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Created on : Thursday, July 05, 2007, 02:34:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Have you ever wanted to talk to your doctor about pressing medical concerns, but were too afraid to speak up? Today, four physicians with four different specialties return to bust medical myths and teach you things you never knew about your body. First up, 45-year-old Pamela has a paralyzing fear of physicians. She was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease six years ago and hasn't set foot in a doctor's office since. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil creates a makeshift exam room backstage! Then, Denise and her husband, Steve, have been trying to get pregnant for three years. Steve says he’s tired of sex being a business deal, but Denise desperately wants a baby. Should she keep trying to conceive or just move on with her life? And, having four kids wreaked havoc on Casey's body, and now she wants cosmetic surgery. Her husband, Jonathan, says a tummy tuck is too expensive, and thinks Casey can get in shape by doing more sit-ups. See Dr. Phil’s surprise for her! Plus, a couple who say their 9- and 15-year-old sons are still not potty trained! Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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August 19, 2008, 12:56 pm CDT


Quote From: ingoodfaith

Hello Mum! 

I watched the show with my 14 yr old son who went through this for 5 years.  I admire your incredible courage to go on TV with guys rock!  I sooo sympathized with you that I just wanted to crawl through the TV and hug all of you and tell you it will get better but it takes time. My boy started out just like yours just a little over 5 years ago...small accidents. Then progressively got worse and within a couple of years he was going through 6 pairs of underwear or more a day. I tried everything you did too and couldn't help him.  We saw a gastric specialist over 14 months ago.  The prolonged constipation had caused an enlargement of the upper intestine...where the blockage stayed and caused all the other stuff to flow around and leak out over and over. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT!  IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!  You're good parents and your kids ARE normal!  Here's the good exactly what you have to do according to the doctor's orders and by this time 3 months from now, you'll see a drastic difference! My son had to have 5 days of enemas (the first mineral oil to lubricate) in a row to jump start the process. He cried with the first one and I held his little hand and promised him I wouldn't hurt him.  The next four enemas were easier because he understood what was happening...and the clearing out began...and it continued. Then change of diet completely...and I can't stress this enough.  We still have the list on the fridge from last year. These are the foods you should very much cut out: sugar, honey, syrup, candy, soft drinks, fruit juices, white flour, other refined cereal, potato, banana, cheese, junk food, rice.  Encourage these:  whole grains, nuts, pop-corn, fruits, vegetables (skins, seed and stalks), bran, lots of water, meat, fish, eggs, butter, 2 glasses of milk a day and a little yogurt.  I URGE you to follow this because it makes all the difference in the world.  I lead by example...I cleared out the cupboards and fridge the same day we got home from the doctor and went shopping for all the good stuff.  I didn't eat anything he didn't eat since then. He was always thin and never hungry because his body was blocked up. I was lucky if he would eat a hot dog.  Within a month, he gained 4 pounds and ate more than I had ever seen him eat before..3 sandwiches on multigrain bread with sandwich meat, tomato, lettuce and mayo in one sitting!  and going to the bathroom 3 times a week.  I was so happy and it was exactly what the doctor said he was looking for. In the past 14 months my son has gained 20 pounds and grew 5.5 inches!  He has a couple of minor accidents (really minor) A MONTH !  He goes to the bathroom now 4 or 5 times a week and there's still a lot coming out each time...which is fine by me!   I lost 10 pounds!  He loves the new way we eat and so do I!  My son is now having a normal life!  Soccer, playing outside, hanging with friends, going on school trips and so on.  He's a changed boy...and you can look forward to the same.  PLEASE BE VERY PATIENT!  My heart is with you and your kids!




Thank you for being so informative and sharing your story.  My grandson (age 4) suffers from encoporesis. He has seen a gastroentorolgogist and  we will will be starting him on miralax followed by enemas etc   to clean him out.  It is very scary to give him enemas and medications.  I am afraid that it could hurt him. I am nervous that all these laxatives will distroy his bowels.  Reading your post was so helpful.  It is wonderful news to hear that your son is now leading a "normal' and happy, active life.  My grandson is starting kindergarden and I am worried about him soiling himself at school.  We are just starting his treatment and I realize it will take months.  How did you handle this problem?  Should we talk to the school nurse about it?  I worry that other children in his class will notice his problem and tease him.  Any response would be appreciated.

