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Created on : Friday, September 14, 2007, 03:46:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/19/07) Are you the kind of neighbor who loans a cup of sugar and always waves hello, or do you keep to yourself and call the cops the minute you hear loud music? Dr. Phil talks to guests who say they definitely don’t live in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood! Kerry says her next-door neighbor, Kevin, has been stalking and threatening her for four years. She says he vandalized her home and even tried to run her over, all because she refused to go on a date with him. Kevin denies Kerry’s allegations and says she threw eggs and dog feces at his house, shot a BB gun through his bathroom window and called his job making death threats. You won’t believe what he caught on videotape! And, Kerry’s other neighbors say she’s been terrorizing them for over 12 years. Fearing retaliation, they join Dr. Phil via satellite. Then, Misty says her neighbors, Donna and Larry, have a faulty, smelly septic tank that floods her property. Donna and Larry say the problem is not the water from their tank, but Misty’s uneven driveway. Who’s responsible for the dirty water in Misty’s driveway, and will their relationship stay afloat? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 19, 2007, 1:58 pm CDT

09/19 Nasty Neighbors

Quote From: bonsterlee

Ok well were to begin. The neighborhood that I live in is a culdsac of 200,000 to 300,000 dollar homes. would look at first glance a very respectible neighborhood. Myself, husband and 7 yr old son have resided in this neighborhood for 8 years. Everything was wonderful for about 5 years until the neighbors next door moved in. I was their welcome wagon. I introduced them to others in the neighborhood. Shortly after these peolpe moved in, the women living there with her boyfriend and HER son from another marriage WE were all very friendly for awhile. She was diagnosed with lymphoma. she went through kemo and was alweays very tired and sick. I would make extra dinner all the time and feed her and her son because her boyfriend would not help her. My son at the time was not old enough for school yet but I was kind enough to get up everyday at 6:30 a.m. to put her son on the bus. as well as babysit for her son almost everyday  because her boyfriend would not help her. Ok other nighbors that have been almost family to us since we have been here tryed to start a business from their home. It is a residenal area so that is not allowed. These new people that moved in all of the sudden were calling themselves the captains of the neighborhood association. THERE IS NO ASSOCIATION!! Becauce I refused to go against these particular neighbors and rally against them for starting a business. These people next to me have been ruthless eversince. For instance. There has been many confrontations between myself and this women. all resulting is a screaming match because she always has to have the last word. I was falsly accused last year of abusing my animals and That I run around my yard topless. WEll these people have a way of getting other neighbors to take thier side and go right along with whatever they want. These people had a 90 year old women lie and say I abuse our animals and that I run around topless, Needless to say I was arrested on my sons 6th birthday. I was dragged through court and after 6 months the judge realized It was a load of bull and dropped any and all charges. WEll that has now made things worse. I work for a school. she called my job and said all kinds of very bad but untrue things about me  I had to be dragged in front of the school board and prove to them I wanst the crazy person she was making me out to be. I almost lost my job. She called news reporters because my father in law was at the time the town supervisor and she was screaming favortism. even though I was suquestered to another town for court becasur of who my father inlaw was. So now I was getting phone calls from new reporters trying to say that was being treated differently in which I WAS NOT. AS well as Radio stations. I heard the brodcast on the radio one day. About a women that was allowed to beat her animals and walk around topless but becasue my family were politicians I was gewtting away with it. Everytime she wals by my house she will walk as close to my property to get my 2 little mini 15 lb dachunds to bark. She says she is so scared of them and calls the dog officer on my dogs everytime they make a peep. Mind you people she is antagoinzing them . Recently these neighbors but up a 9 feet 3/4 inch stockade fence seperating our properties. 10 feet  is considered a spite fence. they wouldve been make to lower is but they kept it just under 10 feet. of course the crappy side of the fence is facing us and that is unfortunalty not a law in this town either. There is a chainlink fence seperating our properties. They at first attached this stockade fence to my chainlink. I then had to hire a surveryor and a lawyer to get their fence off of mine and move it onto their own property. They put this fence back up to within 1 inch of the line. thinking that they can come into my yard whenever the want to maintain it. WEll that is just not possible. We are trying to add an addition to our garage and we have taken every proper step to cross every t and dot every I before we do anything. WEll these people campaigined the neighborhood against us and lied and said I was starting a business from home. So the majority of the neighborhood went to the zoning meeting for this. well the situation became so hostile that the zoning board walked off the panel. so we still have no descision. These people have also walked around the neighborhood and said some pretty rotten things about myself and my family. I dont exactly no what was said becasue now everyone that used to wave and say hello now look the other way or flip us the middle finger. for no reason. NOT ONE PERSON has had the decency to approach myslef or my husband to inquire about anything these people have told them. Over the summer If myself or my family tryed to enjoy our pool, these people would crank up the music as loud as possible but the have an enclosed glass window porch nad would only open the windows facing our side. SHE BURPS< FARTS CLAPS HER HANDS AND SCREAMS LIKE A WITCH all the time as soon as she sees me outside. There is no noise ordinance in this town either. I am not even able to make it out my door everysingle day and  she is calling me a FU---NG C--T or fipiing me the bird every chance she can get This women is slick, she makes sure no one is around to see her doing these things. I have called  the police many many many times but they insigate the problem more then they help. I actually got the local sherriffs dept in a bit of trouble last year becasue I wrote to the governer and explaind the situation to him and said that the police did not help one bit. They would come over and laugh at me. Not much came of it though. I have had property vandalized. My good name and reputation dragged through the mud. I could go on forever and ever here. I now am on an anti anxiety medication. I have even requested neighborhood mediation but they have refused. This women wants to get into a fight with me every day but I do everythin I can to avoid her. I have a very influential child to bring up. I want to instill good qualities in him. I have tryed everything from Harrassment charges, to slander to vandalism. but somehow someway these people turn things around to make themselves look like the victims and WE are the bad guys. Havent people ever heard there are two sides to every story. Why are they taking everything these people say as truth?? Becasue they are all scared of them. They see what the have done to us as well as a few othe nieghbors and they dont want the trouble so they go along with whatever they want. Currently My husband and I are seeking a new home to live in, This time we really want seclusion and privacy.. This was our first home we have put our blood sweat and tears into this home. WE are more than willing to let it all go just to get away from these people. It is a real shame. WE were here first and we have never done anything bad to any of these people around here. But nicknames people have branded us with is that I am a witch and my husband is the devil!! I just wish that someday soon all of this will come back and bite all these peolpe in the butt!! I feel terrible for the new people that are going to be living in my home. They are moving next to THe WITCH AND THE DEVIL if its going to be the right way. Seriously though if anybody knows of a legal way to handle this please let me know!!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! AND WE NEED TO LEAVE OUR HOME NOW BECAUSE OF WHAT THE PEOPLE HAVE DONE TO US. wE WENT FROM VERY OUTGOING AND FRIENDLY. TO LITTERLY DESPISING THE HUMAN RACE!!

