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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:19:42 am
Author : dataimport
Do you have difficulty making or finding friends? Meet others like you and share your story.

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September 7, 2008, 10:16 pm CDT

Difficulty Forming Friendships

Making friends for me is near to impossible with severe and major consequences of some past things that had ruined me emotionally and as a woman. I don't know how to approach people anymore, i've lost the lustor to myself when i speak to people i don't know...yet they stay fascinated in me til they realize i'm  a psycho bitch. *halfsmiles* What would/could be done to help me make friends, make me want to excel socially when all i want to do emotionally is just hide forever?
December 22, 2008, 6:45 pm CST

Being drop by friends

As growing up I all ways being drop....  that all changed after high school... when I was 24 in 1994  that when I lost all my support of friends.  Schizophrenia the doctors called it..

Well what can you do.  I know the hole Truth of mental illness by falling on head their nothing you can do about  , but if you tell the Truth about the myth of it...  You  will be excommunicated from the world.. and be part of the world of loneliness..  I had a lot help when I was a child. the psychiatry that really help me when I was small thought I would be keep-ed out

I did too. A  Schizophrenia Doctor was talking too DR flewagian  another colleague

He said that most Schizophrenic people will try not to build families of their own . That they will

keep too their self. The Doctor is right I been keeping too my self  because of schizophrenia and most people like me will not have families. SEE THIS PICTURE IT IS  A PHONY SMILE.  Yes you can say  feeling

sorry for self  well I am not and please don't  be.... I say it because it has too be this way. I am 40 years old with no future.... It does not matter how hard I try too bill my self one. It just  falls apart and it is not my fault .

Like I said it is totally up too you if you want friends or you don't .....  People are not trying like they are use too be. Those that wants friends... Take my advice it is  all worth ,it it takes while but most people come a round  but the old friend that you still want,  consoling your old friend ,that hard.. You can wine up  alone like me because you want your old friends......  It never get easy too let go , it is not like they are past way and you know where they are at at all times....  


February 11, 2009, 2:03 pm CST

we were friends or what ?

I had really bad moments

I am girl in egypt

I lost my mother when I was one year old ..

My family ignoared me always .. they don't care of what I say ./..

I did search about good friend

he is called manuel ,, from romania ,, we talked through internet

and i really loved him and liked him ,, ( like my friend )

he was like my brother

and he told me that he love me 2 .,..

well ,, here we are

we still like 140 days friends

then he told me that he doesn't believe in friendship which on internet

..cuze he don't know me ,,

and he told me that he lied to me when he said that he loved me ..

Now ,, I wanna know the wrong from who ?

ME or him ..

I can't find something to mend my problem

I have bad days now and still cryiing when i miss him

and he tells me that he dont care of my feeling!

April 15, 2009, 6:19 pm CDT

Have not been lucky in love myself. I know how you feel.

Quote From: towers2002


 why is it that its hard to find a girl friend to to love and be friends with and be happy ?

 im not good looking -disabe -can't see  or hear to good to drive or work . beleave me you would not want to be in my shoes .seem the ladys i meet only what one thing  money and sex and good looking man . i don't drink or smoke or take bad drugs .

 i dont even think dr.phil  ever talk about people like me who have a hard time finding the right one .

 in some ways i think he puts us down .sure there are man who are lazy and etc .but im not them .

   what i see in a person is what they are on the in side .and not what they look like on

the out side . same that the way lfe is here . but i keep going .becouse i know sooner or later there some one out there for me


I have not had luck in love myself so I can understand your frustration of not being able to find the right one. You got to stop putting youself down because God loves you. I too look at someones personality and what they are like inside before I think about thier looks. Not every woman is after money,looks,or sex. Some of us are looking a life partener or companion. Most of all for someone to accept and love us unconditionally. This is the way I feel. I am a 44yr.old single mom who still has not found the right one. I have learned that god loves me unconditionally. I do not have to be perfect for him to love me. Do not beat yourself up. Your not the only one who feels this way. Seek a relationship with god . Admitt your a sinner and ask forgveness for your sins and ask Jesus to take controll of your life. God will show you his love for you. Pray and he will help you find the right one. Hope this helps
July 6, 2009, 9:00 pm CDT



as i have read the the responce to the letters and i know the feelings of the people that have a hard time finding a friend or some one in the their life as i have the same trouble

although i have a few problems my self and dont know how to get out of the situation and i have notices that all the ladies think unless you are wearing so called " fashion " and skiny like 120 lbs then they dont care less but i am very normal in the way i look and yes i am a little overweight  and dress very casual  but feel very comfy so you tell me how to overcome this i also think that you ladies dont know how to do a real  date and i challenge any lady to have a real date with me


before i forget i have a simple question that needs to be answered

the questions  is " what is fashion " are you paying for the clothing or just the name



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