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Created on : Friday, September 14, 2007, 03:46:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/19/07) Are you the kind of neighbor who loans a cup of sugar and always waves hello, or do you keep to yourself and call the cops the minute you hear loud music? Dr. Phil talks to guests who say they definitely don’t live in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood! Kerry says her next-door neighbor, Kevin, has been stalking and threatening her for four years. She says he vandalized her home and even tried to run her over, all because she refused to go on a date with him. Kevin denies Kerry’s allegations and says she threw eggs and dog feces at his house, shot a BB gun through his bathroom window and called his job making death threats. You won’t believe what he caught on videotape! And, Kerry’s other neighbors say she’s been terrorizing them for over 12 years. Fearing retaliation, they join Dr. Phil via satellite. Then, Misty says her neighbors, Donna and Larry, have a faulty, smelly septic tank that floods her property. Donna and Larry say the problem is not the water from their tank, but Misty’s uneven driveway. Who’s responsible for the dirty water in Misty’s driveway, and will their relationship stay afloat? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 15, 2007, 8:17 pm CDT

Love thy neighbor?

Is it wrong to be a "keep to yourself type of neighbor?" My husband and I are "introverts" and it doesn't mean we are rude, but we do think that distance is better between  neigbors. We think that it isn't a good idea to get too close, but we live in a brand new subdivision, and a majority of the people are young families. One neighbour in particular is a "social butterfly" type and is always out gabbing with other neighbors and she thinks it's strange that other people don't come out and talk. ( she makes fun of people that don't "come out and talk" )They are buddies with 2 other couples and are always outside drinking beers and letting their young children run around the block until late at night. My husband and I are non drinkers does this make us "strange"? We don't think our kids need to see mommy and daddy getting drunk everynight, around here we feel like the minority. We simply feel like we have nothing in common with those around us... but at times it can be lonely, when we know everyone is at so and so's house having a BBQ and we arn't invited. Sometimes I feel like I'm living on Whisteria Lane with all of the gossip and competitivness. I'm having a hard time dealing with this... This is our first home so there's no chance that we are moving, is this just one of those life lessons? How can a person "love their neighbors", when there is no common ground?
September 15, 2007, 9:31 pm CDT

Being Harrassed By Neighbors is Getting Old

Dr. Phil,


I have been harrassed by the family next door while all of their friends join in to amuse themselves at my expense.  I have been threatened physical harm, verbally abused and damage has been done to my property,  This has been happening since 2002 asn started because I had improvements done to my property that the guy next door did not approve of.  He started screaming at me due to the placement of my central air compressor and problems just escalated from there.  I served them with a TRO and took them to court to get a permanent retraining order placed on them.  The judge thought the whole thing was silly and slapped them on the wrist and told them to get along, then threw out my order, 


The police have been called on many many occasions to curtail harrassment, and it's all been to no avail.  No one seems to be able to help with these terrible people and stop the harrassment.  The father has taught his children to do what he does and they and their friends all harrass me for no reason and laugh about it because no one can stop them.  I've tried everything, including mediation, but they refused.  I raised the height of the block wall between us and that has helped a lot, but I cannot even go outside and work in my front yard without fear of being abused. 


These people have verbally and physically attacked some of my guests and threw the fist punches. Only the guys thye picked on were better fighters so they got knocked on their keisters instead.  Then they tried calling the police on us because of the fight they started!  No charges were filed but the cops are not thrilled with them.  They opened an investigation with the DA's office, but that went no where as well.


So in the mean time, I try to avoid any and all contact,I look the other way and I pretend I can't hear them calling me names and making threats or gesturing the bird at me.  What else can be done? There should be laws against this sort of thing.

September 16, 2007, 12:20 am CDT

My neighbor story

I live on a fairly quiet street, mostly adults and older children. We have new neighbors beside us that have five year old twins...Anyway, just up the street and across from us is a family that has a small dog and a cat (that we know of) We've lived on this street for seven years and most winters my husband and I have seen this poor little dog who cannot weigh more than eight or nine pounds out in -35 to -40 degrees celcius weather! I've gotten so angry at them...I know someone on our street called the Animal Control on them earlier this year but they once again got the dog back and within a few days he was out again roaming the streets.
September 16, 2007, 1:24 am CDT

09/19 Nasty Neighbors

It time people started trying to get a long.  I am not overly friendly with my neighbors, but I would never do anything nasty to them.  You never know when you may need them
September 16, 2007, 6:12 am CDT

