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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:22:04 am
Author : dataimport
From clipping coupons, to bargain shopping, we all have our tricks to getting the best deals to help us save more. Share yours!

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March 6, 2009, 2:49 pm CST

Money Saving Tips and Tricks


The best moneysaving tip that I can give to any one and the one which has helped us to clear all of our debts is to simply stop shopping.   


If you love to shop stay out of the stores.  If you cannot trust yourself to just buy the very specific things that you went to the store to get then send someone else to do the deed.  Out of sight, out of mind. 


None of us will ever be able to completely stop shopping because I for one like to eat and cannot imagine my life without toilet paper and Kleenex in it.  We must shop for the necessities but all the other stuff that we talk ourselves into or get suckered into wanting can be eliminated.  Temporarily.  I like pleasure and nice things but it was an odd idea for me to embrace – the idea that I didn’t have to shop for the pleasures ALL the time.   


Stopping to shop for goods and services is easy.  All it takes is the will power to change absolutely everything about your life (ha!).  Just kidding.  You just need a true desire to get out of debt.  Plus having the strength in your arms to detour the car past your favorite stores doesn’t hurt either. 


We started off by not shopping for a month.  When we went into the grocery store we went with a list of what we needed and only went down those aisles, looking straight ahead until we got to what we needed then quickly heading to the cash.  Same for the hardware store. 


After a month we were stunned at how much we had left in our chequing account and how for the first time in our lives our credit card balances had not increased. 


We decided to not shop for 3 more months.  We simply made do.  And it paid off.  So we signed up for another 3 months.  Then another. 


Fast forward to a couple years down the road and today we only use cash or make a charge to a credit card when the money for the item is already sitting in the bank.  When we need something we plan ahead for it.  We have a balanced budget and an emergency fund and have learned to wait.  And having been forced to replace shopping with other activities I have discovered that shopping is actually boring.  Who woulda thunk it. 


Even though we, like so many, have been hit hard by the current financial crisis – and may be hit harder soon - I have never felt so relaxed about money in my life.  There is a feeling of security that comes when you have no debt that cannot be bought.  If we end up living in a tent at least it is a fully paid for item.  Ours, all ours. 

March 9, 2009, 5:12 pm CDT


Does anyone know how to get coupons?  I have looked in the newspapers and online and I can not find any coupons that I can utilize.  Thank you in advance.



March 10, 2009, 4:27 pm CDT

Stop your whining!

I'm getting sick and tired of hearing everyone complaining about the economy and "whoa is me" how can I survive with one car? Boo hoo!


Let me tell kids and I lived in a homeless shelter for several weeks in '90, after moving to Cleveland. Except for a precious $100 that my aunt's friend gave me, NO ONE including my family was willing to help me. I moved here because of a military base closure and my job was not going to exist. Welfare didn't help - I was too white. The County Veterans Commission didn't help (I'm a military veteran) because I hadn't lived in the county more than 6 months. Dads were behind in child support - how convenient was that and they still are!


I struggled - my kids and I. We lived in roach-infested houses, renting from slumlords. I even have video of it. My daughter, a toddler, got severe lead poisoning and the county threatened to take her from me - as if I had control of the lead paint (this was before lead poisoning was in the news).  But I worked hard, and having been in the military, I used that discipline to survive - for us all to survive.


It wasn't easy. I bought their school clothes at the beginning of the year at the 2nd-hand stores. But we managed. I bought a house - a home and the family most importantly stayed together. We've been in the home now over 16 years. My oldest son, a graduate of Kent State, earns over $60,000/yr and just bought his first home.  My other son struggles with depression and as a family we deal with it. My daughter, despite the lead poisoning (as we caught it early and she endured chelation treatment) went on to graduate with honors from high school in 2007.


We sacrificed a lot, and at some holidays barely had anything. I always made sure the house payment came first, and when I was forced to retire on a disibility in 1999 and struggled financially, I called my mortgage company and kept them abreast of what was happening. They worked with me. Over a year ago, I was able to re-finance my loan, because I paid my bills as I should have.


I have since graduated college with a degree in Business Management, and returned back to work in October. And every day I count my blessings for this job. If I hear anyone complaining, say on the elevator, I tell them to go ahead and quit because 10 other people are waiting for their jobs!


Suck it up! You people voted for George Bush and as I predicted 8 years ago, this country was going to go to take a dive. Discipline yourselves because it can be done. This is not permanent, but our lifestyles of the "I think I'm rich so I'll spend like one" is over.

March 11, 2009, 4:02 pm CDT


Quote From: parksmarcy

Does anyone know how to get coupons?  I have looked in the newspapers and online and I can not find any coupons that I can utilize.  Thank you in advance.



Make a list of the companies products that you use the most often. Then visit their website and hit their contact section. Email them and ask them if they can send you coupons for their products. I do this all the time. Also go to and look up coupons. If a site wants you to fill out "sweepstakes" info or complete a certain number of offers it's not legitimate. is a site that does coupons, you can find more through dogpile though.
March 11, 2009, 7:05 pm CDT

Money Saving Tips and Tricks

Quote From: silverdancing

Make a list of the companies products that you use the most often. Then visit their website and hit their contact section. Email them and ask them if they can send you coupons for their products. I do this all the time. Also go to and look up coupons. If a site wants you to fill out "sweepstakes" info or complete a certain number of offers it's not legitimate. is a site that does coupons, you can find more through dogpile though.
Thank you so much, I will try that.
March 21, 2009, 7:16 am CDT

saving money

i have a couple of ideas on how to save.

