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Created on : Saturday, September 29, 2007, 08:44:33 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Friday's debate over the Jena 6 grew so heated, the Dr. Phil show needed to keep the cameras rolling! Now, see the show that happened after the show, when Dr. Phil returns to the stage and speaks with audience members on both sides of the issue. White supremacist Richard Barrett is the first to demand the spotlight, and you won't want to miss Dr. Phil's laser-sharp response. Then Dr. Phil has some hard questions for the attorney of Mychal Bell, one of the Jena 6 who spent 10 months in prison. What does she say to accusations that money donated for her client's defense was being spent inappropriately by the families? And, the conversation grows heated over speculation about how hurt Justin Barker really was after the attack. Was he as injured as he and his parents claimed? Find out which guest storms out of the studio, and why. Plus, Dr. Phil sends Bishop T.D. Jakes to Jena for exclusive interviews with members of the Jena 6 and their families. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 29, 2007, 9:51 am CDT

Jena 6

Here is a link of what happens to whites on a regular basis. This just happened the end of september 2007 This is why whites move away from blacks. How much money do blacks owe whites for the white flight out of the cities becauese of black crime. I live in a large city and see young white teens assualted all the time by gangs of black men or black teens that look like men all the time.
September 29, 2007, 10:42 am CDT

reply to Catfish0229

The kind of beating depicted on the Youtube site is unforgiveable. The beating that the young boy took in Jena was unforgiveable. Perhaps Dr. Phil should do a show as to why these kinds of incidents occur. The issue in Jena is NOT to excuse the beating, however, it has to do with the presence of racism and how that effects equal application of the law and justice under the law. Part of the reason that incidents like these do take place is the inherent knowledge on the part of African-Americans that they do not receive equal treatment in the courts, school systems, employment and public accomodations. This is not necessarily simply a race issue, it is also an economic class issue.
September 29, 2007, 11:37 am CDT

Jena 6 - Fairness or Race Based?

Saying that the Jena 6 controversy has nothing to do with race is like saying basketball has nothing to do with height. A close analogy: sure because a shorter stature guy could play (note: Anthony “Spud? Webb 5’6?), but he was always among taller guys (same with women in basketball). In addition, no matter what he did on the court he was nearly always referred to as the ‘short guy’ a 'shorter player’ or as being ‘height challenged,.? or “…despite his height.? The point is he was a minority in his chosen profession. The difference in this analogy is Spud did chose his profession. He could have been a jockey and he would have fit right in. Being black is not a choice. We are, at birth, forced to be in this profession, called society, with (by race) whites as the majority. As blacks, we are a minority in this country, (2005 Census – blacks 12.8%, whites 66.9%). We will always be a minority and there is no escaping that. However, we, just like whites, are human. In quite a few high schools across this country, I’m sure there are fair fights (if there is such a thing), not so fair fights, mix matched fights and bulling. That’s high school. My concern is, of course, with whomever is getting hurt. In a more civilized world that would not happen, they would be able to discuss and negotiate their issues and differences. However, my main concern is with our justice system. I was a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy in the early 80’s. I was also the second black (i.e. short guy) that graduated first in class (218) among some 85-90 men and women, and I saw racism at it’s ugliest levels. And while in law school in the late 80’s I saw it in the judicial system as well. I dealt with it, but it was there. If our justice system was run as the Lady of Justice symbolizes (blindfolded [couldn’t see race, creed, wealth, etc] used her scale [for fair and balanced reasoning] and then her sword [punishment would be clean and swift], this particular issue would not be a story. Those boys would have suffered the same or nearly same punishment as the white kids that jumped the black kid months before this polarizing incident. From the LA Times, I read that the white kids were charged with a misdemeanor and as juveniles, not as adults with second degree murder charges. Everyone doesn’t need to get along and I’m fine with that, but when someone breaks the law………fairness is all I’ve ever hoped for. AND, I’m still hoping.
September 29, 2007, 1:41 pm CDT

Jena 6

There are many issues here that need to be addressed. Children are not being taught properly by their parents in the home about their behaviour or how they act toward others. The boys who placed the hangmans noose on the tree did show a form of racisim. There is no way that should have been allowed but I do have to say that the boys who beat the one boy was wrong. It should have been taken before the proper authorities for something to be done about the problem. I also want to state here too that what is normal is considered abnormal and abnormal behavior is considered normal as I have seen this in the short time my children attended public school. I feel that the beating that was given to the young man was not right and that as they say make the punishment fit the crime. There should be no secrets to how each side was punished for the wrong doings. The boys who hung the ropes should have been made an example of to the school that this sort of thing is not tolerated.The young man who was beaten up if he did use racial slurs and say things that are in appropriate should be given a punishment to fit his part in this but also that this should not be done in secret. I wonder how badly he was beaten if he was out playing with his friends after this occured then it was not as bad as it was made out to be. I think we are parents some times make things out worse then they are but in all aspects of the case if you were out playing, running around with your friends any where within a few hours of being out of the hospital then you were not as badly beaten as you said you were. It seems to me that you should have been in bed at home under watchful eyes if it were that bad. The Jena 6 boys did beat some one up and I believe that it should have been assualt charged and they should have been charged as minors as they are not adults. I do not believe that they should be holding that one boy in prison without bail or charges as that is unjust for our legal system to be doing. Where is the fairness in the law? As for this Al Sharpton is just a political opportunist who came to fame over the faked Twanna Brawly incident. Those of us that have been seen this man go on and on about this and then to have it come out that it was all fake and he became a figure for standing up for rights. He does not speak for me or my family. I think where ever he goes he does cause more problems than good. And yes there is predjudice in the south in some places where they do say and treat people the wrong way.I lived have my life in Florida and the other half up north. I have had things said about being from the north and other such comments. This is where we have to over come our predjudices and show we are all people. To me there is no difference in skin color, hair color, or nationality as we all need to know that we are all a part of the HUMAN RACE. Richard Barrett -- DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!! You do not represent the main stream of Americans. We are not going to let some one who thinks that they are speaking for all of us to be right. God made all the people of this world, we are all created equal in Gods eyes. You are very racisit and you preach racisim. I hope you will come to know how wrong you are and that you will stop in your anti race actions.
September 29, 2007, 7:07 pm CDT

