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Created on : Friday, September 07, 2007, 03:31:51 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Most newlyweds cherish their honeymoon period and look forward to planning their future together. But these recently married couples say they’re already talking divorce! The wives say they’re sick and tired of being controlled and belittled by their demanding, overbearing and chauvinistic husbands, so they’re dragging them to Dr. Phil’s Man Camp for a complete overhaul. It’s not a one-way street through – the husbands have serious complaints about their better halves. Jim and Kim have been married only six weeks. Though Jim’s job takes him away from home, the distance doesn’t stop their fighting. Kim says his habit of leaving nasty voicemail messages is just another way for him to abuse and control her.  Jim says his wife loves his paycheck, not him. Then, Jack and Danielle are also only six weeks into their “wedded bliss” but are already sleeping separately. Danielle says Jack is so controlling, he even tells her how to shower. Jack admits he can’t get over his wife’s past, and he brings it up every time they fight. And, John and Karla have been married for nine months, but cameras capture a volatile environment that has Dr. Phil extremely concerned. Does Karla have good reason to sleep with a knife under her pillow? Join the discussion and tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 9, 2007, 3:44 pm CDT

I'm not DrP......

Quote From: wpool1

 Hi, I was raised by an abusive dad,and my mother stayed with him. I have had many failed relationships. Now I see the error of my ways, but I don't know what to do next. What do I do Dr. Phil? How do I rebuild? I see many woman that have a measure of man hate now. I don't want to spend time with spinning my wheels with a female that is taking the condescendingly attitude all the time. I have been hurt too, but since I am a male it seems to be not that important to the females to let me voice my feelings, they have listened to you and think that it is their right to go over their hurts and past things that I have done, or past hurts that other men have done to them. Do I have to listen to this spill of hurts forever? When will the gal get it that I have heard them and I am ready to move forward? Almost every time something goes wrong, I get a good dose of all the things that I have done wrong from my female. Do they truly care about me or are they sticking around to make sure to rub salt in my wounds. Is that your way of helping these guys that get it, or have the gals misunderstood the until, "They are heard phrase?" Why are they compelled to go over every hurt I have done to them when I am trying to discuss a new issue? Should I just move on to someone else? Or am I cutting them short from getting out all their hurt feeling; because it is like we have been over some of these before, but they never go away.

If I focus on all my wrongs, then negative things stay with me. But if I look at where I made the mistake and try to focus to do better (not bully or report bullies) then I feel that there is hope. Should I try to be friends with my x's? Should I try to repair the burnt bridges, or move forward and not look back?

Move forward and be by yourself for a while. Give yourself room to breathe before you get into a relationship with anyone. You've got to work on your self-esteem and have confidence and self-respect. Then who knows maybe it will be the right time for a relationship with someone. Fall in love with you for a change. And seriously, if you're lonely, and you like animals, get yourself a dog. They will love you for you.
September 9, 2007, 9:17 pm CDT

not much cussing except for the intro

Quote From: housewife52

Please tell me that there won't be all that infernal cussin' goin' on like in the previous DrP houses. It's not that it offends my sensibilities, I have heard plenty of curse words in my lifetime. But , I have found that I can express my opinions with words that don't have to be bleeped out. It's annoying with all that bleepin' goin on.
we were all pretty conscience of our mouths.
September 10, 2007, 4:01 am CDT

Thank you!

Quote From: trisda

we were all pretty conscience of our mouths.
Well,bless ya'll's hearts!
September 10, 2007, 8:27 am CDT


You know Dr. Phil, there are BOTH MEN and WOMEN in this world who have adopted a belief that it is easier for them to BULLY the rest of the world and force them to do what they WANT, instead of trying to go about a peaceful means of co-existence.  Those kind of people become TYRANTS, DICTATORS and even pschyosematic terrorists, like OSAMA BIN LADEN!  Our Constitution states that ALL MEN (AND WOMEN) were created EQUAL and with inalienable rights.  If this is so hard to understand, what were you doing during AMERICAN HISTORY CLASS?!?!?!  Dr. Phil, I hope that these MEN, with your assistance (AND A GOOD SWIFT "KICK-IN-THE-ASS") they will realize their role in a marital relationship and be a 'MAN' and step up to the task that GOD gave us to do!!  GOD created woman to be OUR (MAN'S) help mate!  Women are a part of us as we are a part of them, think about it!  We (MEN) are missing a rib and women have ALL of their ribs.  The proof is in the Bible an right in front of us!!  If men would begin to understand women and how they respond to all situations as we do, they would see a tremendous resource and asset GOD gave to us.  MEN are more aggressive and willing to fight, but, women are more compassionate and willing to work out problems to a peaceful resolution for all.  In the BIBLE, Ephesians Chapter 5, verse 25, the apostle states:  "Husbands LOVE your wives, even as CHRIST LOVED the Church and gave himself for it."


WE ALL (MANKIND) have a part or role in this life on earth, we just have to ask GOD where we fit in.  AND remember we are not the only CHILDREN playing on the schoolgrounds.


As always, GOD Bless you and your family Dr. Phil.. AMERICA, and those who continually and BRAVELY serve, protect, and DEFEND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 10, 2007, 2:45 pm CDT

09/11 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds

Quote From: trisda

I am one of the mancampers wife, let me tell you 12000 couples applied for this and 3 got picked, unfortunately there is alot of disfunction going on in America, we are just one of the couples that got picked and chose to display our issues on national television in hopes of some help.

  I am not one of the mancampers wives, but here is what i know from experience and seen throughout my days.  Men, and women, some, are EXCELLENT con artists. They can make u believe ANYTHING they say or do.  At my age i don't believe EVERY thing some people say.  U just have to read between the lines and eyes. 


