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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:05:51 am
Author : dataimport
If you've suffered from a debilitating illness and lived to tell your story, please tell it to us. Share your most uplifting and practical ways to fight off illness.

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August 4, 2007, 10:13 pm CDT

disc diease

Quote From: kaniamania

Last October my 35 yr. old sister had two discs rupture in her back, the rupture was so severe it caused a condition called, Caude Equine Syndrome. At the time that it happened she lost all use of both her legs and lost complete use of her bladder and bowels. She went to a rehab place and since then she has regained the use of one of her legs the other is dead from the knee down. The Dr.s tell her they don't know what to expect because of the severity of the nerve damage when the discs ruptured and the length of time it was left untreated by the emergency rm. Dr.s because they thought she was there just for drugs. Meanwhile they treated cuts and bruises while my sisters life was being destroyed. As it is now she walks with two canes, her bowels are horrible she's in constant pain, one dr. says oh its internal hemmoriods which we wont operate on because you have no muscle, the other Dr. says it her prostrate. She has things that are the size of golf balls in her bowels that are preventing her from relieving herself, she has to use a cathader to urinate, and shes lost all sexual feeling (which they say wont come back). Did I mention that shes only 35, and a single mother of two girls. She is devastated, she said to me last night " I can't live if this is what I have to live with" meaning the pain. Shes in constant pain in her legs, they have her on neurotin(sp?) and she says it takes the pain down from 10 to 6. What kind of life is this for anyone to live. I want to help her so bad and I don't know how. We live in different states which makes it impossible to be with here physically. What do I do, has anyone on these boards heard of this syndrome or been affected by it?
I don't know if this will help you or not but I have Generative disc diease, which causes severe pain, I have several discs that won't stay in place and my whole backbone is pushing forward crushing my internal organs. this diease is usually found in 80yr olds but I'm only in my early 40's. my bowels ain't normal either, I'll go a week without a movement and then it's so painful I don't want to have a bowel movement. I'm on pain pills daily and seeing a chiropracter weekly to help ease some of the pain, I wear a knee brace or my foot goes to sleep on me. the doctors can't figure out why I have this diease so early. but I've also got bone spurs on both shoulders that are growing into my tendents and they cause a  severe burning feeling, to wear I have to ice pack my shoulders. I kind of know what you're going through. if that helps any. I hope you can find some answers of why. try to take care,  Laura
August 13, 2007, 12:28 am CDT

living with epilepsy

Hello everybody, i am new at this i only joined today. Let me tell you a bit about myself , i am 22 yrs old , and have had epilepsy all my life but never had a problem with it up until 6 yrs ago. Ever since then my life has gone in so many different directions. I used to work in childcare but had to give it up as the children were put at to much of a risk. I have had to sell my car as a lost my licence due to a small accident i had due to a seizure. And at the moment im trying new medications as none have worked, i am getting very upset lately as i dont know how to cope , i feel like my life is out of my hands. Please anyone with a similar condition please give me some advice as to how you survive each day.
August 24, 2007, 10:46 am CDT

Rare Diseases

I have a rare immune disease, so rare that in my 17 years of battling with it I have only found one other person to have it. Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis (IPH) causes me to bleed in my lungs, basically my immune system treats my lungs like transplants, and attacks them, I have been on steriods and chemo for years till that almost did me in..... even though I was given a slim chance of making it to thirty, here I sit at 42....... I can't really tell you how I'm surviving it but to say I want to. I have no support from my family, and am treated more like a burden. I rely on my faith in God.....
September 6, 2007, 4:28 pm CDT

Healed of Cancer...

