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Created on : Friday, October 05, 2007, 11:16:21 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/08/07) Going through a divorce is tough enough, but imagine going through a second divorce with the same person. Meet Frankie and Gwen, a couple whose roller coaster relationship involves twists and turns like you’ve never seen! While dating, Gwen got pregnant, so the couple decided to get married. After less than two years of marriage, they filed for divorce. When Gwen discovered she was pregnant again, they reconciled and stopped the divorce. After Frankie did a secret DNA test and discovered their first child wasn’t his, he filed for divorce a second time. Although this divorce was finalized, Gwen says she wants to remarry Frankie because, despite all the drama, she still loves him and wants to remain a family. Frankie says there is no way he’s going to marry Gwen just to pay for a third divorce. So why is this couple still living together and calling each other husband and wife? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 9, 2007, 5:56 am CDT

Gwen you don't need Frankie

Gwen, honey, Frankie is not going to change.  His ego has been bruised beyond repair.  For the rest of your life he will resent you for letting him believe the baby was his when it was not.  Call it quits now before you lose more than your self-esteem.  I think that you both do care for one another, and it might have worked, but there has been too much damage.  When a man puts you down on a daily basis there is no basis for a relationship, other than abuse.  Get out now.  You will find a way to support yourself.  You will find another man. 
October 9, 2007, 6:18 am CDT

I am comparing there two...

Gwen and Frankie, I compare you two to fire and oil.  If you get married again despite Dr. Phil's advise, you will only get divorced again.  The lawyers won't mind... you'll be making them rich.  And unfortunately, your kids confused.

October 9, 2007, 6:35 am CDT

10/08 Frankie and Gwen

These two should not now nor ever be together. Staying together for the sake of the kids NEVER works out.  This issue is nothing about race it is about those children. Gwen has three kids with three different men, Frankie is raising and supporting three children and only one is his. The problem is that the two of them are still focused on the past. Once you have wronged the person you love it is very easy to hold on to that anger for a very very long time. I don't understand being able to say you love someone you hurt so badly. They just need to stick to the divorce move out and go their seperate ways. This has been going on and on for how many years? If neither have changed by now they won't be changing anytime soon. Good luck to you two.
October 9, 2007, 6:53 am CDT

Dr Phil was a bit biased

 I find that this two have a lot to deal with and where trust is concerned there is a lot to be done. I was surprised that Dr Phil just seemed to want to make the guy like the bad one. I know its not good to judge but in this case , she had more dirt than him and i just found the whole time Dr Phil was working so hard to make him the bad guy. He may have done some wrong but what she did is way way too bad. I hope that for their sake, they can figure something out but I honestly think that they should just call it a day. I believe that trust and respect are the most important foundations and if they cant get that back there is no point in trying so hard to make it work. Dr Phil should try to be unbiased , it would make it much more inteteresting to watch. Even a 5 year old could tell where the problems were eminating from.
October 9, 2007, 6:53 am CDT

I did the almost the same thing.

I married had two kids with a man. He was abusive not just physically, but emotionally and verbally  to everyone in the home. I cooked all meals, cleaned and made sure that the house was perfect at all times, for I didnt want to be in trouble when he got home. I did what I could to keep him happy and the house at a peaceful state. His drinking didnt help matters, it made his mood swing even more. In time I was aloud to seek employment, and new friendships, I openly will admit that I met a man, we stayed friends for 3 years before I aloud it to go further because I was getting the emotional attention that my Husband wasnt providing me. I know what I was doing was wrong, but I got to a point to where I wanted to hurt him the same way he had hurt me and my children, and that was the worst way. I wore blinders on what pain I was causing my children, and truthfully didnt care what pain I caused him, I was finally living day to day not in fear, but at night when we were at home, it was like walking on egg shells. Eventually I filed for divorce and moved in with this Man, but yet still found myself wanting my now X husband, I flew to spend a week with him, then the next month I moved to where he was, and we again lived together in an Aot. I felt pressured, controlled again. He wanted me to sign over everything that was awarded to me in the divorce, which was our home. I didnt feel safe enough with him and his temper, but yet on the same token, I felt presure if I didnt give him back the house, for I had ended things with the other Man, and drove my family 1600 miles. I felt that if I gave my X everything that he asked for back legally, and IF he beat me again and kicked me to the curb, where would I go, what would I have? I couldnt take the chance of giving him the home we once had together. My mind went into a scamble, and I did what I felt I had too, which was rely on the other man, and tell him whats going on, and  at the time, I looked at him like he was my hero to come there and save the day and swoop me off my feet and relocate me to my home town. Do I love my X husband, yes, would I go back to him even though there was so much anger and abusive behavior? Yes, why? I dont know. He and I seem to have a love hate relationship, and we still talk everyday, I just feel I control the conversation, when he reminds me that I left him, or that I cheated, or that I was the one who broke the family, I get angry and hang up. I know I am the reason, I have to live with that guilt everyday for the rest of my life. A part of me does understand why they are together, but who am I too say if they should stay together. I see now that WE should of had counceling. I know I still feel guilty, even though...I wish them luck, and keep in mind... when its done it should be done.. not still lingering on and on.. 
October 9, 2007, 7:52 am CDT

