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Created on : Friday, October 05, 2007, 11:16:21 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/08/07) Going through a divorce is tough enough, but imagine going through a second divorce with the same person. Meet Frankie and Gwen, a couple whose roller coaster relationship involves twists and turns like you’ve never seen! While dating, Gwen got pregnant, so the couple decided to get married. After less than two years of marriage, they filed for divorce. When Gwen discovered she was pregnant again, they reconciled and stopped the divorce. After Frankie did a secret DNA test and discovered their first child wasn’t his, he filed for divorce a second time. Although this divorce was finalized, Gwen says she wants to remarry Frankie because, despite all the drama, she still loves him and wants to remain a family. Frankie says there is no way he’s going to marry Gwen just to pay for a third divorce. So why is this couple still living together and calling each other husband and wife? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 8, 2007, 8:14 pm CDT

Frankie and Gwen.

I was shocked at dr. Phils response to them staying together but I was happy to see he was willing to help them out and get them help.  The one thing that made me feel like they shouldn't be together was everytime DrPhil would ask Frankie why he was still with Gwen, he never once said because I love her.  It was always a speech about how he LIKES the idea of being a father, how he LIKES the idea of being a husband.  Never how he LOVES Gwen. 


I think the both should seperate and stay seperated for the kids.  They seem like all they do is fight and get eachother back for things one did to the other.  They seem very imature and very selfish.  Seem didn't seem like the brightest color in the crayon box and he seemed like her took advantage of that.  I feel very bad for the kids.  But lets see if the counceling does any good for them.

October 8, 2007, 9:02 pm CDT

The Rules

Does anybody remember the rules??  I am no saint but I have lived long enough to know

that following the rules makes life so very easy. What are they, They are TEN and so very

simple.  The word respect comes into play.  He does not love her, she does not love him

they have NO RESPECT for each other.  How can they build a life?  How can they be happy?

How can they show these kids how to build a happy life built on respect??  They need to

NOT SETTLE and show the kids how not to settle.   They need to make the mistake a lesson

and rise above it - put the kids first .  Commit to  a faith based life, commit to the kids and

to a life of calm.  It can be done with the sacrifice of the "so called" adults here.  Don't be

selfish, let go and do whats right, you will be rewarded.  Don't fight to win, fight for what is

right, the needs of the kids, step back and GIVE for the KIDS.  You will win as they win.  Put

your pride away..  The kids are what count!!


October 8, 2007, 9:16 pm CDT


Quote From: angelbside

 Today's show was of no interest to me at all, I don't know if it was because the two of them were so into talking to each other and not listening. Or that they just seemed so, so....stupid, that I just didn't care about them or their problems. They both were in denial and pretty immature to me but as always, Dr. Phil offers counselling to help them work through their numerous issues and maybe it will help. But for me, I was so not interested in either of them.
Dr Phil seemed to be in submission to both of them. She talked over him so many times then all he did was complement her as being beautiful. I kept expecting another couple but the show kept going and going and all the while the good doctor just let them bicker and THEN wanted to save the marriage. Where's the tough love for these two spoiled brats?
October 8, 2007, 9:44 pm CDT

They don't need to be together but do need help

I have seen this before.  These couples just get so use to the dysfunction, they do not know anything else.  They need to be seperated but need to go to counseling on how to be co-parents and get along without each other.  They really do not love each other, just use to each other.  Both are in the wrong and both need to get a life for the sake of the kids.  I think Dr Phil realized no matter what he said, they were to set in this, they were not going to listen.  I hope they use the help offered for the sake of the kids.


October 8, 2007, 9:49 pm CDT

I know the type

I have friends that nitpick each and every sentence that they say to each other.  They do it back and forth and get louder and louder... watching that show reminded me of them.  The only thing is... I can turn my friends off!!!  They totally need to get fixed to move far far away from each other... then tell my friends to to the same thing!!!
October 8, 2007, 10:19 pm CDT

Doesn't make sense

This is my first time on the 'message board(s). I read all the responses from other listeners to the program about Gwen & Frankie. I was surprised that no one really mentioned the fact that Gwen said in the very beginning that she did not really love Frankie when she married him. And, then, she admitted that when she stayed at that man's house for that short time, she said she had nowhere to go & no way to pay the rent by herself. So, I believe that she still does not love Frankie. She just wants the 'security' of having a roof over her head & the bills to be paid. Also, I was disappointed that Dr. Phil did not encourage the couple to live apart. There's no sense in them living together now (or at all).
October 8, 2007, 10:21 pm CDT

frankie and gwen

that couple needs to leave each other alone. they are acting like teenagers and i bet the relationship has always been that way. neither one of them has had the chance to grow. you cheat ,i cheat, we all cheat, what kind of bull is that for married people. i think they got together too young and gwen does live in a fantasy world. she wants her husband and marriage to be perfect. this story reminds me of the father of my children. we both argued alot, cheated on each other. could not trust each other. if we had of gotten married we'd probably go through what the aboved couple is. i am glad i did not marry him 20 years later.i have grown and he is still acting like we are teenagers. still talking about what happened in 1986 when we were teenagers. we are both damn near 40!! he's still dwelling on our past and he has had children with other women but somehow when he is with these women my name always comes up in conversation. why?? i have no idea. he needs to get over it and grow up like i did. my kids are almost grown and i am married. believe me when they leave each other alone and find someone who can show them better, then they will see what went wrong in their relationship and how childish and stupid they both are. let me add both will learn you can not make someone love you. as for me, i do not ask my husband where he is going or where has he been. i do not spy on him or go through his things and i do not mess with his cell phone.he knows right from wrong. so do i. we both know where our bread is buttered.
October 9, 2007, 2:09 am CDT

A waste of any hour of my life???

What a waste of an hour. Well, I suppose it's not wasted time if this couple WAKES UP and learns the meaning of love, committment and marriage vows!


Why is it so many people insist on having a church wedding, yet so many people could care less that their vows before God DO mean something (or at least are supposed to mean something)?


Perhaps if we stop all this living together, bailing out on marriages, having children when we are not in love, HAVING SEX when we are not married, giving lip service to loving and Honoring God,  thinking marriage is a cure-all, etc, relationships would not be in the mess they are in today!


This couple needs to GROW UP and stop acting like spoiled children. They need to be away from eachother and work on THEMSELVES. How sad the lives they CHOOSE to have! Life is ALL about choice; they are getting exactly what they want. Who would ever want that kind of "payoff" is a fool.

October 9, 2007, 5:29 am CDT

Similar Situation

I have been married 17 yrs, and find myself in a similar situation right now. I'm not being called names, or belittled/degraded but my husband filed for divorce and we're still living together. I don't want the divorce and refuse to sign the papers. I'm not sure what to do right now. But for those of you who haven't been married, please refrain from responding and/or judging.


October 9, 2007, 5:45 am CDT

10/08 Frankie and Gwen

Quote From: artskoe

Dr Phil seemed to be in submission to both of them. She talked over him so many times then all he did was complement her as being beautiful. I kept expecting another couple but the show kept going and going and all the while the good doctor just let them bicker and THEN wanted to save the marriage. Where's the tough love for these two spoiled brats?
I will have to agree.  I was not interested in them either.  I still watched the show, but just kept thinking these 2 REALLY need to grow up!
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