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Created on : Thursday, July 07, 2005, 08:52:50 am
Author : dataimport
Is stress ruining your life? Have you discovered great coping strategies or ways to reduce the anxiety of living? Don't be stressed, kick off your shoes and talk with others!

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November 5, 2008, 9:07 pm CST

helicopter parent

I have been enabling my daughter, now 15, with grades, her father, not going to class....
We have a loving relationship, but when push comes to shove, when I confront her with the fact that I am going to tell her father what has happened, either her grades, or not going to a class, she threatens to run away. 
November 7, 2008, 4:34 pm CST

fluffy stress

I just started graduate school in the Fall, and I think it might have been something of a mistake. I don't know what went wrong -- wring pills, wrong doctor, wrong church, wrong me -- but I can't focus or concentrate at all. Nothing gets done. I haven't started researching my term papers yet, and haven't even finalized my topic for one. I feel paralyzed, alternating between feeling numb, feeling on the verge of tears, and feeling like I'm about to have a panic attack.


I'm supossed to be excercising and eating healthy, but I don't have time; my mother thinks a sunlamp and vitamins will cure me. Because I don't have time, I feel more and more as if I'm slipping away.


I can't stop thinking about the reasons why I should never have started this program. I want to teach CEGEP, mostly because I can't be a priest, which is what I really want (Catholic). The program coordinator yelled at me because I didn't take Biblical Greek, even though I'm studying French Church History. My supervisor tells me everything I want to do is too broad and, in general, hates all my ideas. Everything makes me feel stupid. I can't help thinking back to the time when that annoying psychiatrist told me I'd never be able to go back to school, and that I shouldn't. Maybe he was right; who knows anymore. I don't know why I can't get anything done. Instead of working, I spend hours staring at a blank computer screen, visiting Webkinz world, looking up first aid principles and my symptoms online. I'm tired of not being able to focus for more than 5 minutes at a time.


I don't think I have very good stress-management skills. My main way to deal with rising panic right now is to go out and buy new Webkinz, which I then hide (some of them) in my room so that my parents won't know how much I'm obsessed with them. I know the reason that they make me feel better is because I have the thought in the back of my mind that I can't kill myself because I haven't adopted them all yet. This is very strange, because I don't actually want to die, though I have in the past. Nevertheless, I have this thought, and that very fact is profoundly disturbing. This is like a strange kind of insurance policy that's cute and fluffy but increasingly expensive (though less so than an ambulance bill).


I guess what I really need -- or part of what I need -- is just a place to vent about my life, what I'm feeling, what's been happening to me. I can't really talk to my psychiatrist about anything useful anymore: I love him, but he's kind of useless. I had to spend all summer convincing him that my meds are not adequate, and they're still not working. I am scared that it will all fall apart, that I'll break into a million little glass pieces. I haven't cut myself in two years, but now I find myself obsessing about it: whether it will help, whether I should go out now and buy clean blades so I'm know there's something wrong with you when you have extensive research on sterilization, first aid, blood loss parameters, and emergency knowledge of how to use a tourniquet (which should, of course, never be attempted by a non-professional like me since there is a high risk of tissue necrosis if not done or treated properly). Anyway, though this has worked in the past I don't really want to go there: I am tired of the horrible scars because I don't go get stiches, long sleeves in summer. The fact that I'm pretty much out of space that I'm absolutely certain does not cover a major vein or artery.


So. Here I stand. I suppose what I really want is just the ability to write these things, though any constructive advice would be much appreciated.


ps please forgive any typos that might be in here. 

December 18, 2008, 10:36 pm CST

you are not alone!!

Quote From: sherbear123

Hello everyone, I just joined the group. And I am in dire need of advise.

I am a 26 yr old married mom of 2 amazing boy's, Stepmom to 1. I have been with my hubby for a little over 7 years now..

I can not stand my stepchild's mother. She gets on my last nerve. And I just want to get over it. It has become such a serouise issue that I somtimes cant sleep at night. I am constantly thinking about how much she interfear's with our live's. And I so desperatly want to get over it. Please Someone help!

Oh my god! I understand just how you feel!! When my husband and i got married 7 yrs. ago we both had a child. I had a 2 1/2 yr old and he had a 3 yr. old. yes, only 6mo. apart.. I thought the boys would best friends... (how cute) it has been a nightmare... we are dealing with my son's dad and my stepson's mother... she calls our home all the time, she complains about  me, she calls my mother in law and tells lies... It has caused such a big problem with my family! Like you, I constantly think about how I can get her back!! My step son is bi polar and has adhd and he set my home on fire.. not only did she think it was funny he didn't get into any trouble! I have so much anger inside I feel the stress all the time! I want get over this too!! I want to raise my family without all of the tension and anger.. maybe together we can help eachother! Bailey's mom works at the court house and she has access to tons of records and I fel like she's out to get me all the time!! I can't win!! I'd settle for a tie  lol... we both have other kids and we can't let them suffer because we have so much hate.. these girls don't mean anything! you know... the best revenge is success.. and maybe if they knew we didn't care anything about them  things could die down??

you can email me if it's easier  let's talk!! we can help eachother and maybe get a little reat at night....

December 24, 2008, 8:29 am CST

Coping with Stress

Quote From: normalita

Well, it happened today.  This was a very bad day for me.  It didn't happen because I don't read Dr. Phil books, or watch his show.  It's not all in my mind either.


I just want to apologise for coming to these message boards, looking for someone to talk to.  Looking for a little support.  I was obviously very wrong to do that.  I am so sorry to have bothered anyone with my problems.  I hope my presents here didn't offend anyone.


I can't say it enough about how sorry I am.  I will no longer be coming here looking for support.


I am sooooo Sorry!!!!!!


Everything anyone needs is within their reach - basically we are all individuals and what works for one might not work for everyone - there is however an average set of people that an average type of solution works for.  If you are not one of those populating the majority of the bell curve, thank God for it.  Often the problems we face are there to make us learn something about ourselves or about others for that matter.  A problem or situation should be approached as an opportunity to learn something that the universe needs to teach us - it's not meant to lock us down, it should be liberating and must never be seen as the universe being out to get at us - everything out there is neutral, it's what we make of it and the way we approach and handle it that counts...
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