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Topic : 10/02 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds, Part 3

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Created on : Saturday, September 29, 2007, 09:04:43 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Three newlywed couples in trouble continue their work in The Dr. Phil House. John and Karla, Jim and Kim, and Jack and Danielle all say that Dr. Phil’s man camp for newlyweds is their last hope before they call it quits. Even though they’ve all been married for less than a year, they already believe that verbal abuse, 911 calls and physical fighting is normal for their marriage. Dr. Phil says this group is one of the most dramatic he’s seen -- drinking, threatening to leave, pointing fingers at each other and fighting about ridiculous topics. With intense exercises and tasks, can these couples rein in the juvenile behavior to focus on fixing the problems? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 11, 2007, 5:39 pm CDT

I love the new Man Camp!


I am really enjoying this season's Man Camp series; it's episodes like Monday's married couple that get on my nerves...I don't wanna watch couples argue so heavily they don't even acknowledge Dr. Phil. Each of the three couples in the Dr. Phil house are dealing with different issues even though at first it seems they are just the same. People abuse their partners for different reasons and in very different ways.  I think that Danielle needs to move on. I've been in her situation and Dr. Phil put it best: What if a great guy who will love and respect you is right around the next corner, and you're wasting time and energy in this awful relationship? Thank heavens I woke up and got myself out of trouble!  When the right kind of guy showed up I was healthy, happy, fulfilled, self-sufficient, and ready!  If I can do it anyone can!


October 13, 2007, 12:57 pm CDT

Thanks for making me laugh! :)

Quote From: pirateplow

 just like children.. abusive men learn the ways because theywere never broken of them.  Spot an abusive man?? good luck.. Ifyou're the target.. you wont see the traits till he's gotyou dazzled.  It's more likely a girlfriend or associate will spotthe traits first.. but trying to tell the person who is the subject oftheir attention, is rarely effective. 'You just don't know him like Ido.'  They even tell them self that.

How do you avoidabusive types?  not hard.. loose the weak demeanor.  They arelike sharks.. they hone in when they smell blood or weakness.  Theydon't have the patience to work on someone who can stand up forthemselves.  If you love yourself enough to tell yourself 'I wontput up with anyones crap!'then you have a chance.  Every day youwake up, look into the mirror and say it.  I can love someone.. butI wont take their crap.. I'll leave before I become someone's lap dog.

Thething is.. there are people out there who like being a lapdog..submissives.. who's self worth is defined by their partners.  They don't want the responsibility ofmaking decisions and standing up for them selves.  When these peoplefind themselves with a 'nice' person.. they usually end up sabotaging therelationship.. loosing it.. always asking why can't they get itright.  In the end, they settle for the one constant that wontleave them.. an abuser.  So long as there are moments ofaffection.. they will accept the role.

Abusers wont change tillthey love someone more than themselves.. their victims wont changetill they love themselves more than others.. 

heh heh.. don't knock narcissism. :)  it could save your life.

I'll just close with one other observation.. people are people.. men..woman..   not a lot of difference.  men can be a**holes..woman can be manipulative bitches. as well.. don't think so.. go hangout at strip clubs.. a great many of those  ladies have masteredthe art of manipulation and taking advantage of men.

I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused.

You are a genius at understanding human behavior!   I love your comments!
October 13, 2007, 1:21 pm CDT

Drama Queens

Quote From: southms

All of these people are drama queens and kings. If Dr. Phil takes the fighting and cussing away, I don't think they'd have anything to say! The silence would be deafening to them.

I can't believe that people live this way.  The men are jerks and the women must like it or they would not stay.  Did any of them have a brain before they married?

 I think it is hopeless and I would move on.  I think more of myself than that.  To put a child through this is child abuse and I think Dr. Phil should report them.  Can you imagine how that little girl must feel?  I would be ashamed to go on national TV and show how screwed up we are.

October 14, 2007, 12:25 pm CDT


I couldn't believe my eyes when i was watching this show unbelievable the way the men speak to their wives my husband and i fight but not like that
October 14, 2007, 2:05 pm CDT

Open your eyes and look around

This should be called the house of shame right now.. I would just like to say shame on all of you. The women are like the scarecrows off of wizard of oz and the men are like the tin man. I have been in some bad relationships myself, hell I think everyone has, but they have realized it was bad and left. I am not one to leave a marrige I do believe that once you are married. You put your love in gods hands and you make it work. But this is ridiculous, or as Dr Phil would say " are you kidding me".

Women come one why do you do this to yourself. I use to do it to myself when I was young and didn't know any better. Ruined my self esteem bad made you feel like you couldn't do any better. Let me tell all of you each and everyone of you are beautiful and could get someone else. A marrige is suppose to be comforting and safe when you have a bad day you should know that you can go home to your spouse and get comfort. I would run far away from my home and never look back. I hate to say this but you girls are stupid. And the one that drank came drunk to the show that was so stupid that just made you not only look bad but how is anyone suppose to trust you. I do give you props though for dumping all that liquor out very good.

Men shame on you.... how can you treat a woman like that. You should treat your woman like a queen and you would abe treated like a king.... your life would be so much better in the long run. Whatever happened to treating your woman like your own mother. And if you treat your mother like that double shame on you. You guys have no heart I would of left you on day one. I don't care if we had kids or it was our honeymoon or we were married 12 years I would be gone. I just get sick to my stomach when I hear and see the things you do.

Shame on all of you.

Just a note love isn't something that you have to work at. True love comes easy it is the I will marry you because we have kids that is hard. Not saying that you won't fight you will because no one thinks the same all the time. When you really love someone and fight with them your not out there to hurt them or call them names you are only fighting to get your point accross. Because true love you don't ever want to hurt that person and you don't ever want them to leave you. Think about that before you finish the mission of trying to make it work. What would you rather do work at something that will work because it is true love or live with knowing that you don't really love this person it is just a habbit and a safety net, which from where I stand girls it is not all that safe. Do you want to take the time to train someone to do a job when you know that someone else can do the job. Do you want to keep telling someone what to do like a kid or would you like someone that just does it. I would like someone that just brought me flowers because it is nice not because I said that I would love to get flowers sent to work on my birthday or just any day to show I was thought of.

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