1. Shop at thrift stores. you can find some very nice clothing, shoes at these stores. i happen to live near one that is run by volunteers and pay very little for stuff. jeans are 1.00 apair, tops and t-shirts .50 cents, shoes 1.00 coats run anywhere form1.00 up to 5.00. books- .25 cents. dresses 1.00.


2.  if you don't mind store brands or off brands they are generally cheaper than name brands. use coupons. stores like aldis, save a lot and even kroger have great deals on off brands.


3. when we used to travel with our kids when they were little, we had memberships to our local zoo and science center. when we were in another city we checked our member ship to see if we could get in for free or half-price. also camping is cheaper than moteling it all the time.


4. check out dollar stores for items like shampoo, soap, laundry soap, greeting cards. i go to dollar tree and dollar general to buy items like these.


5. take your metal items aluminum cans to a recylcling center for cash. its a great way to make some extra cash


March 22, 2009, 6:25 pm CDT


Quote From: austingirl

Dear Dr.Phil
I have a bit of a shoping problem . I work 4 days a week . Rent  is about  $400 . I dont have a saving accont , me being 20 and  no creadit cards . My dad my senuer year , gave me $200 a week . Thats a lot of 17-18 year old . And I go to the mall 3days a week . I spend about  $500 at a time . I'm a dancer . And I'm trying to find another job , that pays like Dillards did when i worked thier .
I hoping i could hopefuly  learn not to spend so much . And i want to go back to school , and save for the future  and be secure when the time comes .
 My boyfriend always complains when we go to the mall , cuz i buy everything i see i like !!! He pulls me aside and tells me thier are more important  things then me have bunch of purses that are over $150  a peace , and I love love cell phones !!Yes thoughs nice $300 to $400 dallor phones . I'm getting another line and a more expense phone than the last . I want to work for a cell phone compay  , really bad , and cuz my family would be much prowed of me .at least  the family thats around  . Thank God i dont have an creadit cards , I would be so sssssssssoooooooooo far endate . Its been a blessing ,but a curse i think , cuz I would have a creadit score !!! Dr. phil please help

Just going over some reading on the dr phil message boards............and came across urs.


It is easy.....ur still very young. Finish school first, spend ur money.........but spend it a lil more wisely.


For instance.....I have four daughters. Every weekend I buy one of my daughters an outfit. So for the month each on of them receives something. I know how fun and how good it feels to shop. But in a way its an addiction. Sorry, but its true.  Try to limit urself. You should spend once a week, don't give urself a limit, because u'll just get the fun out of ur case of course.


However, shop wise. Don't buy expensive name brands. Go to Ross, Marshalls, Kohls. They have name brands at great prices. U don't get lucky sometimes, but u might find something there u werent even looking 4.


Don't start up with credit cards and debt. This is the best advice any1 can give u. If u get a card don't put more than 1/2 of what u got on the card. 4 ex....u have 600 c.c., don't charge more than 300 on this card. it will be considered high credit. Start with a jewelry store card or a department store card, but again don't put more than 1/2.


FINISH school. u'll have more $$$ to spend as well. If u still don't have an idea of what 2 go 2 school 4. go 2 ur college library and check out the EUREKA program. Ask!!! Its a series of ?s which will guide u to ur profession. Maybe something to do with fashion or a buyer. u never know. u could be spending other peoples money for them. sound like fun.


good luck.

March 30, 2009, 2:06 pm CDT

pay yourself first

You forgot something in the show on Friday.  Before you do anything else, saving some money, even if it is

only 2 or 3 %.  And if you can, give to charity.  You help children, the elderly, etc.  Check out any charities you give to though.  Go to  If you can't give money, donate your time or food.

April 29, 2009, 3:50 pm CDT

COUPONS COUPONS AND MORE COUPONS: How to get coupons for free & free samples too!!!

There is ways to get coupoons for free.  There are other ways to get coupons other than having to pay for magazines and news papers.  Two ways.  Take those 800 numbers on the back of the package and call them 9 times out of 10 they will send you coupons for free.  If they don't do that and only gives you coupons in the paper or magaziens complain.  I have had some places change there mind and send you coupons through the mail.

The other way to get coupons is through the internet.  You have to make sure that the store you are going to takes them and if there is resrictions on how much off the coupons may be.  Best way to get coupons is either off of places like Coupon or or go to the different places from the web sights on back of the coupons.

Free samples you can get like on P& who gives free samples but makes sure where you are going on is totally free.  You don't want to pay shipping and handling charges.


God bless and happy shopping!! :-)


May 7, 2009, 9:37 am CDT

Save money on Maternity and Kid's clothing

Recently came across this site where mom's can sell their gently used maternity and outgrown kid's clothing, among other items.  I've already listed all kinds of things my family no longer needs.  It's Free to list items so there's no risk.  Website is:, hope this is helpful to some of you looking to save a couple bucks or make a few bucks.


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