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Created on : Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 05:00:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You've heard the news and read the headlines. Today on Dr. Phil, the families of the six black teens arrested and charged with the assault of a white teen in Jena, Louisiana last December face off. Was it a hate crime or prank? A matter of black and white, or simply right and wrong? Were the Jena Six's civil rights violated during the trials? The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have said the arrests and subsequent charges were racially motivated. Now it's Dr. Phil's turn. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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September 28, 2007, 11:55 am CDT

2 mom65

Yes a racially motivated crime can be perpetuated by anyone. And I am pretty sure that the whole town is not racist I pride myself in being more open and diverse than that. It just seems to me that there was already a great divide if the young man felt he had to or should ask for permission to sit up under a tree. Like a brewing pot before the spill over. I could only watch the marchs on youtube. And there were smaller marchs made up of the families of Jena6 and other local residents before the bigger marchs came along. Okay lets take white and black out of the equation. When the first charge came against all of the boys (not white or black) charging them with second degree attempted murder where were all the citizens (white and black) of Jena LA that felt the way you do that the second degree attempted murder charge was too harsh. Color is not the issue there but standing up for what you believe in is. Did you stand up and tell others that the second degree attempted murder charge was too harsh for the crime? Now only you and G*D know the true answer to that question, I may always be skeptical. But this could shorten this divide I believe. If there is another unjust ruling will you be there showing your support.
September 28, 2007, 12:34 pm CDT

the tree

Im up set that all this started with a tree. Why the hell in this country in this day and age does a black child have to ask permission to sit under a tree. Why is there is a white only tree on a school campass in this day and age. With crap like that going on what did you think is going to happen. Im not saying what those 6 KIDS did was right because it was wrong in every way , however there was a WHITE ONLY TREE ON A SCHOOL CAMPASS THAT A BLACK CHILD HAD TO GET PERMISSION TO SIT UNDER. Thats what to my understanding got all this crap started. NO ONE HAS ADRESSED THIS YET !!! AND I PERSONALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY. if someone has the answer email me at and help me understand.
September 28, 2007, 12:38 pm CDT

jena 6

this is not about race,if you commit assault and battery you go to jail, its the law everywhere and for anyone. why do they make such a big deal out of it?? you dont see white people boarding buses to go lynch O.J. simpson for killing two white people,law enforcement and the judge saw this as what it is 6 black boys who ganged up on one kid! that all by itself speaks of what kind of kids they are and how they were raised,we have racist people like al sharpton feedind rasism into this, and he has the nerve to call himself a man of god! I would not allow my kids to listen to him he is the picture of a racist troublemaker, who should mind his own business!
September 28, 2007, 12:42 pm CDT

A White Tree - My blood is boiling

Dr. Phil I think that the people espeally the school board and parents should have been brought to task with why a tree was designated for white only students? And how long has this been in effect? The community was saying that they are not racist, GIVE ME A BREAK, I am white and my blood is boiling. This fighting was being pushed and pushed to confrontation by the school board allowing a racist tree on school proverty. And if they are so ignorate not to see the harm in it. Then its no wonder that these same studip and ignorant people did not see the nooses as exacerbation, and further provaction towards violence. How can these TEACHERS call themselves TEACHERS and not see what was happening in their own community, unless they are racist themselves. I do not agree with fighting or violence. And I believe that there should be consequences for your actions, but the consequences should be fair and just. One boy out of six still in jail without bail seem very suspicious. When you hear this school has had numberous series of racial confrontations. And not all of the confrontations and fights have been given a systematic official discipline. When a community can not see what they are doing to the children and the goverment officials use racial politics to solve social relations. Magnifying the people involived is sometimes needed to get prespective and see the big picture, because your too close a community and can not see your faults. Lets be fair and just. And I'm sure that everyone can see that both sides have faults here, not only the boys involved here but the whole state should be looking at how they are exusing behavior on both sides, and have not been looking closer at the real problem of how people are treating others. What is the causes of school fights. The school and state should have addresses this issues long ago. The WHITE TREE was a HUGE FLAG for me that amplified unrest.!!!!!! Just as it would if it was The male tree. NOOSES - Threatening behavioral attributes should have been put in check long long ago. Shame Shame Shame on this school for allowing this attitude to continue. And bull if you say You did not know it was this bad. Check the records, I would like to know the history not only from this school but the whole states records of all school discipline investigations. And what is being done to confront racism in the schools, before it gets to the point of blows. It's about time Americans Wake up and Do whats right, not whats the easiest by expecting the weakest to just turn their cheek, or the children to just overlook what is being done to them because the adults won't stick up for them.
September 28, 2007, 1:15 pm CDT