Ashamed to be on and I will explain

Yes, I just posted "Ashamed to be white".......I truly feel that way when other people who are of the same color skin as I am act in such a deplorable way! I have never and will never support any kind of discrimination of race, color, creed or religion. We are ALL created in God's image. I know, some of you donot believe in God; however, with every fiber of my being it makes me sick to think that the young man from Jena is getting the brunt of the prejidice and ignorance in the court system and the media is having a field day, aren't they? It literally makes me sick to my stomach to think that JUST because he (or anybody else for that matter) is of a different color, he is being treated so poorly! SICKENING! I will probably never see the day that people ARE treated with dignitiy, fairness, respect, regardless of their race, color, religion or socio economic status..........................well, until I get to Heaven! I sincerely pray for the ignorance that prejedice people spew out of their mouths and is shown in their toxic actions/behavior. Written by ME.......A human being that honestly despises being associated with anybody that is sooooooo ignorant.......REGARDLESS of what color they are!
September 29, 2007, 10:36 pm CDT

Dr Phil missed the answer to his own question???

The question was: was this town racially divided? The answer is that any town that has a tree for white students outside the high shcool - for which black students need to ask permission to sit under - has a racial problem. I was hoping to hear what these parents think about that. Yes, violence in any form (including nooses, hurling insults, ganging-up, kicking and hitting) is an inexcusable response to any issue. What has these parents (both sides) taught their children about racial differences? Where is the opening - opportunity for reconciliation? I miss the old Dr. Phil - who dealt with people and relationships rather than be interpreter for the news media. I think this show could have been a wonderful opportunity to bring people together (maybe even in Jena) had the focus been on bringing to light that there was an elephant in the room - racial tension, if not division, in Jena even before it became a media circus. Jokr8790 has a good point - it imay also be an economic/class issue. It might have been good to consider the nature of Jena before this all happened. Are there white neighborhoods and black ones? Where would an Asian live if they came to town? Do the students all get along, or is there division inside the school too? It would take some effort to uncover the nature of Jena before this furor made it "a good place to move away from". I feel for the people who live there. Relationships between blacks and whites that are strained becaise of the excessive publicity that has surrounded the incident. I have deep concerns for a 16 year old who has been denied the rights accorded him by the third district court. I wonder about his record - is it real or is it so-called? I wonder if there could possibly be justice come out of this mess. I wonder about the unvarnished truth. I wonder why DP ever let Richard Barrett have anything to say.
September 30, 2007, 12:04 am CDT


I don't get your comparison of basketball to height. Are you saying only tall people play basketball and short people cannot? And you are right, TJ6 is about race. TJ6 beat up Justin Barker because he was white. There were more that 6 black boys that beat him up but only the 6 on trial could be identified because they kicked or punched and ran. By the way Justin Barker had nothing to do with the nooses or any thing else that happened in Jena before he was beat. There was a plan to beat more white people! And whites are called racist, IMAGINE THAT! GO TO WWW.PURSUINGHOLINES.COM AND READ WITTNESS STATEMENTS.
September 30, 2007, 9:03 am CDT

Jena 6

My husband is a Profession health care worker who is a tall, dark Indian with afro type hair. I have lived in the west all my life and never had a real problem with racism. When my husband came to live with me people started treating him badly because they thought he was black. Police would pull his car over, store clerks were acting as if he was a thief. So to the teacher aid who said that she did not see any racial tension before, you were like me in your own bubble. It does not exist in your daily life so you don't understand. Until I was married I really did not understand the extent of the hate and negativity. Also hanging symbols such as swasikas and nooses are hate crimes. Innocent people died because of these signs and symbols. You have to be crazy to not think people are taking this seriously. The punishment should not have been a secret or a light slap. It was big time serious. It was a public school so the masses should have known what happened.
September 30, 2007, 2:38 pm CDT


what if the roles were switched and it was 6 white boys beating a black boy? Black people would still protest that all the white kids need to be put on trial as adults and punished to the extreme. My point is this, either way the black people are going to protest.
September 30, 2007, 3:01 pm CDT

I wish I understood. My thoughts on the Jena 6 situation

I don't think anyone really understands the situation in Jena, least of all the residents of Jena. I've never understood the concept of prejudice based on the color of someone's skin. To me, everyone is human. It's what goes on in their hearts and heads that really matters, isn't it? Isn't the real issue that some kid was beaten nearly to death by some other kids? What does it matter if their skin was light, dark or in between? I guess I just don't get it.
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