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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:19:05 am
Author : dataimport
What do you do when a trusted friend stabs you in the back? Give them a chance to explain? Or end the friendship?

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April 23, 2009, 12:28 am CDT


Quote From: msmocha

I moved to Las Vegas when I was 14, and next door to me lived a girl who instantly became my best friend. I basically moved in due to my moms increasing drug habit. I loved her mom very much so, she took me in as her own. When I was 15 I got a job and then dropped out of school to take a second job. I met my husband at 16 and we lived together rite away. I had my 1st son at 18. My friend and I where very close I told her everything. She always was around. She used to tell me that my husband was gorgeous, but i thought nothing of it, stupid me. I didn't think that way, but unfortunately that's all I think about now.

Well we had a great marriage, but taking in my sister and his brother became stressful for my ex. I then got pregnant with my 2nd son, and in the beginning I heard my husband talk to a girl on the phone after "working late" the previous day. I left that day, pregnant with a 3 year old and  my little sister. No money and no where to go. My friends took me in, and I moved 6 times, before having my son at 6 months, due to all the stress. In the hospital my "friend" and husband left the hospital together. Only for my to find out 2 months later that they slept together, I have not had no closure on this. I just cut them off. I haven't even seen her or her mom (who i miss) in 4 years now. How do i get over this? I have let it happen again with my other best friend. I do not have any contact with them. But it consumes my life daily.

Anyone I have become "good" friends with has stabbed me in the back. I started thinking maybe it's me they say you are the company you keep but I would never stab anyone in the back.  It sucks not to get close to anyone but after having my windows broken out, getting evicted, and having my stuff stolen, I now realize that I am pretty much the only person worthy of being my friend. I don't get out as much as I used to cuz some places you can't go to alone.  I find it so hard to read people that I know it might happen again. I hope you find support from people who deserve to be your friend. Best wishes...

May 26, 2009, 9:25 pm CDT

Sad today

I find this very hard to talk about Iam a very nice person ! But something happened today that really hurt me. I live in a high rise there have been many problems here lately etc break ins  people kicked out re drug problem . 5 cars were trashed this week. thats why I wanted to report these guys . etc . To night there were two guys hanging around here , t i ried to report this to coiucil president.

His wife asswered the phone . I told her about what I saw. She said and what should we do about! I just said I was reporting what I saw. She said I should go down myself and ask them what they were doing here. I then said I guess it doesnt matter . I knew I wasnt getting anywhere. So I hung up/ About 5 mins later she is at my door yelling and screaming at me about how dare I hang up on her. all the people who live around us must have heard her. I asked her to come in and talk privately She said no this is public and kept yelling at me. She  told me she never wanted to speak to me again in a very loud voice so all could here.

How do I handle this problem? I was only trying to do the right thing.



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