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Topic : 08/23 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

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Created on : Friday, May 11, 2007, 02:27:02 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/15/07) Dr. Phil’s child star competition continues! Seven talented kids compete against each other in The Dr. Phil House while auditioning in front of some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if the mothers can handle the stress of coaching their kids without ruining their chances to be noticed. Big prizes are at stake, including the ultimate opportunity to become an established child actor in Hollywood. One child has already won the photo challenge and the dance audition, and some of the competitors are not happy. Today, three more auditions take place, and the judges pull no punches. One child breaks down in tears, but is it the judges’ criticism or the pressure from her own mother that is the cause? Dr. Phil meets with the moms alone and questions their motives for pushing their children, including a harsh criticism of one mom who the talent agents think presents her child in a provocative way. Tempers flare as moms grow desperate. Can Dr. Phil teach them how to become an asset to their children instead of a liability? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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May 15, 2007, 6:46 am CDT

Poor English

I would think that if someone knew they were going to be on television, they would try to speak better English.  I do not know the parent by name, but one of the mothers said "you don't gotta do that in my face" to Dr. Phil!!!!   I feel bad for her daughter. 

May 15, 2007, 7:06 am CDT


I think there are more than a couple of delusional Moms on this show.  I hope their kids are allowed to get a college education so they can get a day job someday.  So far, Gracie does seem to have "it" and her Mom seems to be pretty sane about her influence.   And one Mom, Veronica, just needs to be kicked off the show.  Anytime a Mother has to be bleeped out in every sentence with her child & all the other children around, she's just over the top.  Her daughter could very well do much better if Mom wasn't around.  I'm sure Veronica would never believe it, but she's the biggest handicap her daughter has. 
May 15, 2007, 7:11 am CDT


 It's pretty sad that a women would go on television and use the language that Veronica used.  From my opinion, and I'm sure many others, Veronica give up on yourself on being in the business b/c your a trainwreck!   Your attitude and even your looks are not top notch sorry.  You need to buy a book on how to achieve CLASS.  You have none!  Watch the tapes and learn from Gracie's mom on class.  Go Gracie!!!!
May 15, 2007, 7:17 am CDT


 Veronica you sound like you should be on Sopranos.  You sound like Adrianna!  That's not good!
May 15, 2007, 7:30 am CDT

To be a star?!

In all honesty, our culture here in the US is so overly obsessed with entertainment. If people were doing the things that mattered in life, becoming an entertainer would not have the appeal it has today.

When I look at the latest gossip in Hollywood, all I hear about is so-n-so broke up with so-n-so. In a relationship that should stand the test of time and trial, celebreties sacrifice the important things (relationships) for their 'moment' (career). Celebrities must be the most miserable people in the world. To live a life in comfort, all meaning and purpose fades, unless they busy themselves.

Is that really the 'American Dream' we want for our kids? Talent and giftedness all comes to nought if these kids do not learn character. It saddens me that most of these kids won't learn this from their parents.
May 15, 2007, 7:34 am CDT

Hollywood wants real kids, not "razzle-dazzle"

If you watch the shows, you can see that the professionals consistantly chose the child who is the most naturally kid-like -- with energy and oomph, but not the whole fake smile thing that these mothers keep pushing on these poor kids. Dr Phil is forcing heavy competition on these kids and their mothers, I agree, to see how they will react to the pressure. Most react badly. This is a good learning experience for the parents!! In Los Angeles (where I worked in the film business for 20 years) - - this IS how the situation is. You audition the mother as well as the kid. I worked on a film that had a major role that needed to be filled with a boy of about 10. Auditions galore, and the director choose a young boy that had been starring in a Broadway show -- he was cute and tiny and had lots of sparkle. Warner Bros balked at the kit -- I'm not sure why -- they thought he was too cutesy, too sparkle-y. The director walked off the film in protest. The writer of the film brought in a video audition of a young man who he knew in New Mexico. The kid was cute but not precious, and very natural. He was a kid. He got the job. His name was Neil Patrick Harris and his parents were totally great, too. He starred in the film with Whoopi Goldberg and went on to star in his own series, "Doogie HOwser, MD" and movies and now is on a CBS sitcom. Let the pros teach your kid performing, and the mothers should keep the balance.
May 15, 2007, 7:40 am CDT

good point

Quote From: feelzalot


  My husband and I watched the show yesterday , I will keep my comment short except to say honestly the Kids did a great job, all of them , especially considering what they had in their enviornment.  The parents EVERY ONE EXCEPT GRACIES I saw appalling behavior from and they should be ashamed of themselves.  For children to succeed you have to nurture them and always remember It's not what they could win, how much $ they can make, etc etc What truly matters is the child's heart is in it.


