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Created on : Friday, August 31, 2007, 10:21:47 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
What do you do when your ex is still in the picture and wreaking havoc? Louise says she broke up with Mike two months ago because he choked her, threw chairs at her, and even threatened to throw their infant son over a fence. Mike says anger just runs in the family, and he wants Louise to take him back but another ex of Mike’s has a warning for Louise. Shannon says she wants to expose Mike for the cruel man he really is. Mike says Shannon is a liar and an unfit mother. When Dr. Phil digs deeper into the story, you won’t believe the claims Shannon makes. Plus, what did Mike confess to Louise that has Dr. Phil concerned for the children? As allegations of abuse, threats and theft fly, Dr. Phil tries to make sense of these strained relationships. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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September 11, 2007, 11:00 am CDT


OK..maybe I misunderstood, but didn't Louise say on the night Ashley was hurt she was at a transition house because he had hurt her so badly the hospital felt it wasn't safe for her to go home?  So he had just beaten her and then called and admitted to her that he pushed the little girl breaking her nose and blacking her eyes, and yet when she talked to the police she told them he wouldn't hurt the child???  Is she crazy?  I don't know something in that whole situation just didn't seem right.  If the guy's gf had just been to the hospital bc he beat her and the cops had to talk to her at a transition house wouldn't they put 2 and 2 together when the daughter ends up in the ER later?  It just doesn't make sense. 

Once when we were younger my sister and I got into a fight and I ended up needing stitches in my lip.  No matter how many times I told the nurses/doctors/social workers/etc that my stepmom wasn't even home when it happned they continued to question me relentlessly.  My lip was split and I could barely talk, I ended up needing 10 stitches.  They seperated me from my stepmom and didn't even put the stitches in before questioning me.  I was scared to death.  And that was 20 years ago!  I think they are much more vigilant now.  So how did this incident slip through the cracks.

Unless the version we heard on the show wasn't entirely truthful....

September 11, 2007, 4:54 pm CDT

Really it is the Kids that Should be Helped

I know this story all to well and I have followed it for a long time.  Everyone in this story needs help but I am angred that the kids involved have been living this story for years now.  The kids can't fix it and I am not sure that it will be fixed, sometimes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. First and most importantly those kids should be giving a chance for a normal life.  They all have behaviour problems and this story will only repeat it's self if it is not stopped now.  I was hoping with that Dr. Phil would help give these kids a chance and then try to help the parents.  You talking to the parents is not helping those kids and  they are being lost day by day.  Please help the children involved  Dr. Phil
September 12, 2007, 1:21 am CDT



Dr Phil you hit it on the head maybe a man needs to step in because this guy is to much of a sissy to maybe confront a person/man that would hit him back he needs to feel like the victom maybe he would stop. HE DOES NEED HIS ASS KICKED...

September 13, 2007, 10:04 pm CDT

09/06 The Ex Factor

I just now finally got to see the show since I live in Germany there's a bit of a delay. I was so appalled by the entire thing. All I can think of is if I were in that situation being abused the last thing I would want is to stick around risking my children getting abused too. I just can't imagine how Shannon as a mother could allow her child to live with a man who abused her, and also having sex with the man just for visitations? Maybe it's just my opinion, but if she really cared about her daughter she would have got a lawyer a long time ago and her daughter out of his home.
September 14, 2007, 10:43 am CDT

