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Created on : Friday, May 18, 2007, 12:42:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Every teenage girl wanted to be her and every teenage boy wanted to date her. With her signature perfectly brushed long hair, Marcia Brady, of the hit early 1970s TV show The Brady Bunch, epitomized the wholesome American girl. But the true life of Marcia Brady, whose real name is Maureen McCormick, is far from the world of lighthearted blended-family conflicts that played out on the sitcom in which she starred. Today she is embroiled in a family battle where brother is pitted against brother and father against daughter. Maureen believes her brother, Kevin, has literally brainwashed her father to alienate him from Maureen and the rest of her family, including his grandchildren. She comes to Dr. Phil desperate for help to save her family. First up, Maureen confronts her father and brother for the first time in two years, and even Dr. Phil is shocked by the outcome. Then Dr. Phil sits down with Maureen and her brother, Michael, to try and make sense of the conflict. Plus, Maureen's father and brother, Kevin, make some shocking accusations of their own. If this group must somehow form a family, then why was its most famous member issued a restraining order? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 6, 2007, 1:49 pm CDT

You Have Said It All

Quote From: jmd229

I read with alarm the slide show notes on the Maureen McCormick show.  A hundred years ago, I was privileged to be an acquaintance of Mo's and I dated her brother, Kevin.  While I refuse to kiss and tell, I can say that I am in shock about what is happening within their family.  Mrs. McCormick was indeed the glue that held that familly together and if you doubt that, simply take a look at the mess her passing has left in it's wake.  Mrs. McCormick was a delightful, smiling, sweet woman and Mr. McCormick was someone doted on her. 


Somethng that needs to be addressed is that drug use by anyone over an extended period of time creates a waking paranoia.  This doesn't simply apply to illegal drugs, but all mind altering drugs that are consumed over time.  I believe that Kevin and Mo slinging accusations at each other is counterproductive.  They each know what they did: the important thing is to deal with the consequences, and as I said, one component is a waking paranoia.


It's important that we all remember that the real tragedy here is that a family that always had issues--issues that were taken care of by Mrs. McCormick until her death--is now having to face years and years and years of problems without her soothing presence.  I doubt very much that legal action of any kind, while necessary in the short run, will do anything to get the family "back together". 


I really hope that, whatever the outcome, Mo gets herself into therapy.  Don't worry about Kevin's therapy, since he's a grown-up and can get his own if he needs it.  Mo, sweetie, look after yourself and PLEASE make sure that you look after your husband and daughter.  I'd hate to see their needs get lost in the emotional shuffle of dealing with your dad and brother.


Peace, sweetie!


You KNOW, what I had suspected.  Mrs. McCormack's death must have been terrible for the family.  It is nice to learn that this elderly man doted on his wife, and had years of love.  I hope the family can do as you suggest...move on in peace and do not expect the court to act as did the true mortar of this family, Mrs. McCormack.  Sometimes you cannot go back and undo the damage, and I think that this is one sad example of such a situation.  I admire your knowledge of the fallout from the use of illegal drugs, paranoia being a big one.  Getting sober is the first step but it is a long road back.  I hope that they do not drag this man down that road with them...he's had enough.
June 9, 2007, 12:04 am CDT

Right on!

Quote From: nlynch

 I remember when I divorced and remarried several years later. My ex-husband used to refer to my new husband and I as the "Cleavers" or "The Brady Bunch" Little did he know that they were by no means the perfect families either. I don't think Maureen is 100% innocent in this family dispute. Her father seems very upset with her and untrusting. There must be some reason he feels that way. I think there's more there than meets the eye.

It made me upset how this was presented. How does anyone know what is talked about on the other side? It was a work of Hollywood shoving a camera in 'Dads' face playing some little game. They were upset and both called here VERY manipulative.


Manipulative to use Hollywood as a gun? Darn rights. Using the media to control the minds? It is called propaganda it happens every day all around the world.


Just listen to the other side. LISTEN! Then Judge.