I was diagnosed with CML on August 23, 2004.  I thought it was the end of my world.  I took meds for a while, even after my healing, til something told me to just throw them away.  I was healed of it on October 10, 2004.  I went back to the doctor at least 3 times and they gave me a clean bill of health each and every time.  I stand on my faith in God as to who healed me.  I do not believe in the word remission.  I believe in God.  My family still to this day is mad at me and does not believe I am healed.  They are mad when I don't and won't go back to the doctor.   
September 12, 2007, 9:32 am CDT

when spouse are sick

Quote From: ceders2

I just wanted to write and say hi, but also to let you know that you are not alone. My Dad has ALS and has had it now for nearly two years and he is still doing quite well. It started in his right foot and is slowly starting take his left foot as well.


My Mum and Dad ended up having to sell their business afew years earlier than they expecting to due to Dad having ALS. Dad is now 64 years old and had planned on retiring when he was about 65 years old, but with him getting the ALS those plans were brought forward a year or two.


I think that Dad sometimes feels that he has let Mum down because he had to give up the business before they really wanted to, but Mum will not hear of it because she loves Dad no matter what and I'm sure that is the same with your dear wife. She loves you no matter what!! So, please don't go worrying about if your wife is happy or not to stay with you, because you know that she will love you forever!!


Please try to take things one day at a time and see how you go and please Take Care, Reguards Kelly.

  This is so inspiring that spouse would stay with you when you get sick with with a long term illness. My brother in law came down with RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 43. Him and his wife married late (late 20's) and he tried to commit suicide b/c he could longer work and support his family like he felt a man should. His wife went to work. After about 7 years his wife left him. 23 years of marriage down the drain. His brother -my first husband -died of lung cancer 5 days after turning 44. We had divorced almost 2 1/2 years that. He found out he inoperable lung cancer 2 weeks b4 the divorce was final, but his girlfriend that broke up the marriage was living with him so I did not try to reconcile. I really didn't want to. That left the two of us to take  care of two cousins who were more like brothers. We were at each others houses constantly and on the phone running the boys here and there. His wife came back at 2 a.m. in the morning about a year later and they talked for 2 hours. That was the end of that. He said he wasn't holding grudges against her. You would think that a debilitating disease  wuld pull a couple together not apart. He went into a remission of about 5 years. Then the disease came back just b4 remarrying. It's been 11 years since they married and doing fine as I know. I married and divorced again. I came down with RA in 2001 when bones began breaking in feet. I now have no cartilage left in my feet. How Ironic!?

 I need some new underwear and plan to get a little at a time later. Now just trying to keep up with Dr. bills, Hospital, and medicines. I do usually put on an elastic bracelet and some times a necklace. and some makeup. Yes a little something to make yourself feel better RA also causes fatigue. I Also have COPD- severe emphysema. I've got pneumonia right now.  A pneumonia right now. Not all pneumonia shots take care of every kind of pneumonia.

I saw a Today show a few months ago. about things for an autoimmune disease  - inflammatory diseases- different things like one person was talking about. I lost the information when I took my computer to the shop and had it stored in my favorites instead of moving it to a folder. I remember to eat purple grapes not green eat 100% whole wheat breads even buns, bagels, etc. Don't eat white foods like white rice or potatoes. eat sweet potatoes, brown rice even though it takes longer to eat. Eat fish and seafood at least 3 times a week. Wild Salmon, not farmed Salmon, is best. Even shark meat is good for you. Their are four categories of fish. The book I read was by Dr. Chilton. I can't remember his first name., but sure you can find it at your local library. I figured where I got this RA from by reading this book. Like my brother in law No one in two generations on either side of the families had RA. Reading this book I learned that diabetes, thyroid disease, emphysema, asthma, lupus, sclerosis- like a man mentioned earlier- like him I take 5 Methatrexate tablets a week.  I think food plays a big part in our health. I was walking not power walking, but regular walking for 2 sometimes 3 miles a day 5 days a week. I had to put that on hold till I'm over pneumonia. I didn't get it from walking, but got chilled in my apartment.  Ther is a pill Dr. Chilton advises people to take 3 times a day called Borage,fish, and flaxseed oil. You can get it at Walmart in the vitamin section. It has a purple cap on it. It's not just fish oil, or just flaxseed oil. but you need the Borage also. He had a sister who come down with childhood RA so he told he would become a Dr. and try to find a cure for her. So he studies cures for inflamatory diseases. More than enough for the fiest time.   Janice