my opinion

I think that they both love each other but they are both right fighters one always has to be rihgt no matter what, and also going out to Frankie I think you need to ask yourself can i live with the fact that the first boy ended up not being yours? Don't ruin his life because you can't get passed it,and in my opinion that means forgiving his mom and moving on with being his dad or move on with being Frankie.

October 9, 2007, 8:40 am CDT

sick and sad

Frankie and Gwen both seem too immature and selfish to be in this relationship. Neither seem to concerned about the kids.  Whether they are his, hers or theirs. They should call it quits now before anyone else gets hurts.  And Gwen, I dont believe your story.  I think you knew all along it wasnt his baby and wanted to get a daddy. You lack of creditability is obvious.
October 9, 2007, 9:12 am CDT

When your Young Minded

  I believe in Dr Phil  and asking them both to go thru counseling of some sort. When you have not been taught by your parents or people surrounding you throughout your life, we as humans don't know whats the correct way to solve issues. I am in Content marraige of over 20 yrs, but I have always been honest, some to say maybe too honest with my husband. We had Our struggles and look back and realized we were so Young. I feel the thing that will hold these two apart is the Trust issue they don't have with in each other. Trust in my opinon has to be there. I heard from both sides on this show ,  neither one has trust with each other. I believe they do Love each other , by there actions on the show, they just don't know how to show it. With the children involved, I believe  It does not matter if he is the Biological father, a father is a father. But they need to be Honest and open about questions that might be asked when the kids get older. The worst thing a parent can do is Lie and the children find out later that their life was just a Big lie. Lies eventually cause alot of anger and hurt. I really would like to see these two people stay together , but if it doesn't work , Please be sociable for the Kids sakes, they didn't ask to be in this world .
October 9, 2007, 9:45 am CDT

Gimme A Break

Was I the only one who actually thought that this was humorous?  I laughed all the way through.  These two despite claiming their love for each other are very strong headed and probably will never be able to get along.  The right thing to do would be for them to seperate and have joint custody.  The kids are the ones who suffer through all of this.  Its crazy.  I told my husband that I was going to save it so that anytime we think we have it rough we can watch this and realize that we really do get along well.


And to the person who pulled the race card, GET OVER IT.  To place all black men in one category is crazy.  I happen to be a white women married to a black man.  My husband is the best thing in the world and so not demeaning, hateful, or spiteful.  He is a loving caring man who takes very good care of me.  Your closed minded views are ridiclous and I guarantee that you hide those views when out in public and only spew your stupidity on a computer so that no one really knows its you.  This show had nothing to do with color.  It was about a couple, period.  There are thousands of couples who go through the same thing all the time.


And by the way - I just want to know what its in the water in that small town in Georgia that they live in.  I mean seriously, Gwen meets a guy one day and moves in with him the next.  Frankie is hiding the wife at his mom's house.  Crazy.....remind me never to go there and drink the water.  And I thought I lived in a small town. :)

October 9, 2007, 11:19 am CDT


The problem with the relationship with these two is that Frankie is a black male and she is not black. Any non-black woman who gets mixed up with a black male should have their head examined.


Excuse me? How dare you let race come in between of someone who you love? Are you saying that women who are white shouldn't be involved with black men like myself? Give me a break! It shouldn't have anything to do with that. I'm an African-American man myself, & not all African-American men like myself would do anything to hurt women, regardless of race or color of their skin. It's the person inside that counts that makes a person to choose who to trust; & if they can't trust them, they should leave them or not get with them at all. Don't act like you're an expert on it & don't paint an ugly picture of all African-American men being evil. That makes you sound racist in general.

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