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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:14:12 am
Author : dataimport
Is there a rift in your family that has gone on too long? When someone isn't speaking to someone else and they drag the whole family into it, things get ugly. Share your stories and solutions here.

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August 28, 2009, 9:11 am CDT

husband- wife relationship

hi all, hope this message is not lost to the board.  i intend narrating my story and seek suggestions. i am married to a very gud looking brilliant person, we r both doctors. my father in law is a reputed eye surgeon. when my husband was four his mom died( suicide) because of the tortures laid on her by her husband. he grew up in his own shell keeping his troubles to himself. when sick or in need of any help his father would beat him, yell rather than comfort him in any way. to make the matters worse his father married a house maid 20 years younger to him, who had four more sisters to feed. now my husband was getting starved because the lady would not even give him food & he was forced to accept the new mother only 9 years older to him and her responsibilities. still he grew up to be the wonderful man that he is.  my father in law is a very cunning and mean person who s hated by every one behind his back (even his mother). }he also has an eye for younger women. recently only a 26 yr old girl has put character allegation on him}. the in laws bore a daughter who grew up to be attached to my husband but died at the tender age of 14 of leukaemia. this shook my husband  internally but he chose to recede further in his shell and would  not express his grief to anyone. the in laws kept on torturing my husband who kept on enduring everything. my father in law bore 2 children more at the age of 56. when i got married i did not know the entire scenario.... the moment i got into that house they started to break us up by talking ill of me all the time for nothing..... both i and my husband tried to overlook  it n be together. they tried harder and tried a lot hard to keep me and my husband separate also. my father in law would  scold me for hours on end for nothing..... n he would do something like black magic also. finally he suceeded in brainwashing my husband in the name of religiosity & paternal wealth( a hospital). he left for higher studies. my father in law wanted to keep me with him alone to bring up children of his second wife and not have any of my own. i fled in the name of higher education to a far away place & kept the telephonic communication going to save my marriage to him . but my husband wanted me to stay with his father for he doesnt understand or believe the bad plans of his father. we were miles apart, still my in laws went on talking ill of me, n the fact that nothing is indestructible & in the name of religion created more miles between us. my husband now refuses to talk to me even becoz he says i m just a normal person, he would do better in name n fame without me, n that he wants to renounce the world. my brother in law who has taken up after my father in law, proposed to me in my husband's absence. i  m not taking any calls of my father/ brother in law ( boycott). the step family of my mother in law is also interfering too much in our relationship. my husband has not spoken to me for four months now.... is there a way i can salvage my marriage since i dearly love that guy. n if i ever left him there would be no one to take care of him.
August 29, 2009, 7:23 am CDT

response required

please do reply...... responses  awaited
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