Shortly after these peolpe moved in, the women living there with her boyfriend and HER son from another marriage WE were all very friendly for awhile....There has been many confrontations between myself and this women. all resulting is a screaming match because she always has to have the last word.

I have called  the police many many many times but they insigate the problem more then they help. I actually got the local sherriffs dept in a bit of trouble last year becasue I wrote to the governer and explaind the situation to him and said that the police did not help one bit......I have a very influential child to bring up. I want to instill good qualities in him. I have tryed everything from Harrassment charges, to slander to vandalism. but somehow someway these people turn things around to make themselves look like the victims and WE are the bad guys.....WE were here first and we have never done anything bad to any of these people around here.


While I am sure you were wronged, it appears you are not exactly innocent and have caused your situation to escalate. You have called the police 20 times, wrote the GOVERNOR, you admit to slandering and even vandalizing your neighbor. You don't think that perhaps you may have something to do with how bad things have become? You also have this attitude that I wouldn't care for personally. You have an "influential child" you have to raise? As if your child is better than everyone's else's child and you continually almost brag about your family being in politics. You say YOU were there first. You point out that this woman is living out of wedlock. You sound kinda snobbish to be honest; like your poo doesn't stink. Maybe you don't mean to come across like that, but you do, IMO. Perhaps the others in your neighborhood think the same? 


Maybe all of the above is because of what has happened but when this first started, why didn't you take the high road and speak CALMLY to the other neighbors? I highly doubt this other woman has some magical power to influence everyone else in the neighborhood.  I have also been taken to task online on some message boards and I do know the damage that one person can do when it comes to gossipping, so I hear you there. I've had people turn against me as well, but certainly not everyone. My true online friends stuck by me and the ones who turned against me I simply ignore and figure they are just weak people.


It's good you are moving. Hopefully you can start off fresh somewhere else.

September 19, 2007, 2:01 pm CDT

nasty neighbors

This a good reason to not have neighbors. We own a half a block and only have 1 neighbor across the street from us. No noisy neighbors and no fights. My daughter on the other hand lives in a large loving neighborhood. They have parties together. The kids all play together.  This is the kind of neighborhood I grew up in and am so happy my daughter found it.
September 19, 2007, 2:03 pm CDT


I didn't think that there where people out there still like this. Kerry needs to get a life. She is crazy, I was watching her and she was making me mad she blams everyone else for her actions, I was yelling at  the t.v telling her to grow up. Misty and her neighbors are both wrong I think Misty likes to have something to go and gossip about, but at the same time I think the neighbors like to see her reaction when they do something to piss her off and it gives them something to talk about. I think that everyone on this show needs to grow up.
September 19, 2007, 2:06 pm CDT

Kerry needs psychological help

I also couldn't believe Dr. Phil didn't recommend psychiatric help for Kerry. Kerry needs to look in the mirror and ask herself honestly one question. "When seemingly every person in the neighborhood is against me, perhaps the problem IS me?" How she can't see this is beyond me. I could not believe the sheer number of cases this woman has filed in court or the amount of times she has called the police on her neighbors. That's so odd and she didn't seem to think anything is wrong with her behavior? What normal person acts like this?


