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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:05:51 am
Author : dataimport
If you've suffered from a debilitating illness and lived to tell your story, please tell it to us. Share your most uplifting and practical ways to fight off illness.

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October 17, 2005, 6:14 am CDT

Hello Karen

Quote From: happyzot

Hi Friends, 

I am insulin resistant, and on the verge of diabetes.  My blood sugars have been very good since I started the Weight Loss Challenge over 2 years ago.  I am being very careful, as I don't want to have my condition develop into type 2 diabetes, but if it does, it's not the end of the world.  I have done a lot of reading on the web, and there is a very good website by author David Mendosa.  www.  mendosa.   com  (without the spaces) hoping that the post will not be deleted, but this is a very helpful link with lots of good information!!!   



I am glad to hear that you haven't yet developed diabetes, Please continue to watch it, It is not a very fun thing to have!! I never thought that it was as serious as it was until i developed it. I guess i just never understood the seriousness of the disease.  But now i know that it is a very serious disease and you don't want to get it.  It is good that you are studying about it and taking precautions to not develop it, if I had done that i may have not gotten it! You are smart in doing that. I hope that my children doesn't develop it later on. But i will try and tell them all about it so they too can watch for warning signs. I didn't even know the warning signs and probably had the disease for a long time before I found out. I was really thirsty all the time and couldn't get enough to drink, and I had to go to the bathroom every little bit, Just thought I would tell you some of my warning signs so you could look for them, even though if you have read up on it , I'm sure you already know them.  You continue to take good care of yourself. 

                           Till next time, 


October 17, 2005, 10:30 pm CDT


Quote From: blue_05

Thank you Kelly for responding to my Message, It is really nice to talk to someone about diabetes that understands what I mean. No one that I know personally has diabetes, so no one really understands what i feel.  I feel tired alot but i am under a lot of stress i guess.  I also have ruemotoid arthritis and it really takes its toll on my body in the winter especially.  I have had it since i was around 21. I am 37 now.  But whatever life throws at you , you learn to handle it.  I had gestonional diabetes when i was pregnant with my first child. I guess thats why it later developed into diabetes. It  took years to do so though. I know though that there are people out there that has it worse than me, and i do symathize with them, and wish that i could help them. Thank you again for responding to my message, I really like these message boards where you can come and have a helpful conversation about your problems.  My name is Tracy by the way!  

     Till Next time you take care of yourself,  Love Tracy. 

Good to hear from you again. And again no worries about me writing to you, I'm  more than happy to. 


So you had G. Diabetes with your first child, well I guess you would have been told that due to you having had G. Diabetes then your chances of getting Diabetes later on in life would be a 50/50 chance. So, please don't go ever blaming yourself for getting this as there was really nothing much you could have done to stop it from happening. 


With me when I found out I had Diabetes, I was told by my Specialist that it wasn't anything that I had done to get this. It was just the luck of the draw so to speak. On my Dad's side of the family it was his Father who had type 2 but he only had to watch his diet. So other than that there really hasn't been anyone on either side of my family who has had Dabetes. 


As to if my daughter will end up with it, I have been told that IF she does get it, it would be more likely to happen as a Adult seen as I have type 2. Cause on my hubby's side of the family, his Dad had type 2. So anyway, don't go worrying too much about if your children will get it or not. Even if they do, I'm sure that they will be fine. 


Hopefully in our lifetime there will be a cure for Diabetes, we can only hope and pray can't we!! 


Anyway you and your TAKE CARE and look forward to hearing from you again soon, LOVE KELLY. 

October 19, 2005, 5:54 pm CDT


Quote From: healer1

Good luck with this.  Blessings, Linda
i was just wondering, can you get ssi or any financial help from this , i also have fibormyoliga, along other health problems, ??
October 20, 2005, 2:05 pm CDT

What other health problems do you have?

Quote From: boxblonde

i was just wondering, can you get ssi or any financial help from this , i also have fibormyoliga, along other health problems, ??

Bless your heart!  I feel for anyone who has fibromyalgia. 


What other health problems do you have?  Are you on SSI now?  How long have you been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia.  What do you think caused your fibromyalgia? 


Kristie : ) 


October 21, 2005, 10:55 am CDT

Depression & Anxiety

I survived an attack in 1989 which caused my breakdown, which ultimately resulted in Depression and Anxiety.  Does anyone on these message boards discuss these two conditions?
October 24, 2005, 9:18 am CDT

Ways to Fight Injustices due to Invisible Illnesses!

