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Created on : Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 05:00:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You've heard the news and read the headlines. Today on Dr. Phil, the families of the six black teens arrested and charged with the assault of a white teen in Jena, Louisiana last December face off. Was it a hate crime or prank? A matter of black and white, or simply right and wrong? Were the Jena Six's civil rights violated during the trials? The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have said the arrests and subsequent charges were racially motivated. Now it's Dr. Phil's turn. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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September 28, 2007, 8:09 am CDT

2 mom65

I for one can not control what appears on camera, or what is printed in the newspaper. So if the media has distorted and twisted the facts then I as a viewer can only believe that what I am seeing and hearing is true. So until I hear otherwise (as in a change of the story) I can only go by what was previously stated on the news and in the newspaper. It stated that the previous fight was when a black student (one of the Jena 6) was attempting to attend an all white party and he was jumped by three white guys (one of them being Justin Barker) who also taunted and spewed racial epithets at him. You say that Justin Barker had nothing to do with it and the three white guys involved weren't students. Should these white guys (not students) also get charged with second degree attempted murder? Mind you these would be adults beating up a juvenile. Celebrities? Lets keep it real. These are young kids and they are getting nationwide public exposure with everyone watching them. You can't possibly tell me you have never showcased (acting silly & whatnot) in front of a camera. Reality tv itself was created on this concept 'showcasing (acting silly...).' And furthermore noone including you or I should be judged on one particular act or incident. And for anyone reading this please let me state that I donot condone the action of fighting to settle a score or disagreement by any means.
September 28, 2007, 8:23 am CDT

No need to get so upset with me.....

There is some racism in Jena, just like every other place in the world. Racism is not always against blacks, it can be against anyone black, white, orange, yellow, matter your color. But you can't judge Jena by what you hear in the media and call the whole town racist. The majority of blacks & whites get along wonderfully in Jena. If you will look at pictures from the demonstrations in Jena you will notice the only black people from Jena attending are members of the Jena six families. MISSCHRISTY - you are saying just because some people in the world hasn't been punished correctly then these six should just walk??? I have never agreed that they should spend their life in jail or even 15 years, but yes if they are guilty then they need to pay the time. As far as you just now hearing about this, no one is trying to hid anything. You can go to and read a timeline of everything that has happened. Jena is a small town, the world doesn't hear everyhting that happens as soon as it happens. I understand trying to get the stories out, I just said the way things have been handled it seems the media is making the look like celebrities, and I never said the pictures with the money were against the law. Just pointing a few things. MISSCHRISTY - you also said that "they" had been locked up for almost a year. "They" haven't, Mychael Bell has until yesterday. But understand he was tried and convicted, and now I understand that he will have to be retried in a junvinille court. The reason for his bond being so high before his trail is because he was a repeated offender. As far as the white boy pulling the gun, I can't say too much about that because I don't know the whole story. But from what I heard the 3 jumped him and he pulled the gun for protection, then the 3 took the gun and left. After not being able to get the gun back he reported it stolen. I believe they were charged with possession of a stolen firearm. The white boy who brought the gun to school is waiting on his trail. He was a juvinille, no prior convictions. The comment the DA made at school, he made it to ALL the students that were cutting up in the assemble. He wanted all of them to take him seriously. I have children at Jena High School that were in the assembly. I am NOT a racist person and I do not believe these six should be punished because they are black, I believe they should be punished because what they did was wrong.
September 28, 2007, 9:07 am CDT


