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Topic : 08/23 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

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Created on : Friday, May 11, 2007, 02:27:02 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/15/07) Dr. Phil’s child star competition continues! Seven talented kids compete against each other in The Dr. Phil House while auditioning in front of some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if the mothers can handle the stress of coaching their kids without ruining their chances to be noticed. Big prizes are at stake, including the ultimate opportunity to become an established child actor in Hollywood. One child has already won the photo challenge and the dance audition, and some of the competitors are not happy. Today, three more auditions take place, and the judges pull no punches. One child breaks down in tears, but is it the judges’ criticism or the pressure from her own mother that is the cause? Dr. Phil meets with the moms alone and questions their motives for pushing their children, including a harsh criticism of one mom who the talent agents think presents her child in a provocative way. Tempers flare as moms grow desperate. Can Dr. Phil teach them how to become an asset to their children instead of a liability? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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May 15, 2007, 8:56 am CDT

boys mother speaks

Quote From: larissaf

Dear audience,

It's great too see that so many of you are concerned moms and dads. You should be. I saw the show for the first time yesterday and although I expected to see certain behavior - the truth was hard too see for anyone. You have to keep in mind that you are watching a show after all and people are both good and bad, rarely all one or the other. We brought our kids to the show in hopes of giving them some advantage in their pursuit of acting. That involved taking some risks and possibly making ourselves look stupid, ridiculous or worse. I think it was actually the worse that happened. I would have been happy if I just looked ridiculous if it helped my kids.

So there is your catch 22 - in order to fullfill your child's dreams, you sometimes sacrifice yourself. Does it help your child in the end for you to look like a fool? There are a few things I'd like to address that I see that really bothered the audience. I know that you will always remain in the dark as to who the mothers are really like as people. I hope that you begin instead to recognize that all 7 kids are really outstanding in their talent and not some marginal talent as someone wrote. I'd like to clarify some other issues.

The now infamous "B" song - the boys did not of course write it - it was my husband who wrote both the music and the lyrics, which are hysterically funny, if you can hear them. He had my full endorsement on the title, since I like to make fun of myself and see nothing wrong with it. It was a kind of therapeutic and comical relief for our kids to say the words and sing it with such gusto. If you don't share our kind of humor, I understand, but it was harmless.

Next the photo shoot - I almost got swallowed by the earth when I heard I had to dress and photograph my boys in 30 min. Most of the clothes were for girls, but since my kids and I are good sports we went along with the charade. Kyrian did end up wearing a girl's t-shirt, and Dmitri's pants were so big they nearly fell completely off in front of the cameras. He had the great spirit to dance and wiggle, as I frantically searched for a pin or a scarf to hold the pants up. I can't tell you how many calories I lost doing it, which is actually very good for me judging from how I looked on camera.

Next was the famous dance competition. We actually did not go to the show to compete for prizes - that was a total surprise. Too bad our kids had to make fools of themselves in front of the national audience, which was sitting down in front of their tv sets to enjoy the spectacle. Our kids are not dancers, and have not said so on their resumes except for having some training in tap and jazz as support for the roles. Kyrian is getting training in ballet, and he is truly gifted, but remember he is only 8 and cannot execute real ballet routines. He would have won the prize if the competition was at the bar, or on the gymnastic/acrobatic floor. I told my sons that they could leave and not do the dance if they did not want to, and if they chose to they were better off doing their own moves. They did it anyway to be good sports. You actually have to admire all the kid's for their guts to dance alone in front of 20 cameras and several million people. I'm glad they forgot about that fact for a moment.

In real life, as some of you know, since you have kids that do act, or dance, or sing, auditions almost never happen alone in front of any audience, except the casting people. And you are given much more time to prepare - sometimes a couple of days between the callbacks. And you would never put your child knowingly into an audition where they might embarass themselves. The skills determine the auditions you go to. If you can't sing do not audition for a musical. If you can't dance, do not auditon for that portion, etc. It's scary enough to go in front of people and test yourself again and again, when you see sometimes they don't care for your type of talent. You have to choose auditions wisely, but you learn quickly, or it's not for you.

So be that as it may, we the moms got all worked up and in our effort to protect our kids from worldwide humiliation, we got stressed out and it got ugly. We are bad. But you should pay attention to the kids. That's why we brought them to Dr. Phil's Show.
I agree with you on much of what you said.  I thought your boys did very well considering the fact you had three to do and that dancing is not their talents.  Also I didn't think you or Gracies mom acted really bad juststressed a bit.  Some of the others were acting terribly and were bad sports. I posted saying that earlier.  Kyrian was the one that stood out to me the most in the dancing because he just kept going and he is so sweet and funny.  I could see him doing some really funny role.  Your boys are all talented but something about him just stands way out.
May 15, 2007, 8:56 am CDT

All this for what?

