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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 09:00:55 am
Author : dataimport
Patients suffering from OCD have a challenge in overcoming their illness. Share your story and get support from those who understand.

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November 18, 2008, 11:16 am CST


I know someone who lives to ruin others lives.. i know there is a name for this disorder but what is it?
November 24, 2008, 5:09 pm CST

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Quote From: teziscool

Does anyone suffer from Trichotillomania?

Cuz I have since 3rd grade and I'm now 16

and a junior in highschool.


you posted a while ago, but i figure i`ll try anyways.

i`ve had trich since grade 6.. i graduated highschool last year, and i`m in

my first year of college.

i dont know what else to tell you, just that you aren`t alone,

even when having trich, you really feel like you`re the ONLY one.

November 26, 2008, 4:29 pm CST

14 and Trichotillomania

So... I'm fourteen yrs old and have Trichotillomania... (by the way, I'm really sorry if I should have posted this somewhere else, I'm still figuring these boards out)

You know, if I ever become a mom, I will never tell my children that thing about making wishes if your eyelash falls off. That is why I have this stupid condition >_<
I specifically remember when it all began, not sure why... I was wondering if your wishes would still count if you got the eyelash yourself. I was in grade three.
I'm very scared that I won't be able to get rid of this. I'm in grade nine now, and most of my really close friends know and they're supportive, but even if I can go without pulling for like three months, it eventually comes back and when it does I'm bald (my eyelashes). Its very embarassing because eyeliner doesn't hide it- I'll never forget when a classmate had burst out the fact I didn't have eyelashes, he wasn't thinking, but it was innocent.

But still- I doubt I ever blushed that much again.

I've been to see a social worker, and I really like our visits. It definitely helped emotionally, though the condition was hard to kick as ever. I had to stop going because 'it wasn't helping' and was too expensive.
I'm not really sure what to do anymore.

I'm scared that I am going to give up, if I can't get some sort of motivation. -_-;;

March 20, 2009, 8:29 am CDT

Still Learning

I'm sorry to hear about your 14 year old daughter. I am 21 and was diagnosed with OCD about 2 years ago. When I was diagnosed I put a lot of reaserch into this disorder. I found a very helpful book called, "The OCD Workbook." Not only does this book have a huge section on OCD for children and teens but also how you can be a suporter to her as a mother and with the help of this book you can learn about the specifics of OCD and how to understand what she is going through physically and mentally. I know this because when I read the book it seemed to know exactly how I felt and what I was going though. I also read the childrens section out of concern for my 13 year old sister who seems very concerned with hygene. The book also talks about meds in detail. For my OCD I am on the medication Zoloft and have had no reactions with it. The only problem with this medication is that it lowers my lebedo. As a 21 year old in a two and a half year relationship it is hard for me and if anyone has any advice on how to cope with that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
May 9, 2009, 8:42 pm CDT

Partner suffers from OCD / but is unable to get help due to no mental health services here in state of NC

  My partner Jeremy whom  I've known  for the last  8 yrs  & have been with in a long term comitted relationship  for the last  7 1/2 yrs ,  suffers from OCD    .   When  Jeremy  & i first  got together  I did not notice his OCD   , how ever told me two weeks into our relationship   that he was ADHD and Bipolar .  now me on the other hand i'm not perfect , i suffer from ADD  so my life has had its share of challanges.   The first three yrs that Jeremy  & i were together we're rough , Jeremy  & I both had indivual issues in our lives that we needed to work on .    Sadly in  Dec 2003 jeremy & i split up  and went our seperate ways for  about 18 months  to two yrs .   Then in  may 2005  we started talking again  & thaught that we might give our relationship another try  . That  was 5 yrs ago ,   since then Jeremy   &   I    have been throug,h alot ,   our  relationship has survived    Jail,   home house arrest, prison ,   probation  ,  crack cocaine addiction  , a miscarriage  , you  name it we've been through it .  The only thing that puts a strain  on our relationship is Jeremy's OCD   ,  i did not notice his OCD until  we moved in together in 2006 ,   at first   I thaught that his OCD was just a  reaction  to  being completely  sober for the first time in yrs ,  not to menton  the fact that  we were living in a small one bed/ one bath basement apartment   .  We lived in this tiny  apartment for 2 1/2 yrs , it was during that time that Jeremy's    OCD   got extremely bad ,   it started to cause argueements between us ,   his  OCD got so  bad that I actually  left him for two weeks and went to my mother's .    Then  in   January  of 2008 ,   we moved to  a bigger  one bed room one bath apartment   ,  I thaught that the move would do us  some good and would help    jeremy's  ocd calm down   ,  i was wrong  -  it was not long  after we moved into this apartment    that Jeremy's OCD got worse ,  our agrueements got worse.     Then 11 1/2 months later we moved into  Jeremy's bother's  2 bed/ 2 bath trailor to help his brother out with the morgage payments for a while  , until  Jeremy & i  could save up enough money to where we could put down on our own  single wide trailor.     now because we are in jeremy's brother's trailor ,   Jeremy's  OCD has gone from worse to bad .   Jeremy's  OCD has gotten so bad, that it takes him practically  most of the morning or after noon  to get out of the house , all because everything in the house has to be a certain way  before he can leave ,    Jeremy has to check everything and recheck everything to make sure the lights are off ,    everything has to be in a straight line ,   jeremy will spend 10 minutes touching and  re touching the kitchen mat ,   he feels as tho he has to  touch and retouch  and straighten  the picture of us that we have in our dinning room .   IF I clean  jeremy  will go behind me and  grade me on the cleaning job that  i did  and if  i do not clean  things to his standards , he'll  knit pick @ me  until an agrueement gets started.    i don't know what else to  do ,   Jeremy's   family  is incredibly  disfunctional  ,  none  his  family member's   really  understand him ,  nor  do they support him  in the way he needs to be supported  .   none of jeremy's family members  help him in any way ,  they  never show their appreciaton  for him ,  they never show any compassion towards him .   The worst part is the state in which  we live in has no mental health services for those who have medicaid and medicare ,  not menton the fact that  we can't even get  couples counseling even tho we have medicaid and medicare.   Now  I know if jeremy  was put on meication  for his ocd , that being  medicated might actually  do him more harm than good ,  wish that there was some sort of Cbt  that he could take but  medicaid / medicare be accepted.

July 10, 2009, 4:30 pm CDT

I wonder...

I suffer from pica, a disorder where I am "pushed" to eating non-edible items (for most people it's dirt, chalk, or even feces, but for me it's that stuffing inside of couches and foam pillows). From what I understand about OCD, the same feelings that OCD sufferers have when they don't perform their rituals is similar to those I have when I don't eat my couch innards. I wonder if pica would be considered a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Are there any professionals on here (or perhaps any fellow picas) who have any information on this?

Also, if you also suffer from pica, how do you handle/manage it?
August 27, 2009, 11:36 pm CDT


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August 27, 2009, 11:49 pm CDT


LOL......Ok that didn't work out the way I wanted it to......I'm gonna try again.  This is a video of me a year and a half ago. I was beyound done, and wanted to live a normal life.  I was able to get Trich under control.  The second video is of me today.  I hope this helps anyone who suffers from Trich.  Bab's


This is now!!

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