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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 08:58:51 am
Author : dataimport
Do you have an irrational fear of flying, spiders, leaving your home, or one of a host of other fears? Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? You're not alone. Join those who understand as we struggle to overcome our fears.

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September 11, 2008, 10:03 am CDT

fear of driveing

Hello Dr. Phil I have a big fear of driving and just being in a car I'm 20 and have nervier have drove a car be for and when i ride with people I'm always on the edge of my seat I have been in four wreaks two was in 05 one was in 06 and then  in 07 the one in 07 was very scary for me a was in the hospital for 5 days. So Dr.Phil i wish you can help me.

September 24, 2008, 5:37 pm CDT

fear of vomiting

I am wondering if Carrie is still on the Dr Phil site.  She had a conversation with Dr Phil about her fear of vomiting.  I too have this phobia...I am finally seeking professional help for it.  Does anyone else suffer from this???.  I would love to hear from you.
September 24, 2008, 5:37 pm CDT

fear of vomiting

I am wondering if Carrie is still on the Dr Phil site.  She had a conversation with Dr Phil about her fear of vomiting.  I too have this phobia...I am finally seeking professional help for it.  Does anyone else suffer from this???.  I would love to hear from you.
October 9, 2008, 8:11 pm CDT

Odd Phobia

So, I have a huge fear of condensation. I'm wondering if anyone knows the actual term for this. I've tried to do research on it but I am unsuccessful. Please help.
October 11, 2008, 9:52 pm CDT

Been there

Quote From: huiskmc

I have severe anxiety especially when driving and have panic attacks. My driving has become very constricted due to this and my destinations have become more limited. I have a really hard time with highway driving. I have tried to desensitize myself by slowly increasing my amt. of highway driving, deep breathing, listening to the radio, leaving the windows down, keeping a cold drink and praying. None of this has helped and it has only gotten worse over the years. I am already in therapy, does anyone have any other suggestions.


I used to have the same problem. When i got in my car my heart would start racing out of control then i would start crying, i felt like i was in a tunnel. To make a long story short, i went to my family doctor and told her about my situation and she looks at me and says wow! you really have alot of anxiety. So she prescribed Paxil which has  been a life saver for me. I can now enjoy driving and cloudy days arent as bad as they used to be...smiles
October 11, 2008, 10:09 pm CDT

mentally disability and anxiety

I am a mother of 2 boys 21 and 19 years old. My youngest son is mentally disabled and has anxiety. This poor child is afraid of everything. About 2 months ago i took him yet to another physciatrist and he thinks that my child may also have Autism. As if things couldnt be any worse. My son is very happy all the time, but so mis understood, he looks very normal until he starts to talk then people look at him somewhat confused. High school was a night mare for me and for him as well, kids were very cruel to him girls and boys the only ones that were not cruel are the kids who grew up with. I took him out of school because it was way to stressful for him and me as well. But now the poor child is at home allday with no one to talk to or hang out with and i feel really sorry for him and dont know what to do for him. He would really like to work or go to school but this anxiety is keeping him from graduating and going on with his life.

This is just a short version of my childs life i am just trying to fit 19 years of this childs life into this small message board.  DR.PHIL CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME AND MY CHILD IN ANYWAY???

October 15, 2008, 7:39 am CDT

Anxiety/Social Phobia

Im 18 years of age and ever since I was a child everybody thought I was quiet and shy. I've realized now that i've gotten older I have very bad anxiety. Its soo bad that when I am with people I know or out with my boyfriend and everybody else is talking and haveing a good time im just sitting there basicly not saying anything. I worry a lot about things, people talking about me, If people are gunna like me, what IF? I say something stupid. I dont make friends easily, im quit withdrawn and dont know anybody at my school what so ever. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and a lot of times I have a hard time trying to come up with a conversation. I guess im just sick of beeing "the odd ball" and I do want to be social and be, maybe not the life of the party but I do want to be talkative and you know.. be normal. But the thoughts I get in my head or just the feelings from the anxiety just seem to overpower my logic.


October 19, 2008, 9:33 pm CDT

oh wow... I'm not alone. we have the exact same feelings. email me.

Quote From: sixtieshippies

     Hello!  I am Niecey from Batavia, New York.  I suffere from MAJOR anxiety, and Depression.  Panic Disorder as well.  I have many issues.  I try to control the thoughts, and the fears, but the thought tend to control me, and I begin to fear everything.  I think the worst thing is my MAJOR anxiety.  I fear that I have every illnessa nd disease out there.  If someone tells me that they or someone they know has or had an illness I suddenly begin to get the symptoms or fear that I will.  For example.......  I dont know what it is but lately alot of people seem to be having heart problems and brain tumors, and anurysums.  I think on a daily basis that I will end up with either one of these illnesses.  I have already thought I had Pancreatic Cancer because I was having stomach discomfort.  My gastrointestinal doctor just looked at me and said You don't have any Pancreatic Cancer.  And your Colonoscopy was crystal clear.  I always worry about things, and its easy for people to say well when its your time its your time.  I think thats the coldest approach because people who have illnesses like this really don't see it that way.  They really fear that these things are happening to them.  I could go on and on here, but I just wanted to mention a few things because I know how long this could get.  I fear that people are talking about me, and that people dont like me, and that someone is always trying to do something to spit me.  I fear not being liked and not having any friends, and sometimes I think that I try too hard and make a complete fool out of myself.  I have alot more to add, but I will stop here.  If anyone else would like a friend to talk to and understands what Im going through then we need to talk.  You can E-mail me anytime at my regular E-mail address.  Id love to hear from you.  I am 42, and the mother of 3 small children by the way and I am married.  Anyone in my area?  Batavia, New York?  Western New York?


October 22, 2008, 5:33 pm CDT


Quote From: nicholek69

im scared of everything it ruins my life. i think i have every diesese i think im sick with everything. i think people falllow me and i think everyone is trying to kill me. sometimes i run from things that are really not there. i believe everyone is trying to screw me over sometimes. i always think my boyfriend is cheating on me, i always think people are talking about me. im scared to drive with others and its driving me crazy!! can anyone help in any way... these phobias are ruining my life

i suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks , and would love to talk to you people about this, i have this for no reason out of the blue it happens and i am on medication , it doesnt seem to be working and my doc has told me to try two more weeks of it,, i know its not working as i am fearful and scared of things out of the blue, the anxiety is very hard to control

i feel for you all who have this,, it is real.

October 23, 2008, 7:40 pm CDT

bizarre phobia of holes

I have a strange phobia, I've only found a few people who suffer from it.  It's a fear of holes that are clustered together.  It's hard to even type detail about it without having a reaction, I'll just type, cringe, type, cringe lol.  The worst thing for me to deal with is something with a lot of irregularly shaped holes, like a natural sponge, even the cartoon spongebob bothers me.  I love honeycomb cereal, but it's almost impossible to eat because of the holes. I really really need to figure out how to get rid of this, but although I remember the first time the fear hit me, I don't have any idea what started it.  I guess this is called trypophobia, but I found that online and I'm not sure if it's a real name or just something that someone made up. Please let me know if you have this, or if you have conquered something like it.  I've read that some people who suffer from this can have issues with clustered items and cracks. It's hard to read what other people say about it because they describe what they fear in such detail. It makes me feel physically ill, I itch, my skin crawls, I get goosebumps, I just want to scream and run away when I see things like this.  I don't run, but it takes every ounce of concentration not to.  I can't imagine what triggered this, other than alien abduction - of course, I don't believe in that, I was kidding.  Thanks to anyone who may be able to help me with this.
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