With the headlines featuring a shaven-headed, messed-up Britney, a jail-bound Paris, and a rehab junkie, Lindsey, why would parents even want this lifestyle for their children, much less encourage it?  There are many more tragic stories to childstars than ones who have kept their balance through it all.  And by the looks of some of these mothers, they wouId not have the good judgment to insure their child is rooted in morality and character. I just don't understand--the fast paced Hollywood lifestyle is not one I would want for my children. 

May 15, 2007, 8:58 am CDT


Quote From: sassie1

 Quote from sassie:  What a great attitude! It is refreshing to  see and Gracie is a blessed little girl to have a mom as she has! I hope the best for her as well as the rest of the kids competing on the shows.  I hope that the other mothers having the problems that are evident on screen will be able to put down their competitiveness and learn a few things from how well Kiki is handling it all up to this point.
I am very saddened by the reactions of all the mothers on this show except Kiki.  I agree 100% with Dr. Phil that these mothers are going to ruin their children's future.  If they don't ruin their chance to become famous they will certainly ruin their self esteem and their emotional stability.  You cannot look at your child and tell her that she has a "weak face" and expect that to encourage them.  Hats off to Kiki!!!!! I don't know what she is like with Gracie behind closed doors but from all I see...she seems to be very loving and supportive.  I am also very impressed with what I have read from her father!  There seems to be a lot of overall support.  Many of you will scoff at me for writing this but I will write it anyways.  To the parents and supporters of know, God makes all things possible.  Matthew 19:26 says "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."  The scripture is referring to salvation but I believe that it applies to other things in our lives as well.  Let me say though that I firmly believe that if you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior that God directs our paths in a way that is the utmost fulfilling!  Trusting in Jesus Christ needs to be our first step and then all the others will fall into place.  To put our trust in Jesus...Romans 10:13 says, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."  That whosoever is YOU!  And it is ME and it is WHOSOEVER else that reads this message.  We all have the gift of eternal life offered to us from Jesus.  We only have to accept it like we accept gifts at Christmas time or for our birthdays.  I hope Gracie gets a chance to shine like she wishes to but make sure that it is for Gods glory.  God is a jealous God.  He wants us to love and adore him just like we want our children to love and adore us.  Gracie, you are a beautiful little girl.  Kiki, you are a very sweet is written all over your face.  But remember that it is not by our works that we enter into heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9 " For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: (9) Not of works, lest any man should boast."  Gracie, think of all the good you could do for the world if your acting or singing was to glorify God.  Keep up all the good work....just put Jesus first! 
May 15, 2007, 9:00 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

for the 60 mins that this show is on we can all pretend that Gracies our pick  - because yes morally she should be-  But we all know that in the real world the children that are picked are not picked because they had nice mommies and children that had fun doing it. 

The other mothers are not stupid so I doubt rewarding desirable behavior with in the confines of this show is going to teach them anything.  (one of the mothers is already on to it)


another thing: every mother there knows there is a camera in the room, 1 out of the batch had the common sense to act better ( You don't know these people, or what they are like in their true element)


If you can't  remember anything else remember that John Bennet is dead. Micheal Jackson, Britney, Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, didn't have a sunny sky with their parents everyday and they are some of the largest mentally unstable stars in the industry.

May 15, 2007, 9:04 am CDT

Stars?........Heaven help us

Heaven help the men who will become  the husbands of the thousands of these dull, drab, no-talented, egotistical brats - not to mention the rest of the package they will get : mothers-in-law from Hell.
May 15, 2007, 9:06 am CDT


Quote From: caroln

Ok,  Here we go again!  Hey,  MOM ,  who are you worried about?  YOU or  your kids?  I think you are missing the point.  Have you ever listened to former child actors?  Have you seen how some of the lives have turned out?  They were pushed, and pushed some more.  You haven't gotten your child into acting or anything at this point.  YOU are trying to do that for you.  Do you think that these kids are going to get the rest they need if they hit it big?  Do you think that they wont be pushed even harder.  Do you think producers etc.  are going to put up with parents like you?  I dont think there is any audience member who doesnt respect the kids for what they are doing.  I think I respect them even more for the disrespect their parents show them!!!  ( with the exception of Gracies) .. Secondly, the song your sons were singing.  EXCUSE ME .. how much respect do you think deep down they really have for you, mom?  GET OFF their backs.  Good Luck boys'  .. they are doing the best they can do. 
as her son, I feel that you have no right to say that to her. She is a hard working mom and you don't know the half of it. You may feel she doesn't get respect from us, but writing that son, was something that we all thought was hilarious and not in anyway an attempt to put her in the wrong light. if you pick it up that way, well then excuse me, but that's your problem. That just shows, that you probably don't have the relationship with your parents to be able to joke with them. Instead of telling us how stupid we appeared, why don't you worry about yourself?
May 15, 2007, 9:18 am CDT

