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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 08:58:51 am
Author : dataimport
Do you have an irrational fear of flying, spiders, leaving your home, or one of a host of other fears? Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? You're not alone. Join those who understand as we struggle to overcome our fears.

Anxiety Disorder Resources

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April 1, 2008, 1:13 pm CDT

Fears, Phobias and Anxiety Disorders

Quote From: mindfullliving

I have been agoraphobic for 5 years.  Its ruined what little life I had before this.  I regret everything I haven't done in my life.  I have tried many of the know 'cures' but I still spend most of my life alone, at home.  Does Dr Phil only help U.S peoples?  I am in Australia.
Have you talked to your doctor about the way you are feeling?  I felt this way when I was 6 months pregnant.  I couldn't go out of my home..........not even to get milk.  If I was outside, I felt like I was having a heart attack, that is how fast and hard my heart was beating.  I visited my doctor and got prescribed effexor and I am doing so much better....................not cured, but better.
April 25, 2008, 10:17 pm CDT

Reassurance re: anxiety disorder


I just want you to know that you will get better from your panic attacks / anxiety disorder. I had them for a while and it wasn't until they were treated properly that they got better. I had to go on anti-depressants and get off the other stuff that I became addicted to. Over time the antidepressant will give you a long term experience of not having the attacks any more and you will come off them when you know the time is right. In the meantime you can do the necessary psychological work to rebuild your shattered self and get well. You are going to be so strong when you do these things. I thought my panic atttacks would never subside but they did and now I m a strong, happy woman. All the best,
May 5, 2008, 10:47 pm CDT

I understand

Quote From: mindfullliving

I have been agoraphobic for 5 years.  Its ruined what little life I had before this.  I regret everything I haven't done in my life.  I have tried many of the know 'cures' but I still spend most of my life alone, at home.  Does Dr Phil only help U.S peoples?  I am in Australia.
I have fought agoraphobia for many years, the degree it affects me changes depending on the season (much worse during holidays).  For 6+ months, before during and after the holiday season, I was unable to go anywhere by myself, except work.  Most of the time I couldn't go anywhere even with my husband because of the anxiety.  This is very hard for anyone with this disorder.  I do hope you can find someone in Australia to talk with, someone that understands.... all my friends have gone. 
May 11, 2008, 4:52 pm CDT

Seeing a light in the distance.....

I wrote my story on page 74 of this bulletin topic in early March. (for reference)

I just want to say that I feel like I am starting to see a light in the distance! I wouldnt go so far as to say I've been cured, but that I am learning how to take my anxiety coping skills to a higher level. I see a Psychologist and she has taught me a handful of tools to utilize when I feel my anxiety building or an attack coming on. If you did happen to ready my story you will remember that I was very stubborn about going to get mental health. I thought to myself..."MENTAL HEALTH"... as if each letter of these words were the size of a house following me around everywhere I went for all to see and wait to be judged by them. I didnt want my friends or family to view me as needy or consider me a PSYCHO! Beause of my own embarassment and pride I let a handful of my early 20's go down the drain. I was too proud for help. I didnt want to be considered one "of them", you know.... a PSYCHO.

Today I almost want to brag about going to therapy! I want those huge house-sized letters that follow me now to spell out "THANKFUL" because I am so greatful for the mental health profession. The tools that I have learned and use are what help to get me through tough times. I encourage anyone who has not yet seeked professional help to do so. It starts with a little help from your personal physician. (at least for me it did - combined with the courage and support of my husband) Yes, I still take an antidepressent and do have the occasional bout with anxiety, its just that I have learned a better way of dealing with it. I wish I had learned what I know now years ago.

May 19, 2008, 7:11 pm CDT

Has anyone ever heard of this?

