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Topic : 05/29 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

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Created on : Friday, May 25, 2007, 01:10:42 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

After all their hard work, the latest Dr. Phil Family receives some surprises from Dr. Phil! He informs Melissa that everything she needs to get her life back on track is headed her way: a complete health evaluation, personal trainer, nutritionist, and food service delivered to her door. In addition, she’ll receive help for her depression and be connected with a developmental disabilities specialist for her autistic son. But it all comes with a condition: Melissa and Randy need to heal their toxic relationship. Then, a talk with Myra and Gene leads to a tearful apology. And, will a one-on-one with Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, help Myra see that she deserves to be treated with dignity and respect? Will Myra set some standards in her broken marriage? Will there even be a marriage to speak of when they get home? Dr. Phil has some strong words for Gene. Next, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pits brother against brother as Edwin and Eugene audition for a Hollywood talent agent and a casting director. Don’t miss the surprising twist when they get a call from the judges. Then, it’s time to switch gears – literally! Since Myra and Melissa never learned to drive, Dr. Phil sets them up with a driving lesson so they can become more independent. And you won’t believe the prize in store for the women if they pass their driver’s test! Dr. Phil sits down with the entire family one last time. Will they use the tools he gave them to build healthier relationships? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.


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May 29, 2007, 4:48 pm CDT

05/29 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

Quote From: ohcantyousee

I hope that more driving classes are following.  Until Milissa gets control of her erratic emotions, she might make a frightening driver.
I am a very calm person, but if you had lived and grown up with my family, you'd be a little off color too.
May 29, 2007, 4:59 pm CDT

05/29 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

Quote From: ohcantyousee

Hi Milissa - I think you need to look deeper at your boyfriend.  Were you his first?  Could he be hiding behind you?  Would it be a terrible thing for him if he were to come out?  I think therapy for both of you and for him by himself is very, very necessary.  I am not sure he knows who he is.
I was most definately not his first. I knew him before I dated him and his reputation was definately pro female. He does have issues with his identity because I don't believe he knows where he fits in this world. But his sexuality is not even a consideration, he has been very amused at everyone's take on the situation.
May 29, 2007, 5:04 pm CDT


Quote From: maceasar

Melissa needs to shut up. I have been doing nothing for 10 years, watching tv up to 17 hours a day but Im not bitching about it. And Im only 20 lbs overweight.



take care of your son!!!!

Do you have special needs kids? COME ON PEOPLE!! GIVE  HER  A BREAK!

May 29, 2007, 5:05 pm CDT

05/29 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

Quote From: rr1227

I don't blame my son for his autism, I don't blame my son for my weight. He is blameless in everything and didn't ask to be brought into this world.  Also, autism manifests itself in different ways in different children. Those parents may not have severely affected children or may have a support system. I did not. Getting pregnant at 17 wasn't the best choice I could've made but the alternative would have been not having him at all. And my son was in school for his autism in a DTI classroom but I moved so I'm looking for a program here. I am not cold or lazy just tired and drained.


I'm glad you had the guts to go after help from Dr. Phil.  Lots of good is headed your way:)  Things will be better.  People who jumped to various conclusions regarding your situation with your son just have no idea what it can be like, but maybe they will stop and think next time.  Maybe not.  Having a special needs child is tough, but one of the benefits you gain is insight into life that some people never have the opportunity to understand-they just appear rude, judgemental, insensative, and clueless. 

Best of luck on the future!  I'm excited for you.  Can you let us know some of what you learn about how to take care of yourself?  I could sure use the help.....

May 29, 2007, 5:06 pm CDT

05/29 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

Quote From: tbailey001

To me, there is so much I would question about the truthfulness of this family. For one, the father of the bunch couldn't fake a real cry if he tried, and the fact that Dr. Phil fell for the put on emotions of this man was really something. This guy wasn't being real, he was pretending to be emotional to get sympathy. It's amazing how he was wiping his eyes where there were no tears, wiping his nose where there was nothing to wipe, and using his breathing to take this put on over the top. PLEASE! Give me a break! He certainly wouldn't win any academy awards for his emotionless crap.