Yelling at Kids

 Mothers yelling at your childen does not help them one bit. It only makes them feel ,belittled Your childs salf worth is in your hands. What a child wants most is to make Mom and Dad Happy. They take in every thing you say. So if all they hear is" You did not do good enough, You can do better than that "  Why you do it like that you should have done it like this. How do you thing that sounds in little ears? MY Kids Is Not Good Enough! They are Kids Let them be Kids !!!!! Love HaHa The Clown
May 15, 2007, 9:21 am CDT

All the children are to be commended

Quote From: gurly2306

I don't know anything about Gracie or about any of the other kids other than what I saw on the show. But as far as I'm concerned, Gracie and Kiki are the only ones that have their attitudes in the right place. It is clear that Kiki supports Gracie in every audition or photo shoot. It seems that all the other moms want their child to be a star more than the kids do. For those that noticed in the prepreations  of the auditions, most of the moms were bossing and yelling at their kids to "do it right."  Kiki, like the other moms, was pressed for time, but kept a cool head. She got on Gracie because of a hand movement that wasn't quite right. Gracies response was, "Let's focus on the important stuff." For me, I understand that completely. I participated in musical performances in high school. And know that a little difference or mess up in a small, but fast hand movement isn't really going to be all that noticeable from the audiences perspective. I think that Kiki pushes Gracie, but in a positive way. All the other moms don't even take time to listen to their kids. "THEY" are the ones that are right. It doesn't matter what the kids want. They think that yellking anbd bossing their kids are going to make them do better. Well, let me tell you from personal experience...It just brings their self-esteem down. It makes them feel that they aren't good enough and when they are doing their best, it's just not good enough.
       So, instead of "taking over" just let them do it. It's their life. They are going to make mistakes and learn from them. If these moms keep pushing their kids with a negative attiftude that "if you don't do it right, then you're going to fail," then some of these kids are going to lose their desire for performing and give up on their dreams. As for Gracie and Kiki, I hope that both of you don't get "big headed" from all of the support that a lot of people are giving you. I hope that you take all of the positive and negative criticizms and use them to improve yourselves. I still think Gracie has some work to do before she gets to the top, but with a positive attitude, teamwork, patience and continious positive parental guidence, I believe that Gracie will succeed in anything that she sets her mind to do.

Good Luck, Gracie!  You have my vote!!!!!

Gracie is entitled to win; she was graceful under pressure.  All the children in the show are beautiful, talented and need positive encouragement.  They will thrive if they know they are loved unconditionally, regardless if they get that "star" role.


I remarried when our twins were 12.  My ex, new husband and I remained champions for our children.  Now they are grown happy successful adults.  We have combined family events with my ex's family.  No animosity here.  Our children thrive because of this.

May 15, 2007, 9:23 am CDT

Parent/Coach - child relationship rarely works


My concern in this show, of course, is for the children.  It appears to me that most of these mothers are willing to sacrifice their mother/child relationship for the coach/child relationship.  Rarely do these relationships have a positive outcome.  My husband coached our daughter in high school varsity basketball.  We concluded with a positive outcome but we certainly dealt with pressure and angst during those three years.  The main rule was that basketball issues were to stay in the gym and not brought into our home.  Most of the time, this worked for us.  Really, kids deal with plenty of pressure all of their lives without parents pushing and trying to live their lives through their children.  Kids need a soft place to fall when pressures cave in around them, and if they don't have that relationship with their parents, where do they go?  Time and time again, we see children, teens and young adults turn to drugs, partying and anorexia to deal with their pressures.  A parent's success is life is an emotionally/physically healthy and happy adult child with positive childhood memories!!!!  Many parents learned this too late in life.   I am not saying that children should not be encouraged to follow their dreams but Mom/Dad's role of encourager, not coach, is the most desirable.  And I must say, I feel that  Veronica's language to and exploitation (sensual pictures) of her daughter borders on child abuse.  This child is heading down a road of destruction and her mother is driving the car....May God bless and deliver this child....

May 15, 2007, 9:36 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

Quote From: kimdix

Heaven help the men who will become  the husbands of the thousands of these dull, drab, no-talented, egotistical brats - not to mention the rest of the package they will get : mothers-in-law from Hell.

I have to disagree and say that not all of the kids are brats, I think it's more the parents that are being unreasonable than their child.  I think that some of the kids are there purely for the reason that it's their parents dream, not really their own.


I personally think that Gracie could make it in hollywood.  Why anyone would want to is another question, but I do think that she has talent.  And her mother actually encourages her, she doesn't berate her.  Also, they seem to be taking the appropriate actions to get noticed.


Go Gracie!

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