Hello Everyone,

I have been dealing with some odd manifestations of anxiety for about 7 years now. Everytime and I mean everytime I walk or drive under something, I feel like there isn't enough clearance and my body physically reacts as if I were going to hit my head. It's even more prevelant when I get excited. For example, let's say I'm walking around the store, and they have those signs hanging from the ceiling, my mind is perceiving them to be much closer than they really are and my body physically reacts. My eyes are fine and I have been on just about every drug out there. I also sing in a band and I have this fear they I'm going to whacked in the head or throat by my guitarist while singing or that people are getting to close to me while performing. The fear seems to based on a spacial premise. It's getting to the point where I feel like there is no hope. I've tried it all. Therapy, CBT, drugs, you name it. To boot, every therapist and shrink I've seen says they have never heard of anything like this. I even saw a top neuroligist and he said it's a behavior issue. The muscle tension is unbearable. I exercise to try and stagger the progression of the physical reprocussions. Has anyone experienced this? Thank you

May 22, 2008, 9:41 am CDT

hand shaking?

Hello everyone>> I was just wondering if anybody out there has experienced what I experience. Everytime I go to do something with my hands, they start to shake!! When I eat or sign a check or anything like that. Some days are ok. But when I start to think about it before doing it, it gets bad sometimes. Then other times I can talk myself out of it happening. It's weird. Yes I have dealt with anxiety before. When I was younger, I would get bad anxiety attacks. But I've never had this happen. Has anybody out there deal with this? Please write and let me know.

                                 Thank you

June 1, 2008, 5:26 pm CDT


Quote From: insomniac9885

    Maybe its not really talking but it probably is as close as we'll get. My name is Brenda and I am 45. This house is almost like a prison with no bars. People who don't understand say things like, "Just go on out there, other people do it every day and they get through it alright." I first noticed that I was asking others to include my errands with theirs when I was about 25. By 35 I was leaving the house for necessities. Now its doctor appointments only. Thank goodness for the internet or I'd never speak with anyone unless they visited me. We can chat now and then if you'd like. Heres hoping you have a good day. Bless you.
    Hi Brenda,   I want you to know that i was just like you and i have a close to normal life is possible but it takes a lot of hard started for me at 18 ..I'am 55 now.....I got married at 16 to a controlling ,mentally abusive man..... had a baby at 17 that cried all the time...My 23 year old brother died...It just was too much for me..It started out with panic attacks when i would be in a closed space then it went to not beimg able to go places alone ...then not being able to go out of my home....If you want to chat more let me know...ann
June 1, 2008, 6:08 pm CDT


Quote From: mindfullliving

I have been agoraphobic for 5 years.  Its ruined what little life I had before this.  I regret everything I haven't done in my life.  I have tried many of the know 'cures' but I still spend most of my life alone, at home.  Does Dr Phil only help U.S peoples?  I am in Australia.
   I  was agoraphobic years ago and I got threw it with zoloft and a lot of stressful work. I still take zoloft it helps with the anxiety and panic attacks.....I recently got a divorce and living on my own...something i never dreamed i could do......the marriage to a controlling mentaly abusive man was a situation i had to get out of for my own wellbeing...It has been a long process but I can get out and enjoy my life now ...Don't give up .....I told myself every nite before i went to sleep that i could do it ...I CAN GET BETTER..... and i did...Good luck....Ann
June 9, 2008, 7:57 pm CDT

Panic Attacks

I have suffered with severe panic attacks from about age 12, although having anxiety always just seem to get worse as I got older. I had the same thoughts as others I have seen on here, am I crazy, thought seeking help was like admitting being crazy, then you have the people that tell you, oh your just a worry wart, its all in your head, etc etc, these things don't help. I tried alchohol, medications, different ways of partying and getting wasted anything to escape the dreaded panic attacks, I would also run to church and get prayed for, this did help, but one preacher who pointed a finger in my face and told me I had to stop giving attention to it, and I could either set and listen or leave, that was one of the best things anyone ever said, here I was with a situation I could go back in and set through the service and battle this attack or run out of the church admitting defeat, in this istance it made me realize to some degree I had a choice, and some form of control. Now it was still years later and a really stupid drunken episode that landed me in the hospital that finally made me get diagnosed for Panic/anxiety disorder. I have found that anti-depressants really do not help me, as I am not depressed, but I take Klonazapam which is an ati convulsant that stops them and prevents them, but I can still feel emotion, I can still get scared or nervous, just keeps it from getting extreme, helps me to be able to handle thoughts and fears with some rationality. I am original from Alabama, I now live in Australia, now a person with my disorder could normally not move from their home town much less to another country, so it is something that can be controlled.


