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Created on : Friday, September 14, 2007, 03:43:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/17/07) Secrets, aliases, disguises … Dr. Phil's guests are liars and cons who manipulate people to get what they want. Fred Brito is an ex-con and self-proclaimed "Benevolent Con Man," who spent years fabricating identities and falsifying resumes to obtain top-level, six-figure-salary positions with highly esteemed organizations. He's faked being everything from a symphony conductor to a psychiatrist! Fred even posed as a priest and married couples in the church. What happens when Maria and Gene, who were married by "Father Fred," confront him? Will he admit to his wrongdoing? Fred says he's no longer in the con game, but is "Honest Fred" just another scam? Then, "Linda" says she had everyone believing she was dying and needed a kidney transplant to save her life. She even lost 30 pounds and wore a dialysis tube to make her made-up illness seem more convincing. Is she serious about getting help and stopping the lies, or is she lying to get Dr. Phil's attention? What's at the root of Linda's deception? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 16, 2007, 5:25 am CDT

Reserve judgement ...

I've seen Fred Brito on another show, too.  It seems to me that Fred Brito is a non-vilolent ex-convict who found that, because of his criminal record, it was going to be impossible for him to become employed in the type of work that he longed to do, mostly positions of service and caring for others.  And this same thing happens to non-viloent ex-convicts seeking employment in this country every single day.  And we wonder why so many ex-cons end up re-offending!


Look at Fred's record -- he didn't try to scheme innocent people out of their last dollars.  He conned his way into the preisthood and other positions of service.  Was it okay for him to do that?  Of course not.  Were there people who were hurt by his deception?  Certainly.  I don't argue that what he did was right, but if you listen ... neither does he.  He knows he did wrong, and is now trying to use his life and experience to be helpful to others.  In an honest way.


I hope that people will try to listen with an open mind on Monday.  I think Fred Brito has an important message to share, about the fate of ex-convicts in America. 

September 16, 2007, 9:41 am CDT


Quote From: ladyanna

Dr. P,


I've been writing to you and Oprah (as I am an incest survivor) about the fraud of a second marriage that my husband strategized and calculated so that he could protect himself financially AFTER he had taken everything from me after our 1st divorce. My 2nd divorce just became final and he had the nerve to put the words in the divorce decree that I cannot pursue and charges against him concerning fraud, deception or calculation strategy of this second marriage. He is STILL strategizing!

With my career, and the "things" we gained from it; his net worth is now over one million dollars.  I am on the food stamp program and permanently disabled due to Severe Major Depression w/Dythsyimia, PTSD, Panic Disorder & Anxiety Disorder.  I have not worked since 1993 and now am $39,000 in debt to the equity of my home, the only thing I have left ... He has our retirement home on Cape Cod, free of any mortgage, a beach home on the Connecticut shoreline, free of any mortgage and yet he courted me after the first divorce, and I will take the responsibility of allowing myself to open my shattered heart to him and fall in love with him based on verbal promises of fulfilling our original dreams of the 1st marriage that lasted 23.5 years.Ten days before we were to marry the second time, he put a pre-marital agreement in front of me and said that he couldn't marry me if I didn't sign it.... but "of course, I'll never divorce you ..." We married December 4, 2003. Last September 12, 2006, the Sheriff knocked on my door and there was an envelope with my name on it. I have been served. I am being sued for divorce.

Dr. P. I was in shock. I literally could not move away from the door for. I read only the first half of the first page. That's all I needed to read. I don't know how long I stood behind that closed door thinking to myself "But he promised me he loved me and would love me until the day he died; he allowed me to meet and care for my "grandchildren" then tore them away from me; he told me he would love and care for me always; he told me he wanted to grow old together. What happened?

It was at that point, I held the papers as far above my head as possible as I have a broken neck & said out loud to God: "God, I can't do this anymore. You HAVE to take this from me. Whatever is the result of this divorce I will accept it because I know it will have come from You. I surrender my entire life into Your precious hands." 