I had to laugh....when Dr. Phil asked her if she thought she was a litigous person, she paused for a long time before answering no. She had no idea what the word even meant.


Kerry needs a lot of mental help. People like her can't get along with anyone. When people have to pack and up leave their home because of you and then you can't get along with the new neighbor who moves in either, something  is wrong with you, not the other way around. That woman is a piece of work. I am so glad we have ONE home in close proximity of our home, and the people are wonderful. I feel blessed after listening to Kerry today on the show and then coming on here and reading the horror stories. Thank you Dear God for blessing me with good neighbors! 

September 19, 2007, 2:07 pm CDT

Reaping Day

Donna is just a busy body that likes to meddle in other people's business, and I guarantee you something is going undone in her own home. Donna remember this,"Whatever seed you sow, that shall you also reap'.
September 19, 2007, 2:09 pm CDT

Nasty Neighbors

 OMG The similarities between the one woman and the entire neighborhood is so right on. On my Cull-da-sac of four families have the same problems. Three families get along great, while we all have a problem with one neighbor. The only difference is children are involved.
When the family first moved in we all got along great. Till her oldest child started bulling the other children. We all tried to work it out, but his mom refuses to realize that he is a bully. So we all just started not talking to that family. Thats when it all started.
 So a few months ago, together, the three families choose to ignore that family and that child all together. That family now do everything they can to start a fight.
The three families like to sit together on one porch or another and talk in the afternoon during the week while our kids play. As soon as we are all together talking, the one neighbor is outside trying to start something.
I think the main thing is that the mom is jealous that she is being left out. We all feel that if she would just take responsibility for her child there would be no problem. But we don't see that happening anytime soon. So until she takes responsibility and makes her child behave we will all just ignore her and hope she will get the point.

There is A LOT MORE to this story but I don't think you want to take all your time reading about it.
Thank You.
September 19, 2007, 2:10 pm CDT

Nasty Neighbors

Quote From: lcb81860

My family and I have lived in our Long Island neighborhool slightly over two years...we LOVE our new home and FINALLY have room to breathe (we previously lived in a 900 sq. ft. "shoebox" for 6 years...a little TOO close for comfort for a family of three, two Labs and 1 cat!). family and I are the type of people who, for the most part, keep to ourselves and mind our own business, yet I do wave to my neighbors or chat for a few minutes at the mailboxes on occasion and will even take in mail, newspapers, etc., when requested.  HOWEVER there is one family a few doors down who has alienated pretty much EVERY ONE on the block!  They have called the cops to complain (most recently on US this past February when they felt that our 16-yr. old son had too many friends over our house to "hang"), filed complaints on others with the Town, made idle threats (even went as far as approaching another neighbor's property brandishing baseball bats FOR NO APPARENT REASON), "talks trash" about others (including us) behind backs and pretty much thinks they "own" the block (even though they're NOT homeowners!).  The main culprit of this brood (we'll call him "Kenny K") is the patriarch and the splitting image of Charles Manson!!!  Needless to say, Kenny K's a little bit PSYCHOTIC & scary!  This past summer, someone bashed one of our car windows overnight and even though Kenny K was THE FIRST person who came to mind who would be capable of doing such a thing (we later found out that it wasn't him, but a former trouble-maker school friend who our son no longer "hangs" with); even the local police officer, who came to our house to investigate the matter, when asked if we had problems with any neighbors and my husband mentioned Kenny K. replied "You mean "the CRAZY one?"!!  Kenny K. is the type of person who attemps to be "Mr. Community"...every  year his family sets up quite the impressive Halloween Haunted House display (the downside of this is that it brings kids over in droves who "egg" and spray shaving cream on other properties), and every single weekday morning he's outside like a (obnoxious) "cheerleader" when the school buses pick up his and other children.  However, he's underhanded; nice to your face but will STAB you in the back in a heartbeat when you're not looking; he can't be trusted!


Another neighbor who is becoming a problem lives right next door.  They leave their two dogs (a vicious Pitt-mix and Presa Canario) out the ENTIRE day (from 7AM); whenever I let my two Labs out in our backyard several times/day to "do their business"  (they won't stay out unless we're out there with them) the barking/carrying on between the two sets of dogs begins and it's only a matter of time before their aging, shoddy stockade fence dividing the two properties collapses and those two dogs get into our yard AGAIN...they've already broken through once several months ago; fortunately I let my dogs inside in time before they were attacked!  I've approached this neighbor THREE times  nicely  about resolving this matter and their attiude is that WE should keep OUR dogs away from that side of OUR yard and that the little Pitt-mix" is "harmless"!  Three strikes; they're OUT I'll eventually take pictures of the conditon of their fence from our side and report it to the Town and let THEM handle the matter.


