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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:22:04 am
Author : dataimport
From clipping coupons, to bargain shopping, we all have our tricks to getting the best deals to help us save more. Share yours!

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March 2, 2006, 2:44 am CST

Wake up !!

Quote From: kittkatt

If your mom wants to move in with you and you are paying all the bills, tell her she needs to sign over her check to you every month to pay the bills. If she refuses, tell her that she will need to find somewhere else to live. If you have to, check if there are low-income housing areas or someplace that will help her with her debt, because it isn't yours, and then get help for yours if you need to. I know this is a lot easier said than done, especially because she is your mother, but you have to do something before she takes you down with her. You are enabling her just like some parents do to their kids, because she knows that you will pick up the peices no matter what she does. You need to stop this behavior, the sooner the better. You will both be better off for it!  Good luck and please take care of yourself, because obviously no one else will do it for you!  God bless you both! 
 You are a grown up and your mom is too. If she has spent all of her money from selling her house, it is her loss. What I do not understand is why you have gone along and let her be the child in your relationship with her ? What does she hold over you that she can use to black mail you with? Do you feel that it is your responsibility to keep her off the streets? Do you really think she will end up there? Does she reallly care so little about herself that she would let her get in such a condition?

Wake up!! She is terrorising you and you are giving in to it and letting her. I hope you do what your brother did and FINALLLY cut the umbilical cord. She has absolutely NO right whatsoever to ruin your life, just her own. And no, even if she gave you life (together with your father) you do not own her anything, because people have babies because they want to have babies (or the forgot to use protection ) not because they have a need to sacrifice in order to give someone a life.

What your mother does with her life is her thing, what you do is yours. Please stop right now and do not let your mother move in with you and suffocate you once and for all. Move in with your best friend and let your mother live her life. If she knows she can always trust you to save her, she will never be independent.

Don't give in to extortion, that does not help anyone.

I hope you all the best !
March 2, 2006, 11:49 am CST

Saving money

Quote From: fievel

I'm almost 17 and i'm going to be going away to university soon and NEED to save more money (currently I have enough for one year (I need 6 atleast) because of an account i've had from birth through parents) and I need tips. Ihave a part time job but it really doesn't pay much and by the time i want to put some away its just..gone. Any suggestions?

If you need university money for the upcoming six years it may pay not to have a part time job. Why? When working part time you don't have as much time to study and your grades are usually lower - thus you are not eligible for scholarships which are usually more than you could make at a part time job during the school year (and are sometimes tax deductable). 


Talk with your parents, and be realistic about your own abilities. If you think that with dedication you could attain a high average and be in the running for scholarships - it may be best to ditch the job while in school. 


However if you absolutely need a job - campus jobs are usually much more flexible and often pay a bit more. For example most Universities have a Student Calling Centre. The students are hired to call alumni and ask for donations. You would contact the Fundraising/Development Office for details.The work is usually in the evenings and you can set the days you work. 


Another great work place is in the residencies. The work is often not glamorous (for example emptying garbage cans), but the pay is good and the hours are usually light.  

If possible avoid retail as they will require a lot of hours in December which is exam time. 


Another great way to fund your schooling is by getting elected to Student Government. What a lot of people don't realise is that if you win you often get your schooling paid for through grants. These jobs are often a lot of work, but are a great learning experience. Most Student Governments will also repay the costs of the campaign. Vice President is a good role as it usually isn't as involved as say anything to do with recreation or social functions. As well if you are hoping to enter Grad School (assuming this as you mentioned 6 years of schooling) being on Student Government really helps. To get an "in" you can do some volunteer work in the office during your first year. 


One of my biggest regrets is that I had to work so much during my University I didn't have the time to really take in the full experience (I had no money to start with).  Your parents have given you a great gift in allowing you to have a college fund - so you are off to a good start. 


ps. Don't forget to apply now for every scholarship/bursary you can find. Check with your local school, your parents union or professional association (if applicable), the school you are going to, any service club you've been involved with, your local government and state, and any professional association in your degree area, church, etc, etc. Many schools have entry scholarships. Bursaries are needs based, and scholarship are marks based. Just guessing but if you want to go to school for 6 years I imagine your grades are better than average. 


Good luck. Hope this is helpful 

March 3, 2006, 2:47 pm CST

here's what i do...

1.  i have not bought waxed paper in ever so long!  i eat lots of cold cereal.  i carefully open the waxed-paper sack along the top seam.  when the cereal's gone, i open it all the way (again:  carefully along the seams), rinse it & let it dry.   


wonderful for freezing bacon:  lay a rasher down on the paper; roll once; lay another rasher; roll once; lay one more; finish rolling, then seal the lot into a freezer bag. 


