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Topic : 10/16 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds, Part 5

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Created on : Friday, October 12, 2007, 02:51:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
As their move-out day draws near, the three couples in Dr. Phil’s marriage retreat finally stop fighting and start getting real about making changes in their lives and marriages. First, the husbands watch their better halves get dolled up and leave for a night on the town. Initially jealous, the men are delighted to learn they’re going to get to spy on their wives. What really happens during ladies night? As they watch the women get approached and hit on by strange men, you won’t believe how the husbands react! Then, an important final exercise causes the men to let their guard down and finally open up to their wives. After seeing their spouse’s softer side, can Danielle, Kim and Karla trust again and move forward? Then, Dr. Phil has his final meeting with the group and imparts his secret for staying happily married. Upon seeing photos of their children, the couples recognize their motivation for a new beginning. And, Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, joins them to answer questions about strengthening their union from here on out. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 16, 2007, 7:39 pm CDT

Good luck.

I am not even married yet and I am very unhappy. Just be glad that you guys can physically touch one another. I have went one year without my fiance, and as time progresses, he gets colder and colder, and more insensitive, and more influenced by his friends. It's tough when involved with a man from another country. Immigration laws, money issues, ...being young. He finally got his passport after 8 months of trying and having everything sent back and correcting all this nonsense, but it feels like it came too late. Now it feels empty, and I have to bicker just to get any attention from him. It's sad when I have to confront my partner with anger because he has closed himself off, and it's the only way I can get him to talk. We lived together for 6 months, and when he returned for a month to his home country, he was denied entry to the United States for 6 months when he tried to  come back. Now, we suffer. He's turned himself off to me just to deal with the pain of not having me anymore, and now I am unhappy. I can't communicate with him out of fear that he will just shut me down. I'm glad that these people are getting well deserved help, but it is not available to everyone. Be grateful.

October 16, 2007, 7:40 pm CDT

man camp part 5

As I watched todays show on Dr. Phil's (man camp newwly weds)  I just hope that all the couples can work things out for their childrens sake.  Dr Phil you gave some good advice on todays show  and I would just like to say me and my husband enjoy watching your show everyday . 

please do me a favor and Say Hi to your wife Robin,  from me my name is Hannelore Wilson


thanks so much


October 16, 2007, 8:40 pm CDT

10/16 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds, Part 5

Quote From: munyon

Dr. Phil, you told Karla she was "high" on alcohol and Xanax.  This really confuses me because Xanax is prescribed for panic and anxiety.  Wouldn't  Xanax be considered a sedative, not something that gets you high?

Well with super strong drugs like Xanax, they do sedate you pretty heavily rite off the bat. So anytime anyone takes a drug that alters their 'state of mind' is considered to be high.. Especially if you through in alcohol as well, that will only increase the effects and numb the mind even more. Ive been told coming off or stopping drugs like Xanax is not only extremely tough to do mentally but also very hard on the body.  So im suprised Dr. Phil didnt put her in a detox/rehab place asap.


If you were to take xanax trust me you would feel high.

October 16, 2007, 9:10 pm CDT

What about the "Confession"?

They told us last week and several times today about a "Confession no one saw coming"

What the heck was it?

October 16, 2007, 9:13 pm CDT

Man Camp...Unreal

First of all I have been watching Dr. Phil since he was on the Oprah Show and have enjoyed just about all the changes he has made through the years....but this Man Camp is the time I turn off the tv.  It is so repetative and not interesting at all.  I really don't think these type of people that are this old will change in a matter of weeks/months.  If you are looking for input for upcoming shows I really like when you have one topic that you spend the hour talking about and not repeat what happened in the last segment constantly as it seems to waste a lot of time. 


P.S. Robin you are a plus to each and every show you are on.  I read your book several times and enjoyed it a lot.  You and Dr. Phil seem to have a very healthly marriage with two beautiful sons that you should be very proud to call your sons.  Thanks for the message boards!!!

October 16, 2007, 9:18 pm CDT

Ahhhh - their faces

I couldn't believe the change in the newlyweds' faces toda.  Such a change from the first day they arrived to the end of their visit.  After Dr. Phil got through, their faces were full of happiness.  I could see  that they had something wonderful that took all the stress and anger from them and you could definately see change in their faces, they had had a very special time in Dr. Phil's house, and they truly improved their feelings and what they want to accomplish.  Thanks Dr. Phil.  You always amaze me and what you can accomplish.   It makes me feel so good that you really do help people and that you truly want to help them.  So much bad in the world today.  What a pleasant finale for the Dr. Phil house and the newely weds.  They have a chance now to have a full life, a chance to be better parents, a great chance for change and love for each other.  You are wonderful.  Sometimes you just make my day and today was one of them.

Regards and happiness to you and your family.    

October 16, 2007, 10:17 pm CDT

What about the "shocking confession?"

In the promo for tonight's show, they talked about a "shocking confession" and then shot to a preview of Jack mentioning something about struggling with his emotions.  But, we watched the show and never saw the confession.


Did we miss something?

October 17, 2007, 2:01 am CDT

Man Camp is pointless

Quote From: ladywallace

Thank you Dr.Phil & Robin for Man Camp I personally love the show my husband and i have been married for 13 years and i learn a lot from the show, plus it's entertaining, my prayers go out to the couples that want to make their marriage work, just remember to work at the marriage don't let  it work you. keep up the good work Dr. Phil & Robin

I  have to join so many who are saying they are bored with the Man Camp series.  I love Dr. Phil but it appeared the last group of "babies" purposely were antagonizing Dr. Phil by pulling stupid stunts on the show.  Dr. Phil isnt kidding around as he tries to help people. But this group was a total bunch of losers. They started out in a state of disaster which I think was beyond even Dr. Phil's help and a waste of time. I noticed on the second show that Dr. Phils last words were, "We've got a LONG way to go with this group" and then this week was the end and a quick wrap up.  I assume Dr. Phil realized it was pointless and time to get on to his usual sincerety in helping people who want help, not this group of camera whores who want to go home and watch their videos of the show whilst partying with friends, and get a good laugh before they go back to shoving each other around.  I wouldnt watch another Man Camp. When i  see thats what the show is for that night, I go out and do something else, or change the channel.
October 17, 2007, 8:45 am CDT


they dont know how lucky guyscan be with there wifes and i wish that i had some one in my life but i dont but i have my baby gril in my life she is important in my life and she meand a lot to me and i glad they got help from dr phil before it got to late i wisht them luck on every thing in life
October 17, 2007, 10:48 am CDT

Man camp

I watched it yesterday and hope these husbands and wives can get past what has been going on. If the husbands continued their craziest acts then the women need to run.
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