Here is a list of things we can do together to fight injustice of discrimination of "invisible" diseases:

1) Join a support group. In support groups there are often advocacy opportunities. Two well known support groups are the Arthritis Foundation and Immune (onilne). This also helps us deal with the stress caused by our illnesses.

2) Write to your clinics and let administration know how upset you are about how you were treated by specific doctors. Give them details and tell them how you went through what you did and should have had to go through it. If they do nothing, they open themselves up for a lawsuit.

3) Write to local newspapers about how the illness has affected you and others. If they don't want to work with you on the story, go to them in person and have a one-on-one chat with them, telling them how important it is for you and others to get the news out about your "invisible disease." If they turn you down, go to the next one, and keep your chin up!

4) Keep on writing to talk shows, telling them how important it is for them to do a show on your "invisible" disease. Then pray that someone cares enough to do a show on this and have it done properly as well.

5) Don't let others tell you to hide the illness like it is some secret. At work I will be silent, but not anywhere else. People need to learn about this illness, and being silent and ashamed is not going to help us being continually labelled. They need to hear that this illness is real.

6) Start walks or events to support research for fibromyalgia and other illnesses.

7) Talk one-on-one with researchers, and don't dare bite your tongue. They need to hear exactly how it affects us, and exactly what we think that caused it. Finding a cure is not only their job, it's our job too! They cannot find a cure without US!

This is all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'll think of more later. This should keep people busy, I hope! If you have any more ideas, please add to this!

Yours truly,
Kristie : )
30 years old now
Lyme disease/fibromyalgia/cfs/pn at age 23
Wisconsin - I'm a cheese head!
November 4, 2005, 12:16 pm CST

How do you fight Endometriosis?

 How do you fight Endometrosis? there is no cure! excpet to wait until menopause!
November 6, 2005, 9:34 pm CST

Paying for my sins

I just found out that I am positive for Hepatitis C. I should not be shocked. I am 3 months into a drug free life. It has been over a year since I have used a needle. I never thought that I would ever get sick. You know at the time it was just for fun, I didn't have a problem. Silly me thought I would never get anything like this. I have wanted to go back and get that high again. However that is not the way to deal with this. I am still reeling from the diagnosis. I still have many tests that I will have to do. I feel like I have to be the stupidest person on the planet. I shared a needle with someone. What was I thinking? I was not. I was just looking for a good time. Now I am sick forever. 


It was over ten years ago when a youth pastor told me that, God will forgive you for anything, but that does not mean that you are free from the consequences of your sin. It never made any since until now. I know he forgives me for being so careless with the body he gave me. But as I learned over a decade ago, I will reap what I have sown. I am very afraid about what will happen next. I have no idea how I will survive this. But I have 3 girls & a husband who need me to do well. I hope I am strong enough. 

November 7, 2005, 6:36 pm CST

that is where my hope come from

Quote From: gallbrg


I have scarcoidosis and it is destroying me and has destoryed my family.  

My wife wants a divorce, & at the time I need her the most with all the medcial tests I have been going through lately she just plain hates me.  

It is not my fault that I have this disease.  

It has affected my lungs and now possibly my heart.  

The medicine I am on makes me feel sick most of the time.  

God is my only support and hopefully someone out there does care.  

Because I can certainly use a friend in this adventure.  

Ilost a husband to an illness that took thre years to kill him I was holding his hand when he died, i have no regrets doing it my way consider me a friend I know what it is like , seek_help
November 7, 2005, 6:41 pm CST

I would give anything to eat that much

Quote From: bastanz

I am starting this diet tomorrow for guaranteed great health.  If you wish real all the details of the how and why in my shared diary under my screen name "bastanz".  Would anyone else like to join me? 


They explained fully what a phase 1 diet is for 1 month or more if you are really sick: 

NO grains whatsoever (toast, muffins, bread, pasta, pizza, bagels, cereals) 

NO corn or peanuts 

No Sugar or Yeast 


You can eat as much as you like of the following during the first month: 

Prefer grass fed beef (regular beef contains antibiotics that is given to the animals) 





Green Apples 



Nuts (no peanuts, although they are really a bean) 


What you are doing is completely starving the fungus. Bear with the dieoff of the fungus which may make you feel a lttle sick but it will disappear. 



I have undergone mouth reconstruction , and on my third try I live on baby food and nutrional drinks and jello and pudding I guess you can see the picture ,my health has been greatly affected and I am praying this will be the time that works ,I write this with stiches in my mouth seeks_help
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