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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:22:04 am
Author : dataimport
From clipping coupons, to bargain shopping, we all have our tricks to getting the best deals to help us save more. Share yours!

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May 10, 2009, 4:07 pm CDT

A tip for cat "ownees" :)

(ownees cos everyone knows the cat owns you, not the other way around! :P)


Use the silica crystal cat litter. It may look expensive, but it saves you money cos it has to be changed far less often than clay or sand type litter. And it controls odors very well. And it sucks the moisture out of the "solid waste" which can then be sifted out and flushed down the toilet.


May 10, 2009, 4:23 pm CDT

Another tip

Forgive me if this is one of those "no duh!" things, but....


When printing on your computer, many times you'll have a page that messes up or has no useful info on it (eg the headers and footers of websites). Don't throw them away! For stuff you're gonna just keep for reference and is for your eyes only, you can use the back of the "waste" pages. They're also good to keep around as scratch paper for writing down phone messages and other notes.


Speaking of computers, check out Netzero at They have unlimited dial-up for 10 dollars a month, and DSL starts at something like 14 a month. They don't have DSL service everywhere yet unfortunately.


If you don't have a computer, most libraries now have them with internet access that you can use for free.


May 10, 2009, 4:37 pm CDT

Money Saving Tips and Tricks

Quote From: fabulousbeauty

I'm on a fixed income where I only get $150 twice a month. That barely lasts me one week and it's supposed to last me two. That barely gives me enough for food, but I don't drive and I have to take cabs and Dial a Rides everywhere. I've tried to get a job, but no one will hire me anywhere, and I have nowhere else to turn. Any suggestions?



Does your town have public transportation, eg bus? If so, find out if they offer a monthly unlimited rides pass. If you ride frequently, it'll save you a lot of money.


Another thing you can do is maybe do housekeeping or some other service for your neighbors for pay, and/or swap for rides.


If you have an entrepeneurial spirit, look into becoming an Avon rep. It only costs $10 to get started, and they have a really good support system.


May 10, 2009, 4:43 pm CDT

Yet another one....

I really wish you could edit your posts after submitting, then I could add these to one post as I think of them.


This one's probably obvious too, but....


If you have a cell phone, use it for long-distance instead of the house phone.


If you are low income, look into the Lifeline service (I dunno what it's called in other parts of the country). It's a basic phone service for fixed and low income households. If you're on food stamps or SSI or the like, you automatically qualify, otherwise you will have to submit proof of income.


May 10, 2009, 5:00 pm CDT


Quote From: girlsgopoof

 Hi everyone,

      I'm in a delema. I am currently out of work and have applied for social security benefits. In the mean time, I am falling apart. It's almost August and I ahven't had much money come in here since December. I do get food stamps and also $100.00 a month.  $100.00 a month just doesn't cut it. It's not even close. My phone has been shut off and pretty soon so will the gas and electric. I'm at my wits end and scared to death.

      Does anyone know of a really good site to go to for an online job. It must be approved by the Better Business Bureau. I have checked and there are soooooo many that I am confused. I really need to make some money fast. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

      Thank you for listening. Any help will be much appreciated. ;)

I'd suggest becoming an Avon rep. It only costs $10 to get started, and they have a really good support system. Make sure your customers pay for their merchandise up front, that way you don't have to use your own money and you avoid problems with people ordering stuff and not being able to pay for it when it arrives.


May 16, 2009, 6:44 pm CDT


In the area where we live we have places like used DVD, video and games places.  I got a NEW DVD at the USED DVD STORE for half price.  That's right half price.  I also volunteer at a salvation army thrift store in the city I live.  It is a great thing for the people who are buy because they do half price sales everyday except Monday.  That saves a lot of money.  After they pay all there bils they pass it on to the regualre salvation ary to thelp the poor it also gives clothing to the needy.  I love volunteering there!  God bless all of them there!

Shut off the power off like a light or a computer.  There is a joke in our home that came from Jeff Foxworthy.  "Anyone in this room!?  Anyone going through this room!?  Where lighting up the neighborhood here!!"  That tells me I left the light on by accedent by the way. 

In my state (WI) they have a program lessen your phone bill and they also have one at wisconsin public service that also lowers your bill.  Two great things to do.

Make envolopes to put your pay in what you are buying it for each month.  It saves you on money so you don't buy too much.  Also make a list.  It seems if you make a list and stick with it you will save a lot of money.  Also don't go grocery shopping hungery.  Trust me you will go overboard if you do.

Energy saving bulbs is great.  They may cost a lot of money but the savings is a lot.  We did that and our wattage went down.


That is all I can think if now but you have a nice day and God Bless!!



July 6, 2009, 1:17 pm CDT

Christman in July!

Christmas? That's six months away! We don't need to start thinking about that yet, do we? Then again, if you plan on having the best Christmas you can on as little money as possible this year, maybe it isn't such a crazy idea
August 13, 2009, 9:35 pm CDT

helping my daughters saving account by doing this

To help my daughter have more money for the futre and a trick to help her know about money is that us here in Canada on the Quebec side we buy our pop and pay a 5cents deposit for the bottle or can, I then go out and get the refund back and put it in her account all while she is with me!!!!  she has her own account and we tell her when she wants something etheir no we cant or let see if you can buy it with your money?  I was watching the show about how to teach your kids about money and wanted to go get the book from the expert who helped Katty with the budget of her family so she could understand how money works but forgot to write it down can you help me find it?????
August 15, 2009, 3:55 pm CDT

Money Saving Tips and Tricks

Quote From: amyblogtalk

Christmas? That's six months away! We don't need to start thinking about that yet, do we? Then again, if you plan on having the best Christmas you can on as little money as possible this year, maybe it isn't such a crazy idea
I hit the toy clearance in January and July/Aug @ Target. You can some really cool toys for 75% off (or more with coupons) and then stockpile them for Christmas and Birthdays.
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