--A hispanic student was told by a white student "I have a shotgun waiting for you in my truck". Police called. Principal sent them away saying "boys will be boys". Police supervisor reply to complainant's father, "Mr. __ in this town ; whites hate blacks; blacks hate whites; and they both hate Hispanics. It's just the way it is." It is commonly known that many of the locals hunt during the evenings and go straight to school afterward with hunting gear in vehicles. Probability of weapon in the student's vehicle was high. -- 2 black siblings were attacked in the breakfast line at school. Racial tensions rose. 900 students were checked out by parents who were notified via cells. Principal's response was to bann cell phones and expel the victims. One student who tried to help defend the victims was transported to police station and kept for 48 hours. Parents never notified by school or police dept. 17 year old boy held with held in jail. --2 white students get into a fight the same week. Destroy school property in process. NOTHING DONE. --Hispanic girl beats up a white girl. Expelled! Arrested. ---White girl beats up a white girl and causes serious injury. NOTHING DONE. Assailant goes on to win local beauty pageant? No arrest for battery? -- 1 white student died who was also a teenage mother. Assembly for picture slideshow held during class time at school. All must attend whether they knew her or not. Graduation ceremony has special mention of her passing. ---------- Black student who died--- NOTHING DONE. ---White boys PROVOKING black and hispanic males daily by taunting and using hate words. Teachers witness and do nothing. Boys try to defend themselves and are held back from class . When students say "why don't you call them back; they started it?" They are written up for insubordination. White students walk away. Next day the same thing. 15 white students stalk one hispanic student with intent to provoke and harm. Caught on school camera. 2 Teachers become aware of the threat to the hispanic student and begin to keep him in class during his lunch hours and in between class to be sure halls are safe for student to walk thru. Principal notified. NOTHING DONE! Principal later recorded telling admin staff to assign students to report upon activities of Hispanic student in effort to have the hispanic student kicked out of school. Father of Hispanic student gathers evidence. Presents to Principal. Hispanic student is magically left alone for the remainder of the year by all parties. The 2 teachers who tried to protect him---Quit teaching. High School Band director places foot upon neck of black student. All black students quit band. Nothing done to the director. Director verbally abusing and slandering students. Nothing done. Middle school principal in same district has minority students hand cuffed and placed in police vehicles to police station routinely for HORSEPLAY! Police never provide chain of custody. NO blotter records etc...Students not permitted to contact parents. Students often held in office and interrogated for hours until they are recorded saying what the principal wants them to. Parents are never notified despite student repeatedly asking for parents. White students are videotaped HORSEPLAYING in full view of principal, vice principal, teachers, and resource officer. NOTHING DONE!
September 28, 2007, 9:14 am CDT


I so agree with you....just because Justin got beat up now all the sudden the black boys are "attempted murderers" It is absoulety CRAZY to me. I still believe that this was a fight that most boys get into at least one in their life and I think the punishment was COMPLETLY overboard for what happened. I live where the racism is not so apparaent and I am so happy because of that. I just think that it is so sad that in 2007 we are still fighting for equality for everyone because of their race. I really hope that these boys are given equal justice. I still would like to know why they think that hanging nooses is a "PRANK"! Don't these boys know any of the history of hanging of the nooses and why it is so NOT A PRANK!!!!!! Their parents need to take a long look at themselves as well and what they are teaching their boys to say that it is a prank and okay to hang those nooses!
September 28, 2007, 9:35 am CDT

I dont understand

I have black friends and from other cultures as well. Why do they always publish in the papers when a white guy beats up a black person that it’s automatic racism? When it comes to a black person beating up a white person it cannot be racism and it’s not reported in the paper? I love my best friend a lot and I can see the remarks he makes towards me as being white. I hate it and I ask him why he says that and why is it ok to joke and call me names while I am white but if I called him names why is it wrong which I cannot call him names because I do look up to him. Your show the Jena six makes me sick why let them off make them pay equally for everyone else would not be fair to just let them go make the ones that did it pay for their crimes. To me both party’s whites and blacks have bad and good people in the community. When he invited me to his church I felt out of place I was the only white person but I felt ok because I thought I was in a church of God. When the pastor started talking I wanted to run out crying. I have never seen a church that wanted to keep talking about racism and keep it alive. The churches I grew up in taught about forgiveness and all be friends why keep it alive? When he talked he said when the whites do a slight cough we will cough harder and that there were family planning centers on every corner of a black community. Where a grew up its mostly white community and they had them all over as well. I just don’t understand.
September 28, 2007, 9:36 am CDT

Where are all the White Male Comments about this incident??