                                                                       just me


September 11, 2007, 7:07 am CDT

09/11 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds

What the hell is wrong with you people,,,  What ever happened to: treat people the way you want to be treated?  I would have to say that the parents of these 3 couples have alot to do with there problems,,,,, how  do you grow up thinking that being a Dikhead to people is ok?  It looks as alll 6 of them would be better off walking the face of the earth alone!   As from what we've seen so far, it's all they deserve!  I grew up with an alcohalic dad,,, and 2 older brothers,,,,  I don't drink,,, and I can tell you that ALL DRUNKS LIE!!!

How can you tell when a drunk is lying?,, there lips are moving!!!


and for every guy that has ever hit there ladie,,,, I would like to see hulk hogan,, come in the room and beat you to see how you like it! 

September 11, 2007, 7:10 am CDT

It is very sad!

While I was watching the show today and I watched Karla lie over and over again my mind drifted back to my own mother's behavior. She is deceased now,(because of her drinking) but was a very heavy alcoholic most of her life and all of mine. She too drank vodka straight from the bottle and had every excuse in the book for her behavior. Well, Karla, there is no excuse. You are doing damage to your children that you could never imagine. It is very sad that you cannot recognize you have a problem, and believe me, you have a problem. There are people who can help you at Dr. Phil and I would highy suggest that you take that help, if not for yourself at least for your children. Sneaking vodka into a talk show and drinking in the lobby is not normal. Please see what you are doing to yourself and your family and stop "finding"reasons to drink. Start looking at the reasons you have to stop!


September 11, 2007, 8:07 am CDT

09/11 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds

Abuse gives birth to abuse gives birth to abuse and so on and so on and SO ON!!!!!  These people are addicted to the stuff.  I was raised in a loving caring home as well as my husband (of 23 years).  We are the parents of five great boys who have never seen anything but love between us.  My parents were not the huggy kissy type, but were loving towards my brother and I.  My in-laws are still in love and will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year (my father passed away 9 years ago).   These people are doing nothing but breeding another generation of abuse.  I have seen way to much of this crap throughout the years.  Why are these people are having babies before they get married?  Why are they having kids and

sleeping together if they hate each other so much.  I get so angry when I think about people like this.  They have no business bringing children into this mess.  The world is a bad place today.  It's people like this that make this country look like crap.  Once, in a classroom with about 13 or 14 studens, my son's classmates parents were all either divorced or separated.  My husband and I  and another couple were the only parents married to eachother.  There are kids out there with only one parent, single mothers with abusive boyfriends, brothers and sisters from other mothers and fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our country's morality is down the TUBES!!!!   We need to teach our children how to RESPECT one another and themselves!!!!!  These gals don't and neither do the guys.   They are willing to settle with some SOB just to have a body to sleep with and to think that they may LOVE.  What is going on.  Self-respect is no where to be found.  The children in those households are going to be the same as the parents.  Cuss words are going to flow like rain out of their mouths......not only at home, but in public.  Have you heard the language of these kids lately?  It is hard to bring little ones out anymore.....not only do they say them.....but they wear them .....WHERE DO WE START......???????????????????  AT HOME MIGHT BE A GOOD PLACE.  

September 11, 2007, 8:42 am CDT

Couseling isn't needed. Maturity is needed

Quote From: myrna47

newlyweds!  mancamp! 

   i agree all newlyweds need counseling before they decide to get married. it should be made into a law! and seek a counselor in whom you can trust and feel comfortable in talking to.  a counselor that doesn't go by the book, but goes by common sense and human feelings. 

My husband and I told eachother we loved the other just 7 days after we met. We were engaged 4 months after we met. We were married 1 year after we met. That was 19 years ago on the 30th of this month!


We were both emotionally mature, responsible, came from families w/ no divorces, planned to work hard to honor our committment before GOD, wanted to be a unifed front for our kids, wanted to put family before all else (other than God) and KNEW that marriage has ups and downs. We have been a TEAM for 19 years.....lovers, soul mates, best friends, etc.


Too many people think "love" is something that's just comes and goes. They don't need counseling. They need better role models (parents) and they need to make the decision to grow up and work as hard at their marriage as they do at their hobbies. It doesn't take counseling to have a good attitude and decide to honor vows!

September 11, 2007, 8:44 am CDT


Quote From: jerseyman

My wife and I will be married 54 years on the 27th of December 2007.  I would not take all the Money in all the banks in my county to go through the first three years of our marriage again.   Until we learned to sit down and talk about what was bothering us, and being still while one of us talked, and tried to see their side of the argument,  Then gave the other time to respond with out cutting in. ( We were in a bad mood all the time. ) 1. Her money was her money, my money was my money.  2, The house was hers and I had no say in what kind of furniture we should buy.  I was 6'4" and the chairs and sofa were Modern. (cut me in the middle of my back, and wasn't long enough to lay on). 3. Since I was farming with/for her father, I never had a good idea. She was mad at me for arguing with her father. These are examples of the things we argued about.  Until we pooled our money and discussed our likes and dislikes, and under stood that even a blind hog will get an acorn once in a while,  almost 3 years  from the time we were married, It was yatta ta yatta ta . Couples must talk and listen, as well as decide to stay together no matter what (as long as it isn't a fidelity or drinking  issue)  Never make it too easy on yourself to get a divorce.  The for better gets better after the worse is dismantled.  We have 2 wonderful children, and 3 Grandchildren.  Thanks  The Jerseyman of Ohio

You knew what needed to be done and did it. The first 3 years were big adjustments for us as well. But he made the decision to work thru every problem and work as a team. That was 19 years ago for us.

As a certified high school teacher, THANK YOU for giving your children the best start in life possible. God bless you and your wonderful union. God is smiling down!

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