Thank you once again.



August 29, 2008, 5:40 am CDT

I am Tony Lowe!!!

Quote From: gold44

Encopresis is a true medical issue that involves physical AND emotional issues.  It can GREATLY affect the child and  their family.  They are loners which adds to the problem.  Parents must treat both aspects or the child won't get better.

I teach Special Education and I have only encountered one case in 22 years of teaching but it almost made me quit. If it hadn't been for a wonderful man, Tony Lowe,  who has two sons that suffered with this disorder. He rans the Encopresis Information Exchange in the United Kingdom and was a great source for me.  He even corresponded to the students in my classroom thru email to answer all their questions and frustrations regarding their classmate (who would soil daily).

My advice to any teacher dealing with a student with this disorder is to demand that the parent be ACTIVELY seeing physicans and mental health personnel, and that the school provide a private lockable restroom that the student can change and clean without embarrassment and talk to Tony!  Good luck!

How good is that to find a message board that remembers me!!


This subject was and is very close to my heart as indeed my two sons both suffered and in the UK there was nothing at all to help.


I created the Encopresis Information Exchange to address that and hit so many walls of silence and denial. I alos howerver found a massive community who shared information and guides. Sure, we had disagreements and a few fell by the wayside, but to the core I had a fantastic site with a lot of information which, it seems nearly 8 years on is still valid!


Does anyone else remember me? I would love to get back in touch with you all and see how things developed.


God Bless You All

And get in touch soon!!!


September 11, 2008, 10:25 am CDT

Nothing but love for my encokid!

It is sad that so many people are so terribly uneducated on childhood disorders.

I am a loving mom of two children and only one of them suffers from Encopresis. Neither of my children suffered any sort of abuse. One child toilet trained normally and I used the same strategies for my second. When the problems began to arise, at the age of 4, we immediatly took him to our family physician. He had seen this many many times before. It is a very common condition. Infact there is quite a large support community for parents and sufferers of Encopresis. I suggest that some of these ignorant, uneducated viewers take the time to research things before making nasty comments. They may also want to take a better look at their own children. There may be issues that they are overlooking because of their fear. "Ignorance breeds intolerance" as my mother used to say!

To all other parents who are dealing with Encopresis......stay the course and continue to love your encokids!

September 13, 2008, 2:18 am CDT


Quote From: flthomcat

Lord, please keep those grown boys (age 9 and 15) away from my 12-yr-old daughter until they are potty trained!!! YIKES!!!!


As for the infertile couple, I know the feeling. It took us that long to conceive to and it involved lots of crying, disappointment and money. NOBODY knows the pain of not being able to conceive unless she has gone thru it herself! HOPEFULLY hubby will recognize how important this is to his wife and be gracious about it. My husband was and we now have two wonderful children (age 6 and 12) to show for all the patience (and robot sex:). Trust me, it's ALL worth it once the kids are born!!!!


If I lost lots of weight, you can bet I would save my $$$ and have a tummy tuck and whatever else I needed to deal with the excess skin. Hopefully my husband would be sensitive enough to know that my self-esteem needed the surgery. Knowing my great guy, he would want me to have the surgery as a "gift" to myself for succeeding at getting healthy and losing the weight. Marriage is about support, love and respect. How better to show love and support than to "invest" in something that will improve the mental health of a spouse!!!

im 18 and a single mom of a 15 month old ive had encompresis for 11 yrs and had to deal with it  and it so painful bcuz u make poop the size of galvestons seawall Rocks lol. ive taken everything to get rid of it and it doesnt help.
November 18, 2008, 7:03 pm CST

