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Created on : Friday, September 21, 2007, 12:19:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/26/07) Do you wish kids came with a manual? Dr. Phil shines the light on the biggest mistakes parents make, and along with Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of Mending the Broken Bond, he tells parents how to calm the atmosphere in their homes. First up, Renee says her 3-year-old son won't behave, unless her husband, Brian, is around. What do they need to do to get his behavior under control? Next, Angie, mother to three kids, says her youngest child's tantrums can last up to 30 minutes. Could Angie's guilt be contributing to her son's behavior? Then, Shannon joins Dr. Phil via Web cam to get help with her 4-year-old son, Branson, who screams, kicks, hits, bites and calls her names. What is the big mistake she makes? And, Michael, is a stay-at-home dad to 3-year-old McKenna, who throws tantrums daily. Could he be to blame for her outbursts? Plus, Suzette and Tony's 5-year-old son, Malachai, has already been kicked out of three preschools, because he hits teachers, throws toys and won't follow the rules. Find out what in-home video cameras caught on tape, and why Malachai's parents say it's "disturbing." And, see what happens when Dr. Lawlis makes a house call to Eve, whose 10-year-old daughter, Julia, tells her, "I wish you were dead." Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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September 26, 2007, 3:18 pm CDT

Cranky Kids

I am a strict parent of two girls ages 2 and 3. I use time outs as a form of discipline. The important thing is that your the boss not your kids. I tell my 3 year old: I tell you what to do when to do it and how to do it until your old enough to be your own boss. i use the counting methond 1 2 and when I get to three its timeout no warnings. Yesterday she was throwing a tantrum because she couldnt have an apple. I grabed her by the hand not saying a word and went to the car I have already finished shopping.when we got home she was sent to her room very boring no toys.You as the parent always need to be in control do not let your kids control you. Dont be afaird to be a parent. discipline with love my phislophy.
September 26, 2007, 3:44 pm CDT

Children with demonic problem

Some of these children are evidencing demonic behavior.
September 26, 2007, 4:08 pm CDT

Cranky Kids

It is important for parents to follow through with discipline. As parents, we have to quit being lazy with discipline and follow through. Kids are smart! They can figure us out quick. It does not take them long to learn our faults as parents and use it to their advantage. Unfortunately, it takes us (parents) a longer time to undo the behavior our faults have created. We as parents need to get our bottoms in gear -- hold ourselves accountable for our short-comings and put our energy into changing ourselves to better not only ourselves but also our children. Just my opinion.
September 26, 2007, 4:24 pm CDT

Goes in one ear and out the other.....

I have two children a 12 and a half...and a 5 month old.(Yeah I know the age difference is big.) My problem is that when we talk to our 12 year old we tell him what needs to be done....then it's after this show or in a minute...we have come down to turning off the TV to get him to do it. We want to show him how to get things done, dishes, cleaning, cooking. So that he knows how to do it when he gets older. When we tell him to do ANYTHING we get the *SIGH* and slump of the sholders and dragging of the know like he don't want to do it. I have tried money, worked for two weeks, tried taking stuff away, he didn't care. So now what??? How do I get my son to help out around the house?...he did it when he was younger but now that he's in his tween years....he's making me pull out my hair!
September 26, 2007, 4:29 pm CDT

jdillner you've got to be kidding me

These children are not demonic they are undisciplined and confused. Children need routine and structure to understand the consequences of their behavior. These children are inconsistently disciplined by wishy-washy parents that simply want to do what's easy and not be viewed as the bad one. Children have friends and playmates. What they need is parents to tell them what's acceptable social behavior as well as model that behavior in thier own actions. With the exception of children affected by mental and emotional conditions there are no uncontrollable children, and all children can be responsible, respectable citizens if they are given the tools and shown what's expected of them. Children want positive attention and praise. It's amazing what taking true quality time to relate to your children can do for their character and self-esteem. And it doesn't take a lot of money and things. It can be as easy as reading to them, coloring with them or playing a board game like Julia on the program wanted. No child wants to be a problem chlid, it's just simply the only way some of them can get any attention at all.
September 26, 2007, 4:38 pm CDT

