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Created on : Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 10:58:52 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Early Sunday morning in Crandon, a small Wisconsin logging town, 20-year-old deputy sheriff Tyler Peterson went on a shooting rampage killing six people and critically wounding another before authorities fatally shot him. A part-time police officer, Peterson fired thirty rounds of ammunition on his ex-girlfriend and a group of friends who had gathered for pizza and movies to celebrate homecoming weekend. Who was Tyler Peterson, and what drove him to murder six people in cold blood? What is the profile of a mass murderer, and does he fit the description? How could Peterson have slipped through the system to become a law enforcement officer, and how do we keep it from happening again? Every day, more than 80 Americans die from gun violence.* From the 1999 Columbine massacre to the nation's deadliest shooting rampage in history at Virginia Tech last April, mass shootings in America continue to draw world scrutiny. Be there when Dr. Phil asks the tough questions. If it's happening now, Dr. Phil is gonna talk about it now! Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 12, 2007, 7:21 am CDT

10/12 Homecoming Shooting

WE all can feel the the pain of the tragedy of what was to be a warm homecoming.  Sad as it may

be our lives are in some way connected to these happenings.  The news covers these stories with

intensity for days which brings me to my point. Why is the Dr. Phil show becoming a another vehicle

for news where we thought the premise of the show was to help individuals and families to resolve

family issues and  provide for many of them counseling which enables them to move forward in life

in a positive way.  We hope the show does not digress from it's original format.  It is a great feeling

to see those families that you have helped on the road to recovery.

October 12, 2007, 7:22 am CDT

This is to all of us!

First, I would like to start of saying that the events that took place in Wisconsin. The event that took place happen everywhere. It just when it happen in a place that every one feels is a good suburban town, people get frantic and Dr. Phil produces a show about it. That was not to offend Dr. Phil, I love your show. This week in Cleveland Ohio, There was a school shooting, is this going to be on any show, probably not. The reason why I think it will not be is because we expect it to happen there. Those people live violent lives not the one in little town suburb. Once we start seeing that violence affect all of us, I do mean all of us maybe we will start seeing our way out of violent society that we all teach our kids. As for the police department feeling a sting from this, I respect the concern of all involved. People do need to separate the individuals who are not responsible with their duties as officers from the ones who are. I have a huge respect for any one who risk their lives every day to make mines safer. I'm a black woman who is in a environment that is violent, and the police has been my best friend in the neighborhood. So I thank the law enforcement of Columbus Ohio for all ways responding to my call in a timely fashion. Peace be with the families and the victims of this unfortunate event in their lives. Hope God sees you through and helps you heal.
October 12, 2007, 7:30 am CDT

cleveland shootings

I am currently watching the show and I just wanted to point out one thing that the Cleveland reporter failed to mention. I live in Columbus, Ohio and saw the news coverage. The chief of police or mayor spoke about a full investigation being conducted due to someone tried to talk to the principal about the incident and the principal was too busy to talk with that student.   How can the reporter fail to mention that?? If our children can't turn to a principal who can they turn to?
October 12, 2007, 7:33 am CDT

homecoming shooting

my dearest sympathy goes to the family of the lost ones and the injured. I live in wisconsin and am sad by this. I have a daughter in school. and I think about this a lot. I agree with the one person not to go by the one officer not all police are like this. We can not blame guns on this. He had some issues that should have been taken into consideration. The gun was just sitting there. It takes a person with deep problems to pick up a gun and load it and kill innocent people. I hope the families and friends of the victims are ok and healing from this sad tradegy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
October 12, 2007, 7:34 am CDT

From my perspective...

I have worked with "at risk" kids for many years. I am a Psych Nurse and I see in most cases that problems start early with the lack of discipline. We have tauught parents that discipline is abuse and there is a difference, we have taught parents lets not discipline them because it will hurt their self esteem. So lets wait till they get older and go do what they want to do with no respect to others.

I see kids also join gangs or groups of people because they are looking for love, looking to belong to something that gives them worth. I believe if you raise your children with discipline and respect  you are showing them that you love them. 

October 12, 2007, 7:37 am CDT

thought control in the US

Quote From: enydan

At the risk of sounding like I live in La La Land, I am going to just put this idea out on the table.  A few years ago on the Discovery Channel? I believe, I saw a documentary about how Russia was investing in research of psychic abilities.  It told how people were tested and those with abilities further trained to use their natural abilities.  How did they use them?  They were told to practice using their mental abilities to send messages.  Could they make someone ill?  Could they induce a heart attack?  Or some other illnesses?  I remember that the key to it was in the vibratory levels that the psychics were able to reach.  These vibrations were measurable with equipment, I guess similar to machines that monitor brain waves, etc.  The vibratory patterns of the most successful psychics were matched by designing equipment could pinpoint the right  level of vibration and it could be increased to be more potent.  So, what is my point?  I wonder how far these experiments went.  I wonder if over these past 20 or so years, the use of sending "signals" that are "negative", creating depression, anxiety, sickness, etc. have become the weapon that is afftecting our youth.    What do you think?
You just may be on to something.......check out the WEB BOT PROJECT to see just what collective consciouness can predict.
October 12, 2007, 7:41 am CDT

Put God back!!!

 I believe that the problems in this country started when this country started turning its back on God.

 This country was founded on "In God we trust"  and the Christian people have laid down, rolled over and  played dead.  When we turn back to God (not alluah but Jesus Christ) then this country will start making a turn around back to what it needs to be. 

 The school shootings started when God and prayer was taken out of our schools.  We need to put God and prayer back.

October 12, 2007, 7:42 am CDT






October 12, 2007, 7:44 am CDT

worried about a classmate -- age 7


My child is in the second grade, age 7.  He has had a classmate for two years now whose behavior is very concerning.  This child tantrums nearly daily how he wishes he were dead, how he wishes someone would just shoot him in the head, how he wants to be stabbed in the heart --- and so much more.  I am at the school daily dropping my child off and picking him up.  My son and I have tried to reach out to this boy, as I believe love, kindness and friendship can fix nearly anything.  Unfortunately, this boy is unreachable.  He is hostile, aggressive and angry. 


My feeling is he is a potential ticking time bomb.  He has attacked school staff -- biting, kicking, swearing.  From speaking  my concerns with his teacher, his home life is less than reassuring.  He has a young mother who just delivered a new baby with her new husband, not his father.  This child is screaming for attention and understanding, but I seem to be the only one concerned.


Who do I reach out to about a possible future tragedy regarding this child??  I don't know where to go.  I can't get anyone to take this seriously.

October 12, 2007, 7:44 am CDT

Just the beginning...

The shootings that we have had over the past 10 years has nothing to do with guns.  Everything one of these seemingly senseless acts occur, the conversation always manages to shift to the topic of gun control.  This country has always had guns.  Our parents/their parents did not just get mad and walk up and shoot those that angered them.  These happenings are the product of how society now handles frustration and feelings of hopelessness.  Wake up.  This is just the beginning.  Children today, and I speak from experience, do not know how to channel their anger and frustration regarding situations beyond their control.     I am in my late 30's and I am constantly amazed at my teenagers' inability to handle situations that anger and upset them and even more amazed at their generation's inability to problem solve.  It is like they hit a road block and instead of backing up looking at other options for going around said road block, they spin out of control and then just shut down.  In our homes, schools, children in these cookie cutter, "structured environments" spend more time on computers, TV's and in front of monitor's or smart boards than out experiencing life and learning how to deal with it.  You want to turn back the clock to a less violent time?  Look at how we are raising our young adults.  I just pray that it is not too late for mine.

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