It disturbed me to see one of the girls say "modeling, acting is the only thing I am good at" At her age that's a statement that leaves me thinking this is something she has been told. 


What I saw from Gracies mom was calm even toned focused advice and gentle encouragement.  gl gracie and family. I ever agree with the comment of "that's all I'm good at" as being so sad. Her family really needs to show some support because that almost made me cry. Poor girl.
May 15, 2007, 7:41 am CDT

Kid Stars

I watched the show yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I am a mother with three children, and I can not believe the abuse those mothers are putting their children through.

Just watching the show I believe Gracie really has it all!!! She is a beautiful girl with a lot of talent and it seems that her and her mother are working together.

She has this sparkel in her eyes that says I AM A STAR. And Kiki doesnt have to drill it into her .

Way to go girls my votes are for you. Veronica Aubrey TX

May 15, 2007, 7:41 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

Quote From: graciesdad

I'm the father of the 'Gracie' participating in Dr. Phil's 'Make My Kid a Star' with her mother, Kiki.  First, I want to thank Gracie's mother for her courage to be on this show when she knew going into the project that Dr. Phil and his producers were likely looking to uncover more than just whose kid might have what it takes to 'be a star'.  She and her husband and I discussed the issue at length, but, decided in the final analysis that Gracie understood all sides of this opportunity, including the risks involved that things could go badly or that we might learn some things about ourselves that would be difficult to learn in front a few million of Dr. Phil's viewers.


Really, it was simply our belief in Gracie and our confidence that we were honestly supporting HER dreams and not vice versa that gave us enough of a comfort level to do this show.  Again, the parental credit all goes to Kiki and I couldn't be more pround of her.  Of course, none of us have seen the show so there could very well be plenty of footage that'll make us all blush or worse, but, we're all very excited about the show and ready to learn some lessons that will only build on the insights that  Gracie and Kiki learned during the actual taping of the show.


Like any loving and rational parent, I love my kids regardless of their objective level of talent or ambition.  My and Kiki's son, Warren, is perfectly content to live with me in a town of 400 people in rural Kentucky, perform in school plays, hang out with his friends and be his Dad's best friend.  Like most siblings, Gracie's different.  She has a very singular ambition of becoming a working actress in Hollywood.


I don't find anything wrong with either vision.  Our kids are individuals and they've chosen individual paths in life, as you'd expect.  For both of them, their mother and I along with their very large extended family support system have guided them with a couple of very simple principles:


1. You can do or be anything you desire.  No dream is too big and no ambition is too grand.  The only true limitation in life is your belief.  If you believe you can -- you can!  If you believe you can't -- then you can't.

2. Life is a journey and not a destination!  Whatever your dreams may be, never forget that happiness comes from the joy of becoming and from the adventures along the way.  If you embrace the adventure of getting there, then the ultimate destination will never matter too much.


We hope these principles come through over the course of Dr. Phil's 3 day special.  Either way, I know that my daughter is a very loving, kind, generous, thoughtful and talented young woman and that she'd got the best mom a girl could ever hope to have to guide her along life's pathways!



Gracie's Dad (...and Warren's too!)

 I think Gracies family stands behind her 110 percent.  Mom pushes but I dont feel she is overbearing.  Of all the mothers on the show,  her mom actually looked concerned after watching the tape of her daughters fears.  I hope she wins, she is a wonderful little girl.  I hope her parents' can keep things in perspective and understand when to quit and when to push a little.  Gracies'  parents seem to be the most realistic about the entire thing.  Good Luck to all of you. 
May 15, 2007, 7:44 am CDT

Give me a break

What in the world?  How could anyone be supportive of any of these mothers and children on this show.  I caught these past two episodes by chance, I am not a big Dr. Phil watcher.  It seems that everyone is supportive of Kiki and Gracie.  I will admit they are the most healthy of the bunch but come on.  The fathers letter of support on this site was a Gracie promotion...a very smart move.  But, what I see is a mother choosing one childs dream over the family.  Children don't dictate the direction of your family and they certainly are not responsible for paying bills.  Kiki belongs at home, if she wants to support her daughter she can do it from there at the same time she is available for her son who is equally important.  By taking Gracie to Hollywood she is missing out on another gift....her son Warren.  I don't believe that the son is content like the father states, all children need their mothers.  And, as far as talent goes Gracie needs work.  She needs the opportunity to develope her skills with training at the same time she goes to school and works on independence and just being a kid.  Gosh, I could go on and on about the derailing of this family and the train wreck that will happen.  Believe it or not....this is the most stable of the crew.  None of these children or families is equiped for handling success or the work needed to get there.  They all seem to have a sense of entitlement because they think they are special.  And, the key word is "they".  I don't see any children here that fascinate me...except maybe the two older boys who are articulating their thoughts and feelings beautifully but are not being heard.
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