Cranky Kids

I think today’s show raised very good teaching techniques for the parents along with the advice. I totally agree that the parents often set the behavior. The book is also a great tool for them after the show. However, there was one kid Malachai, whose issue goes beyond just a tantrum. This kid if not dealt with on a professional level, is a knife cut waiting to happen. Yes, I agree that Malachai father is a big man, and the discipline should have been on eye level, but be is no bigger than Michael and his little girl. Also Suzette is talking divorce, which tells me this is a much bigger story here. If Dr. Lawlis had to visit someone and put a mike in their ear, it should have been Tony. After all in a couple of years these other kids will be 5 and they could be where Malachai is now. I hope some professional help (parenting classes) was extended to them because they were reaching out and not just for a book. Terry from Roosevelt
September 26, 2007, 4:52 pm CDT

My son..

My son was behaving in similar ways these children were. (He's 3 yrs. old) I just started counseling and the counselor referred me to a doctor, the doctor checked him out and said he has PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) It's a mix of several different disorders, he's now on medication and I'm hoping this will make him better, not only behavior wise, but within himself, HE HAS TO BE MISERABLE INSIDE... just like with these children. I think they should all consider counseling for their children, there could be MORE going on then they think... that's how it was for me!
September 26, 2007, 5:32 pm CDT


I have one child thst is 5 and i know what the parents are going through. My child is alot worst then these on the show today. Sometimes the children have reason on why they are acting out. My daughter has signs of ADHD But in canada they will not test till they are 8. So for the next three yrs i will have to deal with a out of control child. Sometimes it's alot harder then ppl wanna think it is. My daughter throws tantrums so bad that when she is in one after she is done she sleeps for 7hrs. It is hard. I am doing this all by myself. I just want ppl to understand these behaviors can be more then just parents not disclinpe their children enough. somethings just can't be fix.
September 26, 2007, 5:36 pm CDT

disputes on 9/26/07

me and my fiance were watching your show and sorry dr, phil but we feel not only was kerri at wrong we feel all of them were. all these people were acting like young kids. how do they expect their kids to act their age when their parents are acting like kids their self. see we too been having problems with our neighbors but ours were different they had their friends do donuts in our yard with their car and ran our mailbox over . we were asleep our neighbor across the street seen it happen and called the police. then our neighbors on the other side of us wait until they know we are going to sleep and will go out start their truck up let it ran 30 minutes turn it off for 5 minutes then do it all over again. this would start at midnight and go on till 6am every other day for 10 days finally we tried talking to them but instead they turn out their lights so we ended up calling the police. they could smell the fuses from the truck. when they saw the police car going down our street they ran out side turn it off and acted like they were asleep but the officer knew better he could smell the fuses plus felt the hood and it was hot. yes this was childish behavior mostly when your in your forties and close to fifties. your not always going to get alone with your neighbors. but we feel about what's going on at peaceful pines isn't all kerri fault not saying some of it isn't but we feel some of the ones there before might feel angry towards her because the family that moved may of been their friends and they feel maybe if they gain up on kerri she to will move. well thank you for your time.
September 26, 2007, 5:54 pm CDT

Cranky kids on airplanes

Two experiences from a non-mother: I was ferrying a friend's adopted child back from Thailand (I'm military) to Utah. He was having ear pressure problems and I didn't realize he was allergic to Pampers, so he was screaming a lot. Got some help from mothers on the plane, but a priest came from first class to tell me to keep the child quiet. I told him to please return to first class and say lots of prayers for us to get the little one quiet. He did and the little one quieted down (finally). Second incident: On an fully loaded military contract plane out of New Jersey. "Mom" and 2 year old 1 row back and to my left. Child threw his 1/2 full bottle and hit me in the face. I returned it to Mom. Two minutes later got hit in the face with same bottle; returned to Mom and asked that she watch her child, as I didn't like being hit in the face. She told me she couldn't control him. I replied if she didn't and I got hit again, she would not get that bottle back until we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. It did and I did return the bottle to her in Germany. She tried to enlist the flight attendant to no avail. There was no great confrontation, just the fact that if parents don't control your child's actions, I will do whatever to lessen its effect on me.
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