What is a panic attack, some will say it is the worst thing that a person can go through but it only last a few minutes, for those of you who say a few minutes my blank blank, your not alone, worst feeling, yes, terrifying yes, goes away after a few minutes, not if its severe.

I would have an attack, could feel it coming, but once it got that far was too late, does not help when you have no idea what it is either.

Symptoms: Heart races, a sudden overwhelming feeling of dread or fear, a feeling of needing to run away or being paralized, legs turn to jello, body shakes, short of breath, can cause bowel movement or diarriah,

a feeling that your dying. These are initional and come on suddenly, you may have some or all symptoms or maybe even more, I also experienced overwhelming cold or chills.

What triggers these things depends on what type your are, they can just come from no where, but alot of times are set off by things that worry you or negative thoughts, I am what you would call a "What If" thinker, what if this or that happened, or what if I did something horrible or became a horrible person, you may see something on tv that someone did, and think what if I did that, and then think I must be horrible for thinking that, its a viscious cycle, funny thing, once the panic attack hits you forget what really set it off then just become afraid of the attack, and fearing attacks can bring on attacks, which brings me back to only lasts a few minutes, try weeks at a time.


I would have an attack, it would calm down, and just hit me again, over and over, I would eventually pace and wear myself down into a sleep just to wake up and as soon as I thought, it was back again, would get to a point where I would become dissasociated from myself, this is also a frightenening place to be, where you see people around you, they may be talking to you, you may be even responding, but you don't feel like your really there, like your looking through tunnel, not really attached to yourself anymore, you know that saying of being in a room of people and being alone, not only alone but not even with yourself, would compare to being in a dreamlike state awake but only make that nightmare.


Why do people become afraid of certain places or leaving their home, because they are afraid of having panic attacks, and build up what I would call safe zones where they are less likely to have them, and avoid places where they may more likely have them and without help will probably stay this way, some things can be overcome without medication, but sometimes, especially in severe cases such as mine you need it, and I don't take much, not even what I am suppose to, but just knowing its there helps, kinda like a safety zone you can carry with you, is it a crutch, purhaps, but is living or trying to fight a living nightmare without it a better option, I don't think so, and  I don't want to be limited to my house, or afraid to go out, I am a bit isolated at times, ati -social behavior can be easy to develope with this condition, but I refuse to let an illness beat me, yes I needed help, but I have seen people with help who still let it control them, you can either decide to get help and learn as much about it as you can, so you know how to train your thinking, or you can let it run your life, personally the second is not a option for me, but something I couldn't do alone, don't try to self medicate, don't drink, do not advise horror movies for people with this disorder, learn your limits.


You have to wonder how many drug addicts, alchoholics and suicide attempts or successes have had this disorder, cause some people do not realize exactly how disabilitating it can be, but it don't have to be stop running from it, and get help for it, take medications if advised too, do what you need to in the right way to get control back over your life.


Remind yourself, I am not an evil person, I am not crazy, this is just a feeling there is nothing to actually fear, keep yourself and mind busy, working can be extremely helpful for this in alot of cases. I know there is alot to read here, but just giving my story and a bit of a description of what happens, and would be happy to talk with anyone about it, if you have advice for me, happy to hear it, knowing the problem is half the battle and knowing your not alone is a blessing.

June 10, 2008, 4:53 pm CDT


I am 25 years old and suffer from severe anxiety and moods. It just started a year and a half ago. I am on meds that kinda help,. They help enough so that I can go to work and make money  to support my son. i am a single mother. I have gone thru alot. I suffer from depression sometimes and feelings of not being worth anything. I dont understand whythis is happening to me. i cant have a relationship because im scared. I have my sfe zones. I only go certain places and im afraid to try anything new or go out in public places. I get very nervous,overwhelmed. My stomach hurts and head hurts my chest feels like its beating 500 million times a miute i cant breathe i get sweaty i mess up my words. I used to be a very outgoing loving caring friendly girl who loved going out all the time and anywhere.......are there any good medications out there that will make me feel like myslef again without feeling like im drugged and have no emotions???? I go to counseling every two weeks but I need something to help me until i can get thru this rough time. I have also had many sugeries and procedures the past two years...its been rough and overwhelming and i am in debt and scared................
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