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Created on : Friday, October 05, 2007, 11:26:10 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/10/07) Ask any teenager, and he or she will tell you how tough life is: schoolwork, dating, and dealing with pushy parents. But imagine having two kids while you’re still in high school. Laurie says her 18-year-old son, Corey, is in a toxic relationship with his 20-year-old wife, Kim. The couple fell in love while barely out of junior high and their crush quickly turned to chaos. Laurie says they verbally abuse each other in front of their children, and they’ve only been married for five months. Corey says that Kim cheated on him and has threatened to kill their kids. What’s behind the couple’s dramatic confrontations, and why was Corey arrested? Then, Kim’s mother, Janet, joins the show via Web cam. What does she reveal about Kim and Corey's parenting? Can the couple salvage their relationship, or should they just go their separate ways? And what needs to happen to protect their young kids? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 10, 2007, 11:51 am CDT


It is hard for me to watch shows like these especially hearing Dr.Phil say teenage marriages don't work ever. I got married on my 19th birthday. I had my first child when I was 20 and I am now 23 and my second child is due in February. This May I will be married for 5 years. Not everyone is the same. My husband and I both have jobs and we take care of our son. No daycare. I just recently graduated with my associates degree. My husband and I are partial owners of a restaurant.  It is just very troubling when "all teenage marriages don't work". I know I wasn't as young as the girl on the show today and I also know my husband wasn't a teen, but we are working. I think it depends on the support system you have. I think both sets of parents are to blame if there kids kids aren't being taken care of. If they are there they can be helping instead of letting the children have bleeding diaper rashes. They also should have realized a 16 year old and a 14 year old couldn't take care of a baby. There are so many other options or the grandparents could have taken custody and had them get help then. Not after they have another child and not after they are married.
October 10, 2007, 12:17 pm CDT

Dr. Phil Missed An Old Say...which is rare.

October 10, 2007, 12:19 pm CDT

Wanna play house and ruin a child????

Kids playing house. Very sad, especially for the young, innocent child who will carry lots of baggage into his/her adult life. i hope Child Services is watching. Better yet, how about a responsible, mature, caring relative that will take in the child.....


I cannot watch this show; my two have soccer and homework. It's what kids are SUPPOSED to be doing.....working, playing and maturing, not having babies and getting married. Shame on their own parents for not helping them mature and be responsible...

October 10, 2007, 12:21 pm CDT

Don't you dare AMEN HER!

Quote From: grace3zachary1




I wouldn't AMEN her. The VAST MAJORITY of these relationships FAIL and FAIL FAST. If you are not in that group, you are one of a tiny few (or you will become that statistic in a few years).


We should want the best for our children. That includes wanting them to get an education, not start a family as a child parent, date, learn about themselves, grow, mature, fall in love and ONLY THEN get married. Any parent who WANTS their child married young is an irresponsible, selfish fool who needs to GROW UP and learn to parent!

October 10, 2007, 12:24 pm CDT

God bless you and your family

Quote From: jrblack

You can be a Teen parent I was I got pregnant at 16 years old got married at 17 and my 2nd child at 18 and  my husband and I raised are children on our own. It was really hard even now that they are teens but we are strict parents when comes to having boy friends, where they don't end up like us. But it can be done we have been married for 13 years and coming up will be are14th anniversary. Yes I will tell you it was really hard to be teen parents.


Congrats, but hopefully you see that you are not in the majority. You also talk about not wanting your kids to do what you did, so apparently you've learned that although it has "worked" for you, it's not what any parent should want for their children.


Take care of those children and nuture your relationship w/ your spouse. You've learned some hard lessons along the way, but you seem to have a great head on your shoulders. God bless you and your family. God is smiling!

October 10, 2007, 12:24 pm CDT

Saying Dr. Phil Overlooked



"The first can come at any time,

the rest take nine months".

October 10, 2007, 12:25 pm CDT

10/10 Troubled Teen Love

Quote From: muphouse

After being with my highschool boyfriend for 2 years I got pregnant.  I was 17, he was 19.  We almost immediately got married, and began our journey.  I finished high school, and even put a couple of years into college.  I did have great family support and my husband was a great provider and hard worker.  As I look back over the years today at 37 (and divorced) there are so many stages of growth that people go through individually.  You have to or you miss experiences that permit you to go into your next level of life complete.  I was a great mother, I did the best I could with what I knew.  But that was the problem.  How much could you really know at 17, 20, even 25.  I look back over my sons life 20 years now, and I see where I would do certain things different, and how the fact that I didnt has made things harder for him.  We also have a 14 year old daughter, and what I see with girls that age scares me.  They just want to grow up.  They want a baby.  Someone that they can never lose and that will love them forever.  I have always talked to my children, and felt if they were old enough to ask the question they were old enough to get an answer.  I think there are so many topics that Dr. Phil could visit, and they would keep him busy for years to come.  Keep it up Dr. Phil!  One teen show at a time!  I watch them all and I listen like a sponge!  Thanks  Shel

Wonderfully said.