September 13, 2007, 7:43 pm CDT

I have Fibrmyalgia

Quote From: jazz22222

I survived an attack in 1989 which caused my breakdown, which ultimately resulted in Depression and Anxiety.  Does anyone on these message boards discuss these two conditions?
Yes I get S.S  & I ave other health problems too .
October 10, 2007, 3:07 pm CDT

My Positive Huntington's Disease Page

I am 24, am experiencing HD symptoms. My family is one of the few in the world who have early onset. I was a Nurse before I got sick. I made a positive, comprehensive website. It has a blog, care giving tips, ways to fight brain fog, myths, my story, my families’ story, and ways to have a positive testing experience. I also put on there the poems I got published in the horizon.

October 15, 2007, 10:25 am CDT

life after stroke

I'm 55 and on 7-7-7 suffered a stroke while leaving the eye Dr's.  I did not recognize my symptomes as my vision was blurry from my eyes being dialated.  When I woke up the next morning I couldn't get the day started and called a friend and told him what was happening to me.  He took me to the hospital where I learned I'd had a stroke.


My insurance lapsed before I could get a neurologist to give me an appointment and AZ welfare took 3 month to kick in so I rehabbed myself with exercising the affected parts of my body and by starting to retrain myself to do the abilities lost such as stand on one foot, play keyboards, play guitar, sing, run, drive safely, throw a rock well, converse with others and remaine calm socially.


Now that I have insurance I am following trained medical advise.  My physical therapist says what I did for myself is amazing and inspiring.  Through him I am learning about the stroke community that exists everywhere.


As I have become aware I would like to share.  Dr. Phil, if my story has enough value, please tell it.




October 24, 2007, 9:43 am CDT

How I Fought My Illness

Quote From: dizzydown

I am 22 and was dx with Lupus in October '05. I have been living with the chonic illness for more than 3years. It didn't take much to get my dx. I believe my ANA's were throught the roof when I went to my rehumy.  My sed rate was 109, they tested it twice. I am on 8 different drugs right now. A few of them are from lupus and a few for harsh drugs I have to take. 

I know your pain. I wake up and go to sleep with it every day.  

I agree that Dr. Phil  and even Oprah and everyone else who has a voice needs to do a show on it. There haven't been any major advances in the meds to treat it in 20years. Thats just unexceptable. They are close to a cure for cancer and aids, yet they can't put the time and money into this killer. But you never die from Lupus you die from complications of lupus. 

God Bless 

check the latest info on Lupus does kill.

November 3, 2007, 8:59 am CDT


Quote From: blue_05

I am posting this message about diabetes. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the diease? I have struggled with it for a few years now. There for a while i didn't think i was going to make it, but here i am doing ok now. I worry sometimes about my heart, because i have some bad shakey spells and my heart just beats really fast. But i had it checked out and it was fine they said. Guess it's just from reading and seeing what all can happen to you with the complications of diabetes. If anyone has any suggestions about diabetes then i would be glad to hear them, I am sure there are people out there who has suffered from it alot longer than i have.


I too am type 1 diabetic... Have had this disease for over 47 years, and copeing  well. it's NOT an easy disease, but with lots of help you can have a very happy healthy life.. I choose to think a diabetic diet is just "HEALTHY EATING!" which is what we all SHOULD do....  My advice to you is to go on line to ...............  go to the message boards, and choose which type of diabetic you are... type 1, type 2, pump user etc... this board has taught me way more then any doctor ever has... I read it daily and have learned so much. Visit and sign up... (no cost) you will be so happy you did.....

Good Luck!, Barb..

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