2.  when i use a paper towel to dry my hands, i shake it out and lay it across the paper-towel roll to dry.  i can use the same towel to dry my hands five or six times. 


3.  i re-use aluminum foil, too.  the high-quality foils are best.  usually it can be rinsed in the sink; i've also popped them into the dish-washer if they're very greasy. 


4.  speaking of the dish-washer...i generally hand-wash dishes. 


5.  when you think a sack of flour or sugar is empty, or a box of kitty-litter (or any container with dry stuff inside), open it up at the bottom over a bowl or cup.  i've gotten as much as a quarter-cup of flour or sugar that way, and a good bit of kitty-litter i'd have otherwise thrown out. 


6.  don't spend your change.  well...spend your pennies--carry them to ward off other pennies--lol.  every six months or so, settle down and roll up your change--then put it in the bank!  or you can do as i did in college after the last of my final exams:  i'd use it to reward myself with a treat--a new book or that.  i generally roll up between $35.00 and $75.00 every six or nine months. 


7.  when you think you're done with your liquid wash soap, put a wee bit of water inside (just a wee); gently shake the jug...and you've got a good lot of soap there that had been clinging to the sides. 


that's all for now! 



March 5, 2006, 7:57 pm CST

Still Need Advice?

Quote From: lucky35

Well, that's just it.  My husband complains constantly about his truck which "drinks a lot of gas'" so I was actually going to get it fixed for him.  Is that stupid. My broken-down car can run on one tank of gas for almost 2 weeks, whereas, his truck, maybe a week.  I don't know what to do. I'm so tired of hearing him complain and using my my new car and I doubt seriously he ever is in a position to finance anything.
1.  I have a cell phone through Cingular and pay $2.95 per month for Mr. Rescue.  It is great and I've used it many times.  You get the following:

  • Towing
  • Battery service/jump start
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Fuel delivery (up to three gallons, gas or diesel)
  • Lockout assistance
  • Key replacement
Each service call is limited to a maximum benefit of $50.00 per service event. Your coverage will become effective 72 hours after enrollment and includes four free service calls per year, per wireless number.  The only requirement is that you (or the individual whose name is on the cell account) must be where the car is to be picked up.  You are not required to tell them (& it wouldn't matter anyway) how long your car has been out of commission. 

2.  In lieu of towing to a dealership, try to find a good mechanic that your friends, family or coworkers can recommend that is TRUSTWORTHY and reasonable.  They do exist!.  A good mechanic is a must!  Even with a new car, it is likely you will need one in the future, possibly just after your warranty expires (if you have my luck).  A good mechanic will tell you whether it is worth fixing, and if not, take the other advice given to you and sell as is.  There are plenty of people willing to pay good money for fixer-uppers, especially a Honda.

3.  There are many auto troubleshooting (step by step) websites that ANYONE (even you) can follow. If possible try this before having it towed to a mechanic.   

Hope you find this information helpful.  Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 17, 2006, 8:25 am CST

anyone got any ideas

on how to make a small income go along ways with three children?  we have a bring home income of like 1400 a month anyone got any tips on how to stretch the money so everyone gets what they need.  Food is taken care of basically bought half a cow and a whole pig with income taxes and stocking up on veggies and stuff any thing else?\
March 20, 2006, 7:39 pm CST

I'll take tips too!

I am alwayas looking for tips to get a little bit ahead.  I have enough money to pay the bills and buys the food, but htere is not a whole lot left over at end of the pay period.  I am looking for any kind of tip to help out, because now the car needs to be fixed and the cashola isn't there!
March 29, 2006, 6:25 am CST

Single Mom's advice

Quote From: youngmom22

on how to make a small income go along ways with three children?  we have a bring home income of like 1400 a month anyone got any tips on how to stretch the money so everyone gets what they need.  Food is taken care of basically bought half a cow and a whole pig with income taxes and stocking up on veggies and stuff any thing else?\
Cut back on anything you don't need - water instead of soda, use cheap shampoo for bath soap and shampoo, only have 1 phone (cell instead of house line), if you can, plant a garden in the spring - this saves me from buying fresh produce. I feel for you --just be creative!
April 3, 2006, 10:29 am CDT

My favorite How -to

Quote From: youngmom22

on how to make a small income go along ways with three children?  we have a bring home income of like 1400 a month anyone got any tips on how to stretch the money so everyone gets what they need.  Food is taken care of basically bought half a cow and a whole pig with income taxes and stocking up on veggies and stuff any thing else?\
 Check out the Tightwad Gazette from the library, it really helped me! Some things I did, and somethings I didn't...
April 10, 2006, 7:55 am CDT

Tips on how to live within your means.