As much as I LOVE our new home and community amenities, I'm slowly getting to the point of unhappiness/disharmony and it's only a matter of time before we pack up and move AGAIN (much to my husband's dismay).  I'd rather it NOT come to this!


Lucy B.

If we could only choose our neighbors.  I, too, have had my share of the bullies.  When nothing else worked and the city grew tired of my last neighbors allegations,even resorted to calling the city on my dogs which stayed in my back enclosed fence yard ALWAYS. he decided to move.  YEAH!!!!!!  We are talking repeated remarks when my daughter was outside,etc.  He put the word nasty to shame.  I still get a very uneasy feeling when I think of him.  I finally resorted to having a sign in my yard saying " WE ARE BEING THREATENED BY A NEIGHBORHOOD STALKER"  Childish, maybe.  Over the top, absolutely.  But when it came time for him to put his house on the market to sell, I think he realized what we had been going through. (maybe)

And as far as the Pitt mix, are they vicious?  Or is that your preception?  Dogs, all breeds, are the responsibility of the owner. More people are bit by small, yapping dogs than big ones.  Big ones do more harm, though.   I dont believe there are bad dogs.  Just bad owners.

Why dont you replace the fence, panel by panel. picket by picket.  I know that is what we had to do and it was worth the slow amount of time it took.

September 19, 2007, 2:20 pm CDT

Misty and Donna should have to live next to each other



After watching Misty and Donna, I thank God that I have reasonable neighbors who don't go out of their way to harass each other.


Misty is a terror and a liar, Dr. Phil caught her more than once.

What an unpleasant person. I guess that old saying is true, misery must really love company. If even only half of what the neighbors had to say and what Dr. Phil read about her was true it would be enough.


I wonder if Dr. Phil has to address both sides as if they carry some fault, for legal reasons or something, because when he suggested that the poor neighbors in Misty's neighbor bore some blame for the situation I just couldn't see how he could reasonalbly come to that conclusion.


WHile I can see  why Donna might have had a problem with a septic tank , killing flowers and allowing someone to park their truck in her neighbor's yard was just spiteful and ugly. She also seems to be just a mean spirited person spewing their hatefulness on others.

September 19, 2007, 2:21 pm CDT


Those neighbors are very immature, worse than kids.
September 19, 2007, 2:24 pm CDT

Not so "Minnesota Nice"

We (my domestic/business partner) and I have lived and worked on our farm/cattle ranch for many, many years.  We have always gotten along very well with our neighbors.  When you live in the country, anyone within a couple of miles is considered a neighbor.  At any rate, now that people are migrating to the country from the city, we are finding ourselves butting heads with our "neighbors".  We have a particularly nasty person living nearly on top of us who happens to be a real estate appraiser.  At one point, the County had  proposed buying a piece of our land with buildings in order to widen our road.  The County engaged this neighbor to do the appraisal.  He really low-balled the value so we turned the County down until an independent appraiser could do the job.  A few weeks after his appraisal, he came to us wanting to buy the land in question, offering us the ridiculously low price.  We refused, of course.  That's when all of our trouble began.  There is an access road that runs between our properties.  This road is shown on our abstract as an easement  on our land for a gravel company.  This neighbor stops people, our friends and relatives, who drive on that road and tells them it is his and that they are on his property.  He has lied about our cattle getting out and doing damage to his crops.  He calls the sheriff to report cattle out when there are no cattle out -- I've told the sherifff that the cattle aren't even here; they're in a pasture several miles from here.  The worst situation was when cattle belonging to somone else walked through his cornfield.  They were obviously not ours, but he called the sheriff to tell him that our cattle were in his cornfield.  Several other people, the cattle's owners and I herded the cattle home.  All of the other people involved went to bat for us, but the neighbor's insistence worked with our insurance company -- he got paid and we got cancelled.  The reason for the cancellation was the number of complaints to the sheriff.  Seemed almost as if he'd been planning it that way.  Now the newest meanness is a result of some calves being chased by a large cat -- we don't know if it was a mountain lion, a big bobcat or what.  Anyway, they broke down the fence and went missing in the middle of the night.  When we found them, one of our nice neighbors let us put them in his pasture until we could get them settled down enough to load.  They were nowhere near our mean neighbor's property.  That didn't stop him though.  Now we are being told by one of our nice neighbors that he is going around with a petition to shut us down!  This is our livelihood here.  How does a person deal with a man like that?
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