And a great reflection.

People should read over this, it has a lot of been there-done that wisdom along with a very good observation:


As I look back over the years today at 37 (and divorced) there are so many stages of growth that people go through individually.  You have to or you miss experiences that permit you to go into your next level of life complete.  I was a great mother, I did the best I could with what I knew.  But that was the problem.  How much could you really know at 17, 20, even 25. 


We also have a 14 year old daughter, and what I see with girls that age scares me.  They just want to grow up.  They want a baby.  Someone that they can never lose and that will love them forever. 


Both are so very true.

From my graduating class I've seen way too many girls become mothers. At first, they looked at pregnancy as if it signified their maturity, as in I'm grown up now because I'm having a child. However, when I visit some of those same girls now, a year or so down the road, I see the most incomplete people in the world. They do not know who they are because of the lack of (individual & other) life experiences, and are not getting these experiences due to trying(at the same time) to shape their beautiful child into who they will become. The individual never grows, but her roles in life do.

 Also, while visiting an old friend of mine with a 1 year old child I asked her what's good in life nowadays. (Kind of like asking her what she likes to do). She replied well I like taking ('J'<-her girl) to the park, doing this w/ J, that for J...which is great, b/c she is being a good mother. But her answers were all based on her roles in life, rather than the individual. For ex, I'm sure her favorite thing in the world isn't doing all those things for J, although some of them may be, but perhaps the individual in her also likes to bike, to read, to do those little individual things that make us each happy. She never mentioned any of that, and I see in her eyes a twinge of pain.

Ok, anyways I'm jabbering. I told that story b/c I think the same can be said for people who get married without knowing who they are, and not being able to grow individually. They become the wife/husband role. This results in unhappiness in themselves, then in the marriage, and then ends in divorce. I just don't think these couples realize all this until they are already in it & wondering why they are unhappy. =(

October 10, 2007, 12:28 pm CDT

Age is not Maturity level

This is an interesting debate for me because I had my first child at 17, continued in school and then graduated (on time) and got married with in 2 months.  I am now 20 with 2 kids and happily married to the man that fathered them both.  I don't think that age has as much to do with your ablility to parent as much as maturity does.  I think that Corey and Laurie are not mature enough to be fit parents.  They can't deal with each other in a mature way so how could anyone expect them to take care of children?  I also think that if they make the decision to put their kids first, they could become the parents that their children need.  Whether or not they could do it as a couple though?  I think they would need to go through alot of counseling before they could save their marriage and that should wait until they seperatly become the parents they need to be.
October 10, 2007, 12:30 pm CDT

10/10 Troubled Teen Love

Quote From: imsavdru

WOW!  I recorded this show while at work and have just started watching it but I had to hit the pause button. How come it is the teenagers fault? Where is the parents blame? If those two aren't successful parents it's because their parents didn't show them how!!!!! They should have immediately upon finding out about the pregnancy been put into parenting classes, those parents should have been right there showing them exactly what to do in a nurturing, loving way so that they know how to love and support those babies. OK I just had to say that....going back to watch the show while mine are still napping.
I agree.  The parents failed their children and I think that it happens too often in todays society.  A huge part of the problem with todays generations are that they have not been taught to care for others, just for themse4lves and then when they become parents, they have to learn it on their own.
October 10, 2007, 12:32 pm CDT


As a brand new mom at age 25, I can't imagine being one to two kids at 19!!!  I'm having a hard enough time trying to get myself and my daughter up an about for errands and stay on time.  It takes tremendous amount of hard work to go anywhere and yet I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)  My ob told me it's a good day if everyone was alive at the end of the day.  lol...  Good thing my husband doesn't care what I look like when he gets home, he just wants his girls happy and healthy.  I hope this show is a WAKE UP call to all teens who think a baby is the answer!  I took my daughter to see my little sister at her high school and several girls said they wanted babies!  I think they are nuts!!!!  Sheesh!  It's a lot of hard hard work and hardly any sleep.  Unless you are a parent you have no idea what tired is!!!!
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