The divorce became final September 13th, 2007. These two divorces are very much affecting my future, the possibility of losing my home, oh, btw: I'm first generation Italian and recvd no support from any of my family because divorce is unacceptable; at the first divorce my father told me "never to come back to his house ever again!"  I replied "Don't worry, I won't. I called my lawyer as soon as I got home, asked him when the first legal day I could leave the state to go to live in Florida (I figured if I was going to go through so much suffering I may as well do it in good weather also my father would have harrassed me into NOT divorcing him and I just couldn't take that Dr. Phil, I ended up in the Psychiatric Hospital towards the end of the first divorce for 20 days and about 8 days after I was released, all of a sudden there were final divorce papers for me to sign. I was preoccupied with suicide ideation and under heavy meds; I figured the best thing to do was just sign the papers ... little did I know I signed away everything I educated myself for and worked so hard for as one of the first Nuclear Power Engineering Technician's in the country. That salary is what built "our dream homes" that I just signed away under the haze of drugs and being emotionally broken.  

His ultimate deception, fraud, calculated scheme to marry me so that I could not modify any alimony from the first divorce has hurt me so deeply I cannot begin to describe.

But Dr. P., I ask you and Oprah why do people do this?  He was a net millionaire after the first divorce, why did he serve me with divorce papers the second time, for a few more bucks in his own pocket?

I am now a practising Christian, I forgave him right away for intentionally hurting me and I told him I'd pray for his lost soul every day because the master he serves is money. The Bible says one cannot serve to masters, he will either hate one or love the other.  To this day, I pray for his fallen soul not for my benefit but for his eternal salvation.


But there is this need in me to know why he wants to see me homeless and how can he even sleep in the homes we built together with both of our careers?

How can someone be so cruelly deceptive?  How?  Why?


Dr. Phil; please, I beg you and Oprah to respond to me yourselves this time as both your staff has continually trashed my emails, letters to you discounting my situation. 

Please Dr. Phil, Oprah; don't push me away either. I am seeking  understanding and  help wherever I can about why this has happened to me. I have literally been going through a divorce for the past 10 years.  Any help from either or both of you would be greatly appreciated, please.

I will send you my phone number and address in private if I may.


p.s. my Honda Accord just died on me with 122,000 miles on it and I couldn't see the logic of putting up to $3,500 into a car with that many miles on it so I bought a "new" used car - but all that did was add another monthly expense that has to get drawn from the remaining equity in "my" home.



Why did you let this man in your life a second time. I'm going through a divorce of a marriage that lasted 2 years and 8 months. I'm retired from the Air Force and get a VA Pension and Social Security.My soon to be EX is dragging our divorce out also.I filed for Bankruptcy on the 9th of Aug 07 and have a court date of 16 Oct 07 and the Judge when I appeared before her the first time strongly advised me to get a Lawyer.I have.The ends verses the means is the code of a con man or woman. Be carefull who you let your utmost secrects and pre-nups from what I've heard about are a set up for Divorce.You did the Correct thing by putting it in Gods Hands.God Bless you and know this do not let this man have any power over you.Once you place it in Gods Hands be patient and watch what God will do.
September 16, 2007, 9:47 am CDT

This oughta be good

In the 41 years I've been on this earth, this show would not be a surprise.  It is so frustrating knowing that there are people out there like this.

As a matter of fact most people I know are fake.  It's either because they cannot except who and what they really are or just because they want something from the person they are trying to fake out.

I usually call them  "Plastic People" and there are alot of them.

This show will be good for those that need to except themselves and realize just how fake they are to themselves as well.

I admit that I fake a few things, mainly minor stuff but I do except what I am and where I am and I love me.


September 16, 2007, 9:49 am CDT


Quote From: marianparoo

I think in many cases, the folks who get conned aren't that innocent to start with.


Sometimes they are pitifully dumb, but sometimes, esp. in financial cons, are out to make an illegal buck themselves.



I highly disagree with you. You are seem to be a con artist yourself. How could you be amused by another persons misfortune. Especially when it comes to the I Love you cons. Look inside yourself and think about what would happen if someone came and took everything from you. I'm not jokeing. It could happen to you and then you would not be amused.

September 16, 2007, 9:57 am CDT

9/17 FAKING IT/?

Quote From: idajoan

That woman is faking.  My husband - for real has kidney failure from high dose chemo.  My husband - for real has been battling for his life with cancer these past 3 years.  The kidney failure happened when he thought he could lick the cancer once and for all with high dosage chemo in May of this year.  Instead it destroyed his kidneys landing him in ICU twice.  Why would you want to fake health problems when at any time you could get hit with the real thing?  Enjoy life - live in the moment.  We don't live in any "limelight" with his illness although he has wonderful friends and family that care a whole lot.  We may go for days without someone calling but we know they care but are busy with their own lives too.  If God blesses you with good health use it for helping others and caring about others not just yourself.

