he had  ADD and put him on meds. But that was after the schools were going to kick him out of Elem. School.  There is still more to this boy then just the ADD.  His mother blames herself for the way he is because of something she did while she was pregnant  so he can do no wrong in her eyes.  They moved away , so I don't know what happened to him or her.  What ever it was it could not have been good.
October 13, 2007, 8:18 pm CDT

Don't give up

Quote From: shawnylou

My lil 8 year old boy has the best smile on earth and the most precious face. He has been talking steadily since he was born making all sorts of sounds and babble ,he has the imagination of a future author to be and can go to any world in his mind. His large motor skills are beyong those of his age, his small motor skills are behind by at least 2-3 years and he is just starting to learn to read. He has just learned to hold a pencil.

This is his DX: He is BI-POLAR, Attachment disorder, ODD, and possibly early on-set shizophrenia. Is there a possibility if border line autism? Maybe. He has a high IQ and is cunning.

He has serious asthma and is on madications for that is advair, albuteral zyrtac and a nose spray nasennex.[ he has a nebulizer when things get too bad  In psychiatric meds, he has lamictal ,clonidine  Seroquel and when he gets so violent he will kill you and anyone he comes in contact with, we do GIVE HIM ketamine *K*  as the physicians call this hard medication. He is alergic to everything as  is his brother. he is an active kid and loves the outdoors and bike and rides and runs around and screams and plays harder than most. His older brother age 13 is not violent and is calm and .

The 8 year old is in a special school with a room if he acts up that is padded for the school staff to put him into so he does not hurt himself or anyone else.

Remember he is a precious child when not inflamed with hate and anger fear.

he has beat me and kicked me so hard I had bruises on my legs for weeks and at times I am scared to pieces of him. I am unable to take him to church because of his un-predictability and he would scare the lil ones to pieces. He has hardly any friends in the neighborhood. He never has anyone show up to his birthday party. He will fight just about anyone and threaten them with their lives.

My husband and I cannot leave him with a regular sitter, we have to have professioanl sitters who know how to handle this kid and NOT hurt him and know how to restrain him accordingly.  WE had CPS called on us at a lab one time because we had to restrain him for a blood draw and the lab tecnician refised to draw blood from the child because he was afraid of the child and so I threatened his job and he came back at me. CPS came in and knew about the child and said " Oh this lil guy"  I get the bruises and the child is fine. For all blood draws now they sedate him. For teeth fillings they use anesthesia and for me they use " Oh honey we admire you" really?

I /we do not want to lose this child and we struggle daily to weekly to hold on tight to this human being who we know can turn out to be a bit different in many ways. he is very VERY violent and yet he can be a pussy cat too. We do not keep any guns in the house, we would be dead by now and knives are carefully maintained. We have 4 cats and one dog. When he gets angry we have taught him if he hurts an animal we call the police. We have called the police on hurting humans and have had to call them when he refused to take his meds when he tore the hosue apart from one end to the next. A piece of dust set him off. CPS is now looking into respite care for my husband and I so we can go out once a month.. maybe. I trust no one with him , he is hard to handle and if he got hurt I would come apart. OR for that matter if anyone else got hurt I would come apart.. hell this is hard...

I have the same child. Don't give up ! My son is now 18 and doing great ( well most of the time ). He has been DX with Tourettes and low impulse control. He was a holley terror thru grade school. I put him in Private School after 6th grade. My only advise is to give him lots of love as well as constant supervision. Don't let him watch or play anything with violence in it until he is much.. much older. Most of the cartoons that are on TV are to violent. Don't let him watch just because it is a cartoon. When my son was misbehaving, I removed everything from his room and made him earn it back. ROCK his world. Then when he was going good, I would have extra specials for him. It doesn't have to cost money.  Extra Movie time on TV, or play a board game with him. He really does want and need your positive attention. Try to overlook some of the things that he does that may seem bad. Sometimes he is trying to get your attention ( even if it is negative attention ). That was one of my big mistakes, giving to the negative attention. That makes the child an OLDER attention getter !!! One of my other behavior mods was when he was physically out of control, I had my son stand in time out instead of sitting. Do that for an extended period of time and he will get the message that you will not tolorate his behavior. Your son is old enough now to know right from wrong. Don't let his DX be an excuse to allow his mis-behavior. Make him accountable for his wrong choices. Trust me on this !! I am a single mom and I know this is hard, but you can turn this childs future around !!!!  Pray to God for guidence. God Bless you and your family. BJEldridge
October 13, 2007, 9:48 pm CDT

deadly kids

Quote From: cmancuso717

He is just a child it is obvious that this child needs help with maybe medicine and intense theapy. Pet theapy wouldn't hurt either so that he can be responcible to take care of something he loves and he should be able to pick out himself, and get unconditional love back.  We don't treat the diagnose we should treat the symtoms.  A battery of test should be run and look at the enviroment as well.  The child for the houses safty as well as his own should not just go right back into the home and maybe the family should all be apart of his theapy and go to the place he is at first. Some one on one with each member first then a family theapy sessions as well. He obviously has some deep seeded things going on.  When he does go home theapy should diffenitly continue in the home as well on a daily basis. Art theapy, pet theapy, and intense theapy.  He needs to feel normal and do things that other children do his own age and have hobbies and get involved in sports eventually.. The negative behavior can not be placed too much acknowlegment  on, and the positive behavior should be rewarded in some way. I will be praying for this child and the family and it wouldn't hurt to ask for prayer from the viewers. God can move mountains. God Bless  Sincerely, connie from NJ "There are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly"
yes, the child does need intensive therapy and probably for a long time.  what is wrong in this world today. parents can't discipline their own kids, let alone barely talk to their kids for someone taking it the wrong way and reporting the parents to child protective services because the suppose person that reported them is mad or jealous for some unknown reason.  the children know their parents can't discipline them without getting reported and that is why the kids are in the shape they are.  parnets aren't allowed to be parents no more.
October 13, 2007, 11:02 pm CDT