09/06 The Ex Factor

Quote From: frustrated2007

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and are an amazing couple.  From day one, his ex girlfriend, who he has a 2 year old daughter with, has made it her mission to get rid of me.  She lies, spends her days and nights searching for bad information on me, is vindictive and conniving and will stop at nothing to drive a wedge between us!  She has held her child above my boyfriends head for a year now, claiming he would see her all he wants if I were out of the picture.  It has gotten to the point that she has gotten a lawyer and is making allegations of extensive drug and alcohol use by us when caring for the child.  She claims the child comes home crying after overnight visits with us and is traumatized.  She is constantly contradicting herself...first saying the child is too young for overnights away from her, then allowing my boyfriends parents to take her for a few nights in a row.  All she cares about is keeping me away from her child.  She is jealous, and had told both of us, that she is worried her daughter will love me, and become attached to me.  She doesn't want us to have children of our own, because she states my boyfriend will "forget" about her daughter.  She feels I should have no say in my boyfriends visitation schedule with their daughter, but I disagree, as I live with my boyfriend, and take part in taking care of her, and it affects my life as well.  If my boyfriend and I have an arguement, she is in there like a dirty shirt, trying to convince him he doesn't need me.  When I called her to tell her to stay out of our personal relationship, she called the police and tried to have me charged with uttering threats.  I have apologized to her a couple of times, and my boyfriend has asked her if we could all get together and talk things out for the childs best interests, and she will not.  She then tells everyone I am trying to come between my boyfriend and his daughter because I will not allow her to phone my boyfriend for personal conversations.  I feel she should only be contacting him for reasons directly related to their daughter, as she has an alterior motive to hurt me, insult me, interfere and disrespect me.  I love the little girl as though she was my own, but have no intention of stealing her from her mother.  I cannot win with this woman.  She is so bitter and obsessed with our relationship, yet she claims she does not want to be with my boyfriend at all, so I do not know what she wants from us!  I have considered stepping out of the picture many times, but love this man and he loves me.  The only conflicts we have it seems, stems from her and this messed up situation.  I don't know what I should do?
Nobody can tell you what you should do.  You have to decide for yourself where the boundaries are and  what you will and won't tolerate.  If your boyfriend isn't willing to accept that then you have to make a choice...either you live with the way things are or you move on.  I know moving on may hurt, but staying in a situation where you are unhappy will hurt more!  Life is too short!!  Whatever you decide, you have to be strong enough to stick with it...but remember there is a thin line between strength and stupidity!  Don't confuse getting out as a sign of weakness or giving up, and don't think staying in is a sign of strength.  Your happiness and peace of mind should be the determining factor.  Good luck!!!
September 14, 2007, 12:05 pm CDT

09/06 The Ex Factor

Quote From: livvygirl

Sorry for what you are going through, but what you should do in this situation is back off.  You really have no right to dictate when the ex can and cannot call your bf.  You have no right to interfere with the visitiation schedule - that is between him and her.  Sure, she sounds like an immature nut job, but you have no control over that.  They two of them will have this child in common forever, there is no getting around that, and it will only cause problems for you to try and insert yourself in the middle, cause you're afraid they will get back together. 


For your own sanity, back off - if it's that bad, then don't live with your boyfriend anymore until you decide to get married.  And if you love this little girl like you say you do, please realize that all the fighting and control-grabbing going on in this situation is hurting HER - and someone's got to be enough of a grownup to put a stop to it!  I wish you luck, I know this is a tough situation.

This sounds like something an ex would say.  Why would you NOT have a right to have a say in visitiation if you're involved with the care of the child??  Seems to me like the child would be much happier and better off if she's put in the care of an adult who is shown some respect in the situation.  People not in this situation don't understand it's not about "control" it's about respect!!  We all deserve that!  I don't care who you are if you are taken advantage of and disrespected enough the resentment will build...that's human nature...and then what kind of situation does THAT put the kids in!?  There's no doubt even when a marriage ends you have to be good co-parents but there is a reason it's called EX! 

September 22, 2008, 7:58 am CDT

Show's new look and sound

Love your show but really don't like the new theme music or song!  Feels like bunnies and butterflies and rainbows should start appearing on the screen when the singing starts.  Come on Dr. Phil your show is more 'real than that' .  It's too contrived.  I'd really like to see less "coming up next" to give you more time on stage with the guests so you didn't have to go to commercial after talking with them for about 5 minutes.  It seems like your letting some folks off the hook a little to easy too.  Like the show on lowering the drinking age.  I don't know if I'm for it or against it but it also seems that the examples of all of the current underage drinking incidents speaks to the argument that right now, the law isn't working.  Nobody seemed to even make that argument.
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