my heart breaks

Quote From: lcggrg

Not being "potty trained" can have a MEDICAL reason ... it is called encopresis.  Some children, particularly boys, have difficulty eliminating waste.  This may be a result of many reasons or a reason that cannot be determined.  Some of the reasons include poor muscle tone in the rectum, an inability to feel or recognize the body's message to go to the bathroom, an inability of the body to "move" the waste through the intestines/bowel because there is either poor or no peristaltic movement.  There could be a number of other reasons as well.  This is an illness that is NEVER talked about in public for just the reason that most of you have shown ... people tend to think of it as disgusting with the end result that children who have it are embarassed and have very poor self esteem. They don't want to be ill but cannot fix it.  It takes many many years and a lot of work to get it under control.  Oddly enough this illness is often improved or it may even disappear around the time of puberty.  Doctors think it may be a result of an increase in hormone production.  Interestingly, it is actually much more common that most people would have believed - it is just never discussed - which is a terrible shame because of what it does to the children.  So perhaps instead of immediately judging these children, you might want to be informed first (try googling "encopresis" and "enuresis") and then watch this episode to see if that is what they have.

My heart breaks for you and for the couple on the show.  I didn't get to see this show but found this discussion through a google search.  I have a little boy who is struggling with this.  He is 5 1/2.  We have been to countless specialists.  Every X-ray showed him full of poop.  The doctors told us that his bowels are 9 times the size of a regular child.  He cannot feel when he needs to poop.  The muscles and nerve endings are stretched so far they aren't working properly.  We struggled for a year and a half trying to get him potty trained.  We thought we were close when one day he woke up and couldn't hold his pee anymore.  After many tests we were told he was just full of poop and that we needed to get that under control first before they could tell us if he had any other issues.  None of the urologists or kidney doctors could help.  We finally got into see a specialist here in Kansas City who could help us.  We have been on  a high fiber diet since April.  We have used enemas to help get him cleared out  and I think we are finally getting it under control.  This has been a nightmare for us and our little boy.  Imagine not being able to feel it and then having your parents get after you for having accidents.  We were emotionally drained and so was he. Thanks to our wonderful doctor we have finally gotten things under control.  We aren't 100% potty trained yet but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Luckily for us, my son is just in half day kindergarten and the school has been very understanding.  He goes in a pull up.  I pray we can be potty trained by first grade.  I think this is a problem that people are embarassed to talk about so we don't see how common it really is.  Please contact me if you'd like more info on what we are doing to help our son.
July 15, 2009, 5:46 pm CDT

Encopresis Hurts

For those of you who have written not so nice things about the boys 15 and 9 that you think are not potty trained.  It's not that they are not potty trained, they will urinate in the potty, it's that they have encopresis.  Dr. Phil has explained this regarding these 2 boys under "encopresis".   I have an 8 yr. old son with this disorder and he has had it since he was 4.  It's horrible for him and saddening and frustrating for a parent.  It's hard on the child, they didn't ask for this problem.  My son had a hard time with moving his bowels on the toilet due to the pain that is associated with encopresis.  Your stomach and intestines produce and enzyme to break down the fecal matter, whereas in encopresis this does not happen or much of.  Therefore, you are at the mercy of something to break it down so they do not constipate, impact or worse.  In my son's case he sees a gastroenterologist (child) and he monitors him on a laxative, "Miralax"... it softens the stool, so it won't hurt when he goes and so he will go.  But, there is that vicious cycle of when it hurts.... they don't want it to come out.  Then the sphincter muscle sometimes will not open on it's own... it becomes decensitized and the child has to think about opening that muscle and pushing at the same time.  It's not easy.  When my child gets impacted I want to help him so bad I have given him a diaper, which he feels more comfortable in releasing in.... anything to stop him from hurting.  Not that this is right, but older people have to use them sometimes to, don't they?  There are presently no diapers in this house as present.... they have gone bye bye.  I am doing an encouraging thing in trying to get him to go at this point (once again).  But, in addition to him having this problem, I will get him to go really good and clean out and then send him to his father's for his time with him and then my son comes back home being argumentive about going again, backed up again and I'm back at square one.  This will change soon as I am doing something about this.  Good luck to other parents and children with this horrible problem.  Is there ever and end in site?  Oh, I did find one other natural herb that works on loosing the stools and helping anyone who has stool problems go and it's called..... "The Herb Finder's Turkey Rhubarb Formula" .  I use it myself daily, it's great.  Had my son on it but his father talked bad about it and my son picked up on his father's attitude about it, thus we are back on the Miralax.

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