 I fill like there most have been a problem in these kids lives that no one cared about. So they decided to take revenge on their own families so that they can fill the same way. What i mean about that statement is some kids get abuse by others and they decided to tell their parents or some other member in the family, but instead of helping them they get teased alot by a certain family member. So the only thing  they can do is become deadly kids.
October 14, 2007, 12:02 am CDT

10/17 Deadly Kids

Quote From: tinkerbell1213

Art therapy and intense therapy I'd think so...but NO way would I let this a child with rage issues have a pet, nor take care of a pet.  They have no empathy for one thing and to subject an innocent animal to this would be wrong. I would fear for the animal's safety and/or life.  These children, unfortunately need to get their own selves under control before they can be around ANY pets.

I have been around this type of child for a long time now.

1. no parent can leave them alone with any pet/animal

2. never leave them un-attended with their peers in the neighborhood

3. never leave them with small children  no ones not your own not your neighbors and do nto believe for one second that they will not snap suddenly, THEY DO!


These kids are not having a normal temper tantrum, there is a metabolism issue that is off balance OR a frontal lobe seizure going on. Parents need support and absolute knowledge of real professionals when dealing with these kids and excellent teachers in dealing with these children,


Attachment disorder has to be considered. This is seen in children who have been adopted , separted from parents or abondoned, abused children and children of incest, molestation . This is incideous and hard to deal with and treat.

Animal therapy does work with these children as long as an adult is present at all times with a trained counselor and two other people.


Medications will help as well as classes and constant work. My husband and I do not get out hardly at all. AND this child is our grandson. [ double whammy*]

the child has empathy, their pain inside is so great no one has any idea  as to what theu understand about pain. They know why I cry and they understand why others cry too and they do not want to cause pain, they simply need to spout forth the hate and anger. Believe when i say, After the hate and the hitting he does he is always sorry, he simply cannot stop it or he does not remember a thing.

October 14, 2007, 12:10 am CDT

10/17 Deadly Kids

Considering that many psychopaths claim that they received a message from God to kill certain people, I don't see how religion in the classroom will have any effect on children that are psychotic or sociopathic.


I think this is a horrifying situation, and really don't think that other than intense inpatient treatment there is a solution (and even that fails at times).

October 14, 2007, 12:34 am CDT

10/17 Deadly Kids

Quote From: elcorpe

I was wondering what effect his behavior and your reactions, attention to, and constant thought about this child has had on your other child. And also, could he be allergic to any of the psych meds?

He is not allergic to the meds but is allergic to everything else as we live in washington state. The land of green and mold etc.. We took him to Idaho where it was a bit dryer and that did nothing for him neither. He does not like sweets, this makes him really sick to his stoamch. He is a large child for his age a DNA matter as his bio-dad is 6-7 and his bio-mom is 5-9. Both have bi-polar and personality disorders. Dad is in the federal pen right now and mom has been in and out of trouble her whole life sadly.

The lil guy was born extremely fussy and had a terrible time with infected ears, so he had bilateral ear tubes put in and all went well. Tonsils and adnoids removed later, again all went well, the asthma is a booger because he gets this really bad about this time every year.

The behavior has been exceedingly getting worse as he gets older. He is not 8 years of age  5-1 and 125 #. He can take me down easily with one run hit or one shove now.  he is the strongest child I have dealt with. I have raised 5 children and all grown now. 3 naturally mine 2 off the street litterally and all grown and gone and well and fine. I have dealt with ADD and ADHD and kids who are severly wounded from everything.  Not thins though, this lil person is a tough nugget.

His brother is small boned diffrent DNA, same bio-mommy though. Dad is 5-4 and 145# , The child is 13 years of age and 5-7 now and all legs and plays soccer and is a good student , but does have some learning disabilities caused from drug use by mom. So far no behavior problems other than normal teen angst. he does have asthma and a horrible case of it. Both boys have used the nebulizer a few times in the last 7 years for sure. The oldest one is allergic to every last thing on earth except his dog and 4 cats. lol.

The oldest child has often worried that his lil brother would be removed from our home because it has been so serious and teachers have reported that his brother has put the oldest into a neck hold and put many bruises on him and others. He believes that the child would be harmed in foster care . Well, to tell you the truth after reading all the things going on in foster care, so do we. After years of handling this lil boy and the teachers knowing what to do, we simply do not hurt him in any way. I rather get hurt than him get hurt. Half the time he does not remember because this is a frontal lobe seizure, the other half he is so fearful. My husband and I have the best doctor here in the NW on the eastside of Seattle . We hope daily nightly that what we are doing and the teachers is going towards a growing light  for a future for this child.

When people get a look at our life this is not a tantrum not add , not adhd, this is real whole hearted attachment disorder that the world ,unless you have adopted a child  or have dealt with a child who has been abandoned or brutally abused does not understand. This lil boy has a DX long enough to that exhausts me and my husband , we have no  NO one who wants to help us that can help help us. He is a full handfull and no one wants to be responsible for any  child that may hurt you or you may have to hurt in self defense.So we do not go out and the oldest one stays in sports and hopefully will get a huge scholarship when he gets to the 12 grade and get the best of the best of the best. We are praying that the lil guy gets through school into a college and  happily. Somewhere there is an "ever after* right? :)

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