I feel your right about her faking it and Dr Phil will expose her.Keep your Faith in God and Pray for aMiracle. I have seen people that refused any treatment and God healed them.I'm not saying don't see a Doctor keep your Faith strong.God Bless you.My Prayers have just gone out for you and your husband and family.You need their support.

September 16, 2007, 10:23 am CDT

The week of 09/17

 Now these are the kind of show I am interested in. This whole week is a good week for me. I will not delete any of these shows from my TVO, These shows are much more interesting  than shows such as man camp and the Fireman and the nanny.  I really hate those type of shows. This week will be a good for me to watch Dr. Phil.
September 16, 2007, 12:13 pm CDT

09/17 Faking It?

Quote From: evilqn620

 I am anxious to see the show, since I used to be married to a guy like this.  Thanx for the heads up that you have seen this guy before.....I'm setting my recorder as we speak.
This should be a great show, I have been lied to before in a relationship, in fact its the relationshipe I am in right now, it took me quite a while to trust him but we are working on it .
September 16, 2007, 2:19 pm CDT


To "Linda" What the HECK is the matter with you!!!! I  am a REAL Dialysis patient and I WILL need a Kidney Transplant down the road when my body is healthy enough to accept it. I will pray for you that you STOP these HORRIBLE lies. YOU won't be able to know what's REAL and what's a LIE if you don't!! PLEASe consider the REAL Kidney PAtient's like me, and I hope this helps you to stop doing what you're doing. I DO spend 4 hours Monday , Wednesday and Friday at the dialysis center, and BELIEVE me It's NOT something to FOOL about!!!!!


                                                                                 Gabrielle From Middletown CT.

September 16, 2007, 3:12 pm CDT

To trust or not to trust...that is the question

    Seems there are some things we hear about, but never think it could really happen to us or those we love.  This area is one them.  The con.  Surely we are wise and discerning enough to recognize something like that...  This summer my 80-something parents invited a man into their home who said he could repair their roof.  The sofett's were coming down and the cedar-shake roof needed some work.  He said he was a hard worker, trying to build his business, and some of his nine children were working with him because he had a terminal disease.  He brought his wife in to meet them and talked as though friends.  He assured them they were going to be thrilled with the work and because he had no advertising he could keep costs low.  Since my parents live off SS and my dad's pension, this seems a god-sent. 
   This man sent teens and 20-something young men who walked and "played" on the roof, causing further damage.  While we recognize there are many hard working and responsible young people out there, those were not the ones that were here.  They tore down most of the sofitts, exposing the attic to the elements, squirrels, cats and birds, which we hear above us with some frequency. 
   My dad now lays in a nursing home having suffered a massive stroke.  My mother partially disabled, recovering from knee surgery and dealing with diabetes, is trying to deal with it all.  As an only child, single, and nearly 60 myself, I am very limited as to what I can help with.  I have a part time job, and trying to finish some classes at a local college.  I am living with Mom and attempt to fill in the gasps of things she cannot do herself.  Now, because of misplaced trust, we approach the change of seasons with a concern of what can be done.  When Dad had his stroke, we found there is no savings, no life insurance, no provision of any kind, with only enough to pay the morgage, utilities, usual housing/car costs, etc. 
   Clearly the con doesn't care.  The self-centered person seems to strive to fulfill an unrealized emptiness that cannot be filled - at least not by robbing others - especially the elderly and disabled.  I do hope Dr Phil is able to awaken those who would listen - both perpetrator and potential victim. 
September 16, 2007, 11:38 pm CDT

09/17 Faking It?

Quote From: foreverblue

I highly disagree with you. You are seem to be a con artist yourself. How could you be amused by another persons misfortune. Especially when it comes to the I Love you cons. Look inside yourself and think about what would happen if someone came and took everything from you. I'm not jokeing. It could happen to you and then you would not be amused.

I'll tell you why I am amused.


Because one of the slogans I learned very early in life is - "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!"


I do have a certain amount of sympathy for the "I love you" stuff, though if someone said they loved me to death, I would still keep my separate checking account.  Someone who loves you doesn't ask you to give up everything you have for them.


But those people who "invest" sums like 100,000 or even 500,000 in what they are told is a tax-free deal aren't feel sorry for material - they are greedy, greedy, greedy. They aren't people with 10,000 trying to make it  go further, they are greedy people who want more and more.

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