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Topic : 09/25 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds, Part 2

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Created on : Friday, September 21, 2007, 12:17:10 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil continues his work with three newlywed couples who are already talking divorce. Previously, Dr. Phil confronted Karla about her inebriated state, but she denied it and, on her way out, had a meltdown, threatening to leave the show. Now, while the other husbands and wives finally move into The Dr. Phil House, Karla is absent. Find out why she never joins her husband the first night in the house. The next day, after hearing the wives voice their doubts about the Man Camp process, Dr. Phil pays them a visit. Are they ready to get real, or should they go home? Next, Dr. Phil meets with Karla and John about her drinking problem and their physical fights in front of their kids. Dr. Phil plays a shocking scene in their home, caught on tape. When Karla’s father and the couple’s neighbors make a surprise visit, will their caring words be a wake-up call? Then, Jack and Danielle confront each other in an exercise that doesn’t go well. Jon the discussion.

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September 22, 2007, 2:46 pm CDT

Karla's honesty in man camp

Karla has a major problem with alcohol and needs major treatment in a rehab center; she first has to admit that she has a problem and I'm not sure she's ready.
September 25, 2007, 3:42 pm CDT

Karla is NOT Facing Facts about Herself ...

She keeps trying to make out that it is "their" problem - not hers - "their" problem. She's no where near ready to make a sober lfe for herself - it's sad - but not even the fear of her kids has her ready to admit the truth about herself - she's embarrased and that's about it. Sad - but this girl as an extremely serious problem and her husband has to step up - he has to stop abusive actions and words - but he can't allow a drunk to take care of his children. Their life is changed - it's never going to go back to what they thought they had - it's over - he can't bring beer into the house and she can't make it "their" problem - that only enables her. I bet there's been three weeks when Karla is sober - each time after rehab - it that. She falls down, she can't take care of her kids ... John - you cannot lay your hands on that woman - if she's so drunk you can't leave the kids with her then you have to get out and take those kids with you. Her family isn't really ready to admit that the real problem there is her boozing - they don't want that drunk to be her daughter - they're willing to think it's all your fault. Let them see her for what she is the next time she gets drunk. Your FIRST obligation is to protect those children.
September 25, 2007, 4:12 pm CDT

Man Camp!!!

In this day and age, with alcoholism,child-abuse,-and spousal-abuse "out-of-the-closet" , not ignored like in the 50's or 60's, it seems no one " learns" anything....and "friends" that actually "see" these things going on just look the other way, or tell themselves it's non of their business.....YES...IT IS YOUR BUSINESS! Too many songs are being sung..."Concrete Angel" it !!! It's about a little girl who goes to school with bruises, "the teacher wonders but she never asks" "Somebody cries in the middle of the night...the neighbours hear, but they turn out the light" "when mornin comes, it'll be too late".... I don't want to come out hear and stand on a soap box!!!...I just think that with ALL the problems there are in the world...wars, starvation,tsunamis, earthquakes...our countries are quick to jump on the let's go help them wagon....when the "civilized" world they live in isn't always, and there are plenty of people right here that need help! DON'T look the other way...step in and help....if you can't...tell someone who CAN!!! CPS,Police etc. Don't even get me started on Britney spears.....enuff said....Dr.Phil, I hope you send this message out loud and clear!!!! Been one helped..fortunately no one dies in my story...I didn't stay long enough to let that happen, some people (and I say men and women), just don't know what to do,and put up with it, or are to scared to do anything......
September 25, 2007, 4:37 pm CDT

Oh My Gosh

The show's only half over. My heart is BREAKING over Karla's little girl screaming at her parents to stop. How do you not see that, Karla? And your husband! Apparently, you hold yourself up to be the clear headed one, that Karla's the one with the problem. How did you not hear that baby screaming? She was scared to death! I pray you find the help you need. You'll have to live with that image the rest of your life! Please please listen, please get the help you two need for the sake of your babies, if not for yourselves.
September 25, 2007, 4:44 pm CDT

carla's husband

I was Carla's husband had a terrible drinking problem especially when there was stress....we had meltdown after meltdown....I never had any anger until alcoholism insued.....I had the same experience as carla's husband....we were having a conversation in the car...I stated "I don't think you are taking this seriously..." i.e. drinking.....he got upset and bolted into the house.....I had developed an issue with being under the same roof when he I left to business in another town....turns out that was our last conversation...when I returned on our anniversary I found him already dead in our bed. I believe he literally drank himself to death.
September 25, 2007, 5:10 pm CDT

Very disturbed....

I have just watched this episode of Dr. Phil and I am soo upset! I grew up with Karla and it's disturbing to see how out of control that she really is. I had not saw Karla in a few years and actually ran into her right before the show aired the first time and met her husband. I thought he was really nice. I even commented to my father about running into her and how I really thought that she was on the right track. I am afraid that I was wrong. Seeing her daddy, Larry on the show is upsetting. Larry adores Karla and would do anything in this world for her! They are really good people. I know Karla's drinking has not "just started." I think it stems from her mother passing away years ago. People find ways of escaping their pain and I believe that is where it started. I am not here to bash Karla or John, or any of the other couples on here. Nobody's perfect and everyone needs some kind of improvement. Karla and John, if you are reading this, please get help! Those kids don't deserve the abuse (physically, mentally, or emotionally). I believe that you guys can change for the better, if you are willing to make the changes that are needed. I am sorry that you two are in this state that you are, but it must change! I have faith in you both; just please take this very seriously.
September 25, 2007, 5:29 pm CDT

man camp II

well, I watched the entire show. Karla is a sack of potato's and will be real hard to respect until she's dried out. Ya know, there's nothing meaner than a dry drunk, so beware. And another bottle of vodka was found in the other woman's purse? Add Zanex, the term for this condition in the 70's was "wasted", these women are wasted.... Felt too much like spying. I know these people gave their big okey dokey but they are stupid, or should I say, at a stupid place in their lives. We are our brothers keepers, but too many cameras for me. Love, Luanne
September 25, 2007, 6:00 pm CDT


September 25, 2007, 6:39 pm CDT


These people do not know how good they have it, just having each other to be with, and precious children. They should try living alone. No love, No intimacy, No passion, just alone
September 25, 2007, 7:18 pm CDT

"I'm not high, just drunk", just a minute...let's spell it out for her....D.E.N.I.A.L.

I honestly pray, yes...a prayer will be going up for their children...all of their children...okay, everyones children! I so hope that Dr. Phil can bring the couples to reality and let them know that they are not just on vacation in a beautiful house. Dr. Phil so deserves a day at the spa for this one!
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