Why are only white women are standing up for the town of Jena. Don't the white men have opinions about this incident?
September 28, 2007, 9:36 am CDT


mom65-----You dilute racism when you lump it in with any and all colors. There is no such thing as an orange person. My family's mobility has enabled us to relocate every 18 months. During that time; we have witnessed racism from one extreme to the other. In our current town; the mentality is that the racism isn't any worse than any where else. That is what the people believe because they haven't experience living in larger areas. The blacks and the whites don't "get along" because they all want to be friends. They get along because they have their invisible divided lines that they all have learned not to cross and to keep what goes on within the town amongst themselves. They will never show their true colors to "outsiders". Racism in towns similar to Jena is a cyclical situation. Generation after generation is taught the same thing until it is commonplace among them and they can't see the "forest for the trees". Come out of the woods and see racism for the disgusting thing it is. Racism on any scale can not be tolerated. To say that there is "some" racism is sort of like saying a woman expecting is "sorta pregnant". When racism is tolerated ; we perpetuate the blief that it is acceptable. As long as we all bleed red and breathe the same air; there can be no acceptance by anyone who subscribes to the belief that their ethnicity is superior. It starts with the children. Where was the outrage on behalf of the black students by the majority of Jena's white populace? I can only hope that the spot light gets put upon other towns like Jena.
September 28, 2007, 9:49 am CDT

Jena 6/ What is this teaching our future generation?

Let me just start out by saying, that I think they should be charged to the fullest extent. It has nothing, nothing to do with race. I am from S.C. and some things may be different, but at the same time you dont put your hands on people (white, black, indian, mexican, ect.) My son is 5yrs old and I have never taught him the difference between color. I always taught him and the way I was taught if you want to point someone out do it by the color of their shirt, pants. I couldn't stand it when someone calls me out by my color. I am a mixed ethnic, and I am not racisist by no mean. It does not matter what the boy was saying to them, that gave them no right to touch him, none at all. It amazes me how the world works today. Words are Words, beating someone is physical abuse. Thats like saying if I say something wrong that someone has the right to beat me and get away with it because it imoral of me for saying something. What do call fighting. Thats Morals? I dont think so. You absolutely do not touch people. Turn it on the flip side, had it had been a different race doing it to an african american you have the NAACP, all up in it. I dont get it, I really dont. It dont take SIX kids to beat one person, come on, think about it. They knew what they was doing, they knew it when they done it, and if they have an anger problem so bad that they haft to beat someone for saying something, then they need to be in jail. What if their wives, children, or so forth, later on said something that set them off, what do you think they would do.... Probally beat them to. I think they should get sentenced. What is this teaching our future generation?
September 28, 2007, 10:10 am CDT

Jena 6: My Opinion

My opinion may seem harsh, but this is how I feel. Racism exists today and will always occur. I feel bad that Justin did get beatin' down, but you need to ask "WHAT STARTED THE WHOLE THING?" Who provoked the attack? To me that was left out. I don't care if the charges was reduced. If it was the other way around, being 6 white kids beatin' 1 black kid, "they" would get off. The justice system needs to change. All we have are racial politicians who do not care about what's going on. Even with the nooses being hung, how DARE anyone say that it's not a HATE CRIME beacuse it is. It's a symbol of what African Americans went through, which is a symbol of "HATE." I hate it when people talk about the USA is united because were're not. The only way were're united is when WE start treating each other like were're EQUAL. I don't think that will ever happen because of what the children are learning from home. I've never experience racism until I moved down south. The southern states are where racism mainly resides. This whole matter is stupid and doesn't make any since because none of the boys will recieve the RIGHT justice in southern states because of Racism still existing. I quite frankly blame the parents of ALL the children because they need to sit with their child and tell them what is right and wrong. If not, they're going to find the answers that could lead to what is occurring now. I hope everything goes well. May God Bless the Jena 6.
September 28, 2007, 10:12 am CDT

Jena 6

I am a white single mother of a 12yr old son, living in North Carolina due to being military. We are from Louisiana. But no where near Jena. Some big shot rights activist here in NC got a few bus loads of people together and traveled to Jena to protest. I have raised my son to see three colors, the air force uniform of blue, the air force uniform of green and that we all bleed the same red blood. He doesn't see the colors of skin, he likes or dislikes you because or your behavior rather than your race. Last week when all this went on TV and then buses left from NC, my son became a target for wearing a shirt that supported Louisiana State University. This is the college he plans to attend. He gets hit and called names and one boy has even threated to kill him. I have filed a police report. He is one of about 5 white children on the school bus and the black children chant "slavery no more" and "we will have power again" on the bus. This is crazy. Why did NC even get involve. This is a Jena issue, not a NC issue. All the boys in Jena should be punished accordingly to their crime. The white ones and the black ones. No one in NC even knew this crime existed until the media got involve and this man stirred the pot. Now we have problems in NC. Thanks a lot to those who can't mind their own business!
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