Here are some money saving tips that my husband and I have learned over the years that have saved us a lot of money and continues to help us to live within our means.  Keep in mind that we live in the suburbs of a medium sized town in the south.  We have a 3-bedroom ranch style home that is paid for, 2 cars that are paid for.  We take care of elderly parents (who don't live with us).  We have an adult child that requires support (I won't go into to that).  I just want to share with you that we are typical middle class people with everyday issues like everyone else. 


1.  In the 1970's we purchased a fireplace insert...Buck Stove.  We gather wood that has been put on the side of the street for the garbage man to pick up.  People trim trees all the time and are pleased for us to pick it up.  It even saves them money, because they don't have to pay the Waste Management Center to pick it up.  Once or twice a year, my husband rents a log splitter for the bigger pieces.  A half day rental is around $40.  So for $40 a year or maybe $80, we have free heat (not counting the work involved).  Note that most of the wood does not require splitting.  My husband only has to cut it with his chain saw to the right length.  Also, note that one should hire someone every 2 or 3 years to clean your chimney to remove built up creosote.  You should clean it once a year yourself with a chimney sweep brush.  You do the math.  We save a bundle on this plus our house is very warm in the winter.  The only down side to this is that you have to dust your house more ofter and clean you floors, because the furnace isn't running and will not filter out the dust.  Also, more dirt and sawdust and leaves are tracked into the house when bringing in the wood.  In our opinion, this is a small price to pay.  Be sure to only burn hard wood and NEVER burn pine as pine will definitely cause chimney fires. 


2.  My husband is a deer hunter.  He loves to hunt.  Therefore, our freezer is full of venison.  It is very good.  We have it processed into hamburger, cube steak, tenderloins, and sausage.  The cost involved:  a) about $500 to $600 a year for a hunt club membership  b)  hunting gear  c) $45 per deer to process.  When my husband fills up a freezer but still wants to hunt, he asks people at work or friends if they want the next deer he shoots.  They pay for the processing.  So if you don't hunt, you may find someone willing to do this for you that does hunt.   Also, you can go to a wildlife processor and ask if they have a deer that someone did not pick up and will they sell it to you.  I know they will be glad to sell it to you.  This is especially true at the end of the season.  To take the sting out of paying $600 club membership, he saves his change and rolls it up every Spring just before the dues are to be paid.  He generally saves almost $300. 


3.  Since noone wants to eat only venison, I make menus for every week and shop at the grocery store based on that week's menus.  I might buy a large pack of chicken thighs and divide it into 2 meals.  Lately, I have discovered that a large pack of Whiting fish fillets only costs $3.99 per package.  It will make 1 and 1/2 meals.  Therefore, I buy 2 and I have another meal for the following week. 


3.  I shop at the general dollar store for paper goods, can goods, shampoo, vitamins, etc.  They have large cans of asparagus for $1.50 per can.  I've even found canned crab for $1.00 a can!  It's interesting that recently I found a name brand line of clothing there.   I spluged and bought 3 pair of capris pants and 3 blouses for $47.  I say spluge, because I also shop at a Goodwill store or thrift store for clothing...some are new and all are as good as new. 


4.  I also shop and sell on eBay. 


5.  We use a credit card to pay for general everyday items and pay it off within the grace period and therefore, we have the use of the money and pay no interest.  We earn airline mileage this way and are able to take vacations.  Sometimes, we earn free nights in hotels and are able to combine these.  You must be careful and be sure to keep track of your credit card spending.  I go online often to update my check book with the latest charges.   


6.  For big expenses, repairs etc., we shop around and get estimates.  For instance, we have some pine trees that need to come down and are too large for my husband to handle and too close to the house.  We found a company that will take them down for free if you have at least 20 trees.  Guess what!  we have exactly 20 trees.  The catch is that they will not take the slash (limbs, etc.), so we will have a big mess.  Now we are researching how much it will cost to have someone to haul them off.  We may haul it off ourselves.  Someone sold my husband an old utility trailer for $40, so he can haul them if necessary.  He's a busy man and he may find it easier to pay someone to haul them.  However, if it costs too much, he'll haul them himself. 


7.  We had our house and car insurance deductibles increased to $1000.  We figured the money savings would break even after 2 years even if we had to pay $1000 to pay for fixing up a car or the house after an accident.  We did that 10 years ago.  We have only had to put out about $700 to repair a dented car in 10 years. 


8.  We buy automobiles that have been previously owned, but with low mileage or a demonstration model car, or one that has never been owned, but did not sell and the newer models are coming out. 


I could go on and on.  I hoped this helps someone.  

April 10, 2006, 12:51 pm CDT

Individual State Recycle, Yard Sale & Grocery deals:

These are wonderful groups for families & single people as well towards saving the most they can in a fun fashion:  

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