Melissa is a person blaming everyone else for her problems but herself. A disabled child is alot to handle, but to blame all of her life choices on this little boy is rediculous. He seems to be a great scapegoat for her. She needs to start being responsible for her own decisions, and make better decisions for herself and her son. She is pointing fingers at everyone who's not there to help her. Well, she is the only one to fix her life. The only thing she did on the show was eat, eat, and eat some more...where was her son? He wasn't with her causing her to eat. So what was the excuse then?

If the wife can't get over the cheating, then she needs to get out of the marriage instead of sticking around to punish her husband. I wouldn't have been around after the first affair b/c that's a "deal breaker" for me. But, since she chose to stay, she made her choice, then she needs to move on and forgive and forget, or get the hell out. It seems to me this family is a huge orgy of pity. They need to get over themselves and realize there's a world that happens everyday whether their drama is there or not!

I ate all of those things but not all in the same day. They were showing that my eating was unhealthy but I did not eat all of those things in a single 24 hour period.
May 29, 2007, 5:07 pm CDT

guys hugging ....

I am definately not one to know, as a married person for 48 years, but I don't think their closeness has to indicate  homosexuality.  Myra looks like she comes from European or Latin heritage, and I think it is more common for them to be demonstrative like that.  Just my humble opinion.
May 29, 2007, 5:11 pm CDT

Doctor Four House Part Phil Show.

Doctor Family Fire Four House Inter On Part Phil Ven Tion. How could I have miss it when I seen it today? Well I did see it today. See you tomorrow Afternoon. Sincerley Your. Russell

May 29, 2007, 5:26 pm CDT

Myra is playing him

Been there, done that.  She could have left him.  There is not a women alive that wants this to happen to them.  Robin asked her "Why haven't you lefted??"  Because I love someone that treats me bad year after year after year, not a good answer.  HUH!!  I think she has no self worth, on top of that, she might have to get a job and support herself.  "OH NO" She seems to be a very head strong person, but can't seem to do what she needs to do for her family.  Reality is that she keeps everyone where she wants them.  Myra, you need to get a job, start feeling as a self made women, show your children how to survivor in this world.  I'm not to saying that you can't do this while living with your husband and children.  He is keeping you jobless and you are keeping yourself jobless, what kind of example is this for a women of 2007.  You do not have small children at home anymore.  Remember I have been there.
May 29, 2007, 5:56 pm CDT

05/29 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

Quote From: rr1227

I ate all of those things but not all in the same day. They were showing that my eating was unhealthy but I did not eat all of those things in a single 24 hour period.

Hey Melissa.  I just posted this on yesterday's show board, thinking I was posting on today's board.  Duh.  I just wanted to post it here, too.  It's interesting to note what you said above, since it was made to look like you were just constantly eating in that 24 hour period. 


Truthfully, Melissa, the way the show portrayed you yesterday, you did not come off too good.  I was pretty critical of you and the things you said, because I have someone close to me with a child with severe Down's and autism, and she has two other children to boot, and a world of issues with her family.  But she has managed it all pretty well, and I was comparing you to her.  She has suffered depression herself, especially since the year she found out her daughter was so challenged, both her parents passed away rather unexpectedly, so I was annoyed with you because you still have your parents here, and you seemed to be blaming so much on your child.  But I can admit (at least I try to, anyway) when I have been very judgmental, and I certainly was yesterday.  I apologize for being so critical of you and the way you are handling your situation.  It was very smart of you to write the Dr. Phil show to get help, because you need to reach out.  You handled all the negative postings with maturity, and that says a lot about you.


I am glad Dr. Phil is giving you so many resources, and I really do wish you the best of luck in life.  You are the only one who can ultimately make the changes you need to make, and I am sure Dr. Phil will give you all the assistance you need.  Please get your depression under control, because you deserve to treat yourself better than you have been.  Good luck to you!

May 29, 2007, 5:59 pm CDT

Why are the boys always hugging each other

Dr. Phil:


Why is the brother and SO of Melissa always in each other's arms?



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