Never live in a trailer park

 I know just what some of these people are talking about... I have had a trailer for 2 yrs but I have only lived in it for 1... I tried to sell my home due to a old nasty lady across the street.. But she stuck her nosiy nose in the middle of my realiter selling my home and it didnt go thu... Now Im fourced  to move back wich I did and come to find I have long lost friends who live across the street but next to this WITCH.... So we have mended our lost friendship and OMG youd think the world was comming to a end.. This pissed the lady off even more.. I found out over the year that I was gone she has made several faulse child protective reports trying to get my friends kids removed from there mother and has called the cops for the kids even playing outside or riding there bike pass this womans house... And now that I have moved back I have taken away her parking spot cause I found out while I was gone she would park her cars in MY driveway... OHHH HELL NO.. so what have I done... well for a few months I tried to deal with it but now its just gotten soo out of hand and I have had enough of this woman so I dont care anymore.. she wants to play games with me ill play them right back.. And the way I see it is if the park ses well if you cant deal with it then move out well they better dig deep in there ass to find the money I would of gotten selling my home or they can deal with this OLD BITCH and make her stop picking on small childeren... If anyone wants to talk to me about this feel free!!
September 16, 2007, 10:46 am CDT

nasty neighbors


I was just reading some of the messages and we also had a nasty neighbor and I agree with every one one the message board, we tried to be good people , yet things get turned around  so fast.

Me and my Husband had a neighbor that was always trying to cause trouble for us  for no reason. At first they were nice people but then they started to throw their garabage over the fence  into my yard for no reason so I would just throw it back and then the feud was on , the guy Allan would then wait until my husband went to work in the morn and then he would start harrassing me getting me angry and fustrated he would continue to throw his garabage  over the fence and I told him to quite doing that .at that point he would have excuses for something else to start fighting with me, he would then say something about my dogs that they were trying to jump the fence  and that he would harm them and he even called the bylaw officer that my dogs were baking 24hrs a day 7 days a week, so I got a notice from the bylaw officer and I got that straighten out because my dogs are usually in the house and my neighbor at that time had two dogs and they were always on the lose and

they both had no licences at all  so I call animal control.    Well this feud continue mostly every day and it got to the point were the police were called   quite often  and he would say things to them that were not true

but then there was one day were I would call the police because my neighbor came unto my property

and for no reason kick my door in so I had him charged with property damage.

there is more to this story but after 2yrs of putting up with this neighbor we were happy to see them move away


Thanks for letting me   share my story

and I will be watching Wednesday Show


September 16, 2007, 10:48 am CDT

Nasty Neighbor

We have lived in our small neighborhood over 10 yrs. & loved it.  Aprox. a yr. ago 2 people moved across from us from "out of state".  They have made my life MISERABLE!  We, along with almost all of our neighbors have dogs.  We have a fenced in back yd., where they stay.  A little after 10 o'clock each night, if our dogs aren't locked inside, they call us & tell us to put our dogs up.  They never say anything to the other neighbors.  We have caught him kicking our fence & antagonizing our dogs.  I have cancer & it was necessary to go to the ER one night.  We didn't get home until 3am.  We had several messages on our voice mail from him & the police had been called twice.  If the dogs have to go out to the bathroom during the night, I break out in a "cold sweat" afraid they are going to bark & we will get reported.  We can't go out of town overnight for fear the dogs will bark or he will hurt them.  I have called the sheriff, but it seems we have NO rights.  I have bgt. a wood fence, but my husband hasn't gotten around to putting it up.  I feel like a prisoner & want to move.  I hope Dr. Phil can give us some advice on what to do in cases like this.
September 16, 2007, 11:17 am CDT

strongly agree with you

Quote From: meturbo

It time people started trying to get a long.  I am not overly friendly with my neighbors, but I would never do anything nasty to them.  You never know when you may need them

I live in a big city  (Calgary Alberta) in a small community where we try to get along with each other

very good advice

thanks for letting me read your message


September 16, 2007, 12:38 pm CDT

Short Course in NN101

Recently our small apartment complex (5 units) experienced a highly undesirable, six-month interaction with occupants of three units.  The complex is located in a middle-class area surrounded by mostly single family dwellings.  Very quiet, until the Addams family moved know the ones...they're spooky and altogether ooky. First a younger man, let's call him Jeff, his girlfriend (Valerie) and their 1 mo. baby moved in and seemed okay, until his relatives started arriving.  They came in a tacky, old RV and basically set up residence outside our little complex.  Eventually his father (Alex, wife Ruthie) and then Jeff's brother (Mark) and his live-in (Tammy) and their 12 month old baby moved into two more apartments after the current residents left, fed up with late parties, loud arguments and numerous calls to the PD to break up fights.