June 9, 2007, 12:07 am CDT


Quote From: vinieskid

I was so glad to finally hear something about elder abuse.  My sister and I have been living this nightmare for almost 3 years.  We have been through court, elder abuse visits, to check on our mom,   If there is ANY help out there, we haven't been about to find it!  When we contacted the Portland Police, Elder Abuse Division, we were told that the elder abuse laws and archiac.  Contackting your local authorities gets you no where.  I wish Dr. Phil had done a little more homework on this subject.  This is becoming an epidemic.  Our prayers are with all the families that have experienced this horific ordeal.



He planted that with Mo.


Horrific what? How do you know it is not Mo and her Hollywood connections destroying Dad and Bro'S life?





June 12, 2007, 9:56 am CDT

Any Updates?

I just wanted to know if there will be any updates on this show. Elderly abuse is deplorable, we should cherish and respect them.
January 18, 2008, 3:29 am CST

Just got this in Ireland

This episode just aired in Ireland. I was just wondering if anyone knows what has happened? I've had a similar thing happen with my grandmother & it's a horrible situation. I didn't see her for 3 years before her death.
I hate the thoughts of someone else going through this. I hope it was all sorted out for her. If someone could let me know if there is any update I'd be very grateful. Thanks. :)
April 18, 2008, 3:35 am CDT

Just watched it today here in Australia (ACT)

Hi there. First time I have ever posted on here. But just watched this story today on TV about Maureen and her brother Michael, wanting to reach out to her father and brother. My heart went out to them both. I hope Muareen and Michael get to reach out to their father and brother. And big thanks to Dr Phil for waiting to help me. Only watched it today here in Australia so I just hope Dr Phil gives us updates. All the very best to them. Good luck and keep smiling. Hopefully things will start getting better. It should with Dr Phil  there to help you.  
April 18, 2008, 7:35 pm CDT

Elder abuse

 Just saw this episode out here in Australia the other day and am interested in the final outcome.I think the confrontation Maureen had with her brother and father at the Mall was handled very well and put the brother on the spot. Maureen has dealt with her drug problems and hopefully this is all behind her and I can sympathise with her Dad with the pain he has suffered over the years seeing two of his kids go through drug addictions. It aint easy being a parent! However I think Dr Phil is a good judge of who is lying and who is genuine by their actions etc. I hope Maureen and Michael and their families get to reunite with their father before its too late and that Kevin gets the help he needs and is prevented from putting any more ideas in Dad's head. This happened in my husbands family a few years ago and the elderly family member passed away before it was resolved. My husband and I were discredited far and wide and the other side managed to make the funeral a poor reflection of that special person's life and talents, so sad because that special person trusted them and they didn't even know anything about her and we were prevented from giving any information to the minister as they arranged the service without our knowledge. I wish you well Maureen and Michael and hope you have a much better outcome.
April 18, 2008, 9:29 pm CDT

Australian airing

We just got to see this episode in Australia.  Oh my goodness - I can't believe what I was hearing and seeing.  Poor Maureen and her brother!  I could only imagine the stress, frustration, anger and hurt she felt when she approached her father and brother Kevin after 2 years, only to have them say the things they did.  My heart goes out to her & I hope that in the time since that episode was filmed, that there has been a positive resolution to the situation & that her father and brother got some help.
May 4, 2008, 5:56 am CDT

marcia brady

Quote From: aussieblue

We just got to see this episode in Australia.  Oh my goodness - I can't believe what I was hearing and seeing.  Poor Maureen and her brother!  I could only imagine the stress, frustration, anger and hurt she felt when she approached her father and brother Kevin after 2 years, only to have them say the things they did.  My heart goes out to her & I hope that in the time since that episode was filmed, that there has been a positive resolution to the situation & that her father and brother got some help.

I would like to know the words for a family member brain washed the person left after the death of a special family member ( My dad ) .Like maureen...  as my sister has turned all family members againts some family and she is so much the young one but her partner is running the show..... Have I the Right to view my dads will???   Iam the oldest......... What is it called when a family member has taken over like macia (maureen) brother as my sister has done the same thing..... Please help  lots of love KAYLENE   My dad passeded away 1 year ago.. things are getting super bad.....


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