This is a shame and so misunderstood... sounds like some of you have seem the show already . It doesn't come on in here until 3 pm (Houston TX) But waht I'm hearing from some folks is that the protesters matching in support of the Jena 6 was marching for EQUAL JUSTICE OF THE LAW. They did not want these boys to go without punishment but they wanted appropiate punishment for those involved. Some of you believe that those boys are guilty and its been stated that witnesses can't say who did what to Justin Barker. Some say Mychal Bell cold cocked him from behind while others say Mychal punched him in the face. Some say it was another boy who hit him. So until the courts figure out who did what, thats when justice will be served. But don't just gather a bunch of black boys up and say they did it and then book them on outrageous charges so that MR REED can prove himself to be the man that can take thier live away with his pen. That ridiculous. As far as Mychal's other charges how do we know those weren't punped up by Mr. DA also. He throw charges out there like they are baseballs. That boy satyed in jail on a conviction that a higher court said was invalid. He has paid his price for what we can see Justin injuries. As far as the Jena Times that paper is ran by Jena people so they are going to report the Jena story and make accusations about the money picture as if they want the world to think it was taken from the defense fund , which i know has not been paid out yet. So that is bogus. I hope this wakes up the people of Jena to show you that getting along is not ignoring each other until football season but "getting along" is feeling apart of the community and I haven't heard anyone that is not white to say they felt the love of Jena. Its easy to say its a wonderful place when you stay in the world where everyone looks like you , think like you and does what you do. Now its time to see more of the bigger world .
September 28, 2007, 1:23 pm CDT

It only has to look like a duck.

I don't care what the colours of the people involved are. I'm stupid, courageous, and principled enough, that if I see 6 people beating on somebody and delivering HEAD kicks, there will be a warning by me to stop. One more head kick, and there will be lethal use of force by me and some dead people. (I know that I could be in custody and spending some major bucks to defend myself, that's okay.) One may have NO INTENT of committing murder, but if one indulges one's self in violence, the consequences could be FAR WORSE than the law's punishment. No doubt about it, racism is a major sickness of our culture.
September 28, 2007, 1:38 pm CDT

Be "HONEST" with yourself! mom65

I have been following the story of the "Jena 6" since it broke and in no way am I suprized that there are still people who are cauhgt up in the color of someone's skin. ,but just because it doesn't suprize me doesn't mean that I am not OUTRAGED. America needs to open there eyes and stop acting as if everyone is created equally! mom65, you need to get your facts in order! if you are going to recall things from the media then recall them correctly. It was NOT 3 blacks against 1 white ,it was 1white adult with a shotgun trying to intimidate 3black high school students. The young men were trying get the gun away from the man in fear for there lives and when the police came the 3 black men were arrested and charged with attemped theift of a firearm! And since we are on media coverage what about the WHITE man that busted the Black man in the head with a bottle from just an arguement, and was only charged with simple assult. the madness has got to stop! The bottom line is that NO ONE should be treated differently for any reason!!! No it was no right that Justin Barker was fought by 6 people at one time ,even if he said something that hurt feelings, or struck emotion, but Justin Barker was not beat to the point of death. Therefore any kind of murder charge was a crock from the beginning!!! The group of six did commit a crime., the crime of being BLACK in WHITE MANS LAND!!!!!
September 28, 2007, 1:43 pm CDT

Let me tell you a story!

I live in Canada....and yes there are race issues....please tell me where there are not... In May, 2001....A graduation party was held at a home in a very "well-to-do" area near the town I live in. There were well over 100 kids, (high school..grade 12). Every color under the rainbow was there!, All the party-goers were invited. One of the invited guests..who by the way was white..brought 3 people who were NOT invited. One was white, the other 2 were asian...and all 3 were dressed in red...the color of the asian gang they belonged to..a gang who well known, and feared. They were asked to leave the party..there was no physical confrontation..but yes..some verbal...the asian gang is a tough one. Some of the guys stepped in, and finally the 3some...and the invited guest who brought them left....again....there was NO physical confrontation. They left....and came back with some 2 cars...7, at least, but probably more(not proven)...They sat in their the driveway...and waited! A young man named Matthew (19), and his girlfriend left the one else was outside as they went to his car....the 7 "youths" waiting in the driveway got out of their cars...proceeded to punch, kick and beat Matthew in the head with a bat,! until his girlfriends' screams attracted some help, and they fled. Matthew died, 4 hrs later!...This year, 1 offender was given life for 2nd degree manslaughter...eligible for parole in 7 yrs.1offender was under 18, and as a "young offender"...will not have to spend much more time in jail.The "invited" guest , who is considered the "instigator", and driver, was believed to not have struck a blow, and after 6 yrs. he was released earlier this year for time served. 1 other plead guilty to misdemeanor, and is on probation! Don't know about the rest...still in court. Matthew, who is white, was savagely beaten to death, beyond a well known gang,because they took offense to being asked to leave a party they were NOT invited to....3 of them were also not even at the party to begin with, but were "recruited" enact their 'revenge" MATTHEW, DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE !!! JUSTICE.....WAS NOT 'revenged' FOR HIM !!! This world needs a serious WAKE-UP call !!!
September 28, 2007, 2:45 pm CDT


1: If you are white when is the last time something happened to you that was bad because of your race? 2: If you have kids then none of this is right? 3: If someone don't stop this then it is going to get out of control. Alot more people are going to get hurt.
September 28, 2007, 2:50 pm CDT

HELP!!!! Dr. Phil

This is obviously a heated subject that needs to be revisited until we all can come to a compromise on how we see the world and how the world sees us. Dr. Phil, Oprah, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, and many other prominent and trusted communicators please talk about this....I'm sure a panel can get together to help people that are stuck. We all can't come live in the Dr. Phil house, but this issue goes so far and deep that a weekly show can help this craziness. This goes way beyond Jena, LA. May God Bless us all!
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