  They were quickly dubbed "the Addams family" because of the late hours they kept, gathering in front of one apartment, talking loudly until 2 or 3 a.m.  The brother and his girlfriend also kept their 12-month old baby up with them.  They usually gathered after dark and retired before sunrise.  The other resident and I thought it was pretty odd that the baby was kept up so late.  Then Alex hit me up for money to fix his car(which he absolutely would repay in the next few days as soon as his paycheck got deposited), so I loaned him the $60 he needed, figuring I would be lucky to get it back, but you never know.  We had a brief conversation when I gave him the money and because I've studied communication (verbal and non-verbal) at university, I realized that he was being less than truthful about a number of comments he made.  His jailhouse tattoo's didn't help matters much.  They indicated he'd done time for theft.  So I decided to give them a "wide berth," and was successful for about a month and a half. 

  One week day (I was taking some time off) I walked out to my car and ran into Mark in our storage shed area, which they had completely taken over and also equipped with electricity.  He started talking rather loudly right away.  I had unlocked my car door when his father and a stranger came out of the end shed where the door had been closed.  By their actions I knew that a drug sale had just happened.  I discussed it with the other, non-Addams family resident and we determined that the family was heavily involved in drugs and took action. 

     A few weeks later, I opened my door only to be greeted by police officers swarming in and out of Mark and Tammy's apartment, one of them with their baby on his hip.  The owners called the next day to let us know that they had been arrested and were in jail.  The owners were evicting them and Alex and his wife...and whoever seemed to be staying there as well.  Jeff and Valerie had given notice and were leaving also.  Turns out that Alex and Mark had both been stealing electrical power and cable, which explained why my cable reception was not so good.  The verdict turned out to be that they were all involved in meth...its use, its production, and sale.  Thank God the owners were willing to take action.  Unfortunately, the three vacated apartments all were trashed and had to be completely rehabbed. 

     We started to welcome new residents and life settled back into a quiet routine.  At least until last week, when the maintenance man discovered an object in one of the sheds.  It appeared that the Addams family left behind a little memento of their stay.  It was a pipebomb.  He had looked at it (probably shouldn't have in retrospect) and removed the fuse, noticing that it had gunpowder and tacks inside.  The PD was contacted and came out to remove it.  During that process, the entire street was blocked and we had law enforcement, bomb squad, and emergency personnel all over the premises.  My advice to anyone who even remotely suspects that neighbors are involved in ANY illegal activity, is to contact their PD and let them handle it.  We were told that if that thing had "flashed" (it wasn't capable of exploding) it could have seriously injured anyone near it.  People who indulge in "activity" like this don't care what their choices might mean to others and don't deserve any consideration of any kind.

September 16, 2007, 4:08 pm CDT

old enough to know better

I am saddened at the story of my neighbors......we have lived in a very nice neighborhood in a small town for about eight years. We are a very hard-working family with two boys that were 5th and 9th graders when we moved in. (We just became empty nesters). We have an older couple a couple of doors down that has never been overly friendly, but she has been overly NOSEY!!! I have always just taken that with a grain of salt...........I don't have anything to hide! Like I said, we a very hardworking, loving, Christian folks that try to do what is right.


While the couple had never been friendly and has always expected things to go the way they wanted them to, the line was crossed one day and life in our neighborhood will NEVER be the same. They own a field behind their house that is also behind another neighbor's house and is at the edge of our property line. There is an access to this field from their property, however, they chose to let the farmer that they rent it to every year, take their heavy equipment through our yards instead of theirs! We have fought this since we moved in eight years ago.


If one of our cars happens to be parked there that day, they have actually driven their farming equipment through our backyard (over our septic system, around a swing set putting huge ruts in the yard and everything). Unfortunately, our local law enforcement offices have not been much on our side through any of this since these neighbors are long standing contributors in this small town!!!


While we thought this would be the worst fight we'd have to face, we were about to be shocked beyond disbelief!!! Our youngest son was 15 at the time and a neighbors' dog had gotten into our trash and drug it all over the yard. So our son was picking it up, and the wind had blown quite a bit of that trash into the field that belongs to the neighbors I am writing about.  My son was in the process of picking up trash out of that field (wow, what a terrible thing for a 15 year old kid to be doing!). The next thing we knew, he was runing in the house screaming that the neighbor had pulled  agun on him and told him that he ever saw him on his property again, he was going to use it on him!!!!  Isn't that an  amazing way to thank a kid for a good deed?

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